Dana TM4 to build new electrodynamics facility in Sweden

Green Car Congress

These will support vehicles ranging from light vehicles to medium- and heavy-duty trucks to large construction equipment. Sweden is a leader in renewable energy, with 98 percent of energy production being fossil free, which enables us to build our products using a more sustainable footprint in support of a zero-emissions future. Dana TM4, the joint venture between Dana Incorporated and Hydro-Que?bec,

Sweden 170

Terrafugia obtains FAA Special Light-Sport Airworthiness Certificate for roadable aircraft; “flying car”

Green Car Congress

has achieved a significant milestone by obtaining an FAA Special Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) airworthiness certificate for its Transition roadable aircraft. This is a major accomplishment that builds momentum in executing our mission to deliver the world’s first practical flying car.

Light 326

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Ongoing market rollout for SAE hydrogen fueling standards

Green Car Congress

At the Fuel Cell Seminar and Energy Exposition (FCS&EE) today in Los Angeles (co-sponsored by the US Department of Energy (DOE), Toyota and Honda, among others), SAE is providing a short course on “SAE H 2 Fueling Standardization”; the course is presented by Jesse Schneider from BMW and Steve Mathison from Honda, both of whom have been deeply involved in the development of the SAE hydrogen fueling standards. The SAE J2601 standard lookup table is used to determine a 21.8

2014 295

GM’s BrightDrop completes first production builds of EV600, introduces new EV410

Green Car Congress

BrightDrop, GM’s new business focused on electric last-mile deliveries ( earlier post ), has completed the first production builds of the EV600, a key milestone to deliver its first electric light commercial vehicle (eLCV) to FedEx Express in time for the holiday season.

Achates Power building 2.7L opposed-piston light-duty engine; exceeding CAFE 2025, Tier 3 targets at lower cost

Green Car Congress

six-piston) light-duty version of its opposed piston engine (OPE) in both diesel- and gasoline-fueled versions. Achates will demonstrate the engine in 2018 in a driveable light-duty truck. The new Achates Power 2.7-liter OPE will deliver nominal power of 270 hp and max torque of 650 N·m (479 lb-ft); the vehicle will achieve 37 mpg—12% above the 33 mpg fully phased-in CAFE 2025 requirement for a full-size, light-duty pick-up truck (65-70 sq. Light-duty diesel OP.

2017 217

MECA: industry could exceed relaxed US efficiency standards as it has to meet tighter standards elsewhere

Green Car Congress

year-over-year increase in fuel efficiency and reduction in GHG emissions standards, which will result in projected overall industry averages of 40.4 In response, MECA (Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association), commented : Suppliers of emission control and efficiency technologies will continue to innovate and introduce new advancements to further improve fuel efficiency while continuing to lower tailpipe emissions across the light-duty vehicle fleet.

2020 161

Canada, US and Mexico commit to align light- and heavy-duty fuel efficiency and GHG standards out to 2025 and 2027, respectively

Green Car Congress

As part of that effort, the leaders committed to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from light- and heavy-duty vehicles by aligning fuel efficiency and/or GHG emission standards out to 2025 and 2027, respectively. They further agreed to reduce air pollutant emissions by aligning air pollutant emission standards for light- and heavy-duty vehicles and corresponding ultra low-sulfur fuel standards by 2018.

2016 183

Québec moves forward with a zero-emission vehicle standard

Green Car Congress

Earlier this week, the Québec National Assembly unanimously adopted Bill 104, a zero-emission vehicle standard. Automakers that sell or lease a yearly average of more than 4,500 new vehicles (all light models combined) will be subject to the ZEV standard. The target will be calculated by applying a percentage to the total number of light vehicles each manufacturer sells in Québec.

2016 274

OXIS Energy to build Li-S manufacturing plant in Brazil

Green Car Congress

OXIS Energy and the Minas Gerais Development Company CODEMGE have signed a 15-year lease agreement with Mercedes Benz Brazil (MBB) to take possession of a plant located at the MBB manufacturing site in Juiz de Fora in southeast Brazil to build a Li-sulfur battery manufacturing operation. OXIS has also successfully developed a standard Li-S battery module that saves production time and cost.

