Volkswagen launches new research collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory & University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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Volkswagen Group of America’s Innovation Hub Knoxville, the company’s technology unit for applied materials science, has expanded its research collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UT).

Tesla donates $3.1M of $6M grant to Jeff Dahn’s Dalhousie University battery team


A team of battery researchers at Canada’s Dalhousie University are the recipients of a $6 million grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC). Tesla renews contract with Jeff Dahn’s battery team at Dalhousie University.

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Porsche Universal Charger for Panamera S E-Hybrid PHEV supports charging worldwide

Green Car Congress

Porsche is implementing an integrated, global charging solution with the plug-in Panamera S E Hybrid (earlier post ), which made its world debut at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show. The Porsche Universal Charger (AC) is included as standard equipment for the Panamera S E-Hybrid and can be used globally. The mobile Porsche Universal Charger (AC) includes charging cable, control unit and vehicle cable.

2013 228

StoreDot reveals fast-charging 4680 cylindrical cell with ability to be fully-charged in 10 minutes

Green Car Congress

Israel-based StoreDot, the developer of extreme fast charging battery technology for electric vehicles ( earlier post ), has demonstrated a prototype 4680 form factor cell that is fully charged in just 10 minutes. StoreDot’s extreme fast charging cells have been in development for more than three years. Work for these technologies was kicked off at Warwick University in the UK with collaboration with StoreDot’s strategic partner BP.

2022 Lucid Air: The makers of the first 500-mile EV should be taken seriously


The rear seat is slightly more pleasant in the lower-range model, which deletes a couple of battery modules to provide depressions in the floor that give added footwell space (now universally known by the delightful German term foot garages ).

SAE International publishes new J2954 wireless charging standard

Green Car Congress

SAE International has published the first global standard that specifies, in a single document, both the electric vehicle and supply equipment (EVSE) ground-system requirements for wireless charging of electric vehicles (EV). 11-kW Universal Ground Assembly.

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Nissan and Wallbox to offer seamless home charging solution for Nissan EV owners

Green Car Congress

Nissan and Wallbox, a leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions, are working together to deliver Nissan electric vehicle owners a seamless one-stop shop solution for their home charging needs.

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Danish Parker project developing universal definition for EV integration with electric grid for V2G services

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Nissan, Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, PSA Groupe, NUVVE, Frederiksberg Forsyning, Enel, Insero and DTU (Technical University of Denmark) Electrical Engineering (PowerLabDK) are partnering in the Danish project Parker to develop a universal definition for grid integration for electric vehicles. In this context, electric vehicles can help ease overproduction of current by using some of the surplus to charge their batteries.

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University College Dublin Study finds Prius IV hybrids drive >60% of the time in zero-emissions mode under Irish conditions

Green Car Congress

A new study carried out by University College Dublin (UCD) academics has found that under typical Irish commuting conditions, the Toyota Prius IV (fourth-generation) hybrid ( earlier post ) drives in zero emissions mode (ZEV) for significantly more than half (62%) of the time and more than 40% (40.4%) of the distance covered. The research consisted of recording and analyzing commuting data from seven volunteers—all of whom are employees of University College Dublin.

2019 177

General Motors China and Shanghai Jiao Tong University to collaborate on vehicle sharing with Chevy EN-V 2.0

Green Car Congress

General Motors China has signed a memorandum of understanding with Shanghai Jiao Tong University to collaborate on a vehicle sharing program featuring the Chevrolet EN-V 2.0 ( earlier post ) starting next year. vehicles will be integrated with a multi-modal transportation system alongside bicycles, cars and shuttle buses at the university’s Minhang campus in Shanghai to evaluate the benefits and challenges of a vehicle sharing transportation model.

2014 250

DENSO and Nagoya University jointly develop in-vehicle battery-based energy management system for house and car; field testing begins

Green Car Congress

Global automotive supplier DENSO and Nagoya University have developed an in-vehicle battery-based energy management system (EMS) which uses forecasting models of household electricity demand and vehicle use to reduce electricity costs. Based on these estimates, the system controls the charging and discharging of the in-vehicle battery in real time, reducing the amount of power purchased when the rates are high while increasing it when the rates are low to save money on electricity.

