EIA: US coal exports increased 23% between 2020 and 2021

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In 2021, coal exports from the United States increased by 23% to 85 million metric short tons (MMst) from 69 MMst in 2020, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). Steam coal exports increased by 47% to 40 MMst, and metallurgical coal exports increased by 8% to 45 MMst.

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IEA: global CO2 emissions rebounded to their highest level in history in 2021; largely driven by China

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billion tonnes, their highest ever level, as the world economy rebounded strongly from the COVID-19 crisis and relied heavily on coal to power that growth, according to new IEA analysis. China was the only major economy to experience economic growth in both 2020 and 2021.

CO2 311

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First China-developed hydrogen fuel cell locomotive starts trial runs

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The first China-developed hydrogen fuel cell hybrid locomotive—from core power to main components—has started trial runs on a 627 km railway line for coal transport in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. China Fuel Cells Hydrogen Rail

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Report: Plastics industry will release more GHGs than coal plants in the US by 2030

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Plastics are on track to contribute more greenhouse gas emissions than coal plants in the US by 2030, according to new report by Beyond Plastics, a nationwide project based at Bennington College in Vermont. By 2025, methane releases could reach 45 million tons each year, which is more GHG than was released by 22 average coal-fired power plants in 2020. These 35 cracker facilities release as much GHG as 35 coal-fired power plants.

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BloombergNEF: clean energy investment in developing nations slumps as financing in China slows; coal burn surges to record high

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New investment in wind, solar, and other clean energy projects in developing nations dropped sharply in 2018, largely due to a slowdown in China. Meanwhile, the volume of actual coal-fired power generated and consumed in developing countries jumped to 6.9

2019 217

Air Products to acquire Shell’s coal gasification technology business and patent portfolio for liquids (residue) gasification; coal-to-fuels in China

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Air Products will acquire Royal Dutch Shell’s Coal Gasification Technology business as well as Shell’s patent portfolio for Liquids (Residue) Gasification. As a leading industrial gas company, Air Products has extended its onsite supply model to use coal gasification to generate synthesis gas (syngas) for major projects. s (Jinmei Huayu’s) coal-to-clean-fuels project in Jincheng City, Shanxi Province. China Coal Coal-to-Liquids (CTL) Fuels Gasification

2018 163

GlobalData: Global coal production set to grow to 2022, despite major players scaling down capacities

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Although Germany, the UK, US, Canada and Ukraine are phasing out domestic coal production capacity, expansion of production capacity in countries such as India and Indonesia is predicted to generate modest annual growth of 1.3% in coal production over the next four years, with output reaching 7.6 Coal production in India, Indonesia and Australia is forecast to grow at respective compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) of 10.9%, 3.9%, and 2.3% Coal Forecasts Power Generation

2019 256

New catalyst opens door to CO2 capture in coal-to-liquids process

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World energy consumption projections expect coal to stay one of the world’s main energy sources in the coming decades, and a growing share of it will be used in CT—the conversion of coal to liquid fuels (CTL). The conversion of coal to liquid fuels is especially relevant in coal-rich countries that have to import oil for their supply of liquid fuels—such as China. By 2020, CTL is expected to account for 15% of the coal use in China.

2018 207

Lux: alternative fuels in China could replace up to 483B GGE in 2020; coal-to-ethanol conversion offers near-term potential

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China’s shift toward alternative fuels in order to cut its reliance on imported oil is creating large opportunities, notably in natural gas vehicles (NGVs) and in the conversion of coal to ethanol, according to a new report from Lux Research. China is seeking to reduce its imports of oil from the current 50% of domestic demand. China’s push toward liquefied natural gas (LNG) has brought new opportunities for players in the fast-rising natural gas vehicle (NGV) market.

2015 180

DOE to award $28.35M for R&D on advanced processing of rare earth elements and critical minerals from coal-based resources

Green Car Congress

The US currently imports 80% of its REEs directly from China, with remaining portions indirectly sourced from China through other countries. Phase 1 applications for two areas of interest (AOI) are being sought at this time: AOI 1: Advanced Process Development for Production of Rare Earth Metals (REM) and Co-Production of Critical Minerals (CM) from Coal-Based and Alternate Resources. Coal Manufacturing Market Background Materials Mining

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DICP team demonstrates direct synthesis of isoparaffin-rich gasoline from syngas

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The OXZEO concept provided a new technology platform for the highly efficient utilization of coal and other carbon resources. China Coal Fuels Gasification High Octane Fuels Market BackgroundA research team led by Prof. Pan Xiulian and Prof.

