Oregon Has More Electric-Car Fast Charging Sites Than.Germany

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When talking about electric cars and early adopters, the state of Oregon often seems like the Little Engine That Could. Germany plug-in cars state laws charging infrastructure Fast Charging Oregon Electric HighwayIt's the only state to have appointed an Electric Car Czar as a state employee, it started work on the West Coast Electric Highway fully five years ago (California is just now funding its share of those chraging sites), and it.

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Oregon's largest utilities plan to boost electric-car adoption

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Two weeks ago, California utility PG&E received approved to install 7,500 public charging stations for plug-in vehicles. Now, Oregon's two largest utility companies have filed plans to. electric utilities plug-in cars Charging station charging infrastructure education OregonIt's clear that after several years of electric-car sales, electric utilities see a role to be played in providing the infrastructure to make them practical.

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Oregon Debates EV Charging Stations: Cost Or Benefit For Utility Customers?

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Yet in Oregon, a proposal that would let utility companies invest in regional charging infrastructure—and make that transition a little easier, perhaps—is. Politics Electric Car plug-in cars regulation charging infrastructure Fast Charging OregonElectric-car ownership allows you to break free from petroleum dependence—and to instead plug in and spend your energy dollars locally and regionally, on energy from the grid.

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Drive Oregon goes Forth: new name, broader mission, more states

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Oregon is a state that punches well above its weight in promoting and adopting zero-emission vehicles and plug-in electric cars. Smaller than California, it offers a laboratory where EV makers can try out new programs and experiment with new marketing and charging programs to see how they work. Connectivity portland Car Sharing Autonomous cars plug-in cars Oregon

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Oregon's Electric-Car Czar Heads For PlugShare After 5 Years

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For the past couple of years, Oregon has been unique among the states that promote electric cars. That''s because it created a position within its Department of Transportation for a "Chief EV Officer"--a person charged specifically with overseeing efforts to encourage electric-car adoption. plug-in cars transportation policy PlugShare Oregon

West Coast Electric Highway To Fill In California Fast-Charging Stations

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The West Coast Electric Highway has steadily grown over the years, providing electric-car drivers with charging infrastructure to make trips longer than their cars' rated ranges. It's a network of public charging stations that actually spreads across multiple highways, with I-5 serving as the backbone. Green California Electric Highway Fast Charging Oregon Washington State charging infrastructure plug-in cars

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Portland Airport Adds 42 Electric-Car Chargers, At 120 Volts; Here's Why

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When it comes to electric-car charging, speed is typically as important as availability. Installing more charging stations is important, but it's generally thought that they need to charge a car as quickly as possible, to lessen any inconvenience to owners. portland plug-in cars charging charging infrastructure Oregon

Oregon Joins Long Trail Of Pacific Coast Electric Car Charge Stations

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It may not be long before electric car owners on America's Pacific coast can drive all the way from Canada to Mexico--using quick-charge stations. Thanks to Oregon's new 'electric highway', it's now possible to charge an electric car every 25 miles down a 200-mile stretch of Interstate 5. That, says NBC News, makes it the longest stretch of

Chargeway: the best electric-car idea you've never heard of

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In New Jersey and Oregon, someone else does this for you.) Electric-car charging isn't quite that simple. plug-in cars charging Charging station SAE J-1772 ChaDeMo quick-charge standard charging infrastructure education Fast Charging Tesla Supercharger Combined Charging Standard (CCS Pretty much everyone knows how to put fuel into a conventional car.

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Most electric-car-friendly U.S. cities: latest rankings: Portland on top

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And those officials do everything from expanding charging infrastructure to implementing incentives like. portland plug-in cars cities transportation policy charging infrastructure OregonSince modern electric cars went on sale in volume five years ago, some cities have been more eager to promote them than others. Officials in those cities find electric cars attractive for their ability to reduce pollution,among other reasons.

2015 Fiat 500e models now available at studios in California and Oregon

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The battery-electric Fiat 500e is now available as a 2015 model year at Fiat studios in California and Oregon for $199 a month for 36 months with $999 due at signing. Sales of the Fiat 500e expanded to Oregon earlier this year.

Washington State Loves Electric Cars, But Gets Very Few: Here's Why

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Electric cars get a sales-tax exemption in Washington, and access to charging infrastructure that's fed mostly. California plug-in cars Zero Emission Vehicle transportation policy Washington State compliance car OregonWhen it comes to states friendly to electric cars, Washington is pretty close to the top. It has one of the highest percentages of registered plug-in electric cars in the country, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Electric car charging heads to Oregon

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Drivers on the I-5 corridor from the California state line to the Willamette Valley should be on the lookout for some new level three electric vehicle fast charging stations from AeroVironment, Inc. The company was selected by the Oregon Department of Transportation as part of its West Coast Green Highway vision and will install the [.]. Electric cars Green cars Latest news AeroVironment electric car charging I-5 corridor Oregon

BC To Get Canada's First Electric-Car Fast-Charging Network

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The West Coast "green highway" will expand from Oregon and Washington states into British Columbia, under a plan announced today that will site DC quick-charging stations for electric cars along heavy-traveled roads and at popular destinations.

