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Soon, 'electric-car range will no longer be a factor,' BMW chief says

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Among German luxury brands, BMW was the first to show significant interest in electric cars. It launched its "i" sub-brand in Europe in 2013, and its plans have evolved to include adding all-electric powertrains to models within the main BMW brand in future. That is part of an effort to grow sales of electric cars and plug-in hybrids significantly. plug-in cars range anxiety BMW i battery capacity

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BMW crosses sales of 100,000 plug-in electric cars

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Almost exactly three years after the European launch of the i3 electric car in November 2013, BMW has reached a notable milestone in its electrification efforts. The German automaker says it has delivered 100,000 plug-in cars over the past three years. That figure encompasses both battery-electric cars and plug-in hybrids. sales Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars BMW i

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BMW i3 Electric Car To Get Longer Range Next Year, CEO Says

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The BMW i3 electric car will get a longer range next year, and it will soon be followed by another "i" model, the carmaker's chief executive says. That would expand the BMW "i" range to three models, including the i3 small hatchback, the i8 plug-in hybrid coupe, and the new and so far unnamed model, But there's still no firm timeline for the. Future Cars plug-in cars BMW i BMW i3 REx

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BMW i3 Electric Car: Ultimate Guide

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Ever since we got wind of BMW''s ''Megacity'' electric vehicle, it''s been one of the most anticipated electric cars around. Now, it''s simply another electric car available to U.S. buyers--though that hasn''t diminished the impact of the i3''s concept-car styling, innovative interior and strong performance. 2014 BMW i3: First Drive Of BMW''s Radical New

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BMW electric-car batteries to be used as home energy-storage devices

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Tesla Motors was the first carmaker to branch out from selling electric cars to offering standalone battery packs for energy storage, but others have followed the company's lead. Mercedes-Benz and Nissan have stated their intentions to enter the energy-storage market, and now BMW is jumping on the bandwagon as well. At the Electric Vehicle. Batteries plug-in cars renewable energy energy storage BMW i

2017 BMW i3 preview

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The 2017 BMW i3 represents the first significant update of BMW's electric car since it went on sale in the U.S. Battery capacity rises 50 percent, from 22 to 33 kilowatt hours, and BMW says. Preview plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Range-Extended Electric Vehicle REx range extender engine BMW i3 RExback in May 2014.

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First Standalone BMW Electric-Car Sales Facility Opens--In CA, Of Course

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Electric cars are still a rarity in most of North America, and for that matter most of the world. Electric cars are increasingly popular there, and they're becoming positively commonplace in Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco. dealers California Dealership plug-in cars Silicon Valley BMW iBut California, which has led automotive trends pretty much since the Second War, is different.

BMW Releases New Video On First Electric Car: 1972 BMW 1602e

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Today''s BMW i3 may be the first electric car available to the public in large quantities from the Bavarian brand, but it''s certainly not BMW''s first-ever electric vehicle. Green Videos Vintage plug-in cars

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Why BMW uses Tesla electric cars to scare its staff into the future

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When Tesla arrived on the scene 10 years ago, no major automaker took it very seriously—let alone thought it would cause the disruption it has in the market for luxury cars. At the same time, BMW, once the harbinger of performance and luxury, worries that it may be falling behind when it comes to electric vehicles and technology innovation. Competition Tesla Motors plug-in cars

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BMW Targets Twice As Many Electric-Car Sales This Year

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Sales of the two BMW "i" plug-in electric models have been fairly good over the past year, and that''s leading the company to reach for a more ambitious goal. BMW aims to double sales of its i3 electric car and i8 plug-in hybrid in the U.S. DON''T MISS: Plug-In Electric Car Sales In. sales New car sales plug-in cars BMW i3 REx

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BMW loses electric-car staff to Chinese startup, says it's unaffected

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It seems that China is fast becoming a breeding ground for startups planning new electric cars. China plug-in cars BMW iMany have been inspired by Tesla Motors, and hope to follow in the Silicon Valley company's tire tracks by offering products radically different from those of established automakers. Now one Chinese company has poached an employee team from an.

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BMW introduces another electric car

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The BMW i3, the subject of our green hero article this month, has been grabbing headlines since its launch in the UK. However, what you may not realise is that the German carmaker is also bringing another electric car on to the market. Latest News Green cars Electric cars BMW

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BMW forms electric car partnership

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BMW has announced a new electric car charging agreement with Coulomb Technologies for the Boston Metro area. More than 150 charging stations for electric vehicles are now being installed by Coulomb through its $37million ChargePoint America Department of Energy programme – with BMW ActiveE drivers able to take advantage of the network. BMW Electric cars Green cars Latest news BMW ActiveE BMW electric cars ChargePoint Network Coulomb Technologies

