ICCT quantifies the EV charging infrastructure gap across US markets

Green Car Congress

In a new white paper , the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) has quantified the gap in charging infrastructure across the 100 most populous US metropolitan areas in the US to power more than 3 million expected electric vehicles by 2025. Markets”. Markets ”.

2019 119

BMW’s ReachNow installing Light & Charge locations in Seattle; 100 chargers at 20 new public sites

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ReachNow, the mobility services division of the BMW Group, Woodland Park Zoo, and the City of Seattle celebrated the successful installation of the first of 20 Light & Charge electric vehicle (EV) charging locations that will more than double the number of Fast Chargers publicly available in Seattle.

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BMW Digital Charging Service optimizes charging and integrates electric vehicles into the energy market

Green Car Congress

BMW i is expanding its engagement in electric mobility with the new BMW Digital Charging Service (DCS)—an intelligent service for predictive, convenient, cost-effective and green power-optimized charging. Electric (Battery) Infrastructure Plug-ins Smart charging Solar

2016 119

PG&E launches program to install 7,500 electric-car charging stations in California

Green Car Reports

Finding a charging station will soon get a lot easier—at least in California. America's largest electric-vehicle market will see a significant boost in the number of available charging stations in the state following an investment by its largest electricity producer. California electric utilities plug-in cars charging infrastructure Charging stations

2018 68

Ford installing GE WattStation chargers, charging network at facilities

Green Car Congress

The WattStation Connect network will enable Ford to gather information on charging station use. Ford Motor Company, in conjunction with GE, will supply electric vehicle charging stations at Ford facilities nationwide, beginning with facilities in and around its headquarters. Ford will begin installing the GE WattStation Level 2 charging stations across its North American campuses, developing a workplace charging network at nearly every Ford facility in the United States and Canada.

2014 96

Report: US will catch up with Europe on public EV charging infrastructure by 2030

Green Car Reports

The United States is currently trailing behind Europe on electric-car charging infrastructure, but could catch up later this decade, according to a new report. charging

2020 91

NREL, INL team assesses levelized cost of light-duty EV charging in US in 2019

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A team from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Idaho National Laboratory has produced a detailed assessment of the current levelized cost of light-duty electric-vehicle charging (LCOC) in the United States, considering when, where, and how EVs are charged.

2020 102

Electrify America completes first of two EV fast-charging East-West cross-country routes; second to be completed by September

Green Car Congress

Electrify America has completed the installation of its first cross-country route, which allows electric vehicle (EV) drivers to travel from coast to coast using the largest open DC fast-charging network in the United States. Electric (Battery) Infrastructure Market Background

2020 104

Nio is providing a fully charged battery in 3 minutes for free, in China

Green Car Reports

The Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio, in a bid to win over new customers, is waiving the fees for something that could be a real selling point in the increasingly tight Chinese EV market: battery swapping. It had planned to install 1,100 of. Fast Charging Battery Swapping Nio

2019 114

HUBER+SUHNER launches new DC high-power charging system

Green Car Congress

HUBER+SUHNER, a leading worldwide supplier of electrical and optical connectivity solutions, has launched its new Direct Current (DC) high-power charging system RADOX HPC200, completing the company’s RADOX HPC portfolio. —Max Göldi, Market Manager Industry at HUBER+SUHNER.

2020 88

BMW of North America and partners to install up to 100 EV charging stations in and around US National Parks

Green Car Congress

BMW of North America has partnered with the National Park Foundation, National Park Service and the Department of Energy to install up to 100 electric vehicle charging stations in national parks and nearby communities across the country.

2017 85

BMW partners with QMerit to launch new BMW Installation Services digital platform for home charging

Green Car Congress

BMW of North America announced that QMerit will provide BMW i and BMW iPerformance drivers with customized installation of home charging solutions to enable convenient and reliable vehicle charging. Customers can begin the BMW Installation Services process at www.bmwcharging.com. The 360° Electric program offers smart, simple and efficient ways to drive and charge BMW i3, i8, and BMW iPerformance (BMW X5 xDrive40e, BMW 740e xDrive, BMW 530e and the BMW 330e) vehicles.

