BMW debuts iX3 SUV electric car

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The iX3 SUV, revealed in Beijing today, brings BMW into the mainstream when it comes to electric cars. No longer will BMW electrics be specialized models that look like science experiments, made of space-age carbon fiber or riding on skinny tires for the ultimate efficiency. Instead, the company will revert to building electric versions of its

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BMW crosses sales of 100,000 plug-in electric cars

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Almost exactly three years after the European launch of the i3 electric car in November 2013, BMW has reached a notable milestone in its electrification efforts. The German automaker says it has delivered 100,000 plug-in cars over the past three years. That figure encompasses both battery-electric cars and plug-in hybrids. sales Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars BMW i

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BMW teases iX3 electric car in China

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BMW's electric car lineup, the tiny i3 commuter and the i8 plug-in sports car, leaves a huge gap for a more practical, mainstream vehicle in between. Rumors have circulated since shortly after the i3's debut that the company was working on a new model to fill the gap—a hatchback to be called the i5, sort of a BMW-esque Chevrolet Volt, or a

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2018 BMW i3 electric car range adds sportier i3s version

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While the 2018 BMW i3 will formally debut next week at the Frankfurt auto show, the company has released details ahead of time on the updates to the lineup of its compact electric car. plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Range-Extended Electric Vehicle REx range extender engine BMW i3 REx

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BMW Uses Siri-like Tech to Promote Electric Car

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service will be promoted across BMW?s s advertising for the BMW i3, which is due to go on sale in the UK in late 2013. d much rather talk about the new BMW i3?. It is hoped i Genius, which was created by start-up London Brand Management, will help consumers make better buying decisions when it comes to choosing an electric car because they can ask questions at any time and at any location - rather than having to wait to call a customer service line or visit a dealership.

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2017 BMW i3 REx: drive review of range-extended electric car

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When the history of modern electric cars is written, the BMW i3 will likely go down as something of an anomaly. Its carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic body shell, aluminum underpinnings, and battery-electric powertrain with an optional range extender are a combination not offered by any other maker, now or perhaps ever. plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Range-Extended Electric Vehicle REx range extender engine BMW i3 REx

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BMW unveils electric cars

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Two new electric powered production cars have been unveiled by BMW as it looks to further it’s ‘I’ sub-brand. The BMW i3 Concept has been developed for use in an urban environment with a 125kW electric motor that boasts torque of 250Nm and a range of 93miles. BMW Electric cars Green cars Latest news BMW electric cars BMW i brand BMW i3 BMW i8

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BMW 'i' electric-car sub-brand to expand into SUVs, utility vehicles, with 'iX' models

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Before the 2013 launch of its 'i' sub-brand, BMW had secured the names of potential i-branded vehicles by applying for i1 through i9 monikers in 2010. At a sneak peek of BMW’s upcoming. Future Cars plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) BMW iNow the brand has secured another batch of names for electrified crossovers—iX1 through iX9—and it plans to use at least one of them by 2020.

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If BMW i5 is canceled, what does that mean for its electric cars?

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When it launched in 2013, the BMW i3 electric car was arguably the most futuristic automobile in mass production anywhere in the world. Its all-electric powertrain could be ordered with an optional range-extending engine, and it rode on an aluminum chassis topped with a strong but lightweight body shell made of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic. Future Cars plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) BMW iNext

BMW could increase i3 electric car production as demand soars

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BMW is considering increasing production of its first electric car after early demand exceeded expectations. According to Bloomberg, BMW has received more than 8,000 orders for its i3 electric supermini even before the car hits showrooms next month.

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BMW forms electric car partnership

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BMW has announced a new electric car charging agreement with Coulomb Technologies for the Boston Metro area. More than 150 charging stations for electric vehicles are now being installed by Coulomb through its $37million ChargePoint America Department of Energy programme – with BMW ActiveE drivers able to take advantage of the network. BMW Electric cars Green cars Latest news BMW ActiveE BMW electric cars ChargePoint Network Coulomb Technologies

BMW introduces another electric car

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The BMW i3, the subject of our green hero article this month, has been grabbing headlines since its launch in the UK. However, what you may not realise is that the German carmaker is also bringing another electric car on to the market. Latest News Green cars Electric cars BMW

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BMW teams with Chargemaster to build electric car charging infrastructure

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BMW is to team with charging infrastructure provide, Chargemaster to help provide e-mobility services to customers of its new i3 electric car. Electric cars BMW

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Via update, CAFE support, Costa Rica electric cars, BMW i4 vs Model 3: Today's Car News

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Today, we've got electric cars for Costa Rica, support for keeping CAFE rules, a Via Motors update, and the future BMW i4 electric sedan that looks like it will face off against the Tesla Model 3. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Today in Car NewsCosta Rica works hard toward maintaining its reputation for eco-awareness, and now Mitsubishi is donating.