BMW i3 REx electric-car lawsuit: range-extender power loss alleged

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The BMW i3 is the only electric car in the world sold with an optional range-extending engine to increase driving capability beyond the range provided by the battery. The "REx" option adds a small, 34-horsepower 650cc two-cylinder engine, derived from one used in BMW motorcycles, that powers a generator. And as most owners of the BMW i3 REx model. Green BMW i3 REx REx range extender engine Range-Extended Electric Vehicle lawsuit plug-in cars

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BMW i3 Electric Car Teardown: Profitable At 20,000 Units, Says Engineer (Video)

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Underneath its radical styling, the BMW i3 electric car has some unusual features. DON''T MISS: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche Electric Cars

Apple Wanted To Use BMW i3 As Basis For Its Own Electric Car: Report

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BMW and Apple have long cooperated on advanced technology. The German carmaker was the first in the world to incorporate iPod recognition into a car, more than 10 years ago. And the BMW i3 battery-electric car is not only highly advanced technologically--with its carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic body shell--but the most energy efficient vehicle. Rumors Apple plug-in cars

Why A 2015 BMW i3 REx Replaced My 2013 Chevy Volt: Electric-Car Evolution

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The car most comparable to the first Chevrolet Volt is the current BMW i3 fitted with the optional REx range-extending engine. Both cars run entirely in electric mode until their battery packs are depleted, unlike other plug-in hybrids which switch on their engines under maximum power demand. Plug-In Hybrids Chevy Volt plug-in cars Range-Extended Electric Vehicle BMW i3 REx

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Consumer Reports: avoid buying used 2014 BMW i3 electric cars

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The BMW i3 electric car has been on sale in the U.S. since May 2014, meaning some of the earliest examples are now likely turning up on used-car lots. So does BMW's radical electric city car make a good used-car purchase? If you are planning on going that route, it might be best to avoid the earliest cars available, suggests Consumer Reports. car buying Used Cars Consumer Reports plug-in cars

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LA police to buy 100 BMW i3 electric cars for department use

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Last year, the Los Angeles Police Department took delivery of a BMW i3 electric car for testing. The officers who drove the little electric hatchback liked it, apparently. After a few months of testing alongside a considerably more glamorous Tesla Model S, the LAPD has committed to an order for 100 of BMW's electric cars. Los Angeles police California Police car plug-in cars fleet

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BMW chooses electric car charging provider

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German carmaker BMW is taking a step forward in the advancement of its electric vehicles by selecting a provider for its electric vehicle charging equipment. AeroVironment has received the nod to supply accessories and installation services to support the introduction of the BMW ActiveE. The vehicle is the second phase of the BMW Group’s electro-mobility [.].

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2014 BMW i3 Electric Car: Full Details And Images Released

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We won''t see them in the States until early next year, but today the 2014 BMW i3 electric car was revealed in production form to the world at large. Some images had already leaked, and BMW had previously released some specifications and also information on the i3''s connectivity and navigation systems. Now, we have a full suite of photos and

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BMW i3 'Shadow Sport' Limited Edition Electric Car Offers Moonroof At Last

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BMW is finally offering a much-sought option for its i3 electric car--but only to a handful of customers. DON'T MISS: 1917 Detroit Electric Vs 2014 BMW. Los Angeles Auto Show special editions plug-in carsThat option is a moonroof, which hasn't been available on the i3 in the U.S. until now. But the coveted feature will only be offered on a limited-edition model, available to just 50 U.S. customers.

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Next BMW 7-Series To Use 'Carbon Core' Based on i3 Electric Car Body

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The BMW i3 electric car and i8 plug-in hybrid sport coupe are audacious examples of advanced technology in many ways. BMW has said that in due course, the plug-in cars'' advanced. Not the least of it are body shells made of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) mounted atop an aluminum rolling platform carrying the powertrains and crash structures. Body Carbon Fiber CFRP weight reduction

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2016 BMW 740e Plug-In Hybrid: Fifth Electric Car From German Maker

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The 2016 BMW 7-Series has now been announced, and among the dizzying array of models and trim packages is a plug-in hybrid version. That makes the awkwardly-named 2016 BMW 740e xDrive the fifth plug-in car from the Bavarian company. It joins the plug-in hybrid 330e sedan, the X5 xDrive 40e SUV, and the two "i" models--the i3 electric car and i8.

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BMW announces UK dealer network for i3 electric car

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BMW has revealed that there will be an initial network of 46 dealerships in the UK which will be equipped to sell its first fully electric car, when the new i3 supermini launches later this year. Electric cars BMW

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Classic BMW Coupe Becomes 800-Horsepower Electric Car

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BMW's ActiveE coupe is a great little electric car. It looks pretty good, there's decent performance on offer, and drivers enjoy BMW handling and BMW quality without having to feed a drop of gas into it. Even more so when it's working.

