Raven SR & Hyzon Motors to build up to 100 waste-to-hydrogen hubs

Green Car Congress

a global supplier of hydrogen fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles, announced a joint venture to build up to 100 hydrogen hubs across the United States and globally. As a non-combustion process, there is no ash, no slag, build up, or hotspots in the equipment.

Waste 366

TECO 2030 leading project to build hydrogen-powered high-speed vessel for the Port of Narvik

Green Car Congress

Together with eight project partners, it is now seeking public funding to build one of the world’s first hydrogen-powered high-speed vessels. The Port of Narvik in northern Norway needs a new workboat which should be both fast and emissions-free.


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Fulcrum to build second waste-to-fuels plant in Gary, Indiana

Green Car Congress

Fulcrum BioEnergy has selected Gary, Indiana as the location of its Centerpoint BioFuels Plant, which will convert municipal solid waste (MSW) into low-carbon, renewable transportation fuel. Fulcrum has licensed from ThermoChem Recovery International, Inc. Once operational, the Centerpoint plant will divert and process approximately 700,000 tons of waste from the Greater Chicago area. Fulcrum’s Centerpoint plant will be the company’s second waste-to-fuels plant.

2018 219

Waste-to-hydrogen producer Ways2H announces strategic investment by John Molina and Pacific6 Enterprises

Green Car Congress

the developer of a gasification-based process that converts waste into clean hydrogen fuel for mobility, microgrids and power generation ( earlier post ), closed an investment from Pacific6 Enterprises, led by founding partner John C. The intellectual property is protected by 12 different international patents and patent filings. Ways2H ?,

2020 251

Rotterdam proposed location for Enerkem waste-to-chemicals plant

Green Car Congress

A partnership comprising AkzoNobel, Van Gansewinkel, Air Liquide, AVR and Enerkem is proposing to build a waste-to-chemicals plant in Rotterdam in collaboration with the Port of Rotterdam, the City of Rotterdam, the province of South Holland and InnovationQuarter. The new chemical plant will use Enerkem’s innovative technology to convert residual waste into methanol, a raw material used in the chemical industry.

2016 265

Novel pathway for aviation fuel from food waste–derived volatile fatty acids (VFA) could lead to 70% blends, up to 165% reduction in GHG

Green Car Congress

Life cycle analysis showed up to 165% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions relative to fossil jet if the food waste is diverted from landfills to produce VFA-SAF. In the process, anaerobic digestion of west waste is arrested prior to methanogensis to generate VFAs (C 3 -C 8 ).

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Sinopec Capital to invest in and partner with LanzaTech; direct production of chemicals from wastes and residues

Green Car Congress

Sinopec Capital, as the industrial investment arm of Sinopec Group—one of the world’s largest integrated energy and chemicals companies—announced an investment in LanzaTech with a focus on promoting direct production of chemicals from waste carbon. Of particular interest to Sinopec is LanzaTech’s synthetic biology capability which enables the production of chemicals directly from waste carbon, rather than via a building block such as ethanol.

Waste 161

Audi of America launches Internal Carbon Price program to support goal of lowering CO2 footprint 30% by 2025

Green Car Congress

Audi of America is among the first in the automotive industry to implement an internal carbon price program as a key initiative in the brand’s pursuit of lower CO 2 emissions. The Audi Internal Carbon Price program is a self-imposed fee proportional to the amount of CO 2 and other greenhouse gas emissions that result from US operations, such as: Business travel. Building heat & energy. Waste generation.

2020 161

LG Chem, Dansuk JV to build Korea’s first next-generation hydro-treated vegetable oil plant

Green Car Congress

LG Chem and Korean biodiesel producer and exporter Dansuk Industrial will form a joint venture to build Korea’s first next-generation hydro-treated vegetable oil (HVO) plant. HVO is a next-generation bio-oil produced through hydro-treatment of vegetable raw materials such as waste cooking oil and palm by-products. Dansuk Industrial currently operates a first-generation biodiesel business based on a stable domestic supply and demand system for raw materials such as waste cooking oil.