Brazil 170

Calls for an international 48V electrical standard for vehicles; looming WLTP implementation

Green Car Congress

At the 2 nd International Conference Automotive 48 V Power Supply Systems , held last week in Düsseldorf, Germany, Controlled Power Technologies (CPT), a major sponsor of the event, together with leading car makers and Tier 1 suppliers, argued the need for an internationally agreed 48V electrical standard. Such a standard will be necessary for the global automotive industry to achieve the economies of scale demanded by original equipment manufacturers. 48V Hybrids Standards

2014 218

European automakers request 6-month postponement of new Euro standards due to COVID-19

Green Car Congress

Mike Manley, the CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and the current European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) president, has sent a letter to Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, European Commission, requesting a 6-month postponement of the application dates of key upcoming EU standards, including: Euro 6d TEMP for heavy vans and ambulances (currently 1 September 2020); Euro 6d ISC?FCM 19 has caused a significant build?up

2020 179

BMW’s ReachNow installing Light & Charge locations in Seattle; 100 chargers at 20 new public sites

Green Car Congress

ReachNow, the mobility services division of the BMW Group, Woodland Park Zoo, and the City of Seattle celebrated the successful installation of the first of 20 Light & Charge electric vehicle (EV) charging locations that will more than double the number of Fast Chargers publicly available in Seattle. ReachNow announced that the Light & Charge system ( earlier post ) at the zoo is part of a $1.2-million investment by the BMW Group.

2017 213

Volkswagen establishes VWAT subsidiary to bring autonomous driving to market; light commercial vehicles first target

Green Car Congress

As a center of excellence for autonomous driving from Level 4 up, VWAT will serve to build up know-how within the Group and bring a self-driving system (SDS) to market maturity. The aim is to establish an SDS as a standard module for all Group brands in future. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles as the leading brand for Autonomous Driving, MaaS, and TaaS in the Group will develop and build special purpose vehicles (SPV) such as robo taxis and robo vans.

2019 174

New California Energy Commission standards require solar PV systems for new homes; first in nation

Green Car Congress

Moving to cut energy use in new homes by more than 50%, the California Energy Commission (CEC) has adopted building standards that require solar photovoltaic systems starting in 2020. The building energy efficiency standards, which are the first in the nation to require solar, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equivalent to taking 115,000 fossil-fuel cars off the road, CEC said. Nonresidential lighting requirements.

2018 163

Honda e urban EV will feature side camera mirror system as standard

Green Car Congress

Honda has confirmed that the Side Camera Mirror System seen on the prototype version of the new Honda e urban electric vehicle will be standard when the car enters production. The camera unit housings are also deliberately shaped to prevent water drops on the lens, with a water-repellent coating on the lens surfaces to deter any other residual water build up. Brightness levels on the interior displays are automatically adjusted based on the prevailing light conditions.

2019 192

San Francisco orders 175 light rail cars from Siemens for $648M; option for 85 more

Green Car Congress

San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has awarded Siemens a contract to deliver an initial 175 light rail cars for its Muni transit system at a value of US$648 million. Siemens, which beat CAF for the contract, will deliver a newly-developed light rail car based on its Model S200 for the San Francisco order. With an option for an additional 85 cars, this is one of the biggest orders for light rail cars ever placed in the USA.

Ford and Toyota to collaborate on new rear-wheel drive hybrid system for light trucks, SUVs; partnering also on telematics standards and technologies

Green Car Congress

Ford and Toyota are collaborating as equal partners on the development of an advanced new hybrid system for light trucks and SUVs. Ford and Toyota also agreed to work together on enablers to complement each company’s existing telematics platform standards, helping bring more Internet-based services and useful information to consumers globally. Each company also will determine the calibration and performance dynamics characteristics of their respective light pickups and SUVs.

2011 214

EPA, DOT and California align timeframe for proposing MY 2017-2025 light-duty vehicle fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Transportation (DOT), the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the state of California have announced a single timeframe for proposing fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards for model year 2017-2025 cars and light-duty trucks. ARB had earlier announced its intention to propose greenhouse gas emission standards for model years 2017 to 2025 in March of this year, while EPA and NHTSA were working on an end-of-September timeline for proposal.