2017 60

Adamas: LFP market share drops to 6% in global passenger EV batteries in 2019; potential comeback in 2020 with cell-to-pack

Green Car Congress

In 2019, the market share of lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) cathode chemistry fell to 6% in global passenger EV batteries by watt-hours deployed (i.e. Adamas said that it views the renewed adaptation of LFP as a reflection of diversifying market needs.

2020 116

The Solangelist Learns To Install Solar & Loves It

Creative Greenius

The extent of my electrical background heretofore consisted of installing lighting fixtures and new wall switches - so long as they were replacements for existing items that got wired the same way. The course is designed for: Prospective installers to enter the PV job market.

Solar 186

Peninsula Clean Energy and California Energy Commission propose $24M partnership to install EV chargers in San Mateo County

Green Car Congress

Peninsula Clean Energy, the California Energy Commission, and Center for Sustainable Energy are partnering to launch an incentive project in San Mateo County in 2020 to increase publicly available electric vehicle charging locations with investments potentially reaching $24 million. Using $12 million from PCE and an additional $12 million proposed by the California Energy Commission (CEC), thousands of charging stations will be installed in San Mateo County over the next four years.

2019 70

AMD installs three Coulomb Technologies charging stations at Austin campus

Green Car Congress

AMD has installed three Coulomb-manufactured ChargePoint electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at its Austin “Lone Star” campus for employees, and plans to install additional stations at its Sunnyvale campus in spring 2011. The Austin ChargePoint stations were supplied and installed by Verdek, the exclusive distributor for Coulomb Technologies in the Southern States. The charging stations have dual outputs that deliver energy simultaneously: a 7.2

Pike forecasts electric vehicle charging station installations to reach 7.7M worldwide by 2017; price drops of 37%

Green Car Congress

Total EV charging station unit sales by region, world markets: 2011-2017. million locations to charge vehicles will be available in the United States, with a total of 7.7 The firm anticipates that increasing demand for charge points will be driven in part by a rapid decline in electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) prices, which will require manufacturers to adapt their business models as volumes continue to increase. Infrastructure Plug-ins Smart charging

2011 96

Federal Realty partners with Car Charging Group to install EV charging stations at retail sites nationwide

Green Car Congress

Federal Realty Investment Trust is partnering with Car Charging Group, Inc., a provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging services, to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across Federal Realty‘s portfolio of 18.6 million square feet of high quality retail assets in selected metropolitan markets in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and California. Farkas, CEO of Car Charging Group.

2011 74

Ford Mustang Mach-E customers to receive 250 kWh of complimentary charging at Electrify America stations

Green Car Congress

Ford Mustang Mach-E owners in the US will receive 250 kWh of complimentary charging through FordPass Rewards at Electrify America fast-charging stations. For Mustang Mach-E owners with the extended-range battery, the 250 kWh of fast-charging energy is equal to more than three fill-ups.

2020 88

BP to Install 45 Ecotality Blink DC Fast Charging Stations

Green Car Congress

a partner in The EV Project, will install ECOtality’s Blink electric vehicle (EV) DC Fast Chargers (480 volt 3-Phase AC input)—unveiled at the Business of Plugging In 2010 conference—at 45 BP and ARCO locations. ECOtality is the project manager for The EV Project, an initiative that will include the installation of approximately 15,000 charging stations in 16 cities and major metropolitan areas in six states, and will place 8,300 EVs on the road.

DC 74

Electric-Car Charging Stations: Will Market Forces Cut Prices?

Green Car Reports

As some public charging stations have started charging fees for charging sessions, many electric-car drivers are debating what a fair price would be. Virtually all drivers accept that it's reasonable to pay something to charge at a private business. Two executives from Coulomb Technologies, which is installing the ChargePoint network of charging

2012 80

Volkswagen Group Canada forms Electrify Canada to install network of ultra-fast electric vehicle chargers

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen Group Canada has formed Electrify Canada, a new company that will build an ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) direct current (DC) charging network across Canada. The initial Electrify Canada plan includes the installation of 32 EV charging sites near major highways and in major metro areas in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. Each charging site will have four chargers on average and use the non-proprietary DC fast charging technologies (CCS and CHAdeMO).