2013 215

Con Edison helping NYC drivers shift to EVs with more places to charge up

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So, too, are enrollments in the company’s managed charging program, SmartCharge NY, which offers financial rewards for charging during off-peak hours. Less than a year after the first PowerReady project reached completion in a Manhattan apartment building, the program has supported the installation of more than 340 Level 2 chargers and 45 DC fast chargers—including the largest publicly accessible universal charging hub in the Americas, operated by Revel in Brooklyn.

EV battery test simulation technique helps OEM overcome fast-charge challenge

Green Car Congress

Advanced engineering company D2H Advanced Technologies has delivered a project for a major vehicle manufacturer that solves a known charging issue with a production electric vehicle (EV).

Ford expanding global electrified vehicle battery R&D

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Ford is expanding its electrified vehicles research and development program in Europe and Asia this year, creating a “hub-and-spoke” system that allows the global team to further accelerate battery technology and take advantage of market-specific opportunities. Through this network, the EPE team will take advantage of globally connected technologies to develop lighter and more durable EV batteries.

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Xiamen University team assesses reasons for purchasing EVs in first-tier cities in China; smog a major factor

Green Car Congress

A team of researchers at Xiamen University in China has examined the factors influencing electric vehicle uptake in major Chinese cities. China has become a behemoth in the global auto market—and it continues to grow. Rather than focusing on expanding the charging infrastructure, the government should focus on expanding the grid infrastructure to guarantee the power capacity of the home charging systems.

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University of California adopts full open access policy for research papers system-wide

Green Car Congress

The Academic Senate of the University of California has passed an Open Access Policy, ensuring that future research articles authored by faculty at all 10 campuses of the UC will be made available to the public at no charge. Articles will be available to the public without charge via eScholarship (UC’s open access repository) in tandem with their publication in scholarly journals.

2013 174

Tesla’s 4680 cell replicated by StoreDot who claims 10-minute charge time


However, StoreDot, an Israeli lithium-ion battery company claims it has replicated the 4680 cell with one kicker: it can be fully charged in ten minutes. The ten-minute charge time 4680 cell has been in development for three years, according to StoreDot CEO Dr. Doron Myersdorf.

Cyclone Power and McGill University to advance solid fuel combustion systems for micro-sized power units

Green Car Congress

Cyclone Power Technologies, developer of the all-fuel, external combustion Cyclone Engine, and McGill University of Québec, Canada have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop alternative solid fuel combustion systems for micro-sized power units. Cyclone views this as a long-term opportunity in a growth industry with substantial global impact.

2013 174

Bank of America joins Stanford’s Global Climate & Energy Project

Green Car Congress

Bank of America has joined Stanford University’s Global Climate & Energy Project (GCEP), a collaboration of academic and business experts that identifies and supports new avenues of research to make environmentally sustainable, low-cost energy available to everyone. GCEP, founded 11 years ago, supports research not only at Stanford, but also at universities around the world. Participating universities and sponsors can license the technology to other entities.

2013 195

The Essential Guide to EV Smart Charging and Smart Energy Management


What is EV Smart Charging? What is Smart Energy Management for EV Charging? How do EV Smart Charging and Smart Energy Management Work? What EV Drivers Want from Smart Charging? Smart EV Charging in Commercial and Industrial Buildings. What is EV Smart Charging?

Solving the Electric Vehicle Charging Conundrum

Cars That Think

Without a driveway and a garage, how can I set up charging at home? Will we have a universal standard for charging? What exactly is fast charging? What would my experience be like finding charging stations, and then what will it be like when I get there?

Solving the Electric Vehicle Charging Conundrum

Cars That Think

Without a driveway and a garage, how can I set up charging at home? Will we have a universal standard for charging? What exactly is fast charging? What would my experience be like finding charging stations, and then what will it be like when I get there?

University of Delaware Licenses V2G Technology to AutoPort; 100 V2G EVs as Test Fleet

Green Car Congress

The University of Delaware has signed the first license for its vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology with AutoPort, Inc., If the initial test is successful, and V2G vehicles are subsequently manufactured, the University would receive a royalty for each vehicle sold with V2G equipment. Components of a V2G system. Source: PJM. Click to enlarge. a major vehicle processing and modification facility in New Castle, Del.

Polaris to buy Global Electric Motorcars LLC (GEM) from Chrysler

Green Car Congress

The GEM e2 two-passenger vehicle features six 12-volt flooded electrolyte batteries and a range of up to 35 miles on a charge. will acquire low-speed electric vehicle manufacturer Global Electric Motorcars LLC (GEM), a wholly-owned Fargo, N.D.-based GEM cars are used by local, state and national government agencies, resorts, master-planned communities, universities, medical and corporate campuses, as well as by sports teams, taxi-shuttle services and individual consumers.