2011 161

SAE International publishes two standards for vehicle-to-vehicle communications

Green Car Congress

SAE International has published two new technical standards for vehicle-to-vehicle communications: to standardize the data message sets used in Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communications and to establish the parameters for a vehicle communication system to receive and transmit the message sets. This standard also supports interoperability among DSRC applications through the use of a standardized message set, and its data frames and data elements.

2016 150

DOT, EPA Set National Standards for Fuel Economy and First Greenhouse Gas Emission Levels For Light-Duty Vehicles

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today jointly established increasingly stringent fuel economy standards under DOT’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Corporate Average Fuel Economy program and greenhouse gas emission standards under the Clean Air Act for 2012 through 2016 model-year vehicles. mpg for the combined industry-wide fleet (cars and light-trucks) for model year 2016.

2010 161

CARB releases Midterm Review of ZEV regulation, LEV III GHG and PM standards; calls for post-2025 standards

Green Car Congress

When the California Air Resources Board (ARB) adopted the Advanced Clean Cars (ACC) program in 2012 ( earlier post ), the agency committed to conduct a comprehensive midterm review of three elements of the program: the zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) regulation; the 1 mg/mi particulate matter (PM) standard; and the light-duty vehicle greenhouse gas standards for 2022 and later model years. Maintain the existing PM emission gravimetric measurement method for the 1 mg/mi standard.

2017 150

NREL researchers, industry partners testing Megawatt Charging Systems; up to 3.75MW

Green Car Congress

Electric vehicle industry experts and scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are testing and evaluating the compatibility of inlet and connectors for a new high-power charging standard for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles called the Megawatt Charging System (MCS). MCS will facilitate charging capacity up to 3.75MW—seven times higher than the current light-duty fast charging technology, which peaks at 500 kilowatts.

HollyFrontier to build $350M renewable diesel unit at Artesia refinery; 125M gallons/year

Green Car Congress

HollyFrontier Corporation, an independent petroleum refiner and marketer that produces high value light products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and other specialty products, plans to construct a new renewable diesel unit (RDU) at its Artesia, New Mexico refinery (Navajo Refinery). We expect our new renewable diesel plant will generate attractive returns and help us meet our requirements under the Renewable Fuel Standard.

2019 150

Canada aligns with US on light-duty vehicle GHGs, Tier 3 regulations and heavy-duty vehicle fuel efficiency

Green Car Congress

The final Regulations Amending the Passenger Automobile and Light Truck Greenhouse Gas Emission Regulations for model year 2017 and beyond will be published in the Canada Gazette, Part II, on 8 October. These regulatory amendments represent further action to reduce GHG emissions while building on the existing Regulations for 2011-2016 model year vehicles. Once fully phased-in, the Tier 3 exhaust emission standards would be as much as 80% lower than current Tier 2 emission standards.

2014 185

Obama Administration announces first fuel economy and GHG standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles

Green Car Congress

US President Barack Obama announced fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emission standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. For purposes of the new HD National Program, the heavy-duty fleet incorporates all on-road vehicles rated at a gross vehicle weight at or above 8,500 pounds, and the engines that power them, except those covered by the current GHG emissions and Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards for model year 2012-2016 passenger vehicles.

2011 276

EPA delays issuing 2014 RVO standards for RFS until sometime in 2015

Green Car Congress

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will not finalize the 2014 applicable percentage standards (the 2014 Renewable Volume Obligations, RVOs) under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program until sometime next year. In a notice to be published in the Federal Register , the agency said that it intends to take action on the 2014 standards rule in 2015 prior to or in conjunction with action on the 2015 standards rule.

2014 196

Kansas City Assembly Plant comes on line as second US plant building new Ford F-150

Green Car Congress

Ford has begun production of the 2015 F-150 ( earlier post ) at Kansas City Assembly Plant, which joins Dearborn Truck Plant in building the first mass-produced light-duty pickup truck with a high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body. These numbers make F-Series one of Ford’s fastest-selling vehicles, at just 18 days to turn on dealer lots—well below the light-duty full-size pickup truck average of 105 days.

