Chinese steel group Tsingshan investing $375M to build lithium plant in Argentina with Eramet

Green Car Congress

China’s Tsingshan , the world’s largest producer of stainless steel, will invest $375 million to build a lithium plant in Argentina with French multinational mining and metallurgy company Eramet. Fresh water is then used to release the stored lithium.

Hyundai Motor and Kia collaborate with Next Hydrogen to develop advanced alkaline water electrolysis system

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation have signed a memorandum of understanding with Canada-based Next Hydrogen Corporation, a specialist in water electrolysis technology and a subsidiary of Next Hydrogen Solutions Inc., to bolster their efforts to usher in a global hydrogen society through cost-effective production of clean hydrogen. Hyundai Motor and Kia will also oversee the test performance of the new stack.

Water 174

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Lux Research: cost of electrofuels remains far from viable

Green Car Congress

Production costs per barrel of oil equivalent. The cost of electrofuels—fuels produced by catalyst-based systems for light capture, water electrolysis, and catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide and hydrogen to liquid fuels—remains far away from viable, according to a new analysis by Lux Research. Source: Lux Research. Click to enlarge.

2014 190

Raven SR & Hyzon Motors to build up to 100 waste-to-hydrogen hubs

Green Car Congress

a global supplier of hydrogen fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles, announced a joint venture to build up to 100 hydrogen hubs across the United States and globally. As part of the agreement, Hyzon is acquiring a minority interest in Raven SR.

Waste 371

Berkeley Lab team building new total cost of ownership model for fuel cells; intrinsic and external benefits

Green Car Congress

Funded by a $2-million grant from the US Department of Energy, a team of scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) led by Eric Masanet is building a sophisticated cost model for fuel cells that will will take into account the total cost of ownership. The project will cover two types of fuel cells—solid oxide and proton-exchange-membrane—in systems of up to 250 kW.

2011 190

SpaceX details plan to build Mars Base Alpha with reusable Starship rockets


For the first time, SpaceX has teamed up with researchers from NASA and several other US institutions to publicly discuss how it plans to use Starship to build Mars Base Alpha. billion NASA contract to build a human-rated Moon lander variant of Starship.

CF Industries to build green ammonia plant in Louisiana

Green Car Congress

CF Industries’ Board of Directors has approved a green ammonia project at the company’s flagship Donaldsonville Nitrogen Complex to produce approximately 20,000 tons per year of green ammonia. CF Industries is a leading global manufacturer of hydrogen and nitrogen products for clean energy, emissions abatement, fertilizer, and other industrial applications. The implementation of these projects will enable CF to produce low-carbon ammonia.

National Academies Report Examines Hidden Cost of Energy Production and Use in US; Estimates $120B in 2005

Green Car Congress

Health and other non-climate damages by life-cycle component for different combinations of fuels and light-duty automobiles in 2005 (top) and 2030 (bottom). Source: “Hidden Costs of Energy”. The report estimates dollar values for several major components of these costs. Because these effects are not reflected in energy prices, government, businesses and consumers may not realize the full impact of their choices. Source: “Hidden Costs of Energy”.

2009 214

GE and Berkeley Lab developing water-based high energy density flow battery for EVs

Green Car Congress

Conceptual design of a water-based flow battery GE scientists are researching as part of ARPA-E’s RANGE program. This battery could be one-fourth the cost of current car batteries, and could nearly triple the distance electric vehicles could travel on a single charge. Researchers from GE and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) are developing a water-based flow battery targeted at EVs. Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 43, no.

2013 232

Dürr building smart and resource-efficient paint shop at San Luis Potosí in Mexico for BMW Group; Industry 4.0

Green Car Congress

Dürr is building a paint shop in Mexico for the BMW Group that meets the requirements for connected Industry 4.0 San Luis Potosí will build the BMW brand’s best-selling model series, the BMW 3 Series Sedan. Start of production is scheduled for 2019, with an annual production capacity of up to 150,000 units. From the first full year of production, the plant will be the BMW Group’s most resource-efficient production location worldwide.

2018 219

UK study finds Bio-SNG could offer 90% reduction in lifecycle CO2; lower cost of carbon abatement than electrical solutions for transport applications

Green Car Congress

Cost of carbon abated for transport applications. Bio-SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas) delivered via the gas grid offers CO 2 lifecycle savings of up to 90% compared with fossil fuel alternatives, and offer sa more cost-effective solution than electricity for carbon abatement in transport applications, according to a new feasibility study published by National Grid (UK), the North East Process Industry Cluster ( NEPIC ) and Centrica. Cost of carbon abated.

