Cheap Insurance For EVs? LEAF May Benefit, Will Others?

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With all the talk of purchase price, charging costs, tax incentives, congestion charging exemptions and maintenance costs for EVs, there's one financial area which often gets overlooked - insuring them. With so few EVs on the road it's been difficult to gauge whether they'll cost more or less than the equivalent internal combustion vehicle, since

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Even In Motor City, Charging Electric Cars Will Be Cheap

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Buyers of electric vehicles can already benefit from several different tax credits, both from the federal government as well as their own respective state authorities (in some cases), but now they stand to benefit on their power bills as well. Detroit Edison, an electricity utility based in Michigan, is now offering a special pricing rate for


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Global Gas Prices | Hybrid Sales

Hybrid SUV Blog

sales of hybrid SUVs and other fuel efficient vehicles will prove interesting to watch this year, especially if fuel prices remain relatively low. Expert predictions about where oil and gas prices are headed vary widely. prices at the pump. Since then we’ve seen the price dip below $34/barrel (12/08) and most recently it has traded in the $70 to $80 range. Low gas prices encourage less fuel efficient vehicles. World Gas Prices By Country (converted to U.S.

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Tom Friedman on Gas Prices, Honesty, Obama, and Electric Cars

Plugs and Cars

One cornerstone of the policy is cheap gas. Pandering politicians have ensured the true cost of gas remains shrouded in tax policy and the defense budget. Now the pressures of a changing global market have provoked a precipitous rise in gasoline prices for the heretofore protected American driver. That may seem an unlikely campaign platform for any politician hoping to be elected, but the gas price holiday dust up suggests American voters may be ahead of their leaders.

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The Workplace Charging Challenge

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Although Tesla gets the headlines (and stock price boost), Nissan and Chevrolet make the sales. And thanks to the efforts of Plug In America, you can still claim a tax credit for your investment in home charging. Many workplaces could become EV friendly on the cheap, repurposing existing 120V outlets in parking areas and expressly allowing PEV charging. Providing a conventional 120V outlet is cheap and familiar.

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Keepin' it simple

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Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) home wall units are priced at between about $1000 and $2500. Dozens of manufacturers seem to be selling equipment at a range of prices, but few actually are available now. I am pleased to participate in the EV Project, which came late to the San Francisco Bay Area, and happy to get my tax-payer funded charger and DC Fast port. The result will be simple, safe and cheap. Plug-in cars are being delivered at long last.

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Baker Institute expert: crude-oil production increase a risky strategy for Saudi Arabia

Green Car Congress

This glut could be exacerbated by future carbon taxes and other policy restrictions on fossil fuels, he said. Each of these sources of domestic demand is increasing, propelled by rising populations, growing incomes and subsidized end-user prices that, despite a recent adjustment, remain among the lowest in the world. Overcapacity could also undercut oil prices and encourage a long-term equilibrium of lower prices based on higher market exposure to low Saudi production costs.

Baker Institute expert suggests assumptions about oil’s influence on politics in the Middle East should be reversed

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Finally, in many MENA countries, government policies that made available low-priced fuel and electricity contributed to an ‘entitlement mentality’ among citizens toward cheap energy. Key research programs include energy, health, conflict resolution, science and technology, tax and expenditure policy, and Latin America and China studies.

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The Greenius Solution To All California’s Problems: AB 920 + AB 811

Creative Greenius

My Greenius vision sees billions of dollars pumped into California in good paying jobs, in new clean energy power production, in new industries, and in all the tax revenue that comes with that growth. With AB 811 property owners of all income groups will be able to put that big up front cost as a 20 year loan and put it on your property taxes. I think the PUCs only valid argument is one over what price the utilities should have to pay solar owners for the excess energy they produce.

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China and the Electric Car | Autos | Smart Spending | Mainstreet

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Popular Topics from TheStreet: Stock Quotes Fast Money Mutual Funds Stocks Stock Prices Find the Best: Mortgage Rates CD Rates Savings Rates Stock Picks Network: | | | Geezeo Budget Planner | RealMoney | Home Stay healthy, stay wealthy: Learn how sleeping can keep you in the black. How to Buy it Cheap Treasury Launches Auto Supply Program Would You Drive GM's PUMA?