Ford launches 10-year project to transform Dearborn campus; sustainability in the built environment; Living Building Challenge

Green Car Congress

The 10-year transformation of the company’s more than 60-year-old Dearborn facilities will colocate 30,000 employees from 70 buildings today into primarily two locations—a product campus and a world headquarters campus. Among the key criteria is that 100% of the building’s energy needs on a net annual basis must be supplied by on-site renewable energy. The current Ford World Headquarters building was dedicated in 1956 and reflects thought-leading architecture of that time.

2016 150

MIT study: higher octane standard fuel in US could lower fleet fuel consumption & GHG an extra 4.5-6% by 2040

Green Car Congress

Offering a higher-octane gasoline to the consumer market in the US as the standard grade could deliver an incremental 4.5% For their paper, the team proposed a 98 RON gasoline—currently the US premium grade—as the new standard fuel. In other words, they proposed making the current premium fuel the new standard grade. Two standardized methods are used for determining the octane rating of a fuel: the research method and the motor method.

2014 249

Meet Surfside's Disaster-Data Forensic Sleuths

Cars That Think

In contrast to the public safety professionals who've deployed drones to determine the scope of the collapse and seek out survivors , the RAPID group looks for evidence of how and why buildings fall in the first place.

Miami 85

Update: SAE J2954 wireless charging validation to 11kW, Recommended Practice to enable autonomous vehicle parking and charging in 2017

Green Car Congress

At the SAE 2017 Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium last week, an overview of the plans for testing to validate power levels up to WPT 3, (11kW) for SAE J2954TM were shown along with a preview of the technology to be standardized in the upcoming Recommended Practice. The upcoming SAE J2954 Recommended Practice will enable a seamless, automated standard methodology to charge for individual vehicles to fleets of autonomous vehicles and their infrastructures.

2017 241

DOT, EPA unveil joint proposal for fuel economy and greenhouse gas emission standards: 49.6 mpg CAFE, 163 g/mile GHG in 2025; flexibilities and incentives

Green Car Congress

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Transportation (DOT) formally unveiled their joint proposal to set stronger fuel economy and greenhouse gas pollution standards for Model Year 2017-2025 passenger cars and light trucks. The standards proposed would apply to light duty vehicles manufactured in model years 2017 through 2025. EPA’s proposed GHG standards, which are. features in developing the standards.

2011 273

GM will focus its electrification strategy on light electrification, extended range, and battery-electric vehicle technologies; major focus on the plug; preview of the Spark EV

Green Car Congress

GM will focus its vehicle electrification efforts on three main technologies: light electrification, currently manifested in the eAssist systems; extended range electric vehicles (EREVs) such as the Chevrolet Volt; and battery electric vehicles (BEVs), such as the soon-to-be-introduced Spark EV. It builds upon an efficient base transmission and engine. A 120V charge cord set is standard. GM will focus its vehicle electrification strategy on eAssist-type systems and the plug.

2012 237

Honda to build new plant in Mexico for production of subcompact vehicles, starting in 2014

Green Car Congress

HDM), Honda’s production and sales company in Mexico, will build an automobile plant for production of fuel-efficient subcompact vehicles for the Mexican and North American markets. Honda will invest approximately US$800 million to build the plant, which is scheduled to begin operation in 2014. In North America, Honda produces global models such as Civic, Accord and CR-V as well as region-specific light truck models including the Odyssey and Pilot. Honda de Mexico, S.A.

2011 170

California’s Advanced Clean Cars program: transforming the light-duty fleet to zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell and electric vehicles with an eye on 2050

Green Car Congress

The longer-term purpose of the ACC program, according to ARB, is to shape the development of light-duty transportation to contribute to meeting the state’s 2050 GHG reduction goal of 80% below 1990 levels. This rulemaking is an opportunity for the Board to commit to the transformation of California’s light-duty vehicle fleet. The replacement of separate NMOG and oxides of nitrogen (NO x ) standards with combined NMOG plus NO x standards.

