NCKU in Taiwan unveils hydrogen hybrid scooter

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National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Taiwan recently unveiled its first hydrogen-fueled electric hybrid scooter “Pegasus One”. Pegasus One is upgraded from the original electrical scooter to the current hybrid power system combining fuel cell and lithium battery. Overall range of the scooter will be more than 160 km (99 miles), said Dr. Wei-Hsiang Lai, professor of aeronautics and astronautics at NCKU. Pegasus One. Click to enlarge.

Taiwan’s Aleees, Sony and Siemens team on electric buses

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Taiwan-based Aleees , a supplier of nano-crystalline lithium iron phosphate cathode materials , has entered into an agreement to team up with Sony to advance electric buses in conjunction with Siemens. Alees has also developed a battery swap system for buses. Alees has partnered for four years with Siemens on the production of E-buses, which have accumulated 1 million miles of practical operation. Aleees ARK All-Electric-Powered Bus. Click to enlarge.

Efficient Drivetrain collaborates with Master Transportation on first Made-in-Taiwan e-bus; EDI PowerDrive EV 6000

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The collaboration integrates the Efficient Drivetrains EDI PowerDrive EV all-electric drivetrain and EDI PowerSuite vehicle control software into a Master Transportation passenger bus utilizing battery packs from local supplier, Yiding, and LFP cells from Shenyang. Efficient Drivetrains moved to established partnerships with local suppliers in response to the recent introduction of a green transportation plan in Taiwan. Efficient Drivetrains, Inc.

2017 65

Taiwanese Gogoro Brings Back Battery Swapping, For Scooters, Not Cars

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Although it's been held up by some as a possible solution to the problem of long charging times, battery swapping hasn't really worked out for electric cars so far. plug-in cars Taiwan scooters Electric Scooter Battery SwappingBut what about a different type of electric vehicle? Analysts predict sales of electric scooters will soar in the coming years. They're a good solution for crowded urban areas, where.

2015 63

SK signs MOU with Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics for stationary Li-ion energy storage systems

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Formosa Plastics Group is the largest company in Taiwan and the largest private petrochemical company in Asia. An ESS is a large battery that can store up to 1,000 times more energy than electric vehicles currently use.SK JoongAng Daily. SK Energy and Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics Group have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop stationary Li-ion energy storage systems.

Taiwan to Increase Government Support of Li-ion Technology for EV Market

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Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) will increase its support of the country’s lithium-ion battery industry, with a focus on high-power and high-safety cells for application in electric vehicles. The most critical issues for electric cars, said the MOEA, are the performance and safety of lithium-ion battery technology. To promote Taiwan’s electric car industry, the MOEA wants to speed up the development of such cells to make Taiwan into a key parts supplier for EVs.

E-One Moli Energy Building New Li-ion Plant in Taiwan

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Taiwan-based E-One Moli Energy Corp. Molicel) is building a new lithium-ion battery plant in Taiwan with a monthly production capacity of 12 million units. The expansion will make E-One Moli one of the world’s top manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries. The new plant is located next to its first plant in the Southern Taiwan Science Park; construction work is slated for completion by the end of 2009.

Imec produces prototype solid-state Li-ion battery with 200 Wh/L; solid electrolyte applied as a liquid

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Imec, a global research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics, energy and digital technologies, has fabricated an innovative type of solid-state Li-ion battery achieving an energy density of 200 Wh/liter at a charging speed of 0.5C (2 hours). The battery is a significant milestone on imec’s quest to surpass wet Li-ion battery performance and reach 1000 Wh/L at 2C by 2024. Imec has now made a prototype battery with this new electrolyte. Batteries Solid-state

2018 78

ITRI Founds High Safety Lithium-ion Battery STOBA Consortium and Unveils STOBA Trademark

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The STOBA material protects against thermal runaway in Li-ion batteries. Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has established the High Safety Lithium Battery STOBA Consortium and also unveiled a STOBA logo. Tags: Batteries

Stanford team develops ultra-fast aluminum-ion battery with stability over thousands of cycles

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A team at Stanford University, led by professor Hongjie Dai, has developed a high-performance, safe, fast-charging aluminum-ion battery that can last for thousands of cycles. The Al-ion battery—comprising an aluminum anode, graphite cathode and ionic liquid electrolyte—produces about half the voltage of a Li-ion battery. In addition to powering small electronic devices, Al-ion batteries could be used to store renewable energy on the electrical grid, Dai said.

2015 105

Electric scooter battery swapping system to come to the UK?