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Dodge Circuit EV First Drive: electric car makes grand promises on Earth Day

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An (expected) high price tag. I also think it will be cheap, which is why I think someone will buy the group. The reason theyre starting with high priced sports cars is because aiming at that market is the easiest way for them to fund R&D and scale up production so they can make smaller more practical EVs for the masses. Read reviews, get free pricing, and much more.

Smart-grid project matches wind to electric cars | Green Tech - CNET News

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Price and consumption awareness leads to a conservation effect," Schurr said. Create cheap clean energy, new badly needed green jobs, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Click to delete FOREVER Cancel Most Popular The frumpy virgin whos slaying them on YouTube If the rumors are true, buy the Zune HD Tax-free Internet shopping may be at an end What does Hulu offer that YouTube doesnt?

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Electric Cars and a Smarter Grid - Green Inc. Blog -

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The toll has been far greater on soldiers but also contemplate the affect on the budget deficit which created the tax breaks for the super wealthy, the hedge funds to protect the insurance and mortgage industries against a decline and the spending of hundreds of billions on the war machine some of which went to fraud and much of which to rebuild Iraq while our infrastructure has languished. At current transportation battery prices, that is well beyond the cost of spinning reserve.

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Chrysler's first electric car to be two-seat sports car - Apr. 15, 2009

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Pricing for the Circuit has not been announced but will likely undercut the Tesla. Play Tax refund: How to spend $2,705 Here are some tips from the pros on the best way to spend your refund. More Miami on the cheap House prices in Miami soared, then crashed. 4.30 / 0.50% 10-year Bond 98 10/32 Yield: 2.94% U.S.Dollar 1 euro = $1.304 -0.014 April 17, 2009 4:02 PM ET Company Price % Change Avis Budget Group 1.91

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Smart Grids, Electric Vehicles: A Financial Win-Win for All -- Seeking Alpha

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Millions will plug-in their electric vehicles [EV], plug-in hybrids [PHEV] and fuel cell vehicles [FCV] at night when electricity is cheap, then plug-in during the day when energy is expensive and sell those extra electrons at a profit. As part of the solution framework, the Israeli government will provide tax incentives to customers, Renault will supply the electric vehicles, and Project Better Place will construct and operate an Electric Recharge Grid across the entire country.

EV special III / Opinion / Hybrid & Electric / Themes / Welcome - Minds in Motion

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With very few moving parts, there is little that can break, so maintenance is infrequent and cheap. Marjan announces that the car purchase tax (BPM) relief, granted only until 2012, will be extended. And then, more toned down: at least arrange for lease car tax reduction for EVs and make EV parking free. Battery prices will drop quickly, Marjan assures us.

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Cleantech Blog: Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

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Millions will plug-in their electric vehicles (EV), plug-in hybrids (PHEV) and fuel cell vehicles (FCV) at night when electricity is cheap, then plug-in during the day when energy is expensive and sell those extra electrons at a profit. As part of the solution framework, the Israeli government will provide tax incentives to customers, Renault will supply the electric vehicles, and Project Better Place will construct and operate an Electric Recharge Grid across the entire country.

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Assessment of US CAFE fuel economy standards finds big savings on fuel and emissions since inception

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The policy, in addition to fluctuations in gas prices, reduced oil imports and saved 2 trillion gallons of gasoline, enough to fuel all the light-duty vehicles in the United States for fifteen years. Gas prices were cheap and gas-guzzling vehicles hit the road in mass numbers.

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KPMG study identifies 10 sustainability “megaforces” with accelerating impacts on business; imperative of sustainability changing the automotive business radically

Green Car Congress

Fossil fuel-dependent transportation industries such as aviation, shipping and manufacturers that use petroleum as a process input, such as plastic or chemical producers, will need robust strategies and plans to address fuel price volatility and potential shortages, KMPW warns. Businesses may be vulnerable to water shortages, declines in water quality, water price volatility, and to reputational challenges. Global food prices are predicted to rise 70 to 90 percent by 2030.

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Audi A5 Cabriolet road test

Green Cars News

Audi A5 Cabriolet lease prices Audi A5 Cabriolet new and nearly new cars. With prices starting at £29,800 (and rising to £40,390), the A5 Cabriolet isn’t cheap. Running costs won’t be cheap either. The 2.0-litre TSI petrol engine officially consumes a decent-enough 41.5mpg, with CO2 emissions of 156g/km, placing it in Band G for road tax (£150 per year). Audi’s A5 coupe was launched in 2007 to take on the likes of the BMW 3-Series Coupe and Mercedes-Benz CLK.

