Looking to get in a hybrid for cheap? Used Toyota Prius 1.5 HSD 2004-2009 Review

Green Car Congress

Used Priuses, especially the Generation 2 that were made from 2004 to 2009 are becoming a bargain to buy, especially for the MPG and features you get in return. It was time to buy our first car. It is always good to know what to expect if you would buy a Prius.

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Cheap Sensors for Smarter Farmers

Cars That Think

Traditional sensors were too expensive for the farmers to buy in large quantities, and, as a result, the special resolution wasn't high enough to reflect this variability. With the new, cheap sensors, farmers will be able to collect data on their farms without worrying about the variability.

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Awesomely Weird Alibaba EV of the Week: You can literally buy a (surprisingly cheap) electric fire truck


And that’s why I’m starting up my own fire service with the most adorable little electric fire truck that money can buy. more… The post Awesomely Weird Alibaba EV of the Week: You can literally buy a (surprisingly cheap) electric fire truck appeared first on Electrek.

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The cheap solar-powered car you might never need to charge [Video]


Imagine a car that can charge using the sun, generate an income via a car-sharing scheme, and is also affordable to buy. more… The post The cheap solar-powered car you might never need to charge [Video] appeared first on Electrek.

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Obama: Buy A Fuel-Efficient Car, Gas Won't Stay Cheap Forever

Green Car Reports

He cautioned that cheap gas prices won’t last indefinitely, and Low gas prices typically make fuel-efficient cars less attractive to consumers, and right now prices are very low indeed. Yet President Barack Obama hopes U.S. car buyers won''t clamor for gas guzzlers. DON''T MISS: Gas Prices To Plunge More After Oil Price Falls To 4-Year Low?

2015 130

Tesla Model Y: True Cost Of Ownership After 2 Years


Expensive to buy, but cheap to maintain

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The Inefficiency of Car Buying

Clean Car

Buying a New Car is inefficient, its no wonder that electric vehicle sales are still pretty low. The buying experience of a new car for each of us is different, but the one similarity for all of us is its inefficiency. Each of us has a different approach to buying a new car.

2020 52

Lux Research: despite cheap oil, niche plug-in vehicle sales will be resilient; conventional hybrids to be hardest hit

Green Car Congress

In the likely case of only a gradual return to previous higher prices—which Lux calls the “cheap oil” scenario in its analysis—then electric vehicle (EV) sales will dip by 20% for a number of years, while plug-in hybrid (PHEV) sales will dip by about 14% during that same period, the research firm found. Nonetheless, Lux says, the fact remains that consumers are influenced by gasoline prices when choosing what vehicle to buy.

2015 215

Bob Iger reveals bots were already an issue when Disney tried to buy Twitter


Actually, the deal that we had was pretty cheap. The post Bob Iger reveals bots were already an issue when Disney tried to buy Twitter appeared first on TESLARATI. Former Disney CEO Bob Iger can relate to Elon Musk and his decision to back out of his Twitter acquisition deal.

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People Will Buy Electric Cars If They're Cheap, Privileged, And Convenient

Green Car Reports

Electric cars may be growing in popularity, but they still make up just a tiny percentage of the U.S. auto market. When will things take off? If sales in Norway are any indication, that will happen when electric vehicles become inexpensive, easy to own, and confer certain privileges. According to Treehugger, Norwegians are crazy about electric

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Cheap Gas Will Cause Electric-Car Sales To Plummet: True Or False?

Green Car Reports

DON''T MISS: Green Car People: Who Buys Electric And Plug-In There''s been a lot of conventional wisdom floating around lately. In this case, it''s the notion that electric car sales will plummet with the arrival of vastly lower gasoline prices. We''d suggest that perhaps this is not quite as much of a foregone conclusion as many pundits think.

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Should you buy a portable Level 2 electric-car charger?

Green Car Reports

Now you can buy a portable, 16-amp charger one for less than the price of a cheap tablet computer. Electric car chargers are becoming more affordable. Some electric-car drivers find benefit in carrying a portable charger that's faster than the standard Level 1 models that come with every electric car sold so far. Portable Level 2 chargers will. Electric Car Chargers

2018 87

Elio Motors to buy engines, abandons building its own

Green Car Reports

Elio Motors, which has been struggling since 2009 to build its own ultra-cheap, small, fuel-efficient, three-wheeled car, announced Thursday that it will source an engine from a major automaker. Previously, the company planned to build its own 3-cylinder engine with up to 55 horsepower for its projected 84-mpg three-wheeler. The company did not. Fuel Economy

2018 101

How to become a lifestyle brand on the cheap, or the China EV startup dilemma

China EV

But state funds can’t be invested in loss-making enterprises, so it seems the aid will likely take the form of a loan to buy land in Beijing on which to build a plant.