2018 65

Sears Home Services to install Plugless Power inductive charging systems for EVs

Green Car Congress

Sears Home Services, the residential and commercial installation arm of Sears Holdings, recently entered an installation agreement with Evatran, the developer of Plugless Power inductive charging systems for electric vehicles. Pre-Installation Site Visits: Site visits, as necessary to quote non-standard and commercial installations, will be completed in advance of installations.

2011 79

Volkswagen’s ID.3 debuts for the European market

Green Car Congress

With its fast charging capability, at a charging output of 100 kW it is possible to recharge the ID.3 The battery can be recharged with a maximum charging output of 7.2 100 kW DC charging is optionally also available. Volkswagen’s ID.3

2019 96

Pike Forecasts More Than 4.7M Electric Vehicle Charge Points to Be Installed Worldwide by 2015; China to Represent More Than 1/3 of Global Market

Green Car Congress

Projected EV charging station unit sales by region. million electric vehicle charge points will be installed worldwide during the period from 2010 to 2015 to support the transition to plug-in vehicles. Pike Research forecasts that annual revenue from EV charging equipment will reach US$1.8 Pike anticipates that the Asia Pacific region will be the world’s largest market for EVs and charging equipment. Source: Pike Research. Click to enlarge.

2010 68

EVgo and ABB install first 150 kW fast charger in US, with potential upgrade to 350 kW

Green Car Congress

EVgo, the US’ largest network of public electric vehicle (EV) fast charging stations, and ABB have deployed the US’ first ABB High-Power fast charging station in Fremont, California. The High-Power fast charging system features a maximum charging rate of 150kW—providing a charge which is three times faster than most fast chargers deliver today. The installed system has the potential to reach charging speeds of up to 350kW with an upgrade.

2017 60

GlobalData: Global battery energy storage market to grow by 7% to reach $13.13B by 2023

Green Car Congress

The global battery energy storage market will to grow to $13.13 Asia-Pacific (APAC) and EMEA will be the dominant markets for battery energy storage systems over the forecast period 2019-2023. APAC will continue to be the largest market, reaching $6.05

2019 101

Momentum Dynamics deploys 200 kW wireless charging system for electric transit buses in Wenatchee, WA

Green Car Congress

Momentum Dynamics has commissioned the US’ first 200 kW wireless charging system for a battery-electric transit bus fleet. The wireless charging system is now operational on a BYD K9S bus at Link Transit in Wenatchee, Washington.

2018 106

Honda Tests Solar-Powered Electric-Car Charging In Remote Marshall Islands

Green Car Reports

Honda is testing new electric-car charging stations in a somewhat unusual and very remote location. It's far from the carmaker's home market of Japan, or its major markets, like the United States and Europe. DON'T MISS: Honda's California HQ Installs 120 Electric-Car Charging Stations (But. plug-in cars charging charging infrastructureIn fact, it's far from pretty much everywhere on earth.

Nissan has installed 1,000 CHAdeMO quick chargers in Europe

Green Car Congress

Nissan has installed 1,000 CHAdeMO quick chargers in Europe. The fast charging unit can recharge the batteries of compatible electric vehicles—Nissan LEAF (Model Year 11 and 13); Nissan e-NV200 (launched 2014); Citroen C-Zero; Mitsubishi i-MiEV; Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV; Peugeot iON—from zero to 80% charge in just 30 minutes, and at zero cost. In 2010 there were just 16 quick charging points.

2014 71

Used Renault electric-car batteries provide DC fast-charging on highway

Green Car Reports

Renault hasn't tackled the home-energy storage market to the degree its alliance partner Nissan has, but it has found another use for "second-life" batteries. The French brand has worked with UK-based Connected Energy to install two electric-car DC fast-charging stations powered by second-life batteries. Batteries lithium-ion battery pack plug-in cars Charging station DC Rapid Charging

DC 74

Electrify America releases $300M Cycle 2 national ZEV investment plan; metro charging, autonomous charging, renewable generation

Green Car Congress

The $300-million investment will build on Electrify America’s initial priorities and expand into new areas, where the need for electric vehicle charging stations and technology are greatest or are most likely to be used regularly. Bridgeport (CT) for the New York City market.

