Wärtsilä report finds accelerated adoption of renewables can reduce electricity production costs by up to 50%

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The Front-Loading Net Zero report states that electricity production costs could be reduced by up to 50% by 2050 if countries and states adopt 100% renewable systems faster than currently planned. Utilities should keep repeating steps 1 - 3 until their systems run on 80 – 90% renewables.

El Segundo’s @LATimes Forced To Cover Climate Crisis When Politicians Shove It Up Their To-Do List #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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Rhodium Group estimates US GHG fell 2.1% in 2019, driven by coal decline

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This decline was due almost entirely to a drop in coal consumption. Coal-fired power generation fell by a record 18% year-on-year to its lowest level since 1975. Emissions from buildings, industry and other parts of the economy rose, though less than in 2018. Coal-driven decline.

2020 311

Tesla Megapack behind first of 10+ big batteries as NSW prepares to retire coal plants


Transgrid subsidiary Lumea will build the Wallgrove battery in western Sydney. The big battery will also operate in virtual machine mode, according to Renew Economy. . The Wallgrove Battery can reduce the grid’s need for aging coal and gas plants with synthetic inertia.

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SGH2 building largest green hydrogen production facility in California; gasification of waste into H2

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The plant will feature SGH2’s technology, which will gasify recycled mixed paper waste to produce green hydrogen that reduces carbon emissions by two to three times more than green hydrogen produced using electrolysis and renewable energy, and is five to seven times cheaper.

2020 358

Monash team proposes roadmap to renewable ammonia economy; 3 generations of technology

Green Car Congress

While there is global potential to generate renewable energy at costs already competitive with fossil fuels, a means of storing and transporting this energy at a very large scale is a roadblock to large-scale investment, development and deployment.

2020 338

Tesla Energy takes a stand against coal and gas generators in Australia


Tesla Energy firmly argued against using coal and gas generators to support a proposed low-cost, reliable, secure, and zero-emissions grid in Australia. . First, Tesla is firmly against the idea of extending the life span of existing coal and gas generators. .

Study finds shifts to renewable energy can drive up energy poverty

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Efforts to shift away from fossil fuels and replace oil and coal with renewable energy sources can help reduce carbon emissions but do so at the expense of increased inequality, according to a new study by researchers at Portland State University (PSU) and Vanderbilt University. Alternatively, in poorer nations, renewable sources of electricity have been used to alleviate energy poverty. We really need to think more holistically about how we address renewable energy.

2019 241

Ørsted and partners secure funding for H2RES project; offshore wind power to produce renewable hydrogen for road transport

Green Car Congress

The partners will build a 2MW electrolysis plant with appurtenant hydrogen storage. The plant will use electricity from offshore wind turbines to produce renewable hydrogen for buses, trucks and potentially taxis.

2019 238

Shell, Shenhua to Partner on RD in Advanced Coal Technology; Shell Qualifies 3 Chinese Companies to Manufacture Gasification Technology

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Shell Coal Gasification Process. Shell (China) Limited and Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Co. Shenhua) have agreed to seek opportunities for conducting joint research and development in advanced coal technology. Shell) also qualified three Chinese companies for the manufacture of key equipment for the Shell Coal Gasification Process (SCGP), in order to make the Shell technology more competitive in the Chinese market. Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Co.

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How Will EV Charging Powered by Renewable Energy Create a Greener World


This is the second post of our renewable energy and EV charging series. Sources of clean and renewable energy are increasingly being integrated by utilities around the world. What is Renewable Energy? Renewables Using the Earth’s Water & Heat.

Wood Mackenzie: China thermal coal demand to double to nearly 7btpa by 2030

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In a new report, energy, mining and minerals consultancy Wood Mackenzie projects that despite efforts to limit coal consumption and seek alternative fuel options, China’s strong appetite for thermal coal will lead to a doubling of demand by 2030. China’s demand will grow to approximately seven billion tonnes per annum (btpa) of thermal coal which is contrary to speculation that its thermal coal demand may peak in the next decade.

2013 191

Groupe Renault launching project to build biggest energy stationary storage system from EV batteries in Europe

Green Car Congress

Groupe Renault is launching its “Advanced Battery Storage” program, which aims to build the biggest energy stationary storage system using EV batteries yet designed in Europe by 2020 (power: 70 MW / energy: 60MWh). The first facilities will be developed in early 2019 on three sites in France and Germany: at the Renault plants in Douai and Cléon and at a former coal-fired plant in North Rhine-Westphalia.

2018 246

Hey Exxon! Hey Chevron! My Friends At the EPA Are Declaring What You Do Dangerous & You Will Pay. Pack Up Losers, It’s Time For You to Go!

