Golf Cart Battery Charging

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How many rounds of 18 holes of golf before the golf cart batteries need recharging? Is is best to discharge the batteries deeply or recharge after every

Boiling Golf Cart Batteries

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Why would our golf cart batteries start bubbling after about one half hour of charging? Hi, Maynard! Probably because your charger is delivering too

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Help! Golf Cart Batteries Dying Young

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I bought 6 golf cart batteries (Napa Specialty) only 1 3/4 year ago, had a charger on them that switched off when charged and since sometimes we would

Cost to Charge Golf Cart Batteries

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What does it cost to charge up an average golf cart w/ 6 -12 v, overnight, after a normal 40-60 discharge. Just a ballpark

Golf Cart Batteries Have Gone Dry!

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If my charger boiled the water out while charging my golf cart batteries unknown to me and found out later, can I re-add distilled water and the batteries

Changing the Golf Cart Batteries

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how long should I let new batteries charge before using? What is proper way to disconnect old batteries and connect new batteries? My wife, grandkids

Need to charge new golf cart batteries?

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Is it necessary to charge new batteries when installing? Hi, George - Battery University says that if your batteries are lead-acid, they come already

Charging Dead 8v Golf Cart Batteries With a Car Charger

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My charger was not working and my batteries got so low that they do not have enough charge in them to call for the charger to cut on and charge them

Bad Battery Charger Blues

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Usually when I plug the charger into the golf cart battery pack there is momentary pause, then hum, then the charging needle moves left to right to about

Solar Powered Battery Charger

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Have you heard of SunGo's solar-powered battery charger for golf carts? Here are some of the benefits of SunGo's solar battery charging systems

Should I Discharge the Battery Completely?

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How come my car's 12 volt battery is kept fully charged, yet I am told not to charge golf cart battery every night? I am told that I should only charge

Ford announces Smart Mobility plan; 25 initial projects

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Using Georgia Tech-owned golf carts to prove out the technology, a person sitting in a remote location can access real-time video streamed over LTE to drive the carts. But if a shared car is consistently being driven, it needs time to charge. Ford is investigating a partnership with a retail or fast-food business to develop a fast-charging infrastructure, making electric vehicles practical choices for car-sharing.

New York City adding 70 electric vehicles to fleet; launches EV educational push

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The NYPD already uses electric scooters and electric powered golf carts on boardwalks, in parks and some transit hubs. Nissan will provide six 100 percent electric Nissan LEAFs to taxi owners for testing in 2012 as well as the charging stations to support their use.

Measuring State-of-Charge on Lead Acid Batteries

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

The 914 AC kit uses 8V golf cart batteries and I'm wondering if different batteries like Hawkers or Optima Yellow-Top batteries would be better. After researching different battery types, it looks like the Hawkers and Optimas can put out more amps for more torque and are more rugged, but the golf-cart batteries still rule in terms of capacity per weight and size. Both US-Battery and Trojan have 8-volt golf-cart batteries.

Considering Different Batteries

Open Source Civic EV Kit

The original CivicWithACord design used 18 8-volt golf cart batteries. Their capacity has fallen off after little more then 100 cycles even with careful charging. All the AGMs and Gels I've tried though are stinky on the discharge, if not as much as golf cart floodies.

The Great Desulfation Experiment

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Above is a picture of a heavily sulfated 8-volt golf-cart battery I acquired yesterday. At the end of today, I measured a charging voltage of 8.36 Can one revive a mostly dead battery? Several internet sources say yes.

Oorja Protonics Introduces New Direct Methanol Fuel Cell On-Board Battery Charger

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OorjaPac addresses low vehicle runtime and operational cost challenges facing material handling fleet managers by continuously trickle-charging the on-board battery in a material handling vehicle, regardless of whether it is operating or parked, thereby ensuring the battery never reaches a state of deep discharge. Battery charge and power are maintained at high levels and the battery is not subject to heat damage caused during recharging.

Calif. Energy Commission approves energy efficiency rules for battery charger systems; automotive chargers exempted

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The rules explicitly exclude devices used to charge a motor vehicle that is powered by an electric motor drawing current from rechargeable storage batteries, fuel cells, or other portable sources of electrical current, and which may include a nonelectrical source of power designed to charge batteries and components. This exception does not apply to autoettes, electric personal assistive mobility devices, golf carts, or low speed vehicles.