China team optimizes catalytic hydrogenation process to convert coal tar to gasoline and diesel

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Flow diagram of coal tar hydrogenation process. Researchers in China report the production of gasoline and diesel from coal tar via an optimized catalytic hydrogenation using two serial fixed beds, the first with a hydrofining catalyst of MoNi/?-Al Coal tars—highly viscous liquids—are byproduct of the carbonization of coal to produce metallurgical coke and/or natural gas. million tons of coal tar was further processed.

2012 207

Air Products signs deal for $3.5B coal-to-syngas production facility in China

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signed an agreement for a $3.5-billion coal-to-syngas production facility to be built in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, China. SFEC would supply coal, steam and power and receive syngas under a long-term, onsite contract. The addition of Phase 2 would make this complex one of the largest coal-to-fuel and -chemicals facilities in China, with SFEC Phase 2 producing four million tons-per-year of liquid fuels and downstream chemicals.

2017 150

Haldor Topsoe and Yanchang form joint venture and build methanol catalyst facility in China

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Together, the two companies will build a production facility in Shaanxi Fupin in China to produce methanol synthesis catalysts. The year of 1907 saw the foundation of the first oil well in mainland China by Yanchang. Catalysts China Methanol

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RMI report maps out pathway for zero-carbon steel industry in China

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A new report from RMI (Rocky Mountain Institute) finds that it is technically and economically feasible for China’s steel industry to decarbonize by 2050 through demand reduction, steel recycling and switching to green routes. China Emissions Manufacturing Materials

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Coal in China: huge problem for clean power, climate efforts

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Over the past few years, China has made impressive strides in renewable-energy investment. The promotion of renewable energy will only become more important as China works to meet its commitments under the recently-ratified Paris climate agreement. But the country's reliance on coal for electricity generation still poses a huge problem for these. emissions China climate change renewable energy clean energy air pollution fossil fuels

2016 92

GE and Shenhua open coal gasification joint venture in China

Green Car Congress

a 50:50 joint venture with Shenhua Group to advance the development and deployment of “cleaner coal” technology solutions in China. GBI report: Asia-Pacific to be the leading coal-producing region. A new report from GBI Research forecasts that the Asia-Pacific region will become the leading coal-producing region in the future, led by China. The region’s coal industry comprises China, India, Australia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Vietnam and New Zealand.

2012 174

LanzaTech in Coal to Ethanol Project in China; New Bio Energy Research Center

Green Car Congress

MEK, Butadiene) from industrial waste gases, has signed a memorandum of understanding with one of the largest coal producers in China, Henan Coal and Chemical Industrial Corporation, to build a demonstration plant to produce ethanol and chemicals via LanzaTech’s fermentation process using syngas resulting from the gasification of coal. Tags: China Coal Ethanol Fuels Gasification

2010 180

Researchers in China investigate use of coal as source of lithium

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Coal could become a major source of the metal lithium, according to a review of the geochemistry by scientists from Hebei University of Engineering in China published in the International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology. Shenjun Qin of Hebei University of Engineering, in Handan, China, and colleagues point out that coal is a highly polluting energy source that is still widely used for electricity generation and other applications.

2015 174

EIA: India’s steel industry dominated by electric-based processes; intensive coal use for DRI

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India is the third-largest steel producer in the world after China and Japan, having surpassed other large steel-making countries such as the United States, Russia, and South Korea over the previous decade, according to the World Steel Association. Two unique features of the steel industry in India are the large-scale use of electric induction furnaces for electric-based steelmaking rather than electric arc furnaces and the reliance on coal, rather than natural gas, to produce DRI.

2017 150

China Alone Now Burns Half The World's Coal, New Data Reveals

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China now burns half of the world's coal, according to newly-released data that appears to correct previous government estimates. This latest data shows that China has been burning up to 17 percent more coal annually than its government previously reported. That means China may have also released almost a billion more tons of carbon dioxide into. emissions China energy policy climate change energy air pollution

2015 104

Wood Mackenzie: China thermal coal demand to double to nearly 7btpa by 2030

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In a new report, energy, mining and minerals consultancy Wood Mackenzie projects that despite efforts to limit coal consumption and seek alternative fuel options, China’s strong appetite for thermal coal will lead to a doubling of demand by 2030. China’s demand will grow to approximately seven billion tonnes per annum (btpa) of thermal coal which is contrary to speculation that its thermal coal demand may peak in the next decade.

2013 186

GE and Shenhua form coal gasification JV in China

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GE and Shenhua have agreed to form an industrial coal gasification joint venture to advance the deployment of “cleaner coal” technology solutions in China. The new company combines GE’s expertise in industrial gasification technologies with Shenhua’s expertise in coal gasification and coal-fired power generation. The announcement was made as part of China President Hu Jintao’s state visit to the United States.