2011 196

Electrification Coalition Roadmap Calls for 75% of Light-Duty Vehicle Miles Traveled in the US to Be Electric by 2040

Green Car Congress

The Electrification Roadmap calls for 75% of light-duty VMT in the US to be electric by 2040. Achieving this will require a minimum of 25% of new light-duty vehicles purchased in the US to be grid-enabled vehicles (GEV) by 2020. By 2040, the report proposes, 75% of the light-duty vehicle miles traveled in the US should be electric miles. As a result, oil consumption in the light-duty fleet would be reduced to just 2.0 Modify building codes to promote GEV adoption.

2009 200

REVA Electric Car Company Building New Plant in Bangalore

Green Car Congress

Reva Electric Car Company (RECC), the manufacturer of the REVA electric car, is building a new assembly plant in Bangalore, India with a capacity of 30,000 units per year, to accommodate the increased production of the REVA and for the planned one new model per year from the end of 2009. The new lithium-ion powered REVA L-ion, announced in January, goes into production in May and offers improved acceleration, a range of 120 km, six hours standard charge and a one hour fast charge to 90%.

REVA 150

Foss Maritime to build first three of new Arctic Class of deep-sea tugs for oil and gas industry

Green Car Congress

Responding to new oil and gas industry opportunities, Foss Maritime Company will build the first three tugs in an. standards for hulls, machinery, towing, anchors and cable; American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Ice Class requirements. the highest of safety standards. the highest federal environmental standards and Reintjes reduction gears. innovative Arctic Class of tugs, a fleet expansion that broadens its capacity. to take on large projects in extreme environments.

2012 191

BorgWarner to Build Turbochargers and EGR Valves for First Automotive Works (FAW) in China

Green Car Congress

BorgWarner has been selected to supply turbochargers and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves for various cars and light commercial vehicles manufactured by First Automotive Works (FAW), China’s oldest and largest vehicle manufacturer, beginning in 2010. BorgWarner’s turbocharging and EGR technologies will help FAW meet China 4 emissions standards, which are equivalent to Euro 4 emissions standards. All three engines comply with Euro 4 and China 4 emissions standards.

2009 170

Study Assesses Product Attribute Trade-offs and Technological Progress; Meeting Proposed Obama Fuel Economy Standards Will Require Downsizing and Change in Fleet Mix

Green Car Congress

Based on detailed model-level data for US light-duty vehicles from 1980 to 2006, a recent analysis by a UC Davis researcher found that if weight, horsepower and torque had been held at their 1980 levels, fuel economy for both passenger cars and light trucks could have increased by nearly 50% from 1980 to 2006. Volvo is the most efficient manufacturer of light duty trucks, followed by Subaru, GM and Honda.

2009 185

Obama Announces New National Fuel Policy; Two Harmonized Standards, with Fleet Average of 35.5 mpg, 250 gCO2/mile by 2016

Green Car Congress

The resulting new standards will cover model years 2012-2016, and will require an average fuel economy standard of 35.5 However, there will not be an exact one-to-one correspondence between the two standards—GHG and fuel economy—which will be the foundation of the national program. The two issued a Notice of Upcoming Joint Rulemaking to Establish Vehicle GHG Emissions and CAFE Standards today. NHTSA expects to propose appropriate related CAFE standards.

2009 150

Hydrogen Heavy Duty Vehicle Industry Group signs agreements to industrialize 70 MPa high-flow refueling; H70HF

Green Car Congress

to industrialize globally-standard 70 MPa hydrogen heavy-duty vehicle high-flow (H70HF) fueling hardware components. Other goals include testing and evaluating the hardware’s performance and standardizing the connector design to ensure adoptability throughout the world.

NSF leads $400M federal effort to boost advanced wireless research

Green Car Congress

This new program will enable the deployment and use of four city-scale testing platforms for advanced wireless research over the next decade and builds upon the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Spectrum Frontiers vote yesterday. The second will seek innovative ways to provide low-cost, seamless connectivity in urban areas by leveraging fiber optics in light poles. Autonomous driving Connected vehicles Infrastructure Standards V2X Wireless

2016 150