@LATimes Buries The Lead About Budweiser’s Phony Ad Using Imaginary Wind Turbines & Computer Generated Waves Of Grain To Sell Foul-Tasting Cheap Beer #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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A DIY E-bike Conversion on the Cheap

Cars That Think

Online discussions convinced me, however, that this is the expected behavior when commanding a motor to maintain a fixed amperage in its windings (thus applying constant torque) while under little load. In 2009, I wrote in these pages about my efforts to.

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Bloomberg NEF forecasts falling battery prices enabling surge in wind and solar to 50% of global generation by 2050

Green Car Congress

Wind and solar power generation will surge to almost 50% of world generation by 2050 (“50 by 50”), supported by precipitous reductions in cost, and the advent of cheaper and cheaper batteries that will enable electricity to be stored and discharged to meet shifts in demand and supply, according to the new annual Bloomberg NEF New Energy Outlook (NEO) 2018. trillion of that going to wind and solar and a further $1.5 Batteries Coal Emissions Forecasts Power Generation Solar Wind

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A DIY E-bike Conversion on the Cheap

Cars That Think

Online discussions convinced me, however, that this is the expected behavior when commanding a motor to maintain a fixed amperage in its windings (thus applying constant torque) while under little load. In 2009, I wrote in these pages about my efforts to.

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CMU researchers find controlled charging of PHEVs can cut cost of integration into electricity system by 54-73%; higher benefits with wind power

Green Car Congress

The magnitude of these savings is ~5% to 15% higher in a system with 20% wind penetration compared to a system with no wind power, and the savings are 50–60% higher in a system that requires capacity expansion. As one of the fastest growing electricity sources in the United States, wind can be expected to meet a large proportion of the renewable portfolio standards.

2014 233

Mad Power thoughts

EV Info

Wind farms stand idle for days on end, a fire interrupts a vital cable from France, a combination of post-Covid economic recovery and Russia tightening supply means the gas price has shot through the roof – and so the market price of both home heating and electricity is rocketing.

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Harvard team demonstrates new metal-free organic–inorganic aqueous flow battery; potential breakthrough for low-cost grid-scale storage

Green Car Congress

The technology could fundamentally transform the way electricity is stored on the grid, making power from renewable energy sources such as wind and sun far more economical and reliable. Solid-electrode batteries maintain discharge at peak power for far too short a time to fully regulate wind or solar power output. The intermittent renewables storage problem is the biggest barrier to getting most of our power from the sun and the wind. Batteries Solar Wind

2014 298

IPG to demo Flameless Ceramic Turbine for clean, off-grid power in EV charging

Green Car Congress

IPG’s project will demonstrate the role of Flameless Ceramic Turbine technology in bringing EV charging to high-use and remote locations through clean, cheap, grid-independent power generation.

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Study suggests widespread use of EVs may negatively impact land use

Green Car Congress

Europe and the US potentially would have to devote up to 5,000–6,000 km 2 of land to photovoltaic panels or 56,000–70,000 km 2 to wind turbines.

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BNEF ups forecast for global investment in stationary energy storage, sees majority of capacity likely to be grid-scale

Green Car Congress

The report goes on to model the impact of this on a global electricity system increasingly penetrated by low-cost wind and solar. These include energy shifting (moving in time the dispatch of electricity to the grid, often from times of excess solar and wind generation), peaking in the bulk power system (to deal with demand spikes), as well as for customers looking to save on their energy bills by buying electricity at cheap hours and using it later.

2019 200

BNEF report finds hydrogen promising decarbonization pathway, but carbon prices and emissions policies required

Green Car Congress

The falling cost of making hydrogen from wind and solar power offers a promising route to cutting emissions in some of the most fossil-fuel-dependent sectors of the economy, such as steel, heavy-duty vehicles, shipping and cement, according to a new report from BloombergNEF (BNEF).