2010 190

The Most Powerful Greenius In America

Creative Greenius

It’s not sexy and it doesn’t make a bunch of old school, balding, white, male, carbon collaborators stinking filthy rich, so it’s no wonder they’ve done every evil and despicable thing in their power to keep this weapon from being aimed at them. And the people who are going to try to stop us will be decimated along with their evil, hell-based philosophy, the one they’ve been spewing without fear of justice – until now.

2009 163

ARPA-E to award $60M to 2 programs: enhancing biomass yield and dry-cooling for thermoelectric power

Green Car Congress

ARPA-E’s vision of advanced phenotyping to enhance biomass yield. The US Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) will award up to $60 million to two new programs ($30 million each). The Advanced Research In Dry cooling (ARID) program ( DE-FOA-0001197 ) aims to develop low-cost, highly efficient and scalable dry-cooling technologies for thermoelectric power plants. ARPA-E Biomass Biotech Power Generation Water

2014 222

SITA UK and Cynar to build UKs first commercial plants to convert waste plastic to diesel

Green Car Congress

SITA UK, one of the country’s leading recycling and resource management companies and a subsidiary of Suez Environment, has signed an exclusive agreement with Cynar Plc to build Britain’s first fully operational plants to convert end of life plastic into diesel fuel. The objective of the new agreement is to build 10 UK plants dealing with 60,000 tonnes of mixed plastic waste per year and to commission the first plant in London by end 2011.

2010 204

Solar Smackdown in Torrance – Installer Sues City on Behalf of the Sun

Creative Greenius

After a decade in the solar power installation business, Bradley Bartz is tired of being Mr. Nice Guy. He’s tried the sugar and honey approach for ten years but instead of catching flies he’s caught hassles and obstructions from local Southern California city officials who haven’t kept up with modern technology and remain both ignorant and adversarial when it comes to helping their citizens go solar. Nick Green of the Breeze did a good job reporting.

2009 190

PNNL, Moselle to advance using magnetic nanoparticles to capture lithium, cesium from brines

Green Car Congress

The core nanoparticle consists of a form of iron oxide better known as magnetite. This core particle is used to anchor the adsorbent shell that selectively binds the compounds of interest—the key to the patented technology. And this will take out more than half the cost.

GM renames Detroit-Hamtramck to Factory ZERO; $2.2B investment to reconfigure it to all EV assembly

Green Car Congress

The name Factory ZERO reflects the significance of this facility in advancing GM’s zero-crashes, zero-emissions and zero-congestion future. Production of the GMC HUMMER EV pickup will begin in late 2021.

2020 329

California Energy Commission approves first local energy efficiency standards that go beyond 2019 statewide requirements

Green Car Congress

The California Energy Commission (CEC) approved six applications for local energy ordinances that exceed statewide requirements of the 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. At the state level, we should partner with, learn from, and support local jurisdictions who develop innovative solutions to improve the energy performance of their communities. Adoption of local standards has gained momentum over time.

2019 163

DOE to award ~$96M for bioenergy research and development

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced up to more than $96 million in funding ( DE-FOA-0002203 ) for bioenergy research and development. Topic areas within this FOA will advance DOE’s Bioenergy Technology Office’s objectives of reducing the price of drop-in biofuels; lowering the cost of biopower; and enabling high-value products from biomass or waste resources.

2020 174

UK awards £28M for 5 demonstration-phase low-carbon hydrogen production projects

Green Car Congress

As part of a larger £90 million (US$117 million) package of awards to cut carbon emissions in industry and homes, the UK is awarding £28 million (US$36.5 The project concerns the production of hydrogen at scale from offshore floating wind in deep water locations.

2020 322

Monash team proposes roadmap to renewable ammonia economy; 3 generations of technology

Green Car Congress

While there is global potential to generate renewable energy at costs already competitive with fossil fuels, a means of storing and transporting this energy at a very large scale is a roadblock to large-scale investment, development and deployment.