Clean Energy awarded $13M contract to build hydrogen station and supply fuel for Foothill Transit buses

Green Car Congress

The agency is now entrusting Clean Energy to build its first hydrogen station in Pomona, CA, as it expands into another clean alternative fuel. Clean Energy is a leader in the development and delivery of RNG, a sustainable fuel derived from organic waste, which will represent 33.3% Clean Energy’s construction contractor for the project is Nicosia Contracting International, who Clean Energy has worked with for nearly two decades. Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

BA and Solena Fuels to build GreenSky landfill-waste-to-jet-fuel plant in Thurrock; completion in 2017

Green Car Congress

British Airways and its partner Solena Fuels announced that the UK GreenSky facility to convert landfill waste into jet fuel ( earlier post ) will be built in Thames Enterprise Park, part of the site of the former Coryton oil refinery in Thurrock, Essex. One thousand construction workers will be hired to build the facility which is due to be completed in 2017, creating up to 150 permanent jobs.

2014 210

Study: new international agreements needed to ensure sustainable supply of minerals and metals for low-carbon energy tech

Green Car Congress

A study by an international team of researchers warns that the global transition to global low-carbon energy technology could be at risk unless new international agreements and governance mechanisms are put in place to ensure a sustainable supply of rare minerals and metals.

2020 195

St1 Etanolix food-waste-to-ethanol plant integrated into oil refinery in Gothenburg

Green Car Congress

The first Etanolix plant delivered to the international market by Finland-based St1 Biofuels Oy was inaugurated in Gothenburg, Sweden last week. The Etanolix production process starts with receiving feedstock that has high carbohydrate concentrations, such as bakery waste. St1 is a leader in waste-based ethanol production and production technologies. Building the ethanol plant in Gothenburg is a significant launch on the international market for us.

2015 192

KLM, SkyNRG and SHV Energy announce project to build European plant for sustainable aviation fuel: DSL-1

Green Car Congress

The production facility will specialize in producing SAF, bioLPG and naphtha, primarily using regional waste and residue streams as feedstock. The feedstocks used for production will be waste and residue streams, such as used cooking oil, coming predominantly from regional industries. The board includes representatives from WWF International, the European Climate Foundation, Solidaridad Network and the University of Groningen.

2019 194

Neste collaborates with Genève Aéroport to offer renewable jet fuel; targeting 1% of annual fuel use from Geneva International

Green Car Congress

Neste and Genève Aéroport are partnering on the introduction of renewable jet fuel into aircraft operations from Geneva International Airport; the target will be at least 1% of the annual jet fuel consumption at Genève Aéroport starting late 2018. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has set a target that from 2020 onwards the growth in aviation is carbon-neutral.

2017 150

China Steel Corporation making $46M investment in LanzaTech commercial waste-gas-to-ethanol project

Green Car Congress

LanzaTech’s gas fermentation process uses proprietary microbes to capture and reuse carbon rich waste gases, reducing emissions and pollutants from industrial processes such as steel manufacturing, while making fuels and chemicals that displace those made from fossil resources. The process is currently protected by more than 100 granted patents, and produces sustainable fuels and platform chemicals that serve as building blocks for everyday products such as rubber and plastics.

2015 179

GE study finds 5% of worlds natural gas production wasted per year by flaring

Green Car Congress

A newly released GE study — Flare Gas Reduction: Recent Global Trends and Policy Considerations —estimates that 5% of the world’s natural gas production is wasted by burning or “flaring” unused gas each year, despite some progress on the flaring issue. Worldwide, billions of cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas are wasted annually, typically as a by-product of oil extraction. Gas-flaring countries and trends. Click to enlarge.

2011 223

USDA closes on $105M loan guarantee to Fulcrum for biorefinery converting municipal waste to renewable jet fuel; first USDA loan for biojet

Green Car Congress

to Fulcrum Sierra Biofuels, LLC to build a biorefinery to produce jet fuel from municipal solid waste (MSW) via a proprietary two-stage thermochemical process. Fulcrum will gasify 147,000 tons of municipal solid waste to produce synthesis gas which it then will catalytically convert to synthetic paraffinic kerosene/jet fuel via a Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process. Fulcrum licensed its gasification system from ThermoChem Recovery International.