2011 167

Celanese signs MOU with Wison for coal-derived syngas for ethanol production in China; transaction value approx. $815M

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Celanese Corporation, a global technology and specialty materials company, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Wison (China) Holding Co., Wison plans to invest in a coal gasification unit to produce syngas per Celanese specs, and Celanese plans to invest approximately US$650 million in an Ethanol Complex using the output from Wison as feedstock and Celanese proprietary technology to produce ethanol for industrial use, and potentially for fuel ethanol.

2011 174

$1.1B Huineng SNG plant goes on-stream transforming coal into natural gas in China

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Haldor Topsoe A/S announced that Huineng, a large-scale SNG (Substitute Natural Gas) plant, went successfully on-stream near the city of Ordos, located in Inner Mongolia in the northern part of China. Topsoe has designed the methanation section of this plant, which is the company’s second large-scale coal-based industrial SNG reference to begin operations in China following last years’ opening of Qinghua, the world’s largest SNG plant located in the Xinjiang region.

2014 196

Clariant and Siemens to introduce new sour gas shift technology for coal gasification, focus on China

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Clariant and Siemens Fuel Gasification Technology will cooperate in the commercialization of a new, jointly developed sour gas shift (SGS) (sulfur removal) technology for coal gasification. While the collaboration covers all global projects, commercialization will focus on China—the region with the highest growth rate of coal-to-chemical projects. The entrained-flow Siemens Fuel Gasifier (SFG) is able to produce syngas from a wide range of fuels, even for low ranks of coal.

2014 174

China axes 103 coal-fired power plants, citing smog, overcapacity

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During negotiations for the Paris Climate Treaty signed last fall, a major concern among critics was whether the carbon emissions of China's sprawling and inefficient energy sector could be reined in. With China, the U.S., emissions China global warming greenhouse gas climate change electric utilities air pollution

2017 79

Chinas Guizhou province proposes $11.3B coal-to-oil plant

Green Car Congress

36 million barrels, depending upon output product) coal-to-oil project using domestically developed indirect coal liquefaction technology approved by the National Energy Administration earlier this year. State-owned Shenhua Group Corp—the country’s largest coal miner and parent of China Shenhua Energy Co Ltd.—has million tpy coal-to-oil plant which is based on a direct coal-to-liquids technology. Chinamining.org.

2010 167

China Regulators Approve Acquisition of Australian Coal Company

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China’s National Development and Reform Commission has approved the takeover of Australian coal company Felix Resources Ltd. by the state-owned Yanzhou Coal Mining Co Ltd, China’s fourth-largest coal producer. In 2004, Yanzhou acquired Southland coal mine in Australia (renamed as “Austar Coal Mine”), marking the first successful acquisition of an overseas coal mine by a Chinese coal enterprise.

2009 174

Carbon Energy to license underground coal gasification technology to Shanxi Coal

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international technology license agreement with Chinese coal giant Shanxi Coal. Transportation and Sales Group (Shanxi Coal), to be its exclusive underground coal gasification (UCG) technology partner for the Shanxi Province. Shanxi Coal is China’s second largest coal company with coal rights across the Shanxi Province, China’s major coal producing area. Shanxi Coal aims to develop UCG projects across the Shanxi region.

2012 191

Sinopec establishes coal-to-chemical unit

Green Car Congress

China Petroleum Corp. Sinopec Group) formally established a coal-to-chemical unit in Beijing on September 28. will take charge of the investment and operation of coal-to-chemical business of the parent company, construction of the coal-to-chemical projects, as well as professional management of the coal-to-chemical business. Menafn. Sinopec Great Wall Energy Chemical Co.,

2012 196

LanzaTech joins China’s Yankuang Group on coal to fuel project

Green Car Congress

LanzaTech and Yankuang Group, one of China’s largest coal producers, will produce fuels and chemicals using LanzaTech’s biological fermentation process and synthesis gas from Yankuang’s coal gasification unit. Our goal is to adjust coal chemical production structure and increase the efficiency of our process, by reducing our carbon footprint while maintaining growth.

2011 186

Even In China, Coal Consumption May Be Peaking

Green Car Reports

While use of coal for generating electricity has started to decline in the U.S., China continues to build coal power plants. With public anger at filthy air bubbling below the surface, and the costs of associated health effects more apparent, the country''s government is well aware of the long-term costs. And that''s even before factoring in climate

2014 96

GE and Shenhua to Create Joint Venture for Advanced Coal Gasification and Coal Technology Solutions in China

Green Car Congress

As one of a series of GE agreements signed in China this week ( earlier post ), GE and Shenhua Group Corporation have agreed to a framework for an industrial coal gasification joint venture which would combine GE’s expertise in gasification and cleaner power generation technologies with Shenhua’s expertise in building and operating coal gasification and coal-fired power generation facilities, to progress advanced coal technology solutions in China.