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Battery swapping for electric cars may be proving problematic to get off the ground, but could the idea work better for electric scooters? It appears it already is in Taiwan, where a battery exchange system is already up and running in the country’s second largest city. On display at the Taiwan [.]. Green credentials

3M and LG Chem enter into NMC patent license agreements; cathode materials for Li-ion batteries

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3M and LG Chem have entered into a patent license agreement to further expand the use of nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC) cathode materials in lithium-ion batteries. Under the agreement, 3M grants LG Chem a license to US Patents 6,660,432 (Paulsen et al. ); 6,964,828 (Lu and Dahn); 7,078,128 (Lu and Dahn); 8,685,565 (Lu and Dahn); and 8,241,791 (Lu and Dahn) and all global equivalents including in Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China and Europe. Batteries

2015 91

Ford expanding global electrified vehicle battery R&D

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Ford is expanding its electrified vehicles research and development program in Europe and Asia this year, creating a “hub-and-spoke” system that allows the global team to further accelerate battery technology and take advantage of market-specific opportunities. Ford began sales of its battery-electric Focus Electric in December 2011; since introduction, that model has sold 5,881 units. Taiwan and Korea, where the company offers the Mondeo Hybrid.

2015 60

Mitsubishi Heavy selling MLiX Li-ion rechargeable battery business to Delta Electronics; focus shifting to ESS systems

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MHI) is selling its Li-ion rechargeable battery business to Delta Electronics. MHI will focus on energy storage system (ESS) products using Li-ion batteries. Under the brand name MLiX, MHI designs and manufactures prismatic cells, modules, CMU (Cell Management Unit) / BMU (Battery Management Unit), packs and systems. The batteries are used in diverse products ranging from electric buses to ESS products, including container-based systems.

2014 74

Saft lands contracts for 45M primary Li-ion batteries for smart meters in China

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Saft has won contracts to supply more than 45 million primary lithium batteries for smart meter installations in China. —Cecile Joannin, Market Manager for Metering in Saft’s Specialty Battery Group. In March 2015, Saft announced contracts to supply around five million of its Eternacell branded primary lithium cells to leading OEMs for electricity metering projects in China, India and Taiwan. Saft is the world leader in batteries for metering applications.

2015 79

Building Better Batteries: NanoeXa Uses Quantum Simulation Software to Deliver Advanced Lithium-Ion Battery Materials

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NanoeXa , a designer and manufacturer of advanced Lithium-ion battery materials for a range of applications, is using its Quantum Simulation Software (QSS)—based on a quantum-simulated database of materials including structures and properties, and a simulation engine—rapidly to identify and then to deliver improved lithium-ion battery materials. NanoeXa provides materials for battery OEMs as well as design services. Tags: Batteries

VisIC and ZF partner on R&D effort to develop EV inverter based on GaN semiconductor technology; focus on 400V

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The inverter—which converts DC power from the traction battery to AC power that drives the motor—is a key part of the electric drive chain. This conversion comes from a complex sequence of switching events which reconstruct an AC signal from the DC output of the battery. VisIC Technologies works with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) as a foundry source for the proprietary D 3 GaN process. Electric (Battery) Power Electronics

2020 76

SAE International to Host Vehicle Battery Summit in Shanghai

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SAE International will hold a Vehicle Battery Summit in Shanghai, China, 1-2 September 2010. The event intends to bring together engineers, scientists and corporate decision makers from the battery, automotive, utility and lithium mining industries. The Summit is co-sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE-China), and organized in cooperation with Advanced Automotive Batteries USA and the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC).

2010 71

Taiwanese Automaker Introduces Electric MPV

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Taiwan-based LUXGEN has introduced a battery-electric MPV, the LUXGEN7 MPV EV+. The lithium-ion battery packs supports a 200-mile (322km) cruising range at a fixed speed of 25 mph (40 km/h) on a single charge. LUXGEN, an automobile brand established by Taiwan’s Yulon Group, is a full automobile manufacturer and a dedicated integrator of automotive and smart IT technology.

Aleees claims new double-layer nano-carbon coating technology enhances battery cycle life 2.7 times

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In a presentation at the 220 th Electrochemical Society (ECS) meeting held in Boston, Taiwan-based Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry Co., Aleees) ( earlier post ) said that its new double-layer nano-carbon coating technology allows olivine material to be coated with different carbon compounds with thicknesses less than 5 nm so as to improve the structural integrity of the material and enhance the life cycle of batteries by 2.7

2011 68

Improving the Charge-Discharge Capacity and Cycleability of Carbon Electrodes for Li-ion Batteries

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As one of the many approaches under investigation to increase the power density, specific capacity, and cyclic efficiency of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, researchers are seeking to develop higher-capacity anode materials (such as silicon- or tin-based materials).