2020 344

Hystar raises $5.9M+ to develop and commercialize its high-efficiency thin-membrane PEM electrolysis tech

Green Car Congress

AP Ventures , a significant investor in breakthrough hydrogen technologies, led the fundraise, alongside SINTEF Ventures, the investment fund of the SINTEF research institute, and Firda, a pioneering early-stage investor in Norway.

MITEI study finds hydrogen-generated electricity is a cost-competitive candidate for backing up wind and solar

Green Car Congress

A team at MITEI (MIT Energy Initiative) has found that hydrogen-generated electricity can be a cost-competitive option for backing up wind and solar. In a paper published in the journal Applied Energy , they report devising a methodology to estimate the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) of meeting the seasonal nature of variable renewable energy (VRE) resources with either a hydrogen-fired gas turbine (HFGT) or lithium-ion battery system (LI).

Wind 163

US DOE launches two consortia to advance fuel cell truck and electrolyzer R&D

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) launched the Million Mile Fuel Cell Truck (M 2 FCT) and the H2NEW consortia to advance fuel cell truck and hydrogen production R&D. Today’s announcement builds upon DOE’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office’s (EERE’s) intention to invest up to $100 million over five years, subject to appropriations, to reduce the cost of fuel cells for trucks and of electrolyzers for hydrogen production.

2020 174

Alcoa outlines technology roadmap to decarbonize aluminum industry

Green Car Congress

The technologies in Alcoa’s roadmap, including a new, proprietary post-consumer scrap recycling process, have the potential to decarbonize a significant portion of the upstream aluminum supply chain and provide a competitive advantage in a carbon-constrained world. The roadmap includes three key programs: The Refinery of the Future , which aims both to reduce the capital cost of developing a refinery and to enable decarbonization of the alumina refining process.

Yara planning 500 kton/year green ammonia project in Norway

Green Car Congress

Leading fertilizer company Yara plans to electrify fully its ammonia plant in Porsgrunn, Norway with the potential to cut 800,000 tonnes of CO 2 per year, equivalent to the emissions from 300,000 passenger cars. Production from the electrified ammonia unit would be some 500,000 tonnes per year of green ammonia. —Svein Tore Holsether, President and Chief Executive Officer of Yara.

2020 214

IEA: Decisive action by governments is critical to unlock growth for low-carbon hydrogen

Green Car Congress

Governments need to move faster and more decisively on a wide range of policy measures to enable low-carbon hydrogen to fulfil its potential to help the world reach net zero emissions while supporting energy security, the International Energy Agency (IEA) says in a new report. When the IEA released its special report on The Future of Hydrogen for the G20 in 2019, only France, Japan and Korea had strategies for the use of hydrogen.

Cal Energy Commission awards Shell $4M to develop and demonstrate multi-modal hydrogen refueling station; road and rail

Green Car Congress

The multi-modal hydrogen refueling station will serve hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered on-road heavy-duty vehicles and locomotives at the Port of West Sacramento and will support the Sierra Northern Hydrogen Locomotive Project resulting from the same solicitation and previously awarded. High-throughput clusters, such as marine ports, concentrate harmful criteria pollutants such as diesel particulate matter and oxides of nitrogen.

Real Life Energy Independence : Sustainable Living & Tata Nexon EV

Plug In India

They are attempting to go back to being natives of nature and to reconnect with the elements and mend the broken energy cycles. Reva grew up in the hills of Himachal – and shifted to Bangalore from Chandigarh about 20 years ago together with Ranjan, her husband and their daughter.


DOE EERE awarding $43.6M for Phase II SBIR projects

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) is awarding $43.6 million in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II Release 2 grants to projects that demonstrate commercial feasibility for innovations during the second phase of their research. Phase II awards range from $975,000 to $1,150,000, with a duration of two years.

2019 197

CalSEED awards $4.2M to early-stage clean energy innovations

Green Car Congress

The California Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development (CalSEED) program announced that the fourth cohort of innovative clean energy concepts has been approved by the California Energy Commission (CEC); 28 companies out of 212 were selected to receive grants of $150,000 each. To help California mitigate its ever-growing wildfires, this year CalSEED has included companies that are innovating in technologies that will build wildfire resiliency into the grid.