BMW Targets Twice As Many Electric-Car Sales This Year

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Sales of the two BMW "i" plug-in electric models have been fairly good over the past year, and that''s leading the company to reach for a more ambitious goal. BMW aims to double sales of its i3 electric car and i8 plug-in hybrid in the U.S. DON''T MISS: Plug-In Electric Car Sales In. sales New car sales plug-in cars BMW i3 REx

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Ford, BMW, and Infiniti electric car strategy, Trump loses in court, and electric car chargers everywhere: The Week in Reverse

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What ever happened to electric-car company BYD? And what's BMW's new electric-car strategy? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending on Friday, April 17, 2018. On Friday, we took learned some more details about the new diesel F150, and had a chance to offer some driving. Diesels Fuel Economy

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Classic BMW Coupe Becomes 800-Horsepower Electric Car

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BMW's ActiveE coupe is a great little electric car. It looks pretty good, there's decent performance on offer, and drivers enjoy BMW handling and BMW quality without having to feed a drop of gas into it. Even more so when it's working.

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BMW electric car to inspire future engineers

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A new Technical College, which aims to train the engineers of the future, is to promote its new educational facilities using one of the limited production run, BMW ActiveE electric cars. Electric cars BMW

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BMW i3 Electric Car To Get Longer Range Next Year, CEO Says

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The BMW i3 electric car will get a longer range next year, and it will soon be followed by another "i" model, the carmaker's chief executive says. That would expand the BMW "i" range to three models, including the i3 small hatchback, the i8 plug-in hybrid coupe, and the new and so far unnamed model, But there's still no firm timeline for the. Future Cars plug-in cars BMW i BMW i3 REx

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Bolt EV tires, BMW electric-car platforms, California vs Feds, Colorado charging sites: Today's Car News

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Today, we interviewed BMW's electric-car powertrain head, looked at tire swaps for Chevy Bolt EVs, covered some state news on emission limits and charging stations, and offered a PSA on climate change. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Low-rolling-resistance tires boost electric-car range, but don't do much for handling. Today in Car News

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BMW chooses electric car charging provider

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German carmaker BMW is taking a step forward in the advancement of its electric vehicles by selecting a provider for its electric vehicle charging equipment. AeroVironment has received the nod to supply accessories and installation services to support the introduction of the BMW ActiveE. The vehicle is the second phase of the BMW Group’s electro-mobility [.].

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BMW i3 Electric Car Quirk: No AM Radio--But Why?

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The BMW i3 electric car is a tour de force of advanced engineering--and the most energy-efficient car sold in the U.S. Its body shell is made of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic, riding on an aluminum platform containing the lithium-ion battery, the electric motor, and the crash structures. But you can't get AM radio in the car. Green Audio BMW i3 REx Infotainment accessories plug-in cars

BMW: we won't mass-produce electric cars until 2020, with cheaper cells

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BMW sold more than 100,000 cars with plugs last year, adding together its battery-electric and plug-in hybrid models. That's roughly on a par with Tesla, and ahead of both General Motors and Nissan, two other pioneers in modern electric cars. The company has put far more plug-in cars on the road to date than its German counterparts, both Daimler. Batteries lithium-ion Future Cars Production plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Samsung

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BMW i3 electric car launches in the UK

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Deliveries of BMW’s first fully electric car, the i3 supermini, begin in the UK this month, with prices from £28,680 after a £5,000 Plug-in Car Grant has been deducted. Electric cars BMW

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What’s up with the BMW MINI E?

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The BMW Mini E has hit the streets. Barely one year ago, word surfaced that an electric Mini was in the works. In June about 500 cars were placed in consumer and fleet hands in Los Angeles and New York and New Jersey for what BMW calls a " field trial."

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BMW i3 REx electric-car lawsuit: range-extender power loss alleged

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The BMW i3 is the only electric car in the world sold with an optional range-extending engine to increase driving capability beyond the range provided by the battery. The "REx" option adds a small, 34-horsepower 650cc two-cylinder engine, derived from one used in BMW motorcycles, that powers a generator. And as most owners of the BMW i3 REx model. Green BMW i3 REx REx range extender engine Range-Extended Electric Vehicle lawsuit plug-in cars

BMW Group begins series production of the BMW i3 electric car in Leipzig

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The BMW Group has begun series production of the BMW i3 electric vehicle ( earlier post ) at its plant in Leipzig. The company has invested a total of around €600 million (US$801 million) in the BMW i production network and generated over 1,500 jobs.