2010 88

Boston-Power to supply Li-ion battery systems to Beijing Electric Vehicle Company for EVs, starting with Saab 9-5 based C70

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a provider of next-generation lithium-ion battery cells, modules and systems ( earlier post ), has entered a multi-year agreement to provide lithium-ion battery systems to Beijing Electric Vehicle Company (BJEV), the electric vehicle delivery arm of Beijing Automotive Industry Company (BAIC). Under the terms of the agreement, Boston-Power’s battery systems are expected to support multiple BJEV models and brands. The company’s plant in Taiwan is still operating as well.

2012 89

Visedo introducing new SRPM motor design for buses; 10% increase in power, better cooling

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The high efficiency will increase battery life while shortening recharge cycles. The new design is also optimized for high volume manufacture using Visedo’s facilities in both Finland and Taiwan. Visedo recently started a project with Ledgent Technology in Taiwan, and further announcement in the Chinese, Asian and South-East Asian markets are expected in coming months. Electric (Battery) Heavy-duty Motors

2017 65

Bosch launches eScooter sharing service under new Coup brand

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The storage compartment under the seat fits one helmet and two swappable batteries. Gogoro introduced the Gogoro Smartscooter EV and the Gogoro Energy Network at the Consumer Electronics Show in early 2015 and launched in Taipei Taiwan in August 2015. Car Sharing Electric (Battery) Mobility servicesBosch is launching its new Coup eScooter sharing service in Berlin.

2016 95

Tencent buys 5% stake in Tesla for $1.8 billion

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In 2015, Taiwan-based Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd., Autonomous driving China Connected vehicles Electric (Battery) Market BackgroundChina-based Tencent Holdings Ltd. has acquired a 5% stake (8,167,544 shares) in Tesla for an aggregate price of $1,777,842,836 (including commission), according to a Schedule 13G form filed by Tesla with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

2017 60

Tatung Fine Chemicals terminates patent agreement with LiFePO4 Licensing AG

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Taiwan-based Tatung Fine Chemicals (TFC) has terminated its lithium iron phosphate patent agreement with LiFePO4+C Licensing AG—the organization established in 2011 by the patent holders to handle licensing of the widely used cathode material for Li-ion batteries.

2017 60

Chery and BenQ Forming JV for Li-ion Separator Films

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China-based Chery Automobile and Taiwan-based BenQ Corp. are establishing a 50:50 joint venture to produce lithium-ion battery separator films. Construction on the plant, to be based in Wuhu in east China’s Anhui province, where Chery is based, will start in 2011. BenQ is a leading provider of IT and digital lifestyle devices and technologies; 2008 revenues exceeded US$1.54 billion.

Chery 64

New “2-in-1” EV unit integrates traction motor and A/C compressor for increased range in hot climates

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Based on simulations and analysis, the team expects the system to reduce battery consumption by at least 3% compared to existing mechanisms while improving the regenerative energy capturing capacity of the system by 8%. Hybrids and EVs use regenerative braking to capture kinetic energy and store it; this requires the conversion of the kinetic energy first into electricity to transport to the battery, resulting in extra energy conversion steps.

2014 105

Efficient Drivetrains, Shannxi Automotive reveal PHEV Class 8 cement mixer truck

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EDI has a well-established market footprint in the Asia Pacific region, with multiple offices in China, as well as presence in India and Taiwan. China Electric (Battery) Heavy-duty Hybrids Plug-insEfficient Drivetrains, Inc. EDI) announced the expansion of its electric drive solutions portfolio into the construction industry.

2017 65

3M licenses patents for Li-ion NMC cathode materials to China-based Reshine

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3M and China-based Hunan Reshine New Material Company, Ltd have entered into a patent license agreement for 3M’s nickel, manganese and cobalt (NMC) cathode technology for lithium-ion batteries. These batteries provide energy to a host of diverse applications ranging from the consumer electronics market to the automotive market. 3M’s battery laboratory has collaboration with Professor Jeff Dahn and students. Batteries

2013 83

Delta Electronics Targeting Electric Powertrain Market; Series Hybrid Test Vehicle On the Road

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Taiwan-based Delta Electronics has integrated existing automation, motor, servo-motor and electrical electronics technologies to develop its own gasoline-electric series hybrid propulsion system—the first gasoline-electric hybrid propulsion system developed by a Taiwanese electronics company.

2009 115

Umicore and 3M Form NMC Cathode Materials Relationship

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Umicore and 3M have entered into a technology license agreement that aims at further expanding the use of Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt (NMC) mixed metal layered oxide cathode materials in lithium-ion batteries in for automotive and portable consumer electronics applications.

2010 93

Adgero signs €3.5M deal with ultracap manufacturer Skeleton for road freight KERS

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The distribution agreement covers markets in the member states of the European Union, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Israel, Iceland, Canada, the United States of America, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China. Batteries Heavy-duty HybridsAdgero has signed a €3.5-million (US$4-million) distribution agreement to ensure modules from ultracapacitor manufacturer Skeleton Technologies, are part of its Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) for road freight.