2019 52

2012 Tata Nano: World's Cheapest Car Gets Less Cheap

Green Car Reports

In theory, designing the world's cheapest car for a market in which millions of people are beginning to earn the sort of money that will let them buy a car is a masterstroke. In practice, it hasn't been quite that easy for Tata with the Nano. Amidst concerns about flaming Tatas and with lower sales than expected, it seems that even people barely

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Cheap Fuel Efficiency: Ten 40 MPG Cars For Under $20,000

Green Car Reports

That being the case, why buy an expensive car in the first place, potentially taking years longer to pay off the fuel savings? For many people, the purchase of a fuel efficient car is usually made to save money on driving, as the cost of being a car owner rises further and further. The good news is that there are plenty of cars available for less

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Price drop on Tesla Model 3 - is now the time to buy?


This significant reduction in price is intriguing for us EV enthusiasts as it bodes the question: ‘Is it the right time for me to buy a Tesla?’ Tesla’s aren’t cheap, we all know that, but this recent price drop has made the Model 3 slightly more affordable.

2020 52

Why Electric Cars Make Sense Even When Gas Is $2 A Gallon

Green Car Reports

But when gas gets cheap, that becomes a less compelling reason for certain buyers. car buying plug-in carsWhenever gas prices fall, there's always much speculation about how they will impact electric-car sales. That's because, for some consumers, one of the primary selling points of an electric car is the money saved by avoiding gas stations. DON'T MISS: Low Gas Prices.

2015 94

Will cheaper gas slow Tesla's surge?

Green Car Reports

One good reason to buy an electric car is to save money on fuel, so will low gas prices slow down Tesla sales? While some customers may be turned away by cheap gas, "the overall

2020 144

So Who Exactly Buys A Scion iQ Minicar? Now Toyota Knows

Green Car Reports

With the cheap, entry-level iQ model in the Scion range, Toyota is hoping that buyers will move Scion has revealed that as much as 60 percent of Scion iQ buyers are new to Toyota, fulfilling Scion's brief of drawing in younger buyers. The figure is important for Toyota, as the hardest part of selling cars is often attracting buyers to the brand.

2012 91

Tesla’s 3rd-largest individual shareholder suggests clever strategy for TSLA buyback


The third largest individual Tesla shareholder, KoGuan Leo, advised the company to buy back TSLA shares with its free cash flow. KoGuan believes that Tesla can buy back its undervalued stocks while investing in FSD, the Optimus, and more gigafactories. He also has options to buy 1.82

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White House Budget Asks For $10K Electric-Car Credit, Natural-Gas Cars Added

Green Car Reports

DON''T MISS: Obama: Buy A Fuel-Efficient Car, Gas Won''t Stay Cheap Forever That includes a White it appears the recently-unveiled White House budget includes a few measures to boost the adoption of green cars. President Barack Obama is once again attempting to spur sales of electric cars and alternative-fuel vehicles through increased incentives.

2015 131

Infiniti tech, Chrysler Pacifica recall, Hyundai Kona electric, charging costs: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Faster charging is coming—but it won't come cheap. And we detail why the Hyundai Kona Electric is one of our three finalists for Green Car Reports Best Car To Buy 2019. Infiniti bumps turbo fuel efficiency with a new variable-compression engine. Chrysler recalls Pacifica Hybrid plug-in minivans—again. All this and more on Green Car. Fast Charging

2018 78

GlobalData: Russian nickel sanctions would slow electric vehicle adoption

Green Car Congress

EV and battery companies in China may well step in and buy the commodity at lower prices. China already has a strong position in the battery metal supply chain, and buying Russian nickel on the cheap as a result of sanctions would further strengthen its globally competitive position. Sanctioning Russian nickel will slow the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and hinder the decarbonization of Western economies, according to GlobalData.

Gas Mileage Remains First Priority For Buyers, JD Power Says

Green Car Reports

gas prices have now hit six-year lows, and many analysts believe that cheap gasoline will hurt sales of fuel-efficient cars. DON''T MISS: Obama: Buy A Fuel-Efficient Paying less for gas removes much of the financial incentive of switching to a more-efficient car, encouraging consumers to turn back to gas guzzlers--or so goes the narrative.

2015 103

How Do You Beat A Tesla Model S? The Answer Is Always Miata (Video)

Green Car Reports

Cheap to buy? There is a popular internet meme that suggests Mazda''s Miata is the answer to every automotive question. You want something fun? Something inexpensive to run? Reliable? Easy to wrench on? Want to improve your car control skills? The answer is always Miata. So, in the spirit of that other great internet car meme, irrelevant-but-fun

2014 106

NJ electric-car advocacy group launches as gas tax soars

Green Car Reports

New Jersey was always the place for residents of neighboring states—Delaware, New York, and Pennsylvania—to buy cheap gasoline. That era ended two days ago, when a political deal struck between its legislature and the governor raised the state gas tax by a whopping 23 cents a gallon. Today, a new coalition launched with the aim of. electric utilities plug-in cars state laws transportation policy New Jersey

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Best smart helmets – keep your head safe while you ride!

Green Authority

Do keep in mind Sena products are not cheap. Buy the Sena Cavalry Helmet. Buy Sena Momentum Inc Helmet. Buy the Reevu MSX1. Everyone else can buy one when it ships (we hope) later this summer at $1,899. Buy the LifeBEAM Smart Helmet. Buy the Lumos Helmet.

