Study suggests air pollution may be linked to heightened mouth cancer risk; PM2.5 and ozone

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High levels of air pollutants, especially fine particulate matter (PM 2.5 ) and to a lesser extent, ozone, may be linked to a heightened risk of developing mouth cancer, suggests a study by a team of Taiwanese researchers. The number of new cases, and deaths from, mouth cancer is increasing in many parts of the world. A significant association was also observed for ozone levels below 28.69-30.97 parts per billion.

2018 220

Reducing Black Carbon Emissions and Ground-Level Ozone Would Provide Immediate Benefit Against Climate Change

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Reducing emissions of black carbon soot and ground-level ozone would quickly make a considerable dent in the climate change problem and would also contribute to public health and protect crop yields, according to an essay in the September/October issue of Foreign Affairs. Ramanathan concludes that full implementation of existing emissions-control technologies could offset the warming effects of one to two decades of carbon dioxide emissions.


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Obama Administration withdraws proposed rulemaking on strengthened ozone standards

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In a statement released this morning, President Barack Obama said he has requested that US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson withdraw the agency’s draft Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) rulemaking. In January 2010, EPA proposed strengthening the NAAQS for ground-level ozone, the main component of smog, and said it planned to issue final standards by 31 August 2010. Overview of January 2010 proposed revisions to ozone NAAQS.

Ozone 223

Study: surface ozone in India in 2005 damaged 6M tonnes of crops, enough to feed 94M people in poverty

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Ozone, the main component of smog, is a plant-damaging pollutant formed by emissions from vehicles, cooking stoves and other sources. New research shows that ozone pollution damaged millions of tons of wheat, rice, soybean and cotton crops in India in 2005. Surface ozone pollution in India damaged 6 million metric tons (6.7 Rising emissions are causing severe ozone pollution in some of India’s most populated regions. Smog in India.

2014 209

Study finds some refrigerants less damaging to ozone layer can degrade to long-lived GHG CF4

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Some of the substitutes for ozone-damaging chemicals that being phased out worldwide under international agreements are themselves potent greenhouse gases and contribute to warming. This work was supported in part by NOAA’s Atmospheric Chemistry, Carbon Cycle, and Climate (AC4) Program and NASA’s Atmospheric Composition Program.

2015 188

Rice University team links PM2.5 and ozone levels with cardiac arrest

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A team from Rice University and the Houston Fire Department EMS has found a direct correlation between out-of-hospital cardiac arrests (OHCA) and levels of air pollution and ozone. Given that the American Lung Association has ranked Houston eighth in the United States for high-ozone days, Rice statisticians Katherine Ensor and Loren Raun, and David Persse, Houston Fire Department EMS physician director, set out to see if there is a link between ambient ozone levels and cardiac arrest.

2013 204

Fast action on black carbon, ozone and methane could help limit global temperature rise to 2 degrees C

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Fast action on pollutants such as black carbon, ground-level ozone and methane may help limit near term global temperature rise and significantly increase the chances of keeping temperature rise below 2 °C (3.6 °F)—and Fast action might also reduce losses of mountain glaciers linked in part with black carbon deposits while reducing projected warming by two thirds in the Arctic over the coming decades by two thirds.

2011 195

EPA proposes approval of new ozone plans for the two of the worst Air Quality Zones in US: California’s San Joaquin Valley and South Coast

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US EPA Region 9 8-hour ozone trends, 1979-2000. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to approve the 8-hour ozone air quality plans—which include their attainment demonstrations, enforceable commitments and reductions from new technologies—for California’s San Joaquin Valley (SJV) and South Coast (SC) areas, two of the worst air quality areas left in the country. parts per million (ppm) by 2024.

2011 207

NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 reaches orbit

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At 2:56 AM PST today, NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 (OCO-2) was successfully launched into orbit from Space Complex 2 West at California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base, riding on a two-stage Delta II 7320-10 launch vehicle. Consisting of a single observing instrument, the Observatory is designed to provide precise measurements of atmospheric CO 2 , and is NASA’s first satellite mission dedicated to studying concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. by Jack Rosebro.

2014 210

Up close and personal with Volkswagen’s e-Golf carbon offset project: Garcia River Forest

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In 2014, Volkswagen of America announced that starting with the launch of the zero-tailpipe emissions battery-electric 2015 e-Golf ( earlier post ), it would invest in projects to offset the carbon emissions created from the e-Golf on a full lifecycle basis: production, distribution and up to approximately 36,000 miles (57,936 km) of driving. The carbon offset program is a key element of Volkswagen’s holistic approach to e-Mobility. Carbon offsets.