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BMW announces UK dealer network for i3 electric car

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BMW has revealed that there will be an initial network of 46 dealerships in the UK which will be equipped to sell its first fully electric car, when the new i3 supermini launches later this year. Electric cars BMW

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Utility V2G test with BMW shows electric cars can aid the grid

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As the demand for electric cars grows, utility companies are considering their effect on local power grids—both positive and negative. Recently, California's PG&E and BMW recently wrapped up a pilot program testing experimental vehicle-to-grid technology to see if electric cars could actually aid the grid—and they did. test plug-in cars vehicle-to-grid-v2g Utility Companies

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BMW i3 Electric Car: Ultimate Guide

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Ever since we got wind of BMW''s ''Megacity'' electric vehicle, it''s been one of the most anticipated electric cars around. Now, it''s simply another electric car available to U.S. buyers--though that hasn''t diminished the impact of the i3''s concept-car styling, innovative interior and strong performance. 2014 BMW i3: First Drive Of BMW''s Radical New

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Another utility gives $10K off: BMW i3 electric car sales backed by SoCal Edison

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How badly do you want to buy a BMW i3 electric car? Badly enough to move to areas of California where Southern California Edison will be your electric utility? DON'T MISS: How to buy or lease an electric. rebates incentives Southern California Edison electric utilities plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Range-Extended Electric Vehicle REx range extender engine

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BMW i3 electric car named UK Car of the Year

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Alternative vehicles are finally making an impact in the UK: and this has been emphasised by an electric car walking away with one of the most prestigious honours available.

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BMW i3, Tesla Model S electric cars miss top IIHS safety ratings

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Two of the most prominent electric cars have missed out on the highest award given for vehicle safety by the influential IIHS: Top Safety Pick+. crash tests IIHS Tesla Motors plug-in cars

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BMW names price for first electric car

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BMW has set a date for the grand unveiling of the production model i3-its first fully electric car. We only have to wait until next Monday (July 29) before we see the first electric car to launch under the brand’s ‘Born Electric’ ‘i’ sub-brand.

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BMW electric-car batteries to be used as home energy-storage devices

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Tesla Motors was the first carmaker to branch out from selling electric cars to offering standalone battery packs for energy storage, but others have followed the company's lead. Mercedes-Benz and Nissan have stated their intentions to enter the energy-storage market, and now BMW is jumping on the bandwagon as well. At the Electric Vehicle. Batteries plug-in cars renewable energy energy storage BMW i

2017 BMW i3 Electric Car: 100- To 110-Mile Range, Battery Pack Retrofit?

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The BMW i3 electric car is due for a range boost in the near future, Harald Krüger--the company's CEO--said recently. But BMW hasn't publicly discussed the matter further. DON'T MISS: BMW i3 Electric. Green BMW i Future Cars battery pack plug-in carsNow, a new report claims the range boost will come courtesy of a new battery pack, which could also be retrofitted to existing i3 hatchbacks.

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Revenge of the Electric Car

Last week Chris Paine moderated a panel on electric vehicles at the Opportunity Green business conference in Los Angeles. A little BMW birdie told us that they’ll be announcing some information on field trials there in the next few weeks… Tags: Events Film News

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BMW i3 stop-sale, electric airplanes, 2018 Bolt EV, electric-car market share: Today's Car News

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Today, we've got an unexpected and very specific safety issue in BMW i3 electric cars, a battery boost for a forgotten vehicle, a look at electric airplanes, and a 2018 Chevy Bolt EV preview. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Sales of all new BMW i3 electric cars have been halted, and all of them will be recalled to fix a very specific. Today in Car News

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BMW i3 REx: owner's 3 years with range-extended electric car

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For the most part I’ve been very pleased with the car. It’s definitely not perfect, but then again no car is. ownership plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) youtube Range-Extended Electric Vehicle REx range extender engine long-term BMW i3 RExThis week, my 2014 i3 REx turned three years old; I picked it up on May 21, 2014.

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Six new electric cars coming for 2018 and 2019

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The next couple of years promise to be quite interesting for electric cars. The list includes two affordable 200-mile electric cars: the second-generation Nissan. Mercedes-Benz Future Cars Audi e-tron plug-in cars Tesla Model 3 Porsche Mission E BMW i5A minimum of six new models are expected in that time period, all promising ranges of 200 miles or more—which until a few months ago had been the exclusive province of Tesla Motors.

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