2020 206

TRATON Group to increase investment in emobility to €1.6B by 2025; scaling back conventional drives

Green Car Congress

Hydrogen trucks may also play a role in regions where green hydrogen is particularly cheap, say near the North Sea wind farms or at ports, the company said. Comercial vehicle manufacturer the TRATON Group will invest a total of €1.6 billion in research and development for e-mobility by 2025. An e-mobility investment of €1 billion had been planned originally over this period.

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Smart-grid project matches wind to electric cars | Green Tech - CNET News

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

The EDISON (Electric Vehicles in a Distributed and Integrated Market using Sustainable Energy and Open Networks) research consortium will seek to match power generation from wind turbines on the island of Bornholm, Denmark, with the power consumption of charging plug-in electric cars. Smart-grid technologies are not required to make larger use of wind and solar power but they can make them less expensive, Schurr said.

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UK power crisis – entirely the fault of regulators and ministers

EV Info

The UK has been a leader in deploying on and offshore wind turbines. What we have not done so well is to ensure that we have a solid base level of generation to supply electricity when there is no sun and no wind. At the time of writing, mid-morning 21 Sept, we have: Wind 9%.

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What’s the Etiquette for Electric Vehicle Drivers?

Drive Electric

Neatly wind the cord on its holder and tuck it in so people don’t trip on any excess length of cable – or drive over it. Whether it be the instant torque or the guilt-free, cheap motoring – there’s always something to smile about when behind the wheel of an EV.

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Rhodium Group estimates US GHG fell 2.1% in 2019, driven by coal decline

Green Car Congress

Natural gas generation made up much of the gap last year, as it has consistently in recent years, due to extremely cheap gas prices. Renewables played an important role as well thanks in part to continued cost declines in both wind and solar generation.

2020 311

Nissan and Endesa collaborating to deliver vehicle-to-grid systems to market

Green Car Congress

This Vehicle to Grid (V2G) system consists of the Endesa two-way charger and an energy management system that can also integrate such off-grid, and renewable, power generation as solar panels and wind turbines. Using this equipment, a Nissan LEAF or e-NV200 owner can connect to charge at low-demand, and cheap tariff periods, with an option to then use the electricity stored in the vehicle’s battery at home when costs are higher, or even feed back to the grid with a net financial benefit.

2015 205

BNEF: producing battery materials in the DRC could lower supply-chain emissions and add value to the country’s cobalt

Green Car Congress

The DRC’s cost competitiveness comes from its relatively cheap access to land and low engineering, procurement and construction, or EPC, cost compared to the US, Poland and China.

A closer look at axial flux motors


Needless to say, the combination of rare earth magnets and a carbon fiber composite frame to hold them does not make for a cheap rotor assembly.

Power-to-gas trial to inject hydrogen into Australia’s gas grid; A$5M award to AquaHydrex

Green Car Congress

On behalf of the Australian Government, ARENA has provided A$5 million (US$4 million) in funding to Wollongong-based AquaHydrex to develop commercially its new class of electrolyzer to produce cheap hydrogen from splitting water. Power-to-gas involves converting electricity into hydrogen by splitting water, then injecting this into the gas grid, providing long-term energy storage and stabilization of variable output solar and wind power.

2017 150

UNSW, H2Store to develop hydrogen storage for renewables; residential and commercial P2G

Green Car Congress

Professor Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou and his team at UNSW’s School of Chemical Engineering have developed a system that provides cheap storage and transportation of hydrogen which they expect will provide a new alternative for energy storage within two years. The researchers are also working on a large-scale storage system for solar and wind farms that will include the design of storage vessels suitable for hydrogen export.

2019 180

Molten-Salt Battery Freezes Energy Over a Whole Season

Cars That Think

Especially for sources like wind and solar, which have discontinuous availability. They used nickel and aluminium as materials for the cathode and anode respectively, with sodium aluminium tetrachloride (NaAlCl 4 ) as the molten-salt electrolyte—all relatively cheap, earth-abundant materials.