2015 271

EPA report to Congress finds a strong scientific and technical foundation for mitigating black carbon emissions

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The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has submitted its final Report to Congress on Black Carbon , in response to an October 2009 request from Congress to advance efforts to understand the role of black carbon (BC) in climate change. —Report to Congress on Black Carbon. Part of the absorbed energy is converted into infrared radiation that is emitted into the atmosphere and back into space. Report to Congress on Black Carbon.

2012 218

World Bank to focus on reducing short-lived climate pollutants; transport projects

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A new report prepared by the World Bank at the request of the G8 identifies ways that the World Bank can do more through its projects to reduce the emission of short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs): black carbon, methane, tropospheric ozone, and fluorinated gases known as HFCs. The World Bank is beginning to use this opportunity for example, through green freight projects that aim to improve fuel efficiency of transport fleets and provide black carbon reductions as a co-benefit.

2013 190

Satellite data show resurgence in NO2 emissions over China

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The satellite carries the Tropomi instrument to map a multitude of trace gases such as nitrogen dioxide, ozone, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide and aerosols. ©ESA/ATG

2020 380

Latest GHG Inventory shows California remains below 2020 emissions target; much steeper rate of GHG reductions required

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California’s latest greenhouse gas data shows that while the state continues to stay below its 2020 target for emissions, there is much more work to do to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045.

2020 212

Study: 2/3 of aviation climate impact due to emissions other than CO2

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Net warming from NO x emissions is a sum over warming (short-term ozone increase) and cooling (decreases in methane and stratospheric water vapor, and a long-term decrease in ozone) terms. Aviation accounts for 3.5%

2020 279

Volvo Trucks awarded $21.7M from US EPA and South Coast AQMD to deploy 70 Class 8 VNR Electric trucks

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The US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Targeted Air Shed Grant Program focuses on the regions that have the highest ozone and particulate matter (PM) pollution, including California’s South Coast Air Basin. As part of the project, South Coast AQMD will lead a data analysis effort to evaluate the full breadth of emission reduction opportunities presented by battery-electric trucks. Volvo Trucks North America was awarded $21.7

2020 174

Study identifies Bakken Formation alone as responsible for ~2% of global ethane emissions

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Ethane reacts with sunlight and other molecules in the atmosphere to form ozone, which at the surface can cause respiratory problems, eye irritation and other ailments and damage crops. Surface-level ozone is one of the main pollutants that the national Air Quality Index measures in its effort to let the public know when breathing outside for long periods of time could be harmful. Hydrocarbons react with NO x and sunlight to produce ozone.

2016 195

Study uncovers role of longer-chain unburned hydrocarbon emissions from diesels in London air pollution; calls for regulatory shift

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Researchers at the University of York (UK) have found that longer-chain unburned hydrocarbons released from diesel—which are not currently explicitly considered as part of air quality control strategies—represent only 20–30% of the total atmospheric hydrocarbon mixing ratio but contribute more than 50% of the total atmospheric hydrocarbon mass and are a dominant local source of secondary organic aerosols (SOA) in London—and by extension to other developed megacities.

2015 209

WMO reports GHG reached new high in 2010 since pre-industrial times; special attention on rising N2O concentrations

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Carbon dioxide accounted for 80% of this increase. After water vapor, the three most prevalent long-lived greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. Carbon dioxide is the single most important man-made greenhouse gas in the atmosphere and contributes about 64% to total increase in climate forcing by greenhouse gases. Since the start of the industrial era in 1750, its atmospheric abundance has increased by 39% to 389 parts per million.

2011 183

Study: curbing diesel emissions could reduce mortality rates in big cities

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Freight transportation is a pillar of the US national economy, but while long-haul trucks account for less than 6% of the vehicle miles traveled over US highways, they account for about 40% of the emissions of air polluting particulate matter and about 55% of nitrogen oxides, the precursor to ozone in the atmosphere, the study said.

2019 240

MIT study says combustion emissions cause ~200,000 premature deaths/year in US; vehicles and power generation top sources

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1,000 to 21,000) deaths due to changes in ozone concentrations. 900 to 11,000) ozone-related early deaths per year. 300 to 4,000) ozone-related premature mortalities per year. 2000 (90% CI: 0–4,000) early deaths from ozone, according to the study. Emissions-related deaths from rail activities were comparatively slight, and spread uniformly across the east-central part of the country and the Midwest.

2013 302

California ARB moves forward with climate and air quality actions

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CARB also adopted a new plan to curb destructive “super pollutants” including black carbon, fluorinated gases and methane. Approximately 70% of the reductions needed to meet the ozone standard in the South Coast in 2031 would come from existing or proposed regulatory actions. While current control programs provide all of the reductions needed for meeting the 75 ppb ozone standard in the Valley, the measures in the SIP Strategy will enhance progress towards meeting the standard.