2014 253

Southern Oil to build new biofuels lab in Queensland; focus on renewable diesel and jet

Green Car Congress

Australia-based Southern Oil and JJ Richards & Sons, joint venture partners in the Northern Oil Refinery at Yarwun, Australia, are building a new $5.3-million dollar biocrude and biofuel laboratory in central Queensland on the site of the recently announced Northern Oil Advanced Biofuels Pilot Plant. It has been re-refining waste oil since 2001 and was the first company in Australia to produce fully re-refined lube oil to international standards.

2016 150

Cyclone Power Technologies Completes Testing, Ships Initial Rankine-Cycle Waste Heat Power Generator

Green Car Congress

Cyclone Power Technologies has completed internal testing of its initial waste heat power generator ( earlier post ) and has shipped the beta unit to its customer, Bent Glass Design. Cyclone’s waste heat power generator—comprising its 18 hp Waste Heat Engine, proprietary heat exchangers and electric generator—will be installed and field tested at Bent Glass’ facility over the following couple of months.

2010 170

Study of californium borate could lead to new technologies for radioactive waste storage and nuclear fuel recycling

Green Car Congress

Now, a large scale, international study led by Florida State University Professor Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt has shown that Californium can bond covalently to borate. Albrecht-Schmitt said that the discoveries could help scientists build new storage containers for radioactive waste, plus help separate radioactive fuel, aiding in its recycling. The element californium (Cf, atomic number 98) is the heaviest element existing on Earth.

2014 179

Libertine LPE free piston technology targeting power generation, waste-heat recovery and range-extended EV applications; feasibility study with PETRONAS

Green Car Congress

At the SAE 2014 World Congress, a team from Toyota Central R&D Labs presented their own work on a prototype 10 kW Free Piston Engine Linear Generator (FPEG) featuring a thin and compact build, high efficiency and high fuel flexibility. Unlike a conventional internal combustion engine, a free piston engine does not have connecting rods and a crank shaft to govern each piston’s movement and convert the reciprocating action into rotary motion.

2015 196

Proterra beats out BYD for Mineta San José International Airport electric bus contract; 10 Proterra electric buses to be in service by late 2018

Green Car Congress

Mineta San José International Airport (SJC). These include recycling and composting programs supporting a zero-waste commitment by 2022; a 1MW, 3.4-acre solar array powering the airport’s rental car garage; and a shift to airside electric service vehicles reducing emissions from operations. The San José, California, City Council approved the purchase of ten Proterra Catalyst E2 battery-electric transit buses and related charging infrastructure for use at the Norman Y.

2017 150

Sasol, GE develop new anaerobic microbial technology for cleaning of Fischer-Tropsch waste water; boosting gas-to-liquids (GTL) value proposition

Green Car Congress

Sasol and General Electric (GE: NYSE)’s GE Power & Water have together developed new technology that will clean waste water from Fischer-Tropsch plants used to produce synthetic fuels and chemicals, while also providing biogas as a by-product for power generation. The anaerobes used in AnMBR break down the complex organics to simpler building blocks such as sugars that provide food to the micro-organisms.

2013 185

Secretary Chu Forms Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future; Focus on Nuclear Waste

Green Car Congress

As part of the Obama Administration’s commitment to restarting the US nuclear industry, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu announced the formation of a Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future to provide recommendations for developing a safe, long-term solution to managing used nuclear fuel and nuclear waste. He is currently president and director of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and director of The Center on Congress at Indiana University.

2010 185

Sorption Energy Seeking to Commercialize Waste Heat-Driven Adsorption Heat Pump Technology for Vehicle Air Conditioning

Green Car Congress

A spinout from Warwick University (UK), Sorption Energy , is commercializing vehicle air conditioning systems based on waste heat-driven adsorption heat pump technology developed by Professor Robert Critoph and his team at University of Warwick School of Engineering. Here, the evaporator is located outside the building and extracts energy from the surrounding air, transferring it back to the system and eventually to the condenser and generators for use in the dwelling.

