SAE and ISO publish joint automotive cybersecurity standard

Green Car Congress

SAE International , in collaboration with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), published ISO/SAE 21434™ Standard: Road Vehicles – Cybersecurity Engineering. The standard helps the industry define a structured process to ensure cybersecurity is incorporated into the design of road vehicles, including systems, components software and connections of any external device or network.

Audi involved in EEBUS standard for intelligent connection of EVs and buildings

Green Car Congress

The Audi e-tron’s charging system is the first on-board EV system to use the new communication standard. At the “Plugfest E-Mobility” at the Audi plant in Brussels, developers are testing cross-industry compatibility before the EEBUS standard for energy communication is introduced in February. Buildings, electric cars and household appliances, heat pumps, and other consumers can coordinate their particular power requirements, thereby preventing overloads.

2019 192

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Steps Toward Health Data Standards for Wearables

Cars That Think

Industry groups and standards bodies have begun quantifying wearable devices' capabilities via the IEEE P360 standard for wearable consumer electronic devices and Consumer Technology Association (CTA) standards for step counting, heart rate, and sleep tracking.

Vantis and Thales partner to build US’ first statewide drone infrastructure network; BVLOS flights

Green Car Congress

Vantis , North Dakota’s Statewide Unmanned Aircraft Systems Network, will partner with Thales as the long-term systems integrator to build out the UAS (drone) infrastructure across the state. We’re building the blueprint for commercial BVLOS flights across the country.

GM’s BrightDrop completes first production builds of EV600, introduces new EV410

Green Car Congress

BrightDrop, GM’s new business focused on electric last-mile deliveries ( earlier post ), has completed the first production builds of the EV600, a key milestone to deliver its first electric light commercial vehicle (eLCV) to FedEx Express in time for the holiday season.

Ongoing market rollout for SAE hydrogen fueling standards

Green Car Congress

At the Fuel Cell Seminar and Energy Exposition (FCS&EE) today in Los Angeles (co-sponsored by the US Department of Energy (DOE), Toyota and Honda, among others), SAE is providing a short course on “SAE H 2 Fueling Standardization”; the course is presented by Jesse Schneider from BMW and Steve Mathison from Honda, both of whom have been deeply involved in the development of the SAE hydrogen fueling standards. The SAE J2601 standard lookup table is used to determine a 21.8

2014 295

ANSI releases Standardization Roadmap for EV deployment

Green Car Congress

Domains and topical areas for the standardization roadmap for electric vehicles. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) released the Standardization Roadmap for Electric Vehicles – Version 1.0 , developed by the Institute’s Electric Vehicles Standards Panel (EVSP). Maximize the coordination and harmonization of the standards and conformance environment domestically and with international partners. —Standardization Roadmap.

MECA: industry could exceed relaxed US efficiency standards as it has to meet tighter standards elsewhere

Green Car Congress

year-over-year increase in fuel efficiency and reduction in GHG emissions standards, which will result in projected overall industry averages of 40.4 We believe the industry could exceed the relaxed US efficiency standards as it must meet tighter standards in Europe, China, Japan, Korea and India.

2020 161

Universal Hydrogen announces $20.5M in Series A funding to build and test full-scale hardware for hydrogen commercial aircraft

Green Car Congress

Universal Hydrogen is building a fuel distribution network that connects hydrogen production directly to the airplane using modular capsules that are transported using the existing freight network, avoiding the need for costly new pipelines, storage facilities, and fuel trucks.

Australia and Japan developing safety standards for marine transport of liquid hydrogen; KHI building carrier

Green Car Congress

The interim carriage requirements specify the construction standards of containment vessels for liquid hydrogen carriers, and mitigate the safety risks associated with transporting the liquid hydrogen via sea. The memorandum signing was a key element in this process, and an important step forward for Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI), which is building the pilot project’s liquid hydrogen carrier in partnership with Shell.

2017 163

Haldor Topsoe to build large-scale SOEC electrolyzer manufacturing facility to meet customer needs for green hydrogen

Green Car Congress

30% greater output—when compared to standard alkaline or PEM electrolyzers. C, which sets it apart from standard electrolysis technologies.