2011 207

ABI forecasts global electric vehicle revenue to hit $58B in 2021; multi-modal smart mobility

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ABI Research forecasts that global electric vehicle revenue will hit $58 billion in 2021, more than five times its market value in 2015. The role of vehicle electrification in urban areas is part of a broader smart mobility model that includes shared vehicles, charging options, and driverless electric vehicle fleets of cars, buses, trams, and light rail.

2016 150

University of Wisconsin and GM team investigating Gasoline Direct Injection Compression Ignition in light-duty diesel engines

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A team from the University of Wisconsin and General Motors has found that high-speed gasoline direct injection compression ignition (GDICI) operation in the low temperature combustion (LTC) regime in a light-duty diesel engine is feasible. This depends on the chemical composition of the fuel, as well as on the evolution of the thermal state and the compositions of the charge mixture.

2011 197

Chevron invests in Prussian Blue battery tech company Natron Energy; stationary storage for EV charging stations

Green Car Congress

Natron Energy , a developer of new battery cell technology based on Prussian Blue analogue electrodes and a sodium-ion electrolyte, has closed a strategic investment by Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV) to support the development of stationary energy storage systems for demand charge management at electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. For this reason, batteries based on Prussian blue can be fully charged and discharged tens of thousands of times at very high power.

2019 242

Honda opens Smart Home US in California; produces more energy than it consumes; direct DC-DC EV charging

Green Car Congress

The home, located on the West Village campus of the University of California, Davis, is capable of producing more energy on-site from renewable sources than it consumes annually, including enough energy to power a Honda Fit EV for daily commuting. DC-to-DC electric vehicle charging. Concrete accounts for approximately 5% of global anthropogenic CO 2 emissions. Electric (Battery) Smart charging Solar Sustainability

2014 312

Exide Technologies, SRNL and University of Idaho to Collaborate to Advance Lead-Acid Battery Chemistry

Green Car Congress

Exide Technologies entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the US Department of Energy’s Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) and the University of Idaho to develop and commercialize improvements on lead-acid battery technology for applications including hybrid electric vehicles and renewable energy storage. The chemical engineering team at the University of Idaho, led by Dean Edwards, Ph.D.,

Greenlots to collaborate with Volvo Trucks on electric truck charging infrastructure for fleets in Southern California; SAE J3068

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Greenlots, a global provider of EV charging software and solutions, will collaborate with Volvo Trucks to deploy charging infrastructure for electric trucks operating out of warehouses in Southern California. This is the first heavy-duty fleet-charging project stemming from a significant public-private partnership with the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Grid supply voltage is signaled before the EV and SE agree to charge.

2018 207

Smart Charging Electric Vehicles and the Flexibility Market


The global power generation and delivery infrastructure has generally remained unchanged for the better part of a century. It optimizes the infrastructure by shifting EV charging loads based on renewable supplies, the dynamic grid, and the needs of EV owners in aggregate.

Grid 52

Open Charge Alliance selects OASIS as the standard development organization for Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)

Green Car Congress

The Open Charge Alliance ( OCA ) consortium has decided to standardize the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) at OASIS , an international open standards development organization (SDO). OCA was formed to create a universal open communication standard—OCPP—to address the challenges associated with proprietary charging networks and to enable seamless communication between charging stations and vendor central systems.

2015 150

Study finds rapid charging and draining doesn’t damage lithium-ion electrode as much as thought

Green Car Congress

X-ray microscope snapshot of nanoparticles in a battery midway through charging. Particles range from fully charged (green) to intermediate charge (orange/yellow) to drained of charge (red) The scalebar equals 500 nm. A new study has found that rapid-charging a lithium-ion battery and using it to do high-power, rapidly draining work may not be as damaging as researchers had thought, and that the benefits of slow draining and charging may have been overestimated.

2014 304

Testing confirms Torotrak V-Charge variable drive mechanical supercharger enables more ambitious downsizing; 1.0L demo at Aachen

Green Car Congress

Independent on-engine test results have verified the simulation predictions that a Torotrak V-Charge variable drive mechanical supercharger enables more ambitious levels of engine downsizing. version when fitted with a V-Charge unit. The tests were carried out by the University of Bath Powertrain and Vehicle Research Centre (PVRC), using a Ford 1.0L Packaging is also simplified by the quiet operation of V-Charge, eliminating the need for soundproofing.