2020 294

IHS Markit: conventional oil & gas discoveries at lowest levels in 70 years; major rebound unlikely

Green Car Congress

The low levels in discoveries come as a result of a pullback during the past 10 years in the wildcat drilling that targets conventional oil and gas plays—most drastically after oil prices collapsed in 2014. The decline in conventional discoveries was not only driven by low oil prices, but by competition from short cycle-time unconventional projects, and by financial investors who question long-term, high-cost, frontier projects, the report said.

2019 183

DOE awards $14M to advance hydrogen fuel technologies

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced up to $14 million in funding for the advancement of hydrogen fuel technologies. Specifically, these selections include advanced high-temperature water splitting; advanced compression; and thermal insulation technologies. For cost-competitive transportation, hydrogen must be comparable to conventional fuels and technologies on a per-mile basis in order to succeed in the commercial marketplace.

2016 150

Heckmann Corporation transitioning truck fleet from diesel to LNG; largest single US order for LNG trucks

Green Car Congress

Heckmann Corporation, a water solutions company focused on water issues worldwide and, in particular, oil and natural gas exploration and production, is teaming up with Encana Natural Gas Inc., a subsidiary of Encana Corporation, Westport and Peterbilt Motors Company, a division of PACCAR Inc to transition its truck fleet from traditional diesel vehicles to natural gas vehicles (NGVs). Heckmann Corporation was created to buy and build companies in the water sector.

2011 228

What are Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles? Will They Replace BEVs?

Get Electric Vehicle

Like BEVs, FCEVs’ exhaust produces no smog-forming or climate-changing emissions; the sole result is water. The most common type of fuel cell for vehicle applications is the polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell. Defining Characteristics of an FCEV.

Snam and RINA team up to accelerate the development of hydrogen sector

Green Car Congress

The two companies have formed a joint working group to study and test the compatibility of industrial burners and other existing infrastructure already in operation with hydrogen. We are proud to collaborate with Snam to promote the sustainable progress of the energy sector.

2020 329

How Will EV Charging Powered by Renewable Energy Create a Greener World


This is the second post of our renewable energy and EV charging series. Sources of clean and renewable energy are increasingly being integrated by utilities around the world. Renewable energy was the main source of energy before the discovery of oil, coal, and natural gas.

Western Australia to invest $22M to accelerate renewable hydrogen future

Green Car Congress

The Western Australia Government of Premier Mark McGowan will bring forward the Western Australian Renewable Hydrogen Strategy targets by a decade and invest $22 million to develop hydrogen supply, meet growing demand for the clean fuel and create jobs. Part of the WA Recovery Plan, the accelerated targets and nine studies and projects will boost the State’s renewable hydrogen industry and position WA as a major producer, user and exporter of renewable hydrogen.

2020 217

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says Starship will take over Starlink launches


Since dedicated Starlink launches began in May 2019, Musk, COO and President Gwynne Shotwell, and a few other SpaceX officials and executives have made it clear that the company would ultimately transition the task of launching and maintaining the Starlink constellation from Falcon 9 to Starship.

2019 113

Omega Seiki partners Charzer to deploy 30k cargo vehicles, 20k EV charging stations in India

Electric Vehicles India

An EV charging infrastructure startup Charzer based out of Bengaluru has joined hands with Omega Seiki Mobility to install 20,000 EV charging stations all over India in the next 2 years. With Charzer, fleet owners can save up to 46% of their expenses and scale their fleet 10 times faster.

India 58

Bionic Hand Gives Amputees Sense of Touch

Cars That Think

The girl's family could not afford the cost of getting her a prosthetic leg, so she used a tree branch as a crutch to help her walk. Twenty-one years later, in 2015, the IEEE member founded Psyonic , which designs and builds advanced, affordable artificial limbs.

Car Crash Prevention System Wins Student $10,000 IEEE Scholarship

Cars That Think

General Directorate of Highways. The accidents occur when a car collides with the rear or side of a large truck and gets stuck underneath it. The outer layer is made of energy-absorbing material, and the second layer is made of metal. University of California, Santa Cruz.

DOE to issue a funding opportunity announcement on H2@Scale

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy DOE intends to issue a Funding Opportunity Announcement (DE-FOA-0002022) to advance the H2@Scale concept. The focus of H2@Scale is to enable affordable and reliable large-scale hydrogen generation, transport, storage, and utilization in the United States across multiple sectors. The US produces more than 10 million metric tons of hydrogen per year, used primarily for petroleum refining and fertilizer production. production of hydrogen and value?add

2019 214