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That BMW Owner Who Got An Electric Car? The BMW's For Sale

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Oh, those dastardly electric cars. Green Fun plug-in carsTheir siren-like allure tempts otherwise innocent drivers to abandon their life-long infatuations with ultimate German driving machines and other fine automotive specimens that deliver driving pleasure via explosions of vaporized hydrocarbons thousands of times a minute. Where will this madness end? DON'T MISS.

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2015 BMW i3 Electric Car Price Raised $1,000 To $43,350

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The BMW i3 electric car enters its second model year largely unchanged, with a few added features and a price hike to boot. The 2015 BMW i3 now comes standard with DC fast-charging capability, satellite radio, and heated front seats--for a starting price that''s $1,075 higher than the 2014 model. DON''T MISS: BMW i3 Electric Car Super Bowl TV Ad

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First 2014 BMW i3 Electric Car Delivered To Buyer, In Boston

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As of Friday, May 2, it''s official: the 2014 BMW i3 electric car is now on sale in the U.S. In a small ceremony inside the BMW of Boston dealership, the first retail buyer of an i3 took delivery of his keyfob yesterday afternoon. DON''T MISS: 2014 BMW i3 Electric Car Rated At 81 Miles, 124 MPGe He is Tufts University professor of practice Charles

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2015 BMW i3 Video Road Test

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If there were ever a brand-reset button in the automotive business, the BMW i3 electric car is it. It''s both a compact hatchback and an all-electric car, from the brand that claims to build ultimate driving machines.

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Sales of BMW plug-in cars more than double over last year

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BMW is off to a strong start in meeting its ambitious plug-in car sales goals for 2017. In the first two months of 2017, it doubled combined sales of electric cars and plug-in hybrids over the same period in 2016. DON'T MISS: BMW 740e, X5 xDrive 40e: where do low-range plug-in hybrids fit in? Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars BMW i

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2017 BMW i3 Electric Car: 100- To 110-Mile Range, Battery Pack Retrofit?

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The BMW i3 electric car is due for a range boost in the near future, Harald Krüger--the company's CEO--said recently. But BMW hasn't publicly discussed the matter further. DON'T MISS: BMW i3 Electric. Green BMW i Future Cars battery pack plug-in carsNow, a new report claims the range boost will come courtesy of a new battery pack, which could also be retrofitted to existing i3 hatchbacks.

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BMW Advertises i3 And i8 Electric Cars On Olympics Broadcasts

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The Winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia, are now underway, and official partner BMW is using the games to promote its two plug-in offerings, the i3 and i8. Three different commercials will be broadcast during NBC''s coverage of the games, focusing on different aspects of the BMW-i lineup.

BMW could increase i3 electric car production as demand soars

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BMW is considering increasing production of its first electric car after early demand exceeded expectations. According to Bloomberg, BMW has received more than 8,000 orders for its i3 electric supermini even before the car hits showrooms next month.

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BMW electric cars to get new DC rapid charging solutions

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BMW is believed to be readying a new DC rapid charging solution for its electric cars, with an announcement expected within the next three weeks.

BMW launches i Genius text service for electric car queries

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BMW is a new player in the field of electric cars and as such the carmaker is pre-empting that potential buyers will probably have many questions about its first EV; the i3. Electric cars BMW

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2014 BMW i3 Lease Deals Appear: $369/Month For Electric Car

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It''s a pretty standard part of the car-launch cycle: The earliest buyers pay sticker price or more, and then the discounting starts to set in. Accordingly, with the BMW i3 electric car on the market for five months now, we''re starting to see more aggressive marketing on the part of dealers. One more generous lease deal that popped up recently came

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2014 BMW i3 Electric Car Rated At 81 Miles, 124 MPGe: BREAKING

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Well, the numbers are in, courtesy of a quickly-photographed window sticker, and now we know the range and efficiency ratings for the 2014 BMW i3 electric car. The EPA-rated range is 81 miles, and its efficiency is a record-breaking 124 MPGe combined (138 MPGe city, 111 MPGe highway). ALSO SEE: Toyota Describes Combustion Engine That Generates

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BMW i3 REx Electric Car: 'Coding' Unlocks Features Owners Want (And May Void Warranty)

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The BMW i3 REx model is an unusual beast, the sole example to date of a car built specifically to comply with California regulations that define it as a zero-emission electric car even though it has a range-extending engine. NHTSA CARB software plug-in cars regulation Range-Extended Electric Vehicle BMW i3 REx

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BMW's Toughest Task: Training Car Dealers On i3 Electric Car

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Early adopters, ecology-minded citizens and, increasingly, drivers who want very low running costs are now buying plug-in electric cars. But many have reported frustrations at the dealership, from a lack of interest to salespeople who actively steer them away from electrics toward gasoline cars. MORE: Many Car Dealers Don''t Want

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