The Coming Construction Boom

Cars That Think

Imagine using cheap wind- and solar-generated electricity to pull carbon out of the atmosphere and turn it into feedstock for large-scale 3D printing of building components. For the rest of this century, humankind will be building cities at an unprecedented pace.

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Intel Will Keep Selling RealSense Stereo Cameras

Cars That Think

Here's the statement: Intel has decided to wind down the RealSense business and is announcing the EOL of LiDAR, Facial Authentication and Tracking product lines this month.

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Solar-to-Hydrogen Water Splitter Outlasts Next Best Tech By 14x

Cars That Think

Several companies and initiatives are making it by using wind or solar electricity to split water via electrolysis. . Devices aren’t cheap, efficient, or durable enough yet to move out of the lab. .

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CMU study finds controlled EV charging can reduce generation cost, but at greater health and environmental costs depending upon the generation mix

Green Car Congress

In a study focused on the PJM portion of the US electricity grid, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) found that although charging electric vehicles at night (when electricity is cheap and wind power is typically more plentiful) could lower electricity costs, doing so also creates more air emissions, and that the health and environmental costs from these emissions outweigh the electricity cost savings.

2015 191

CalSEED awards $4.2M to early-stage clean energy innovations

Green Car Congress

Their goal is to test an innovative electrolyzer concept for the cheap production of green (CO 2 -free) hydrogen for a decarbonized future. Planet A Energy, Inc is building a Community Solar Platform and long-duration energy storage system with tolerance to hurricane-force winds, earthquakes, and grid outages, without costly foundations.

2020 290

War in Ukraine: We Need to Talk About Fossil Fuels

Cars That Think

The continent was mostly powered by locally mined coal until the 1950s, when imports of cheap Middle Eastern oil started transforming the energy picture. The drop was steep enough to force Germany to produce more electricity from coal than from wind in 2021.

Road Test: 2022 Kia Rio S 5-door Hatchback

Clean Fleet Report

Low-cost but not cheap. When the engine is winding-out at the highest rpms it can be bit noisy. This well-built small car should not be considered “cheap” as some people see that as meaning poorly built. Basic Transportation Kicked-up a Notch.

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Solar and Battery Companies Rattle Utility Powerhouses

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The batteries get charged when power is cheap; when there's low wind and no sun, energy prices may start to spike, and the batteries can discharge the power back into the grid, balancing the constant change of supply and demand, and trading on the difference to make a business.

U.N. Kills Any Plans to Use Mercury as a Rocket Propellant

Cars That Think

And it’s cheap—there’s not a lot of competition with anyone looking to buy mercury. Bender says that ZMWG, alongside PEER, caught wind of Apollo Fusion marketing its mercury-based thrusters to at least three companies deploying LEO constellations—One Web, Planet Labs, and SpaceX.

Opinion: Here’s what will send oil prices back up again

Green Car Congress

There is no doubt that there have been significant advances in that area, particularly in wind and solar power, but, according to the EIA , renewables currently account for 11 percent of the world’s energy consumption. Their attitude seems to be that the oversupply was not their doing, and as their oil is cheap to produce, they can sit back and watch those who did cause the problem, most notably the upstart American companies, suffer. by Martin Tillier of Oilprice.com.

2015 194

Opinion: Why Buffett Bet A Billion On Solar: Miles Per Acre Per Year

Green Car Congress

During the late innings of the ICE-age (as in the Internal Combustion Engine age) it has become clear that feeding gasoline and diesel to the next billion new cars is not going to be easy, or cheap. Silicon based PV, on the other hand, is hugely scalable and relatively cheap. They had better think seriously about financing solar and wind arrays. by Henry Hewitt for Oilprice.com.

2015 288

Ames Lab researchers observe rare-earth-like magnetic properties in iron

Green Car Congress

The discovery opens the possibility of using iron to provide both the magnetism and permanence in high-strength permanent magnets, such as those used in direct-drive wind turbines or electric motors in hybrid cars. In modern magnets, iron gives most magnets their strength, and comes with the benefits of being abundant and cheap.