Creative Greenius

Because what’s bad news for the legacy “Burn To Earn&# industries who are responsible for overheating our planet is exactly the great news that our new, renewable and sustainable business model needs to take off like a rocket and change our world for the better economically and environmentally. One of the other big business groups the WSJ is talking about is the motley group of US Senators and US Congress members who got their money directly from the oil, gas and coal industry.

Tesla’s solar neighborhood in Austin could help TX learn if renewables are viable


The project aims to build the first Tesla Solar neighborhood, making a sustainable residential community. Tesla Energy takes a stand against coal and gas generators in Australia. After the Texas power crisis, many have supported the idea of switching to a renewable power grid.

Ignite Energy Resources and TRUenergy Plan Direct Coal-to-Liquids and Coal Drying Demo Project for Supercritical Water Technology

Green Car Congress

Ignite Energy Resources (IER), developer of a supercritical water technology, and TRUenergy have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop a commercial demonstration plant that will apply IER’s direct coal-to-oil and upgraded dry coal process to the brown coal at TRUenergy’s Yallourn mine in Australia. tonnes of high-ranked coal. TRUenergy’s generation portfolio spans coal, gas and renewable energy. Tags: Coal-to-Liquids (CTL

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New US-China Clean Energy Research Center to Focus on Buildings, Coal and Vehicles

Green Car Congress

Priority topics to be addressed will initially include building energy efficiency, lower-emitting coal technologies including carbon capture and storage, and clean vehicles. The US DOE currently manages 12 agreements with China under the S&T framework on a wide variety of energy sciences and technologies including: building and industrial energy efficiency, clean vehicles, renewable energy, nuclear energy and science, and biological and environmental research.

2009 150

DOE Selects 8 Projects to Advance Technologies for the Co-Production of Power and Hydrogen, Fuels or Chemicals from Coal-Biomass Feedstocks

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) has selected 8 research projects for funding that will focus on gasification of coal/biomass to produce synthetic gas (syngas) as a pathway to producing power, hydrogen, fuel or chemicals. Awards are in three areas: Reprocessing and Conditioning of Coal/Biomass Mixtures for Simultaneous Co-Feeding Systems; Reactive Properties of Coal/Biomass Mixed Fuels; and Design Concepts for Co-Production of Power, Fuels and Chemicals.

2010 191

Researchers Say Mix of Policies and Current or Near-Term Technologies Could Phase Out US CO2 Emissions from Coal-Fired Power Plants by 2030

Green Car Congress

CO 2 emissions from US coal-fired power plant could be phased out entirely by 2030 using existing technologies or ones that could be commercially competitive with coal within about a decade, according to a paper published online 30 April in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology. This global climate change problem becomes manageable only if society deals quickly with emissions of carbon dioxide from burning coal in electric power plants, they state.

2010 205

I’ve Done The Math – Now I’m Doing Something About It

Creative Greenius

But our friends in the oil, coal and gas industry have 5,795 gigatons of carbon on the books. We have to drastically cut the amount of carbon we can burn and that means 80% of all the oil underground and under the sea, 80% of all the shale gas waiting to be fracked and 80% of the coal in the hopper or in the coal mine all needs to stay sequestered right where it is to prevent the climate catastrophe we’re currently hurtling towards head on.

2013 289

Trestle Energy and Larksen partner to reduce CO2 from ethanol and coal power

Green Car Congress

Trestle and Larksen’s integrated approach furthers ethanol producers’ ability to scale up production of low carbon biofuels and allows existing power plants to generate electricity with the cost and reliability of coal and with carbon emissions similar to wind. This will expand supplies of dispatchable, renewable energy and substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions from domestic energy supplies.

2016 150

H2FUTURE building world’s largest green hydrogen pilot plant; targeting the steel industry

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CO 2 -free hydrogen produced via electrolysis using renewable electricity—in the various process stages of steel production, and integration into the power reserve markets for the power grid. The vision of the technology and capital goods group is to move away from coal and coke via bridging technologies based on natural gas, as is already the case at the direct reduction plant in Texas, and finally on to the greatest possible use of green hydrogen.

2018 210

That Super Sexy Clean Tech Roundtable, Part II of a Greenius Exclusive

Creative Greenius

And by sexy I mean hot and arousing, the way I get when serious people talk serious talk about renewable energy, about the revolution that’s needed to respond to climate change and about the reality of current world situation. LED lighting, sustainable building materials, making sure that we’re doing all that we can to be as efficient in the way that we use energy no matter what it’s form.

