KAIST rolling out dynamic wireless charging in buses in South Korea

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The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) is trialing a bus application for its Online Electric Vehicle (OLEV) technology, a dynamic wireless charging technology that recharges a vehicle’s battery while the vehicle is in motion. The OLEV bus in Gumi.

South Korea aims to dominate lithium-ion battery market

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The race to be at the front of the lithium-ion battery market as electric cars become mainstream, is heating up with South Korea announcing plans to invest 15trillion won to become the world’s dominant producer of rechargeable batteries.

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“Electric cars are disasters; they are evil," says Hyundai union head

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Yet those are the words of Ha Bu-young, head of the Hyundai motor union, both the largest and the most powerful union in South Korea. South Korea UAW unions jobs plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV “Electric cars are disasters. They are evil." Not something you'd hear every day, certainly not from a powerful executive in the auto industry.

2018 68

Tesla's huge Australia battery won't last as world's largest: Hyundai in the wings

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As Elon Musk basks in the glow of meeting his 100-day challenge to install the world's largest utility battery in South Australia, another company is looking to take his crown. South Korea Batteries Australia energy storageHyundai Electric & Energy Systems Co. announced on November 23 it took an order for an industrial energy-storage system to be installed by February. The 150-megawatt.

Samsung says sayonara to fuel cells, focuses on batteries for electric cars

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South Korea's Samsung SDI has decided to drop its hydrogen fuel-cell division, and focus future development resources exclusively on batteries for electric cars. Samsung SDI is already a major player in the electric-car battery market. South Korea Batteries hydrogen plug-in cars hydrogen fuel cell Samsung

2016 63

Kia Niro EV specs revealed at latest Korean car show

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The Kia Niro EV made its first appearance at the Busan auto show this week and Kia confirmed the car will offer a battery with up to 236 miles of range. Then it appeared in Korea at an electric. South KoreaThe company showed a concept version of the car at the Consumer Electronics Show in January with wildly updated head and tail lights and trim details.

2018 69

Renault Samsung SM3 ZE electric sedan: battery upgrade gives 130-mile range in Korean tests

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Consider that the first-generation Volkswagen Golf launched in 1974, for example, lived on in South Africa until 2009 as the VW CitiGolf. South Korea Better Place plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Renault-Nissan Samsung 2012 Renault Fluence Z.E.Frequently, cars withdrawn from one market live on in another, sometimes for years. Those vehicles may even be upgraded with newer technology in the older body.

Demand for Hyundai Ioniq hybrid, electric models higher than expected, company says

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South Korea Plug-In Hybrids Production plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV The issue first came to light in a question from a reader. It boiled down to this: "What's going on with the Hyundai Ioniq Electric, and why can't I get one at my local dealer in California?" The e-mail even included a link to a Korean business-news article, which is unusual for reader queries. DON'T MISS: 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid: gas mileage.

2017 65

Hyundai-Kia: eight electric cars by 2022, dedicated EV platform

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South Korea Future Cars plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV It's long been said in the auto industry that Hyundai-Kia is the only competitor that truly scares industry colossus Toyota. Thirty years ago, the Korean company was a bit player, producing designs adapted from obsolete Mitsubishi technology. Today it's a major global player, reacting fast to market swings—and its goal is to be second only.

2017 61

Volvo Cars inaugurates new battery assembly line at Ghent manufacturing plant

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Volvo Cars formally inaugurated a new battery assembly line at its Belgian manufacturing plant in Ghent, where it will start building its first fully electric car, the XC40 Recharge P8, later this year. Batteries Electric (Battery) Manufacturing

2020 167

Japanese battery makers play catch up with South Koreans

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Makers of lithium-ion batteries in Japan are attempting to increase research and development and boost their position, as South Korean rivals threaten to steal their share of the market. According to a report in Japanese business daily The Nikkei, Japanese carmakers have been leaders in the field of lithium-ion batteries for vehicles since the 1990s [.]. Green cars Latest news Lithium-ion batteries japan South Korea South Koreans The Nikkei

2011 53

SK Innovation to build $1.67B EV battery manufacturing plant in Georgia

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South Korea-based SK Innovation, a developer of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, will invest $1.67 billion to build a new electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing plant in Georgia. SK innovation is fitted with the entire value chain for mid/large-sized battery production from electrodes and separators to battery cells and packs. SK Innovation has applied high energy density ternary materials to lithium-ion batteries for mass production.

2018 95

Eurasian Resources Group plans NCM material plant for EV batteries

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Eurasian Resources Group (ERG), a leading diversified natural resources group, is assessing the construction of a battery material plant to produce nickel-cobalt-manganese (NCM) precursor materials for batteries for electric vehicles (EVs). Batteries Electric (Battery) Manufacturing Materials

2020 84

U.S. Electric-Car Battery Industry Could Grow If Supply Base Matures

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Increasing production of electric cars is expected to increase the market for lithium-ion battery cells substantially, but where will the majority of those cells be made? China, Japan, and South Korea currently have the largest manufacturing bases, but the U.S. Manufacturing Batteries lithium-ion plug-in cars

2015 86

Renault Samsung Motors boosts range of new SM3 Z.E. by 57% to 233 km

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electric vehicle at the Daegu International Future Auto Expo in South Korea. South Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare purchased 1,200 units of the car last April; the model is also popular as an EV taxi in Seoul, Daegu and Jeju Isla.