2014 191

Lux Research: cost of electrofuels remains far from viable

Green Car Congress

Building a cost model for the electrolysis process—considering electricity from various routes, such as natural gas and coal as well as renewable electricity from biomass, solar, and wind, as well as generously assuming commercial scale production—Lux found that electrofuels produced from microbes cost $230 per barrel, while a catalytic conversion to make electrofuels produces fuels for $208 per barrel. Production costs per barrel of oil equivalent. Source: Lux Research.

2014 180

Opinon: Lithium Market Set To Explode; All Eyes Are On Nevada

Green Car Congress

The lithium, found in salty water, or brines, is the most cost-effective on the market; it’s cheap and easy to extract, giving competing battery gigafactories new, affordable American lithium resources that will be a global game-changer. by James Stafford of Oilprice.com.

2015 211

Stanford researchers develop copper-based catalyst that produces ethanol from CO at room temperature; potential for closed-loop CO2-to-fuel process

Green Car Congress

Ultimately, Kanan would like to see a scaled-up version of the catalytic cell powered by electricity from the sun, wind or other renewable resource. We have a solution to this problem that’s made of copper, which is cheap and abundant. Researchers at Stanford University have developed a nanocrystalline copper material that produces multi-carbon oxygenates (ethanol, acetate and n-propanol) with up to 57% Faraday efficiency at modest potentials (–0.25?volts volts to –0.5?volts

2014 244

New MIT metal-mesh membrane could solve longstanding problems with liquid metal displacement batteries; inexpensive grid power storage

Green Car Congress

A battery, based on electrodes made of sodium and nickel chloride and using thea new type of metal mesh membrane, could be used for grid-scale installations to make intermittent power sources such as wind and solar capable of delivering reliable baseload electricity. A new metal mesh membrane developed by researchers at MIT could advance the use of the Na–NiCl 2 displacement battery, which has eluded widespread adoption owing to the fragility of the ?"-Al Al 2 O 3 membrane.

2018 150

Road Test: 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 Duramax 4WD Crew Cab AT4 CarbonPro

Clean Fleet Report

About those radio knobs and the climate control wheels: they are constructed using a cheap-feeling chromed plastic. The power-adjustable and heated exterior mirrors provided excellent rear visibility and were quiet going through the wind. Smooth, Powerful Diesel Performance.

Earth Policy Institute Joins

Plug In Partners

Then if we invest in thousands of wind farms across the country to feed cheap electricity into the grid, we could do most short-distance driving with wind energy , dramatically reducing both carbon emissions and the pressure on world oil supplies. Using timers to recharge batteries with electricity coming from wind farms during the low demand hours between 1 and 6 a.m.

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New plasma synthesis process for one-step conversion of CO2 and methane into higher value fuel and chemicals

Green Car Congress

Moreover, it is a cheap carbon source which can increase the atom utilization of CO 2 hydrogenation due to the stoichiometric ratio of C and O atoms, as well as reducing the formation of water. … wind and solar power) to act as an efficient chemical energy storage localized or distributed system.

2017 174

The Turbulent Past and Uncertain Future of Artificial Intelligence

Cars That Think

In the late 1980s, the cold winds of commerce brought on the second AI winter. But the cheap computers that supplanted expert systems turned out to be a boon for the connectionists, who suddenly had access to enough computer power to run neural networks with many layers of artificial neurons.

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Ninth annual Green Innovation Index finds California light-duty vehicle emissions spike; major challenge to 2030 climate goals

Green Car Congress

Cheap gas prices and a strong economy are creating increased goods movement and prompting Californians to drive more. Wind generated 37% of the state’s renewable electricity, and for the first time, solar (27%) overtook geothermal (20%) as the second-largest source of renewable generation.

2017 150