2016 233

GM OnStar partners with TimberRock for demo of EV solar charging and market-based regulation; OnStar Demand Response service

Green Car Congress

that uses aggregation software and solar charging canopies with integrated storage to manage the flow of solar power to benefit the electric grid. TimberRock will monitor the output of its solar charging stations, how much stored energy is available and when it can sell energy back to the grid to help meet peak demand. This project supports GM’s goal of using all factors of the charging equation: electric vehicles, solar power, and battery storage. Charging data.

2013 183

Global aerospace study finds fuel costs continue as major airline concern

Green Car Congress

Airline executives continue to express concern about rising fuel costs, according to a new global aerospace study released today by CIT Group Inc., The research report, “2011 Global Aerospace Outlook—Challenges of an Ever-Changing Industry,” prepared in association with Forbes Insights, gathered the views of more than 130 senior airline executives from around the world with fleets of 25 or more jet aircraft. 2011 Global Aerospace Outlook Challenges of an.

2011 183

Oxford University Study Finds Downscaling of Vehicle Size and Weight the Best Way to Reduce Transport GHG Emissions in the Short Term

Green Car Congress

An new study from the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at Oxford University suggests that best way to reduce transport greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the short term is a “drastic downscaling of both size and weight” of conventional gasoline and diesel cars. Top-down methods include command and control polices, such as regulation and incentive based polices, such as taxes and charges.

2010 204

University of Wisconsin Researchers Investigating Dual-Fuel (Gasoline and Diesel) Partially Premixed Combustion for High-Efficiency, Ultra-Low Emission Combustion; 53% Thermal Efficiency

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin, led by Dr. Rolf Reitz, are investigating a blended dual-fuel (gasoline and diesel) concept to extend the operating range of partially premixed charge compression ignition combustion by using the varying fuel reactivity of the charge blend, which is determined in real time. This has lead numerous researchers to look for a hybrid between low temperature diesel combustion and homogeneous charge combustion, Reitz said.

2009 200

Ford Extends Global Electric Vehicles Plan to Europe; Five Models to Launch by 2013

Green Car Congress

Ford Motor Company is extending its global electric vehicles plan to Europe with five full electric or hybrid vehicles across its C, CD and light commercial vehicle ranges to be introduced in that market by 2013. ” —Nancy Gioia , Ford’s director of global electrification The Focus Electric will be based on Ford’s next-generation Focus model and is one of at least ten vehicles that will be developed from the company’s new global C-car platform.

2010 174

Renault and Eco2charge developing “energy ecosystems” for EV charging at commercial buildings; second-life battery packs

Green Car Congress

France’s Eco2charge consortium, coordinated by Bouygues Energie & Services, recently launched an R&D program at the Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics (National federation of public works) to accelerate the deployment of charging solutions for electric vehicles, especially in commercial buildings. A standard electric vehicle charging consumes about 3.7 An intelligent and scalable system of charging stations would ensure access to all types of electric vehicles.

2014 195

Urban Green Energy and GE introduce integrated wind-powered electric vehicle charging station

Green Car Congress

Urban Green Energy (UGE) and GE unveiled the first integrated wind-powered electric vehicle charging station. The Sanya Skypump pairs UGE’s 4 kW vertical wind turbine with GE’s Durastation electric vehicle (EV) charging technology (Level 2, 30A) in a single unit, with all required electrical systems located within the tower. When the charging station is not in use, the UGE- 4K turbine will continue to operate and feed energy.

2012 226

Zap-Pay aims to revolutionise the way you pay for EV charging

Drive EV

Zap-Map, the well known electric vehicle (EV) mapping service, has today launched Zap-Pay, a new service that enables drivers to use a single app to pay for charging across different networks. Engenie, the UK-wide rapid charging network, will be the first network available on Zap-Pay.

2020 52

GM And University of Michigan Form GM/U-M Institute Of Automotive Research And Education; Focus On Fuel-Efficiency And Reinvention Of The Automobile

Green Car Congress

General Motors and the University of Michigan have formed the GM/U-M Institute of Automotive Research and Education, with a strategic focus on reinventing the automobile and developing the next generation of high-efficiency vehicles powered by diverse energy sources. The announcement was made by Tom Stephens, GM vice chairman for Global Product Development; and David Munson, Robert J.

2009 150