FLITE consortium building Europe’s first Alcohol-to-Jet plant; Lanzatech technology

Green Car Congress

The FLITE (Fuel via Low Carbon Integrated Technology from Ethanol) consortium, led by SkyNRG and with LanzaTech as the technology provider, will build the first-of-its-kind LanzaJet Alcohol to Jet (AtJ) facility. The SAF will be certified through the standards of RSB. The facility will convert waste-based ethanol to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at a scale of more than 30,000 tons/yr.

Europe 260

BMW Group to build new pilot plant to produce Li-ion cells

Green Car Congress

With a new pilot plant that will produce lithium-ion battery cells, the company is taking the next step in addressing all aspects of the battery cell value chain: from selection of materials, to battery cell composition and design, all the way to near-standard production and recycling.

2020 289

Organizations release Joint Due Diligence Standard for copper, lead, nickel and zinc

Green Car Congress

Five organizations representing their metal industries —The Copper Mark, the International Lead Association (ILA), the International Zinc Association (IZA), the Nickel Institute and the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI)—have released the Joint Due Diligence Standard for Copper, Lead, Nickel and Zinc. The development of the Standard was made possible by the financial and in-kind support provided by the International Copper Association (ICA).

BMW Dadong plant closing in on standard production of iX3 EV

Green Car Congress

BBA has been building BMW iX3 pre-production vehicles at Plant Dadong in Shenyang since the middle of last year. The BMW Group will release the new BMW iX3 EV ( earlier post )onto the market by the end of 2020.

2020 240

Nearly half of rail tank cars with Class 3 flammable liquids met new safety standards in 2019

Green Car Congress

A series of several high-profile derailments and explosions prompted the US and Canadian governments to reexamine the safety standards that govern the transport of class 3 flammable liquids. This rule, Hazardous Materials: Enhanced Tank Car Standards and Operational Controls for High-Hazard Flammable Trains (HM- 251), included regulations to upgrade those cars operating in high-hazard flammable trains (HHFT).

2020 251

Québec moves forward with a zero-emission vehicle standard

Green Car Congress

Earlier this week, the Québec National Assembly unanimously adopted Bill 104, a zero-emission vehicle standard. Automakers that sell or lease a yearly average of more than 4,500 new vehicles (all light models combined) will be subject to the ZEV standard. The goal of the ZEV standard is to incentivize automobile manufacturers to build more models and use increasingly efficient low-carbon technology.

2016 274

OXIS Energy to build Li-S manufacturing plant in Brazil

Green Car Congress

OXIS Energy and the Minas Gerais Development Company CODEMGE have signed a 15-year lease agreement with Mercedes Benz Brazil (MBB) to take possession of a plant located at the MBB manufacturing site in Juiz de Fora in southeast Brazil to build a Li-sulfur battery manufacturing operation. OXIS has also successfully developed a standard Li-S battery module that saves production time and cost.

Brazil 170

California Energy Commission approves first local energy efficiency standards that go beyond 2019 statewide requirements

Green Car Congress

The California Energy Commission (CEC) approved six applications for local energy ordinances that exceed statewide requirements of the 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. — The ordinances focus on building decarbonization—the strategic lowering of climate-changing emissions from buildings—including five that move toward building electrification. Adoption of local standards has gained momentum over time.

2019 163

ASTM releases new high-octane fuel standard D8067-17 to support development of more efficient engines

Green Car Congress

ASTM International recently announced the release of a new high-octane fuel standard that is expected to impact the development of gasoline products compatible with vehicles that feature high-performance fuel-efficient engines. Formation and approval of the standard was led by Dr. Robert L. D8067-17 describes a high RON fuel for automotive spark-ignition engines that are not currently in the marketplace but that are being developed and thus require a defined standard test fuel.

2017 150

BASF to build new battery recycling prototype plant at site of cathode materials plant in Germany

Green Car Congress

BASF will build a battery recycling prototype plant in Schwarzheide, Germany, at the site of its cathode active materials (CAM) plant. With this investment in battery recycling, plus leading process technology for manufacturing of cathode active materials, we aim to ‘close the loop’ while reducing the CO 2 footprint of our cathode active materials by up to 60 percent in total compared to industry standards.

