EV Radar: May 2022


Hyundai is rumored to build a second plant in Georgia. If the new plant does happen, it would be for building electric vehicles for Hyundai and Kia. Equatorial Guinea. Guinea. Guinea-Bissau. Papua New Guinea.

GE study finds 5% of worlds natural gas production wasted per year by flaring

Green Car Congress

Elsewhere in West Africa, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo and Cameroon collectively waste about 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas every year. Gas-flaring countries and trends. Click to enlarge. A newly released GE study — Flare Gas Reduction: Recent Global Trends and Policy Considerations —estimates that 5% of the world’s natural gas production is wasted by burning or “flaring” unused gas each year, despite some progress on the flaring issue.

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EV Radar: June 2022


Various news sources have been circulating around for a while of the lack of raw materials to build EV batteries. Aligned with this goal, the parent company has already made a deal to build its own battery factory in Indiana with Samsung. Equatorial Guinea. Guinea.