Shell Airflow Starship semi truck leaves San Diego on record fuel-economy run

Green Car Reports

Truck driver Bob Sliwa hit the road on Thursday night in his carbon-fiber-bodied, diesel-powered semi truck, as he attempts to set a fuel economy record for big rigs by the time he pulls into Jacksonville, Fla., next Wednesday. The endeavor, sponsored by Shell and the North American Council for Freight Efficiency, aims to boost more than miles per

Shell/AirFlow Starship hyper-fuel efficient Class 8 truck to make cross-country run

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and ending in Jacksonville, Fla. Special Starship features include: Bespoke 100% hyper-aerodynamic carbon fiber cab. Shell has partnered with the Airflow Truck Company to collaborate on a hyper-aerodynamic, fuel-efficient Class 8 concept truck: Starship. This next-generation concept truck features a custom, aerodynamic design and aims to demonstrate improvements in fuel economy for Class 8 trucks.

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