Bolivia and ACISA found joint venture to extract and industrialize lithium from residual brine; €300M investment

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There is a plan to establish a further joint venture to manufacture cathode material and battery systems in Bolivia and Germany. Bolivia holds 51% of the shares in the JV through YLB. In order to significantly reduce CO 2 emissions, 20 to 30% of the plant’s energy requirements will be provided by its own photovoltaic system at Salar de Uyuni.

Bolivian-German lithium extraction project takes major step forward; YLB partners with ACISA

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machinery to establish a value-added chain in Bolivia in the mid-term, from. socially-compatible implementation, for example by using renewable energy. and 1,000 direct jobs and up to 10,000 indirect jobs in Bolivia in areas. Bolivian state enterprise Yacimientos de Litio.

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Tesla And Other Tech Giants Scramble For Lithium As Prices Double

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Driven by the rise of battery gigafactories and game-changing Powerwall and energy storage businesses, the world now finds itself at the beginning of a lithium super cycle that is all about securing new supply, much of which is poised to come from lithium superstar Argentina. The lithium that is currently being mined quite simply is not enough to put a dent in the projected demand dictated by our hunger for consumer electronics and the pending energy revolution.

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Home Page Todays Paper Video Most Popular Times Topics Search All Energy & Environment World U.S. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission , which regulates interstate transmission of electricity, is on board with the idea. Bolivia is no friend of the USA.

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