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Portland, Oregon: Why Is It A Leading Electric Vehicle Market?

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No question about it, Portland, Oregon, is an early-adopter market for electric vehicles, and one of the leading EV markets in the U.S. The Rose City, as it's nicknamed, is already home to the first—and only, with the Vacaville, California charger down—publicly accessible Level 3 quick-charging station in the U.S.,

Honda Clarity Electric in California and Oregon dealerships; $269/mo

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The 2017 Honda Clarity Electric sedan arrived at the beginning of August in select dealerships in California and Oregon. In addition, if they apply, California and Oregon customers may qualify for their state’s rebates of $2,500 once they become available.

Tesla China Charging, Efficient Autonomous Cars, 2016 Kia Soul EV In OR & WA: Today's Car News

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Today, Tesla appears to start charging for charging in China, researchers advocate self-driving cars as a way to cut emissions, and the 2016 Kia Soul EV goes on sale in Oregon and Washington. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Stricter fuel efficiency rules for heavy trucks may be added beginning in 2021, but here's why increasing fuel. Today in Car News

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Oregon DOT selects AeroVironment for 22 EV fast chargers along transportation corridors

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The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has selected AeroVironment to supply, install, operate and maintain twenty-two (22) electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging stations along major transportation corridors and travel destinations in northwest Oregon. AeroVironment will install the fast charging stations at existing, convenient commercial host locations in 22 targeted communities identified by ODOT, allowing EV drivers to recharge in as little as 15 to 20 minutes.

CA issues $9 million in grants for electric-car fast charger installations

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California will issue nearly $9 million in grants for the installation of electric-car DC fast-charging stations along the state's highways. This will create a charging network to link up the country's most populous state with the West Coast Electric Highway already developed by Oregon and Washington. California natural gas plug-in cars charging charging infrastructure

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AeroVironment to install Level 3 fast chargers along I5 in Oregon

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The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODoT) has selected AeroVironment, Inc. to install high-power Level 3 electric vehicle (EV) fast charging stations along the I-5 corridor from the California state line to the Willamette Valley. This will be part of the West Coast Green Highway , a vision for safe and consistent charging infrastructure spanning the West Coast from San Diego to Vancouver, B.C.

Electric-car charging fraud, Mercedes MPG, 2017 Rogue Sport, EPA axes science: Today's Car News

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Today, a transmission dies, a smaller crossover appears, Oregon wants to give car salespeople money, and the fossil-fuel industry may soon apparently run the EPA. The case has faded into history, but the CEO of failed electric-car charging provider 350 Green has pleaded guilty to fraud charges and will go to. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

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Smart charging to boost Nissan LEAF development

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The company will provide smart charging and data logging capabilities to utilities in strategic markets of the eTec program in Arizona, California, Oregon, Tennessee and Washington and will help support the deployment of 5,000 Nissan LEAF vehicles as well as a network of 12,750 charging stations. So what is so special about its charging management software? Smart charging 3.0

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New York to test and evaluate 5 New Flyer Xcelsior CHARGE electric buses

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The New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), acting through the New York City Transit Authority (NYCT), will launch its electric bus test and evaluation program of five Xcelsior CHARGE battery-electric, forty-foot heavy-duty transit buses. For the program, New Flyer integrated battery technology from XALT Energy with high-efficiency electric motors and rapid overhead charging systems from Siemens.

Oregon incentives to shift from hybrids to plug-ins

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Oregon's House has passed a bill to end the $1500 tax credit for conventional hybrid vehicles on the last day of 2009. Limits tax credits for gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles that are not designed for electric plug-in charging to vehicles purchased before January 1, 2010. Tags: kulongoski plug-in hybrid oregon battery electric car After that point only plug-in vehicles qualify.

Kia prepping Washington and Oregon for Soul EV launch; dealers and charging network w/ fast-chargers

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Kia Motors America (KMA) is continuing its progressive launch of the Soul EV and adding to the electric vehicle ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest with 20 Soul EV-certified dealers and a charging network. Of the 20 dealers in the region, 12 will be located in Washington and eight in Oregon.

First Fast-Charging Station On West Coast Electric Highway: Work Starts

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While dreams of a "Hydrogen Highway" along the West Coast have languished, the states of Washington and Oregon are moving ahead on plans to make Interstate-5 the first "electric highway" in the nation. Yesterday, a small ground-breaking ceremony took place in the Sehome Village Shopping Center in Bellingham, Washington, for the first of a network

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Obama Administration launches series of actions to accelerate EV adoption; inc. $4.5B in loan guarantees, pursuing 350 kW fast charge

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The Obama Administration has announced a series of actions from the Federal government, private sector, and states, as well as a new framework for collaboration for vehicle manufacturers, electric utilities, electric vehicle charging companies, and states, all geared towards accelerating the deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and putting more electric vehicles on the road. Charging infrastructure financing: Unlocking Up $4.5 University of Oregon.