2010 185

Darling International and Valero Considering Forming a Joint Venture for Renewable Diesel

Green Car Congress

Darling International and a subsidiary of Valero Energy Corporation are taking initial steps towards the formation of a joint venture to build a facility capable of producing more than 10,000 barrels/day or (135 million gallons per year) of renewable diesel on a site adjacent to Valero’s St. —Darling International Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Randall Stuewe. Darling International Inc.

2009 179

Cyclone Power Completes License for Engines To Generate Electricity from Waste Oil

Green Car Congress

Cyclone Power Technologies has signed a License Agreement with Phoenix Power Group LLC to provide external combustion engines ( earlier post ) for waste-oil-fueled power generators. The license provides Phoenix Power with exclusive North American and Australian rights to develop and sell power generator systems utilizing Cyclone’s external combustion engines, which will run on waste oil fuels such as used motor oil from cars, trucks and busses.

2009 150

Inside The Green Task Force

Creative Greenius

That’s what happens when you start each morning reading blog’s like Joseph Romm’s Climate Progress and following the work of Dr. James Hansen and the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change. Working with Heidi, cities have been gathering data from Southern California Edison, The Gas Company, waste haulers and other contractors using Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) software, which was developed for specifically compiling this diverse data.

2008 150

Honda to build new plant in Mexico for production of subcompact vehicles, starting in 2014

Green Car Congress

HDM), Honda’s production and sales company in Mexico, will build an automobile plant for production of fuel-efficient subcompact vehicles for the Mexican and North American markets. Honda will invest approximately US$800 million to build the plant, which is scheduled to begin operation in 2014. million square meters site in a suburb of Celaya, Guanajuato, about 210 miles east of HDM’s two existing plants in El Salto, Jalisco, which build automobiles, motorcycles and auto parts.

2011 170

Ricardo advancing with two novel heavy-duty vehicle technologies: cryogenic split-cycle engine and microwave fuel reforming

Green Car Congress

Ricardo is advancing its work with two novel technologies to improve the efficiency of heavy-duty goods vehicles: a cryogenic split-cycle engine “ CryoPower ” ( earlier post ), and a low-carbon waste-heat powered microwave fuel reformer “ HeatWave II ”. Diesel Engines Fuels Heavy-duty Vehicle Systems Waste Heat Recovery The concept of the Ricardo Split-Cycle engine.

2013 212

BMW’s “CO2 Champion” Performance Concept is a Plug-in Diesel Hybrid; 50 km/31 mile All-Electric Range; Thermo-electric Generator for Waste Heat Recovery

Green Car Congress

The management system considers not only data collected within the car, but also data coming from other vehicles (Car 2 Car) or from sensors fitted on buildings or bridges (Car 2 Infrastructure), thus enabling the driver, say, to avoid traffic congestion in good time or find parking space far more quickly. The powertrain of the plug-in hybrid BMW Vision EfficientDynamics. Click to enlarge.

2009 225

Rentech Planning to Build Biomass to Synthetic Fuels and Electric Power Plant in California

Green Car Congress

a Fischer-Tropsch process company, plans to build a plant in Rialto, California for the production of synthetic fuels and electric power from renewable waste biomass feedstocks. The reaction is exothermic and steam is generated in the internals of the reactor to produce steam and to remove heat and control the reaction temperature. We expect the Rialto Project to be the prototype for many waste-to-fuels projects for Rentech.

2009 163

Canada launches $1.5B Clean Fuels Fund with call for proposals

Green Car Congress

Minister of Natural Resources, made the announcement during the World Hydrogen Technologies Convention hosted by the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association and supported by the International Association for Hydrogen Energy. The fund supports building new or expanding existing clean fuel production facilities, including hydrogen, renewable diesel, synthetic fuels, renewable natural gas and sustainable aviation fuel.