2019 126

Daimler Trucks E-Mobility Group starts global initiative for electric-truck charging infrastructure

Green Car Congress

The E-Mobility Group of Daimler Trucks & Buses is launching a worldwide initiative to establish a charging infrastructure for battery-electric trucks. The initial focus is on charging stations installed at the depots of truck customers. Japan is the next market to follow.

2020 134

Royal Imtech to install charge point network for Toyota dealers and Prius PHV owners in the Netherlands

Green Car Congress

will install a network of intelligent charging points at the home addresses of owners of the new Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid and at all Toyota dealers in the Netherlands. The company expects to install between 1,300 and 2,500 charging points at the homes of owners in 2012, and 117 double charging points at Toyota dealers. Various initiatives are set to take off soon in the European market for intelligent networks. Royal Imtech N.V.

ABB-led consortium launches $10.5M project to install fast chargers along key European highways

Green Car Congress

A 5-partner consortium led by ABB has launched a €8.4-million (US$10.5-million) project, co-funded 50% by the European Union, to install a corridor of high-quality fast chargers along key European motorways until the end of 2015.

2014 96

Audi unveils e-tron Sportback electric SUV Coupé; market intro spring 2020

Green Car Congress

miles) (WLTP) from a single battery charge. Market introduction in Europe is scheduled for the spring of 2020. This enables rapid DC charging, a long battery life cycle, and reproducible performance even under heavy loads. mi) on a full charge in the WLTP cycle. Charging.

2019 93

Nissan installing more than 100 DC quick chargers at LEAF dealers in US

Green Car Congress

Nissan will support installation of more than 100 DC quick chargers at LEAF-certified dealers in 21 key markets nationwide. The units, which use the CHAdeMO standard, can charge the vehicle from depleted to about 80% in about 30 minutes. Nissan’s charging partner AeroVironment will supply the quick chargers and will provide installation services for nearly all of the new quick charging units.

2013 85

Lex partners with POD Point to charge up fleet market

Green Cars News

POD Point has partnered with Lex Autolease in a deal that will allow Lex Autolease customers to install discounted electric vehicle charge points at the workplace or homes of its EV fleet car users at half the usual price.

2012 70

Solar Smackdown in Torrance – Installer Sues City on Behalf of the Sun

Creative Greenius

After a decade in the solar power installation business, Bradley Bartz is tired of being Mr. Nice Guy. He’s filed suit against Torrance, the proud home of Exxon/Mobil’s refinery, for stopping him from installing solar panels in the Hillside Overlay district.

Solar 165

Enel acquires eMotorWerks to provide grid balancing solutions and tap into US e-mobility market

Green Car Congress

through its US subsidiary EnerNOC, has acquired California-based eMotorWerks, a North American supplier of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, called JuiceBox, and owner and operator of JuiceNet, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform for the smart management of EV charging and other distributed energy storage facilities. The acquisition of eMotorWerks marks Enel’s entrance into the US electric mobility market. Enel S.p.A.,

2017 65

California Public Utilities Commission approves PG&E EV charging program for 7,500 charging stations in NorCal

Green Car Congress

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) unanimously voted to approve Charge Smart and Save, a program initiated by Pacific Gas & Electric to deploy 7,500 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across Northern California. PG&E originally proposed to deploy, own and maintain approximately 25,000 Level 2 EV charging stations and approximately 100 Direct Current Fast Chargers (DCFCs) and supporting infrastructure.

2016 79

Pike forecasts growth for wireless charging for plug-in vehicles, but tied to overall growth of plug-in market

Green Car Congress

In a new research brief , Pike Research forecasts that wireless charging equipment for light duty plug-in vehicle sales will grow by a CAGR of 91% from 2013 to 2020, as wireless systems move from a retrofit technology to an integrated part of new EVs, reaching annual sales of 283,000 units in 2020. There are signs that such systems, installed at the factory or added at the dealership, could become a market differentiator for EV models, Pike suggests.

2012 96

Navigant Research projects global market for plug-in charging equipment to grow to 4.3M units and $5.8B in revenue in 2022

Green Car Congress

The market for plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) has expanded in recent years in parallel with the deployment of publicly accessible charging stations, mainly funded by government programs. According to a new report from Navigant Research, there are now almost 64,000 public charging stations installed globally. Alternating current (AC) installations account for the vast majority of public charging station installations worldwide.

2013 78