2009 174

Los Angeles takes steps to transition out of coal-fired power earlier than required by state law

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The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has taken steps to transition out of the use of coal-fired electricity earlier than mandated by California state law. Representatives of LADWP and Salt River Project have reached sufficient progress on the principle terms to sell LADWP’s stake in Navajo Generating Station for the two utilities to move forward to negotiate a definitive agreement that would end LA’s use of coal-fired power from the plant by the end of 2015.

Greenius Is Fired Up Over Obama’s Green Economic Recovery Bill!

Creative Greenius

The coal industry is about to get what’s coming to them and not a moment too soon. The EPA is about to start regulating deadly CO2 emissions from coal fired power plants. Killer Coal Environmental Politics Saving Energy electric cars News Media Sustainability election solar power Tags: carbon producers Voters renewable energy fossil fuels campaign citizen volunteer environment green building politics plug-in cars climate change Yes We Can!

2009 150

The Greenius Solution To All California’s Problems: AB 920 + AB 811

Creative Greenius

It also sets California as the world model for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and generating clean, renewable power and provides the rest of the planet with an easy to follow path to a better way and stopping a catastrophe before it engulfs us. And part of that will be the building of a charging system infrastructure that means more money, more jobs and more success for California. Tags: Environmental Politics Killer Coal Saving Energy Yes We Can!

2009 174

Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid, cheap renewables, tax credits: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

A new report shows that building new renewable power can be cheaper than running old coal plants. California regulatory documents show range estimates for the new Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid. Automakers join forces to lobby for extending electric-car tax credits. And California preps for half a million electric cars. All this and more on Green Car. Car Sharing

President’s Jobs Council recommends an “All-in” energy strategy; from fossil fuels and pipelines, to efficiency, renewables and vehicle electrification

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In its 2011 year-end report, Road Map to Renewal , the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness (Jobs Council) made a number of recommendations to create jobs in the short run and improve US competitiveness over the long term. The All-in strategy is intended to optimize all US energy resources while promoting efficiency and driving innovation and investment in new technologies such as renewables and vehicle electrification. —“Road Map to Renewal”.

2012 204

Bloomberg NEF forecasts falling battery prices enabling surge in wind and solar to 50% of global generation by 2050

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BNEF predicts that lithium-ion battery prices, already down by nearly 80% per megawatt-hour since 2010, will continue to tumble as electric vehicle manufacturing builds up through the 2020s. The result will be renewables eating up more and more of the existing market for coal, gas and nuclear. Coal emerges as the biggest loser in the long run. The latest BP Annual Energy Outlook found that in 2017, renewables grew strongly in 2017, with wind and solar leading the way.

2018 194

Calor introduces Neste BioLPG to the UK market; targeting fully renewable by 2040

Green Car Congress

Propane-rich off-gas is produced during Neste’s NExBTL renewable diesel process; the gas is usually recovered during the Stabilization and Recycle stages of the process. BioLPG is Calor’s first renewable product offering that sees the company commit to reducing its carbon footprint and to become fully renewable by 2040.

2018 163

Greenius Goes All AB 811 Over Green Task Force

Creative Greenius

With energy efficiency mandates now a major part of California state law and goals of weatherizing millions of older homes around the state and cutting each building’s carbon footprint these ESCs will become valuable go-to centers for homeowners and businesses. Senator Oropeza’s office building could save $21,940 a year in electricity costs if they put in a solar system. Creative Greenius talks AB 811 Financing to the Green Task Force / photo (c) Debra Bushweit Galliani.

2009 163

IRENA: Mexico can more than quadruple share of renewable energy by 2030

Green Car Congress

Mexico can increase the use of renewable energy in its energy mix from 4.4% in 2010 to 21% by 2030, according to a report released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Current plans, however, would only achieve a 10% share of renewables by 2030. Policy changes in the power market are needed to unleash Mexico’s renewable energy potential, with planning for expanded infrastructure and grid integration.

2015 191

Geely invests in Carbon Recycling Intl.; vehicles fueled by methanol from CO2, water and renewable energy

Green Car Congress

CRI, founded in 2006 in Reykjavik, Iceland, is developing technology to produce renewable methanol from clean energy and recycled CO 2 emissions. Geely Group and CRI intend to collaborate on the deployment of renewable methanol fuel production technology in China and explore the development and deployment of 100% methanol-fueled vehicles in China, Iceland and other countries. CRI have a proven track record in renewable methanol, working up and down the value chain.

