Ford to Invest $450M in New Passenger Vehicle Plant in Thailand

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Ford Motor Company is investing US$450 million (THB 15 billion) in a new passenger vehicle manufacturing plant in Rayong, Thailand, scheduled for completion in 2012. The facility will begin building the next-generation Ford Focus in 2012 for Thailand and other markets in the Asia-Pacific region. The highly flexible plant will be capable of building a diverse range of vehicles in the future. Up to 85% of the plant’s production will be for markets outside Thailand.

Mercedes-Benz Cars to build battery factory in Jawor, Poland; ninth in its global network

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Mercedes-Benz Cars will build a battery factory at the site in Jawor, Poland, and thus extend its global battery production network to nine factories. In Jawor, approximately 100 km away from the German border, Mercedes-Benz is currently building a state-of-the-art engine factory. It became apparent that building an engine factory in Jawor has been a good decision.

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UPS to add 1,400 new CNG vehicles over next year; building 15 new CNG fueling stations

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To support the purchase and planned deployment of the 1,400 new CNG vehicles, UPS plans to build 15 compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations. CNG is an important building block in our long-term fleet strategy and offers environmental and economic advantages. Currently UPS already has a total of eight CNG fueling stations in California, Colorado, Georgia and Oklahoma and operates CNG vehicles in Germany, the Netherlands and Thailand. UPS CNG package truck.

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UPS to invest $100M more in compressed natural gas, CNG vehicles and related infrastructure

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UPS plans to build an additional 12 compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations and add 380 new CNG tractors to its growing alternative fuel and advanced technology fleet. This investment builds on the company’s existing 18 CNG fueling stations in Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia and operates CNG vehicles in Germany, the Netherlands and Thailand.

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Lux: micro-hybrids will provide the most economical path for automakers to meet 2025 fuel efficiency targets

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While battery-electric vehicles, super-light carbon fiber composites, and hydrogen fuel cells will all be available, a new report from Lux Research has concluded that micro-hybrids will provide the most economical route—$1,700 additional average vehicle cost—to meet aggressive fuel efficiency targets in 2025: 54.5 The Lux report— Building the Car of 2025: How to Cost-Effectively Get to 54.5 India and Thailand have set 20% targets, while Europe lags at 10%.

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Global geothermal industry passes 12,000 MW operational

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Vincent and the Grenadines, Taiwan, Thailand, Uganda, the United States, and Yemen. Additionally, Alstom will build the 25 MW Los Humeros III in Mexico, Alterra Power announced drilling would begin at its Mariposa, Chile site next year and construction on other international projects continued by companies including US Geothermal, Ram Power, and Ormat.

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BMW Group plans Additive Manufacturing Campus

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Located in an existing building with a footprint of more than 6,000 square metres, it will accommodate up to 80 associates and over 30 industrial systems for metals and plastics. We are already using additive manufacturing to make prototype components on location in Spartanburg (US), Shenyang (China) and Rayong (Thailand). The BMW Group will invest more than €10 million in a new Additive Manufacturing Campus.

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Polk forecasts global new vehicle auto sales to reach 77.7M in 2012, up 6.7%; expects China sales to grow 16% while US sales recovery slows

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Polk expects light-duty vehicle sales in the US to grow at a moderate pace, with a 7.3% Polk predicts Toyota and Honda, respectively, will realize the greatest amount of market share growth in 2012 as they begin to win back some lost share from their 2011 inventory shortages following natural disasters in Japan and Thailand. Polk forecast, millions of units. Click to enlarge. Global automotive market intelligence firm Polk forecasts worldwide new vehicle sales in 2012 will rise 6.7%

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Global biofuels production up 17% in 2010 to hit all-time high of 105 billion liters

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of the energy (48% of the volume) for light-duty transportation fuels in Brazil. Asia produced 12% of the world’s biodiesel in 2010, a 20%t increase from 2009, mostly using palm oil feedstock in Indonesia and Thailand. Brazil plans to build 103 new sugarcane mills by 2019, increasing production capacity by 66%. World ethanol and biodiesel production, 1975-2010. Source: Worldwatch Institute. Click to enlarge.

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Using the PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) to Transition Society Seamlessly and Profitably From Fossil Fuel to 100% Renewable Energy

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We imagine you objecting: “Oh no, we’ll have to build lots more power plants!” For example, we build our hydraulic systems with pipes of ½-inch to ¾-inch diameter designed to deliver water faster than we normally need so that we can, for example, fill a swimming pool quickly. It is also required in Thailand, Brazil and many other countries around the world. by Professor Andrew Alfonso Frank. CTO Efficient Drivetrains Inc. and UC-Davis Emeritus and Catherine JJ DeMauro.

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