2017 106

SK Energy hopes to make battery breakthrough

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All of the exciting green car innovations don’t have to emanate from Japan - South Korea too has got in on the act as SK Energy, Asia’s fourth largest energy provider, has developed six lithium-ion cells. Battery management systems: SK is in the process of developing an application specific integrated circuit based battery management system that allows a smaller protection circuit module, higher balancing and sensing speed.


GM to expand Chevy Bolt EV sales, bring battery production to US

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At the same time, GM is expanding battery production for the Bolt EV from South Korea to a new factory in Michigan. As part of a sweeping update on General Motors' electric-car plans, CEO Mary Barra announced the company will expand production and sales of the Chevy Bolt EV. In a blog post on LinkedIn on Wednesday, Barra laid out the company's. General Motors Chevrolet Bolt

2018 61

GlobalData: Global battery energy storage market to grow by 7% to reach $13.13B by 2023

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The global battery energy storage market will to grow to $13.13 Asia-Pacific (APAC) and EMEA will be the dominant markets for battery energy storage systems over the forecast period 2019-2023. Batteries Forecastsbillion by 2023, according to a new forecast by GlobalData.

2019 102

LG Chem hosts open innovation contest for start-ups with new battery technologies

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LG Chem, South Korea’s leading manufacturer of advanced lithium-ion batteries, is hosting its first open innovation contest—The Battery Challenge—to support start-ups specializing in new battery technology to strengthen its competitiveness in the industry. The fields of application are separated into four categories: battery material, battery management and control, design, manufacturing and processing and recycle and regeneration.

2018 84

Volkswagen Group picks SK Innovation as supplier of battery cells for MEB-based EVs in North America

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The Volkswagen Group has selected South Korea-based battery manufacturer SK Innovation (SKI) as the fourth major supplier of battery cells for electric vehicles based on the Modular Electric Toolkit (MEB). SKI will supply the batteries for North America and a share of the batteries for the production of Volkswagen Group full-electric vehicles in Europe. That corresponds to an annual capacity of at least four “Gigafactories” for battery cells.

2018 70

BMW Group and Samsung SDI expand partnership on electric drive batteries; i3, i8 and additional hybrid models

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The BMW Group and Samsung SDI have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to expand their supply relationship for battery cells for electro-mobility. Samsung SDI will supply the BMW Group with battery cells for the BMW i3, BMW i8 and additional hybrid models over the coming years. In 2009, BMW selected SB Limotive, a joint venture between Bosch and Samsung SDI, as the battery supplier for its “MegaCity” vehicle—what would become the BMW i3 and then the i line.

2014 101

Why lithium-ion cells with hollow cores matter (Apple Car or not)

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Now, reports out of South Korea indicate that the most unusual feature of this rumored electric car—if it exists—could very. Batteries lithium-ion Apple plug-in carsOne of the biggest news stories in the automotive industry has been a car that still isn't officially confirmed to exist. It's "Project Titan," Apple's much-discussed project to allegedly develop an electric car.

Volvo Car Group signs multi-billion Li-ion dollar battery supply deals with CATL and LG Chem

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Volvo Car Group has signed long-term agreements with leading battery makers CATL and LG Chem to ensure the multi-billion dollar supply of lithium-ion batteries over the coming decade for next generation Volvo and Polestar models. The agreements cover the global supply of battery modules for all models on the upcoming SPA2 and the existing CMA modular vehicle platforms and represent a major step towards realizing Volvo Cars’ ambitious electrification strategy.

2019 90

Electric car maker reveals expansion plans

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There are plenty of previously unheard of names emerging to challenge the big motoring brands as the green car race gathers pace – and one to watch may be South Korea-based electric vehicle maker CT&T. CT&T was founded in 2002 by former Hyundai Motor executive Young Gi Lee and currently produces two versions of its e-Zone electric vehicle, with the only difference being the battery pack – one has a lead acid battery pack, the other a li-polymer pack. .

LG Chem says it has won a major Li-ion battery contract from Audi

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Reuters reports that South Korea’s LG Chem said on Wednesday that it had won an order from Audi to supply batteries for plug-in hybrid and micro-hybrid electric vehicles. Currently, the Volkswagen Group’s Volkswagen brand is sourcing batteries for its plug-in vehicles from Panasonic. According to Reuters, LG Chem said the deal was “ worth hundreds of millions of dollars ” but declined to give further details.

2014 86

New program in Japan to push development of solid-state batteries

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The Nikkei reports that Leading Japanese manufacturers have teamed up with the government in a program to develop solid-state batteries. The new program teams the Consortium for Lithium Ion Battery Technology and Evaluation Center ( Libtec ) with companies such as Toyota Motor and Panasonic. Toyota Motor, Nissan Motor, Honda Motor, Panasonic and battery maker GS Yuasa will also participate. Batteries Japan Solid-state

2018 68

Samsung SDI completes EV battery plant construction in Hungary; global production tripod

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Samsung SDI has completed construction of its electric vehicle (EV) battery plant in Hungary. