Bolivia and ACISA found joint venture to extract and industrialize lithium from residual brine; €300M investment

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There is a plan to establish a further joint venture to manufacture cathode material and battery systems in Bolivia and Germany. Bolivia holds 51% of the shares in the JV through YLB. This includes applications for the manufacture of battery systems, energy storage systems and generators for electromobility, solar power plants, as well as the extraction of raw materials for these sectors.

Bolivian-German lithium extraction project takes major step forward; YLB partners with ACISA

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machinery to establish a value-added chain in Bolivia in the mid-term, from. and 1,000 direct jobs and up to 10,000 indirect jobs in Bolivia in areas. electric mobility, solar power plants, as well as the extraction of raw. Bolivian state enterprise Yacimientos de Litio.

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Study finds megacity traffic soot can reach high altitudes and be transported over long distances, contributing to global warming

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However, soot does not only have a negative effect on human health, it also contributes to global warming by absorbing solar radiation. Scientists therefore hope to gain important insights from the Chacaltaya altitude observatory in Bolivia, which became operational in 2012. During the population census on 21 November 2012, all traffic in Bolivia was completely banned for 24 hours so that the population could be registered at their place of residence.

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Opinon: Lithium Market Set To Explode; All Eyes Are On Nevada

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Most of the world’s lithium comes from Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Australia and China, but American resources being developed by new entrants into this market have set up the state of Nevada to become the key venue and proving ground for game-changing trade in this everyday mineral. These batteries make smartphones, laptops, tablets, electric cars and even solar energy practical.”. by James Stafford of

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French construction company Bouygues Immobilier is working on an office in Meudon, western Paris, which uses 4,000 square metres of solar panels to meet not only its own energy needs but also to export surplus energy back to the power grid. Bolivia is no friend of the USA.

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