2016 60

Ioxus expands distributor network to China, Asia-Pacific; demand in wind turbine and hybrid bus markets

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Through its recently formed Ioxus Distributor Network, the company is providing technical and marketing support to distributors such as Secotec Ltd, Sinotek, Beijing Favor and Asiacom Technology in China and Lucky Presage and Can-Think in Taiwan. Wind turbine manufacturers are choosing ultracapacitors over batteries due to higher cycle life, wider temperature range tolerance and lower total cost of ownership, Ioxus says. US-based Ioxus, Inc.,

New Metal-Oxide Enhanced Iron Phosphate Material Offers Higher Energy Density

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Taiwan-based Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry (Aleees = Always Leading & Everlasting Energy for the Earth & uS) has developed a new iron phosphate (LFP) material for use in a lithium-ion battery cathode. Tags: Batteries Capacity of one of the LFP-NCO formulations.

2009 78

Pike forecasts sales of electric two-wheelers in Asia Pacific to reach more than 65M units in 2018; China dominates

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Pike finds that lead-acid batteries will be the primary storage technology used in the Asia Pacific electric two-wheel vehicle markets; Li-ion batteries will account for a smaller (but growing) share of the technology used in e-scooters and e-motorcycles. In contrast, Japan will show a far different rate of adoption of Li-ion batteries in both e-scooters. In Asia Pacific overall, the use of Li-ion batteries in. China Electric (Battery) Personal Transit

2012 84

TM4 China JV receives order for 200 SUMO HD electric powertrains from Foton

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The direct-drive system yields more than 10% efficiency gains throughout the driving cycle, representing an equivalent gain in battery usage, the company said. The joint venture is supplying clients in the Peoples Republic of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and the rest of ASEAN countries. Prestolite E-Propulsion Systems (PEPS), a 50/50 joint-venture between Prestolite Electric Beijing Limited and TM4 Inc.,

2014 78

Freescale introduces world’s smallest integrated tire pressure monitoring system

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In addition, properly inflated tires improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, resulting in many regions worldwide, including the United States, European Union, China, Japan and Taiwan, to begin requiring TPMS in new vehicles. The industry’s lowest RF power consumption at 7 mA ldd significantly extends battery life.

2014 96

Carbon-coated Hollow Tin Oxide Nanospheres Show Strong Performance as Li-ion Anode Material

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Researchers at National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan have synthesized tin oxide (SnO 2 ) hollow nanospheres covered with a carbon layer for anode material in lithium-ion batteries. The team in Taiwan developed an alternative approach to fabricate carbon-coated SnO 2 hollow spheres with various thicknesses of SnO 2 shell. As a result, the carbon-coated hollow nanospheres might be a promising material as high-performance anodes for the next-generation lithium-ion batteries.

2010 64

CTT Outlines International Expansion Efforts At Tokyo Motor Show; $400M in Orders for 38,000 EVs

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CT&T, founded in 2002 by former Hyundai Motor executive Young Gi Lee, currently produces two versions of its e-Zone EV, differentiated by battery pack: lead acid or Li-polymer. kW motor and offers either a 72V, 165Ah lead-acid battery (base option) or a 72V, 140Ah (approx.

2009 88

Researchers develop criterion for judging coatings of Li-ion electrodes to extend cycle life

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A team led by researchers from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology has shown that a thin Al 2 O 3 coating layered on a LiCoO 2 by atomic layer deposition (ALD) can effectively eliminate capacity fading during repeated charging and discharging. LiCoO 2 has been used as the cathode material of choice in many commercial lithium-ion batteries because of its high capacity and good rate capability, the team notes. battery’s performance. Batteries

2012 78

Teco to begin producing E-Bus hub motors in April, May

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Liu says that Teco is also developing the pull-type motors for battery electric vehicle (BEV) developed by Taiwanese automaker Yulon Motor Co., Engaged extensively in eco-friendly vehicles, power generation and technologies, Teco is also working with Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to develop motors for electric scooters, and has delivered wind-power generators for testing in Mongolia, says Lin.

KBR Awarded Contract by Chemetall Foote Corp. for Lithium Hydroxide Operation Expansion

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The project is funded in part by a $28.4-million grant from the US Department of Energy to expand and upgrade the production of lithium materials for advanced transportation batteries. Chemetall has lithium production facilities in the United States, Chile, Germany and Taiwan. KBR’s Downstream business unit has been awarded a contract to provide engineering and procurement services to Chemetall Foote Corp. (a a subsidiary of Rockwood Holdings, Inc.)

2010 71