2017 183

WHO links 7 million premature deaths annually to air pollution; 12.5% of total global deaths

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Estimates of people’s exposure to outdoor air pollution in different parts of the world were formulated through a new global data mapping. The Guidelines apply worldwide and are based on expert evaluation of current scientific evidence for particulate matter (PM); ozone (O 3 ); nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ); and sulfur dioxide (SO 2 ), in all WHO regions. The major components of PM are sulfate, nitrates, ammonia, sodium chloride, black carbon, mineral dust and water. Ozone.

2014 288

FTA to award up to $24.9M to low- or no-emissions transit bus projects

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The program gives priority consideration to the deployment of buses with the lowest energy consumption and least harmful emissions, including direct carbon emissions. An Eligible Area for the awards is either: Designated as a non-attainment area for ozone or carbon monoxide under section 107(d) of the Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. A maintenance area, as defined in section 5303, for ozone or carbon monoxide.

2014 228

NOAA greenhouse gas index continues climbing; 1.29 in 2010

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NOAA’s updated Annual Greenhouse Gas Index (AGGI), which measures the direct climate influence of many greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, shows a continued steady upward trend. NOAA scientists created the AGGI recognizing that carbon dioxide is not the only greenhouse gas affecting the balance of heat in the atmosphere. It also includes several chemicals known to deplete Earth’s protective ozone layer, which are also active as greenhouse gases.

2010 183

Cutting Non-CO2 Pollutants Can Delay Abrupt Climate Change; The Fast Action Climate Agenda

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A “fast-action” climate agenda including reducing non-CO 2 climate change agents such as black carbon soot, tropospheric ozone, and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), as well as expanding bio-sequestration through biochar production, can forestall fast-approaching abrupt climate changes, according to Nobel Laureate Dr. Mario Molina (Chemistry, 1995) and co-authors in a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). Black Carbon. Tropospheric ozone.

What is the Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA) Scheme?

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Additionally, other mandates of this organisation include: • Improving low carbon transport- scientists have established that carbon is one of the global warming causes. Therefore, this organisation aims to decrease carbon emission by motor vehicles.

BASF introduces EvapTrap automotive hydrocarbon trap for LEV III evaporative emissions compliance without backpressure increase

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Traditional solutions involve adding an activated carbon honeycomb or filter to the air intake box to adsorb the hydrocarbons. Traditional solutions involve adding an activated carbon honeycomb or filter to the air intake box to adsorb the hydrocarbons. BASF introduced the EvapTrap automotive air intake system hydrocarbon trap. This patented technology is applied directly onto the surface of a vehicle’s air intake box to adsorb engine hydrocarbons without increasing backpressure.

2014 188

International study of role of soots impact on Arctic climate

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Scientists from the US, Norway, Russia, Germany, Italy and China are participating in a study examining the potential role of black carbon, or soot, on the rapidly changing Arctic climate. Black carbon is contributing to this warming. Scientists say much of the black carbon in the Arctic comes from biomass and fossil fuel burning in North America and Eurasia. Carbon is dark in color and absorbs solar radiation, much like wearing a black shirt on a sunny day.

2011 183

UK Government consultation on plans to simplify public EV chargers

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Besides fuel cost savings, you might want to purchase an EV because of its low carbon footprint. EVs don’t emit any harmful pollutants to the environment like soot, hydrocarbons, lead, ozone, carbon monoxide, or volatile organic compounds.

Ozone 52

MSU team developing bio-isoprene for synthetic rubber production

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Sharkey’s research team already has measured rates of isoprene emission from plants that are used by the Environmental Protection Agency to predict lower-atmosphere ozone levels. Ultimately, he hopes this innovative process would take in carbon dioxide and discharge bio-isoprene using only sunlight as an energy source. Sharkey’s research, which is funded in part by the National Science Foundation, is featured in the current issue of International Innovation.

2012 200

Tohoku team finds swirling ammonia in combustion chambers can help reduce NO emissions

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The process involves swirling the gas with air as part of the power generation process. The finding helps advance research into ammonia as an alternative to carbon-based fuels for cars, airplanes, and power generation facilities. So far, ammonia has been considered as a fuel when blended with gasoline, diesel, hydrogen and methane fuels to reduce the proportion of carbon-based fuels and their emissions that contribute to climate change.

2018 255

California ARB and NOAA Collaborating in $20M Research on Interaction of Air Pollution and Climate Change; One Atmosphere Approach

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These connections arise because in many cases the agents of concern are the same, and in many cases the sources of the agents are the same or intimately connected.For example, surface ozone is both an air pollutant and a greenhouse gas. The complex roles that ozone and aerosols play in the atmosphere provide examples of such trade-offs. How important are chemical processes occurring at night in determining transport and / or loss of nitrogen oxides, reactive VOC and ozone?

