Cash for Clunkers By the Numbers

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Cash for Clunkers sales by manufacturer. The US Cash for Clunkers program (CARS) ended Tuesday night with 690,114 dealer transaction submitted worth $2,877.9 With the end of transactions under the program, the Department of Transportation is augmenting a team that already includes more than 2,000 people processing dealer applications for rebates. Honda came in fourth at 13.0%. Honda Civic. Honda Accord. Honda Fit.

Cash for clunkers: a summary

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The US Cash for Clunkers scheme ran out of cash on Tuesday with 690,114 dealer transactions submitted. Well, Toyota reaped the largest percentage of sales under the programme with 19.4 Honda finished in fourth place with 13 per cent. The top 10 vehicles bought under the programme were: the Toyota Corolla; Honda Civic; Toyota Camry; Ford Focus FWD; Hyundai Elantra; Nissan Versa; Toyota Prius; Honda Accord; Honda Fit; and the Ford Escape FWD.


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September Auto Sales Plunge in Aftermath of Cash for Clunkers; SAAR at 9.2M units, LDV Sales Down 41% from August, Hybrid Sales Down 48%

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Reported hybrid sales by month. In the aftermath of the summer sales boom fueled by the US Cash for Clunkers program, September 2009 light duty vehicles sales dropped back to pre-incentive lows. With 745,997 cars and light duty trucks sold in September, according to Autodata, sales were down 22.7% The Seasonally Adjusted Sales Rate (SAAR) in September dropped back down to 9.22 Reported sales of hybrids in September dropped 4.1% Honda.

Cash for Clunkers Buoys US Auto Sales; Hybrid Sales Up 31.8% for Monthly New Vehicle Share of 3.55%

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Monthly new vehicle market share for hybrids. Buoyed by the US government’s CARS (“Cash for Clunkers”) program, US auto sales slowed their decline in the US in July, dropping on 12.1% Passenger car sales dropped 10.6% to 554, 527 units, while light truck sales dropped 14.1% As a result, the SAAR for July surged to 11.24 Hybrids had an especially good month, with reported sales jumping 31.8% Monthly sales of hybrids. Honda.

Hybrid Sales Plummet After Cash-For-Clunkers Credits Quit

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We knew all along that the Cash-For-Clunkers program induced July and August car buyers to go for vehicles they might not otherwise have chosen, specifically smaller cars with higher gas mileage. Especially hybrid-electric vehicles from Toyota , Honda , Ford , and others. But now comes the hybrid hangover: September sales of hybrids

US hybrid sales slump in September

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What would happen when the cash for clunkers sales boom came to an end has been a question many automotive executives in the USA dared not think about. September 2009 light duty vehicle sales dropped back to pre-incentive lows with 745,997 cars and light duty trucks sold during the month according to Autodata. This meant that sales were down 22.7 Hybrid sales were not immune from the troubles either. Reported sales dropped 4.1

A closer look at US auto sales in July

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Yesterday we told you how the cash for clunkers scheme has enjoyed early success in the USA. Today we take a closer look at how each manufacturer has faired as US auto sales slowed their decline throughout the month of July. In all, passenger car sales dropped 10.6 Reported sales jumped 31.8 per cent new vehicles sales market share for the month, the highest monthly share to date. Sales of the Civic Hybrid plunged by 71.8

Hybrid sales leap in the US

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The cash for clunkers campaign has given a massive boost to hybrid sales in the US, with a reported leap by 48.6 Overall sales of light duty vehicles in the US increased by one per cent to 1,261,997 units according to figures from Autodata, with reported hybrid sales representing 3.07 per cent of new vehicle sales. Compared to July 2009 results, hybrid sales increased by 9.2 per cent while sales of all light duty vehicles rose by 26.5

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