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Oregon State researchers demonstrate potassium-ion (K-ion) battery

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Researchers at Oregon State University have shown that potassium can work with graphite in a potassium-ion battery (KIB)—a discovery that could offer a challenge and sustainable alternative to the widely-used lithium-ion battery (LIB).

Fill Your Cart and Your Car: Supermarket Charges Electric Cars

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In the past few years we’ve seen electric charge stations pop up everywhere from gas stations to electronics stores and banks. But now electric car owners in the Pacific Northwest have a new place to charge: the grocery store. Based in Portland Oregon, the firm has around 130 department stores throughout Washington Enter Fred Meyer Store.

Washington State opens 10 new public charging stations on West Coast Electric Highway; Seattle to Canadian border

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The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), along with electric charging station partner AeroVironment opened 10 new public charging stations—seven along Interstate 5 and three along US Route 2 in northern Washington—that provide EV drivers the ability to travel from Seattle to the Canadian border. Electric vehicle drivers will be able to access the charging stations by first enrolling in AeroVironment’s Charging Network.

Hillsboro, Oregon Goes Live with Level 2 EV Charging Stations

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The City of Hillsboro is the first in the State of Oregon to install Coulomb Technologies’ Level II ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations for plug-in and electric vehicles. The thirteen Level II charging stations are now installed in downtown Hillsboro at their new green intermodal transit facility. The charging stations are available for public use and located 15 miles outside of Portland.

AeroVironment and Recargo introduce Pay With PlugShare for West Coast Electric Highway’s fast charging network

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AeroVironment and Recargo, developer of PlugShare , the most extensive map of electric vehicle charging stations, introduced a new smartphone-based easy payment option for EV drivers charging on the West Coast Electric Highway fast charging network in Oregon and Washington. EV drivers can now access and pay for AeroVironment’s DC fast chargers and Level 2 charging stations through Recargo’s PlugShare mobile app on a pay per charge basis.

Fees Start April 1 On WA Electric Highway: Same Price As Gas?

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All good things must come to an end--and it seems that applies to free DC quick-charging for electric cars along the Northwest''s innovative Electric Highway. For the past year or more, the CHAdeMO quick-charging stations in Oregon and Washington states have offered free recharging under the introductory phase of the plan that funded them.

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Oregon opens first phase of West Coast Electric Highway

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The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), along with charging station partner AeroVironment and the Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE), opened the first phase of the West Coast Electric Highway, which is anticipated to eventually stretch along Interstate 5 from the Canadian to Mexican borders. Each location has two charging stations including one DC fast charger.

Hillsboro, Oregon to Install 16 Coulomb Charging Stations

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The City of Hillsboro, Oregon plans to deploy 16 Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations for plug-in and electric vehicles. The charging stations will be installed in downtown Hillsboro, including at a new intermodal transit facility to be built in 2009. The charging stations, available for public use, are part of the city’s large-scale sustainability and green movement.

Portland, Dallas Have Most Electric Car Charging Stations Per Head

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Ask most Americans to name the cities with the most public charging stations for electric cars per head of population, and they’ll likely mention Los Angeles and perhaps San Francisco. According to PlugShare (via good.is), however, Portland, Oregon and Dallas, Texas top the list. PlugShare, the social network devoted to finding and sharing

Fast-Charging Adds Appeal To Electric Cars—Especially In Portland

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If you plan to get a Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi i (or already have one), and you live in Portland, Oregon, consider yourself fortunate. The same goes for a handful of places including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and certain corridors in Tennessee, Arizona, and Texas—as well as, perhaps, the Chicago and Detroit areas. Because all of these

Illinois launches largest electric vehicle charging network in USA

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Or Oregon? That’s because Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (pictured) has announced the availability of the largest network of fast charging electric vehicle stations in the [.]. So which state has the lead on electric vehicles? Perhaps California? While they may seem like the obvious answers given their extensive green car push, the answer is actually: Illinois.

AAA Mobile Charging Stations!

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Triple A is planning to add mobile charging units in California, Florida, Georgia, Oregon, Tennessee and Washington.including some with 500V charging capability New treatment for range anxiety: AAA.

Oregon Department of Transportation Issues RFP for Electric Vehicle Charging Station Equipment

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The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has issued a first-in-the-nation solicitation for charging equipment to service electric vehicles (EVs). At the request of local entities and electric utilities throughout the state, ODOT is using its public/private partnership authority to establish consistent standards and uniformity in building an EV charging infrastructure for Oregon. Gail Achterman, chair of the Oregon Transportation Commission.