Study estimates ~4M children worldwide develop asthma each year because of NO2 air pollution

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NO 2 is just one component of air pollution, which is made up of many pollutants (including particulate matter, ozone, carbon monoxide), which are known to have numerous adverse effects on health. The researchers estimate that most children lived in areas below the current WHO guideline of 21 parts per billion for annual average NO 2.

2019 290

Field study finds soot particles absorb significantly less sunlight than predicted by models; climate models may be overestimating warming by BC

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Although viewed as a potential target in the global effort to reduce climate change, atmospheric black carbon particles absorb significantly less sunlight than scientists have predicted, according to a new study by an international team of researchers, published in the journal Science. But direct measurements in two California regions found black carbon absorption enhancements of just 6%, suggesting that climate models may be overestimating warming by black carbon, the researchers report.

2012 224

Study Finds Controlling Soot May Be Fastest Method to Reduce Arctic Ice Loss and Global Warming; Second-Leading Cause of Global Warming After CO2

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Results of the study suggest that soot is second only to carbon dioxide in contributing to global warming. Jacobson found that the combination of the two types of soot is the second-leading cause of global warming after carbon dioxide. Jacobson found that eliminating soot produced by the burning of fossil fuel and solid biofuel could reduce warming above parts of the Arctic Circle in the next fifteen years by up to 1.7

2010 203

GISS study finds applying stricter non-CO2 vehicle emission standards worldwide would yield climate benefits in addition to major health and agricultural benefits

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million metric tons of avoided ozone-related yield losses of major food crops; $US0.6-2.4 The aggressive scenario assumes, for example, that China, India, and Brazil adopt Euro 6 standards by 2015, a regime that would reduce emissions of particulate matter by about 85%, nitrogen oxides by about 65%, and carbon monoxide by about 70% for passenger vehicles. Climate response to non-CO 2 vehicle emissions.

2011 204

Houston-Galveston area to deploy 30 battery-electric delivery trucks

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As part of a US Department of Energy sponsored effort, local fleets will replace existing diesel delivery vehicles with all-electric medium- and heavy-duty Smith Newton trucks for daily operations in the Houston-Galveston area. DOE selected this project to improve local air quality in the Houston-Galveston area, which is currently designated as a National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) 8-hour ozone non-attainment area.

WMO reports GHG concentrations at highest in 800K years

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Concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere surged at a record-breaking speed in 2016 to the highest level in 800,000 years, according to the World Meteorological Organization’s Greenhouse Gas Bulletin. parts per million in 2016, up from 400.00 Key findings of the Greenhouse Gas Bulletin : Carbon dioxide CO 2 is the most important anthropogenic long-lived greenhouse gas. parts per million in 2016, up from 400.00 parts per billion.

2017 174

CSIRO publishes Southern Hemisphere GHG data online

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The atmospheric level of carbon dioxide, which is the most important long-lived greenhouse gas influenced by human activities, is at its highest level in more than a million years. The measurements testify to a steady rise in carbon dioxide concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere, mainly caused by the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. Data for the synthetic greenhouse and ozone depleting gases, such as CFCs, also are available.

2011 190

NASA GISS Study Finds That Methane Has an Elevated Warming Effect Due to Interactions With Aerosols

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In particular, the study led by Drew Shindell found that methane emissions have a larger warming impact due to those interactions than accounted for in current carbon-trading schemes or in the Kyoto Protocol. Despite their limitations, GWPs are widely used for comparison among long-lived gases, forming the basis for worldwide political agreements on climate and carbon trading. And hydroxyls drive long chains of reactions involving other common gases, including ozone.

2009 228

Lancet Series Finds That Cutting Greenhouse Pollutants Will Have Major Direct Health Benefits Worldwide

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Tackling climate change by reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions will have major direct health benefits in addition to reducing the risk of climate change, especially in low-income countries, according to a series of six papers on “Health and Climate Change” published 25 November in the British medical journal The Lancet. Black carbon is a short-lived greenhouse pollutant which, along with ozone, is responsible for a significant proportion of global warming.

2009 190

EPRI-NRDC report finds widespread vehicle electrification and a cleaner grid could lead to substantial cuts in GHG by 2050

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Both project grid emissions decreasing over time, in part because of existing and potential regulations and plausible economic conditions. In the Lower GHG Scenario, further reductions in carbon emissions result from adoption of policies that apply an increasing price on carbon emissions, resulting in faster deployment of low-emission generation technologies.

2015 214