2015 210

MIT researchers propose subsea version of pumped hydro for renewable energy storage

Green Car Congress

The key to this Ocean Renewable Energy Storage (ORES) system is the placement of 30-meter-diameter hollow concrete spheres on the seafloor under the wind turbines. The 1,000 wind turbines that the spheres could anchor could, on average, replace a conventional on-shore coal or nuclear plant. Ocean Renewable Energy Storage (ORES) System: Analysis of an Undersea Energy Storage Concept,” Proceedings of the IEEE , vol.

2013 244

Renewable-methanol fueled Geely cars in fleet testing in Iceland; 70% reduction in WTW CO2 compared to gasoline

Green Car Congress

Geely is a shareholder ($45.5-million investment in 2015) in Carbon Recycling International ( CRI ), an Icelandic company which produces renewable methanol using recycled CO 2 emissions sourced from a local thermal power plant and hydrogen made by splitting water with electrolysis (Power-to-Methanol). These positive results encourage CRI and its partners to engage in further development of renewable methanol use in vehicles. Currently, China produces most of its methanol from coal.

2017 163

Tsinghua University provincial-level lifecycle study finds fuel-cycle criteria pollutants of EVs in China could be up to 5x those of natural gas vehicles due to China’s coal-dominant power mix

Green Car Congress

A province-by-province life cycle analysis of natural gas and electric vehicles by a team from Tsinghua University concludes that while, from the perspective of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and criteria pollutant emissions, natural gas vehicles (CNGVs) are “ an option with no obvious merits or demerits ”, electric vehicles (EVs) are “ an option with significant merits and demerits in this regard ” due to China’s heavily coal-based electricity generation (national average of about 77%).

2013 200

National Research Council Report on Americas Energy Future Highlights Vehicle Efficiency Technologies, Conversion of Biomass and Coal-to-Liquids Fuels, and Electrifying the Light Duty Fleet with PHEVs, BEVs and FCVs

Green Car Congress

For the transportation sector, these key technologies include a focus on improving vehicle efficiency; developing technologies for the conversion of biomass and coal-to-liquid fuels; and electrifying the light-duty vehicle fleet through expanded deployment of plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), battery electric vehicles (BEVs), and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles (FCVs). Developing technologies for the conversion of biomass and coal-to-liquid fuels.

2009 150

Using the PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) to Transition Society Seamlessly and Profitably From Fossil Fuel to 100% Renewable Energy

Green Car Congress

It offers the solution to several significant transitions we need: moving society from burning fossil fuels to substituting renewable resource fuels such as solar, wind and biofuels; and from using fossil materials as fuel to using them for other recyclable uses. The car can refuel during periods of low demand on the grid, and if equipped with a bi-directional charger, can actually replenish the grid with excess energy gleaned from a renewable resource.

2015 300

MIT Report Finds Natural Gas Has Significant Potential to Displace Coal, Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Role in Transportation More Limited

Green Car Congress

Natural gas will play a leading role in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions over the next several decades, largely by replacing older, inefficient coal plants with highly efficient combined-cycle gas generation, according to a major new interim report out from MIT. The first two reports dealt with nuclear power (2003) and coal (2007). However, with no carbon constraints, coal generation is generally dispatched to meet demand before NGCC generation because of its lower fuel price.

2010 207

Solar Smackdown in Torrance – Installer Sues City on Behalf of the Sun

Creative Greenius

Its wholly interpretive guidelines can be used to approve or disapprove a building, addition or remodel completely on subjective principles. I went down to the Building Dept and they said, “It will be two weeks before we get back to you.” And then the senior gentlemen in the building with the Safety Dept. What’s the level of expertise and experience of the building inspectors and city staff? The building inspectors, limited at best. Just build a bigger system.

2009 190

Hawaii opts for EVs and renewable energy

Revenge of the Electric Car

Geothermal is particularly attractive since it’s a “forever&# renewable power source much like wind and solar - but without the intermittency of those clean energy sources. Clean base load energy is particularly important since that is usually generated by nukes, burning coal or, in the case of Hawaii, oil. The company estimates that it will cost $1 billion to build a charging network in the Bay Area that may create as many as half a million charging stations.

2008 100

Electric Company Too Scared To Tell Truth About Climate Change

Creative Greenius

So while Javier was there to tell people about why the electric company wants people to go solar to relieve pressure on the grid and to help green it, he was too intimidated by his fear of global warming denier objections to factor greenhouse gasses and climate change into the need for people to use renewable energy. Tags: Environmental Politics Killer Coal Saving Energy Sustainability Yes We Can!

3.8% drop in EU’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2019; transport emissions rise

Green Car Congress

The large decline in emissions, achieved before the COVID-19 crisis, was mainly due to reduced coal use for power generation. Emissions also decreased in other industrial sectors and residential buildings, the latter due to a warmer winter and lower demand for heating.

2019 222