Calls for an international 48V electrical standard for vehicles; looming WLTP implementation

Green Car Congress

At the 2 nd International Conference Automotive 48 V Power Supply Systems , held last week in Düsseldorf, Germany, Controlled Power Technologies (CPT), a major sponsor of the event, together with leading car makers and Tier 1 suppliers, argued the need for an internationally agreed 48V electrical standard. Such a standard will be necessary for the global automotive industry to achieve the economies of scale demanded by original equipment manufacturers. 48V Hybrids Standards

2014 218

German publication pans VW ID.3 for build quality, infotainment

Green Car Reports

falls short of VW's usual standards of build quality, noting uneven panel gaps and other faults. The first review of the Volkswagen ID.3 electric car from a major car magazine is in, and it's not good.

2020 105

European automakers request 6-month postponement of new Euro standards due to COVID-19

Green Car Congress

Mike Manley, the CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and the current European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) president, has sent a letter to Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, European Commission, requesting a 6-month postponement of the application dates of key upcoming EU standards, including: Euro 6d TEMP for heavy vans and ambulances (currently 1 September 2020); Euro 6d ISC?FCM 19 has caused a significant build?up

2020 179

Setting a new standard for battery leak testing


There currently are no reliable tests on which to base leak-detection standards for a full range of soft-pouch, cylindrical or prismatic battery cells in use throughout the industry. How do you go from a submitted paper to an industry-wide standard?

2020 89

IEC publishes two EV charging standards; global consensus on plugs and sockets

Green Car Congress

The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) has published two new International EV charging standards: IEC 62196-1 and IEC 62196-2. The two IEC International EV Standards reflect a global consensus on the plugs and sockets that are needed to charge EVs. The newly published International EV charging Standards IEC 62196-1 and IEC 62196-2 standardize the plugs and sockets which can be used in different electricity infrastructures.

2011 253

BMW Group to build future MINI E vehicles in China with Great Wall Motor

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group and Great Wall Motor have launched a new joint venture—Spotlight Automotive Limited—and are building a joint plant in China, where the BMW Group will produce future fully-electric models of its MINI brand.

2019 232

Minnesota B20 biodiesel standard to take effect in 2018

Green Car Congress

The state of Minnesota will implement a new biodiesel standard next spring, as Minnesota moves to a 20% biodiesel blend (B20) at pumps across the state. This new standard builds on Minnesota’s national leadership—in 2005, Minnesota became the first state in the nation to require all diesel fuel to have a blend of at least 2% biodiesel (B2).

Harmonizing Low Carbon Fuel Standards

Green Car Congress

—Low Carbon Fuel Standard 2011 Program Review Report. The concept of harmonizing specific aspects of the LCFS program with other low carbon fuel standard programs has been of interest for the staff since the inception of the program. Some of these are performance-based standards, similar to the LCFS, while others are biofuel mandates that may or may not take into account the full fuel lifecycle analysis. —Low Carbon Fuel Standard 2011 Program Review Report.

2011 210

Mercedes-Benz and NVIDIA to build software-defined computing architecture for automated driving across future fleet

Green Car Congress

The new software-defined architecture will be built on the NVIDIA DRIVE platform and will be standard in Mercedes-Benz’ next-generation fleet, enabling state-of-the-art automated driving functionalities.

2020 209

VAMA builds new coating line to serve growing automotive market in China

Green Car Congress

VAMA’s expansion will feature the most recently developed high strength steel grades and a new type of coating, allowing car makers to reach new quality standards.

Market 170

New California Energy Commission standards require solar PV systems for new homes; first in nation

Green Car Congress

Moving to cut energy use in new homes by more than 50%, the California Energy Commission (CEC) has adopted building standards that require solar photovoltaic systems starting in 2020. The building energy efficiency standards, which are the first in the nation to require solar, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equivalent to taking 115,000 fossil-fuel cars off the road, CEC said.

2018 163

Honda e urban EV will feature side camera mirror system as standard

Green Car Congress

Honda has confirmed that the Side Camera Mirror System seen on the prototype version of the new Honda e urban electric vehicle will be standard when the car enters production. The camera unit housings are also deliberately shaped to prevent water drops on the lens, with a water-repellent coating on the lens surfaces to deter any other residual water build up.

