Looking to get in a hybrid for cheap? Used Toyota Prius 1.5 HSD 2004-2009 Review

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I knew I wanted something for her that was cheap to maintain, had a reliable automatic transmission, came with cruise control, AC. Power steering is electric and as a result we don’t need to check the power steering oil level as there isn’t any. petrol engine is not running.

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Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter : Huge Money Savings

Plug In India

In the blog/video, we bust this myth and we show how petrol scooters cost same as electric scooters and you always save money when it comes to total cost of ownership when using an EV. There are more expensive variants in the petrol scooter world.


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Will green cars put industry on road to profit?

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Here in the UK we’re so downtrodden by extortionate petrol prices that the prospect of driving fuel efficient green cars carries obvious appeal. It could be argued then that America is still drunk on cheap gasoline. Clearly petrol prices will eventually spiral in the country again, and with oil running out and greenhouse gas emissions proving an increasing problem something must be done to change this culture.

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Naysayer Alert – the hydrogen red herring

My Electric Car

In addition, it is subject to similar refining, storage and distribution costs currently associated with petrol and diesel, including upstream CO2 emissions where the electricity required is usually generated from fossil fuels. (Guest Post by John Murray).

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Global Gas Prices | Hybrid Sales

Hybrid SUV Blog

Expert predictions about where oil and gas prices are headed vary widely. In July of 2008, oil futures hit their record high of more than $145 per barrel and several areas of the country neared $5/gal. In a 2009 CNNMoney.com interview, AutoNation CEO, Mike Jackson voiced his opinion that gasoline is too cheap and that the United States government should consider a gas tax to make sure the price does not fall below roughly $3.50 how much do you pay for gas/petrol?

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ACS Meeting Symposium Focuses on Conversion and Utilization of CO2 for Fuels and Chemicals

Green Car Congress

CO 2 conversion to hydrocarbons over catalysts has been known for several decades but has been shown very little research and development attention, as other technologies have been much cheaper and efficient in yielding cheap oil. In light of dwindling oil resources and the looming presence of peak oil, alternative fuels that are environmentally friendly and enhance energy security are of mounting importance.

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Electric Cars and a Smarter Grid - Green Inc. Blog - NYTimes.com

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Oil is the alternative. Are we going to burn more oil, natural gas, or (gasp) coal to produce it? So, the used batteries are almost arbitrarily cheap since an arbitrarily large fraction of their cost of production can be loaded on their use in transportation. February 17, 2009 9:52 am Link Wireless transmission of electrical energy needs to be funded for effective liberty from petrol based fuel products to occur. Close down the oil companies.

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