Canada 300

Researchers Demonstrate Quantum-Coupled Thermal to Electric Conversion With Efficiency as High as 40% of Carnot Limit, With Calculated Potential of Up to 90%

Green Car Congress

Microgap thermophotovoltaics take advantage of evanescent waves to obtain higher throughput, with the power per unit area limited by the internal blackbody, which is n 2 higher. While it may take a few years for the necessary technology for building affordable quantum-dot devices to reach commercialization, Hagelstein says, “ there’s no reason, in principle, you couldn’t get another order of magnitude or more ” improvement in throughput power, as well as an improvement in efficiency.

2009 210

That Super Sexy Clean Tech Roundtable, Part II of a Greenius Exclusive

Creative Greenius

And the brilliance of Elon Musk and the brainiacs he’s put together on his Tesla team is that they’re savvy enough to have made the Roadster a sexy, California, hardbody piece of eye candy in addition to making it 400% more efficient than any internal combustion engine vehicle ever. LED lighting, sustainable building materials, making sure that we’re doing all that we can to be as efficient in the way that we use energy no matter what it’s form.

2009 174

NFI expands partnership with Li-Cycle on heavy-duty lithium-ion battery recycling for transit buses

Green Car Congress

The partnership builds upon successful completion of an EV battery recycling pilot program between NFI subsidiary New Flyer of America and Li-Cycle, originally announced in January 2021. Li-Cycle offers a proprietary, closed loop lithium-ion battery resource recovery service producing minimal solid waste, and zero liquid and air emissions that can sustainably produce battery-grade lithium, nickel, and cobalt products.

Solar Smackdown in Torrance – Installer Sues City on Behalf of the Sun

Creative Greenius

Its wholly interpretive guidelines can be used to approve or disapprove a building, addition or remodel completely on subjective principles. Just two people live in its 3000+ energy-wasting square feet. I went down to the Building Dept and they said, “It will be two weeks before we get back to you.” And then the senior gentlemen in the building with the Safety Dept. It’s just this mind-blowing waste of time. The building inspectors, limited at best.

2009 190

DOE awards $4M to two DME projects

Green Car Congress

WM International Engineering L.L.C. This new round of funding for DME builds on its June 2021 award and is continued validation of renewable DME as an enabling molecule to decarbonize transportation.Oberon Fuels generates value from waste resources, creates family-wage jobs in rural areas, and reduces both pollution and greenhouse gas emissions through our rDME.

DeepGreen Metals revises undersea polymetallic nodules resources upwards

Green Car Congress

As countries invest in large-scale clean energy transition programs and begin to phase out internal combustion engines, securing the minerals required to build batteries for storing renewable energy and powering electric vehicles is increasingly critical.

Nauru 297

European aviation sector and NGOs agree on sustainability of future fuels

Green Car Congress

As the European Union is about to unveil new targets for sustainable aviation fuel in 2021, a group of major European aviation companies—including KLM, Easyjet, Air France, International Airlines Group—as well as research organizations and environmental groups are calling for a more stringent policy approach to sustainability and the sector’s climate impact. Technical advice was provided by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT).

Future 207

RSB & Bioledger release biofuels blockchain case study

Green Car Congress

These partners were Greenergy (UK), Europe’s largest waste-based biodiesel producer; Rexon Energy (Singapore), an exporter of UCO to the EU; Bensons Products (UK), a UCO collector; and Valley Proteins (USA), a UCO collector and exporter. RSB is an international, multi-stakeholder, independent organization that supports the development of the global bioeconomy through sustainability solutions, certification, innovation and collaborative partnerships.

Enerkem begins commercial production of cellulosic ethanol from garbage at its Edmonton biofuels facility

Green Car Congress

Enerkem’s facility in Edmonton, AB, Canada, is the first commercial-scale plant in the world to produce cellulosic ethanol made from non-recyclable, non-compostable mixed municipal solid waste. billion gallons) per year by 2030 according to the International Renewable Energy Agency. Enerkem’s technology is deployed through an exclusive process that converts non-recyclable waste into a pure synthesis gas (or syngas). Enerkem Inc.

2017 163