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U.S. Taxis Get Greener; Hybrid & Electric Cabs Increasing

Green Car Reports

Sturdy, simple and cheap to buy, cars like Ford's Crown Victoria have become part of the landscape in cities like New York. For decades, the stalwart of the taxi ranks has been the full-size sedan. But with rising gas prices and concerns over emissions, things are really changing. While not yet a dominant force in taxi fleets, hybrid and electric

2012 104

Could The 2015 Toyota Fuel-Cell Vehicle Cost $100,000? Perhaps Close

Green Car Reports

Bad news: "Cheap" is a relative term, and when Toyota finally releases a production version of the car previewed by its FCV-R fuel-cell concept, it''ll still cost anywhere in the region of $50,000-$100,000 to buy. Good news: Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are getting cheaper to develop all the time.

2013 89

2013 Chevrolet Volt: The Ideal Retirement Car?

Green Car Reports

You’re ready to buy a new car, but you want something that’s relatively green and cheap to run. Imagine the following scenario: you and your partner are rapidly approaching retirement, looking to downsize your car, and trying to plan for your financial future. Could the 2013 Chevrolet Volt offer you everything you need in a retirement

2012 93

Electric bikes vs electric scooters vs electric mopeds vs electric motorcycles: What’s the difference?

Green Authority

The best electric kick-scooters you can buy right now. The best electric motorcycles you can buy. You can buy entry-level ebikes for as low as $400. Read more: The best cheap electric kick-scooters of 2021. Read more: The best electric mountain bikes you can buy.

The best electric bicycle conversion kits

Green Authority

Before you click that buy button, check out our quick guide on what ebike features you need and what are some of the best ebike conversion kits you can buy today. Below are some of the best ebike conversion kits you can buy today.

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IDTechEx: Sales of electric motorcycles in Europe grew 50% y-o-y in 2020

Green Car Congress

In contrast, low energy, cheap LFP packs sourced from China can be used for the low energy needs of electric scooters. Indeed, notes IDTechEx, young people are less inclined to buy a motorcycle in general, which is an existential problem with which the overall industry is grappling.

2020 227

Volvo Buses in project researching use of second-life electric bus batteries to store solar energy

Green Car Congress

It can also be used to buy and store electricity from the national grid when it is cheap and green, for later use. Volvo Buses is participating in a research project in which used electric bus batteries are used as solar energy storage units. Batteries from electric bus route 55 in Gothenburg, Sweden are being used for solar energy storage in a second-life application.

2018 232

Razor E100 review: A great electric scooter for kids

Green Authority

You can, however, buy these add-ons for relatively cheap. Should I buy the Razor E100 electric scooter? However, you can pick up those parts at your local hardware store or on amazon for relatively cheap. For your money, the E100 is a better buy.

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After calling Teslas a “toy” years ago, Hyundai’s belief in hydrogen is being tested


These experiences ultimately encouraged Song to buy a pure electric car next time. But refueling stations are lacking, and the maintenance costs [for parts such as hydrogen tanks] are huge, which is probably why they’re so cheap in the used-car market.

Gotrax G4 Review

Green Authority

Should I buy the Gotrax G4 e-scooter? If you are looking to buy your first electric scooter and don’t want to spend too much money, then the Gotrax G4 is a good option. See also: The best cheap kick-scooters.

Cheap 56

CRU: Lithium prices plunging as hype meets reality; impact of new supply, disappointing BEV sales

Green Car Congress

Weaker-than-expected demand in China is partly responsible, but the main driver has been the ongoing avalanche of new supply into the market, as plentiful cheap spodumene meets ample conversional capacity in China, the CRU analysts said. CRU expects to see some marginal improvements on the demand side in the coming months, as Q4 is generally a busier buying season.

2019 218

IoT-ize Your Old Gadgets With a Mechanical Hijacking Device

Cars That Think

Connectivity usually comes at a premium, and it also usually involves buying a brand new whatever it is, because new hardware and software and services are required. It's also possible to build your own MHD device for cheap , if you know what you're doing.

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Electric Cars Financially Viable by 2020, Study Reports

All Cars Electric

Buying an electric car today is hardly cheap. With lithium-ion battery prices at around $450 per kilowatt-hour of storage, the 24 kilowatt-hour battery pack found in the 2011 Nissan LEAF weighs in at a jaw-dropping $10,800, and that's before complex battery management electronics are added. That alone helps to account for the LEAF’s high

2011 58

Future Tesla buyiers guide

Supercharged EV

Looking for reasons to buy an EV ? and because electricity is cheap) You save on maintenance, as EVs are virtually maintenance free.

2020 52

BNEF ups forecast for global investment in stationary energy storage, sees majority of capacity likely to be grid-scale

Green Car Congress

These include energy shifting (moving in time the dispatch of electricity to the grid, often from times of excess solar and wind generation), peaking in the bulk power system (to deal with demand spikes), as well as for customers looking to save on their energy bills by buying electricity at cheap hours and using it later.

2019 200