2019 192

Groupe Renault launching project to build biggest energy stationary storage system from EV batteries in Europe

Green Car Congress

Groupe Renault is launching its “Advanced Battery Storage” program, which aims to build the biggest energy stationary storage system using EV batteries yet designed in Europe by 2020 (power: 70 MW / energy: 60MWh). The system uses second-life batteries, as well as new batteries stored for future use in standard replacement during after-sales operations.

2018 246

BMW, Ford, Mercedes, VW Group to build electric-car fast-charging network in Europe

Green Car Reports

Europe Daimler charging infrastructure DC Rapid Charging Tesla Supercharger Combined Charging Standard (CCS With a slew of 200-mile electric cars planned for 2018 and later, the question of how their drivers will be able to make long-distance trips is coming to the fore in a big way. Silicon Valley electric-car maker Tesla Motors laid out the template with its Supercharger network, which now numbers 327 sites in the U.S. and more than 400 sites outside.

2016 127

Daimler, partners building next-gen additive manufacturing process pilot production line for spare parts

Green Car Congress

NextGenAM partners Premium AEROTEC, EOS and Daimler are building a pilot production line for a next-generation automated additive manufacturing (AM) process. The key for production is a scalable additive production chain, which is fully automated right through to the point where the printed parts are mechanically sawn off the build platform. The order data are transmitted to the control station, which then prioritizes the various build requests and allocates them to an AM system.

2019 195

Harbour Air and magniX partner to build world’s first all-electric airline; seaplanes to ePlanes

Green Car Congress

This partnership will set the standard for the future of commercial aviation operators. Electric aviation technology company magniX and Harbour Air, North America’s largest seaplane airline, announced a partnership to transform Harbour Air seaplanes into an all-electric commercial fleet powered by the magni500, a 560 kW (751 shp) all-electric motor that delivers 2,814 N·m of torque. magni500.

2019 235

New-build properties to be fitted with electric vehicle (EV) charging points from 2022.

My Energi

Earlier this month, the UK’s Transport Minister unveiled plans for electric vehicle (EV) charging points to be installed on all new-build properties in England from 2022.

German startup I SEE Electric Trucks GmbH building electric variants of Opel Viraro and Movano

Green Car Congress

German startup I SEE Electric Trucks GmbH is building electric versions of the Opel Vivaro and Opel Movano. Electric heating is standard; an optional bioethanol. Standard charging time of the vehicles is 2.5 and e- Movano are equipped as standard with air conditioning and radio and available as a box, as a tipper/flatbed and for passenger transport with up to nine seats.

2018 204

NREL researchers, industry partners testing Megawatt Charging Systems; up to 3.75MW

Green Car Congress

Electric vehicle industry experts and scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are testing and evaluating the compatibility of inlet and connectors for a new high-power charging standard for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles called the Megawatt Charging System (MCS). This need also extends beyond road vehicles: Industries from aviation to shipping are considering options to electrify their fleets and are also looking for a 15- to 20-minute fast-charging standard.

CARB releases Midterm Review of ZEV regulation, LEV III GHG and PM standards; calls for post-2025 standards

Green Car Congress

When the California Air Resources Board (ARB) adopted the Advanced Clean Cars (ACC) program in 2012 ( earlier post ), the agency committed to conduct a comprehensive midterm review of three elements of the program: the zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) regulation; the 1 mg/mi particulate matter (PM) standard; and the light-duty vehicle greenhouse gas standards for 2022 and later model years. Maintain the existing PM emission gravimetric measurement method for the 1 mg/mi standard.

2017 150

SAE International publishes two standards for vehicle-to-vehicle communications

Green Car Congress

SAE International has published two new technical standards for vehicle-to-vehicle communications: to standardize the data message sets used in Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communications and to establish the parameters for a vehicle communication system to receive and transmit the message sets. This standard also supports interoperability among DSRC applications through the use of a standardized message set, and its data frames and data elements.

2016 150

ANSI report on electric drive vehicle standards calls for better coordination and harmonization, public-private partnership

Green Car Congress

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), coordinator of the US voluntary standardization system, has submitted to the US Department of Energy (DOE) a report outlining priority areas where standards and conformance activities are needed to facilitate the safe, effective, and large-scale deployment of electric drive vehicles (EDV) in the United States. The EVSP began the groundwork for the standardization roadmap at its plenary meeting on 20-21 June in Detroit.

2011 170