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Mini One Clubman road test

Green Cars News

Mini One lease prices Mini One new and nearly new car prices. The Mini One Clubman’s 1.4-litre engine means that it’s relatively cheap to run. The official fuel economy is 52.3mpg on the combined cycle, with carbon dioxide emissions of 130g/km, placing the car in Band D for road tax, costing £120 per year. Mini has chosen a good time to launch the latest member of its model range, the One Clubman.

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Toyota Prius T Spirit 2009 road test

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Toyota Prius lease prices Toyota Prius new and nearly new car prices. Couple that with an 89g/km CO2 figure (£0 road tax for the foreseeable future) and the Prius becomes an even more tempting proposition. Furthermore, the new model is priced the same as the old – starting at £18,370 for the T3 rising to £21,210 for the T Spirit. The world’s first mass market hybrid car first went on sale in Europe in 2000.

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Report from the REFF-Wall Street; Themes in Renewable Energy Finance

Green Car Congress

Biofuel projects are going to have trouble getting financing from Wall Street this year because all of them have questions about the long term pricing of petroleum; most of them have concerns about the pricing stability of their feedstocks; and many of the cellulosic projects have concerns about the conversion technologies. Attendees believe that renewable energy needs two elements to be successful: technical progress leading to lower costs and a price on carbon.

Citroen C1 ev’ie road test

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Citroen C1 lease prices Citroen C1 new and nearly new prices. The £16,800 purchase price of the ev’ie, more than twice the price of most versions of the standard C1, is a daunting proposition, as it’s a lot of money for a city car. However, once you’ve shelled out to buy one, you’ll find that running it is cheap.

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The Business of Plugging In: Building the Full Ecosystem for a Successful Plug-in Vehicle Industry in the US

Green Car Congress

To get around this, PG&E would like to install a 220 interface in garages with timers and also implement dynamic pricing to encourage customers to charge between 11 at night and 4-5 in the morning. PG&E will start with timers and dynamic pricing. Electricity is a cheap entity—not a commodity, but is its fundamentally very cheap. maintain a system as well as maintain and recover and investment on it that is fundamentally very cheap.

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Perspective: Regional Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade Programs May be the Solution

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Cantwell said that cap-and-trade had been discredited by the Wall Street crisis, the Enron scandal and the rocky start to a carbon credits trading system in Europe that has been subject to dizzying price fluctuations and widespread fraud. The Cantwell-Collins plan is almost exactly what Mr. Obama proposed in the campaign and after first taking office–a 100 percent auction of permits and a large tax rebate to the public. Price Discovery. Getting the Price Right.

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Perspective: Drive Star Conversion Program Could Cut US Oil Use in Half by 2020

Green Car Congress

We expected it would come from higher prices or a supply disruption—we’ve all been surprised.) And oil only seems cheap. Right now, buyers of new plug-in cars get up to $7,500 in tax credits. As high-volume production brings down their price, we can taper down the incentive over a second five million. But let’s realize: defending our nation is never cheap. Perspective by Felix Kramer, Founder, CalCars. Reprinted by invitation from the CalCars website.

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Scrap your car for free bus travel

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Many families feel the need for one car, but the second one is a marginal purchase, often something cheap and cheerful. The costs are often overlooked until it’s time to tax MOT or insure the car. Sale prices are low and often the decision comes to a head when a car needs an MOT or major work, and the dilemma arises of whether or not to spend money on it which is rarely recovered if the car is sold”.

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Perspective: Why Carbon Emissions Should Not Have Been the Focus of the UN Climate Change Summit and Why the 15th Conference of the Parties Should Have Focused on Technology Transfer

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Climate economist Richard Tol, a lead author for the UN climate panel, determined that to cut carbon emissions enough to meet the 2 ° goal, the leading industrial nations would have to slap a huge tax on carbon-emitting fuels—one that by the end of the century would reach something on the order of US$4,000 per metric ton of carbon dioxide, or US$35 per gallon of gas (US$9 per liter). According to Tol, the impact of a tax hike of this magnitude could reduce world GDP 12.9%