2009 196

UMD-led study finds China’s SO2 emissions down 75% since 2007, India’s up 50%; India may now be the top SO2 emitter

Green Car Congress

Although China and India remain the world’s largest consumers of coal, a new University of Maryland-led study found that China’s sulfur dioxide emissions fell by 75% since 2007, while India’s emissions increased by 50%. Two maps compare total annual sulfur dioxide amounts for India and China during 2005 (left) and 2016 based on Ozone Monitoring Instrument measurements. Note the decrease in size of the purple region over northeastern China.

2017 163

Xinjiang Ramps Up Coal Production

Green Car Congress

China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region—which, with coal reserves of about 2,190 billion tonnes is estimated to have about 40% of China’s total coal reserves—will launch 139 large and medium-sized coal mines by 2010. The coal output in Xinjiang hit nearly 67.7 Xinhua.

2009 188

Praxair China starts up air separation plant to supply coal gasification in Wuwei

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Praxair China has started up a large air separation plant in Wuwei, Anhui province, 100 kilometers from Nanjing, to supply oxygen, nitrogen, and clean air to the Anhui Wuwei coal-based chemicals project of Anhui HuaYi Chemical Co., The new supply will be integrated with Praxair China’s liquid production and distribution network in the region, improving distribution efficiency and reliability to the customers in the rapidly growing regional merchant market.

2012 191

Accelergy and Yankuang Group to conduct feasibility study for large-scale hybrid coal-to-liquids plant in China; targeting 68,000 barrels of fuel per day

Green Car Congress

Pathways for producing liquid fuels from coal. Accelergy Corporation ( earlier post ) is partnering with the Yankuang Group, one of the largest coal companies in China, on a feasibility study for a joint, large-scale, low-carbon, hybrid—i.e., incorporating both direct and indirect liquefaction technologies—coal-to-liquids (CTL) plant. In indirect liquefaction, coal is first gasified to. Coal-to-Liquids (CTL

2011 167

Siemens to supply eight 500MW coal gasifiers to China for synthetic gas

Green Car Congress

Siemens Energy has received an order from China to deliver eight 500 MW thermal coal gasifiers for a coal gasification plant in Yili City (Xinjiang province, earlier post ) that will convert locally mined subbituminous coal into synthetic natural gas (SNG) with the aim of reducing imports of natural gas for power and heat generation. Five Siemens 500-MW gasifiers are already in operation in China. They can process up to 2,000 tons of coal per day.

2011 167

Ukraine state oil and gas company signs $3.656B credit agreement with China Development Bank to finance substituting natural gas with coal

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The Ukraine state oil and gas company Naftogaz signed a US$3.656-billion credit agreement with the state-owned China Development Bank to finance the program of substituting natural gas with locally produced coal. The contract, guaranteed by the Ukrainian government, stipulates implementation of four separate investment projects, which are to transfer national thermal energy production facilities to using coal-water fuel, and build five coal gasification plants.

2012 200

Tsinghua University provincial-level lifecycle study finds fuel-cycle criteria pollutants of EVs in China could be up to 5x those of natural gas vehicles due to China’s coal-dominant power mix

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A province-by-province life cycle analysis of natural gas and electric vehicles by a team from Tsinghua University concludes that while, from the perspective of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and criteria pollutant emissions, natural gas vehicles (CNGVs) are “ an option with no obvious merits or demerits ”, electric vehicles (EVs) are “ an option with significant merits and demerits in this regard ” due to China’s heavily coal-based electricity generation (national average of about 77%).

2013 196

Wison-Shell hybrid coal gasification technology successfully enters demonstration phase

Green Car Congress

China-based Wison Engineering Services Co. announced that the Shell-Wison Hybrid Gasification Demonstration Plant has successfully started up in Nanjing, marking the commencement of the demonstration and application phase of the new Shell-Wison hybrid coal gasification technology. The “hybrid” technology, also called “dry-feed, bottom-water quench,” integrates various aspects of Shell’s novel coal gasification design with advanced bottom-water quench technology.

2013 180

Study suggests China urban passenger transport emissions could peak in 2030

Green Car Congress

A team of researchers in China suggest that, in the context of promoting the use of clean fuel vehicles and increasing vehicle fuel efficiency, CO 2 emissions of China’s urban passenger transport sector could reach a peak of 225 MtCO 2 in 2030. If the mode share of public transport could further increase, the CO 2 emissions from the urban passenger transport sector in China are possible to peak at around 2020 with the emissions ranging from 171 to 214 MtCO 2.

2019 255