More Delays

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I'm working with an analog design engineer at HP to come up with a homebrew BMS system that does charge sharing similar to the PowerCheq systems, but for much cheaper, hopefully around $10 per battery instead of the $75 that PowerCheq units cost. Besides, the PowerCheq units only handle 12 volt batteries and the ElectroAuto kit is designed for 8-volt golf-cart batteries, so a homebrew system will be required.

Don't let those batteries just sit around

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The 8-volt golf cart batteries arrived over 24 days ago and have just been sitting on the garage floor, discharging. I didn't want to let them sit for much longer, so spent $10 on 12-gauge wire and 3/8" crimp lugs to create a charging harness for the batteries.

ZENN Motor Changes Strategy to Sell EEstor-based Electric Drive Rather Than Its Own EVs

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The EESU is a high-power-density multi-layered barium titanate ceramic ultracapacitor that the companies say is expected to provide energy densities of more than 450 Wh/kg and more than 700 Wh/L; charge in minutes; and have extremely long life. ZENN Motor Company Inc. ZMC) has decided to switch its business strategy from selling electric vehicles to distributing an electric drivetrain powered by EEStor, once the EEstor EESU units are available.

Koreas CTT To Manufacture Electric Vehicles in US

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The lead-acid battery offers a range of 50-70 km (31-41 miles) on one charge; the Li-polymer battery offers a range of 100-110 km (62-68 miles). The c-Zone is based on a golf cart chassis and uses a 48V, 3.5

Ioxus Introduces 1,000-, 3,000- and 5,000-Farad Ultracapacitor Cells with Higher Power Densities

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In this combination, ultracapacitors expand the system's charge and discharge capabilities into shorter response times, extend the life of other, lower-power elements and open up new options for energy storage applications. Ioxus sees this series as serving smaller, golf-cart type vehicles and utility vehicles, as well as for engine starting, Hall said. Ioxus, Inc.

ZENN Motor Increases Stake in EEStor to 10.7%; EESU Production Prototype Promised by End of 2009

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Under its Technology Agreement with EEStor, ZMC holds the worldwide exclusive rights to incorporate EEStor’s energy storage technology (EESU) for new passenger vehicles up to 1,400 kilograms curb weight (net of batteries); golf carts, Low Speed Vehicles and certain utility vehicles; and the conversion of any class of used internal combustion 4-wheel vehicles to electric. Earlier in July, ZENN Motor Company Inc.

Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

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Price tag: about $25,000, made from 95% recyclable materials with a top speed of 65 miles per hour and range of 110 miles per charge. The MiEV runs on a lithium-ion battery pack that can be charged in seven or so hours on a 240-volt line.

EV Briefs, and Black Rock City & EVs

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Out in the desert as part of Burning Man , our encampment, Snow Koan Solar, is setting up a solar photovoltaic EV Charging Station (at 7:30 and Desert) for electric scooters, golf carts, sofas and barstools. A few items before I head out to Black Rock City for two weeks. We'll also be taking Burning Man art projects off petroleum generators by switching them to solar electricity.

Reva: A little company with big ambitions. The Green Piece

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Indeed REVA is braced for the future having already unveiled several new models of its own that feature sleeker looks than the G-Wiz which has often been compared to a golf cart. The car will go on sale for around €10,000 and can be charged in just 90minutes.

China puts its electric vehicles on center stage - China automotive news

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The GWKulla, a short, curvy compact, runs on lithium-ion batteries and can go 160 kilometers (99 miles) when fully charged, the company says. and Korean golf cart maker CT&T Co. | ?? |

Electric Car Makers: Oregon Wants You - Green Inc. Blog -

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Finally, in a first-of-its-kind partnership in the United States, Mitsubishi announced a strategic alliance with Oregon to develop an electric car charging infrastructure in the state. The big problems now is how to create a battery that can charge rapidly and infrastructure to charge them.

GM Says Chevrolet Volt Won't 'Pay the Rent' | Autopia from

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The four-door sedan will deliver 40 miles on a charge; a small gasoline engine will recharge the battery as it approaches depletion, extending its range by as much as 200 miles. Posted by: canderson | Apr 13, 2009 5:02:50 PM The EV1 gave drivers 80 miles on a charge.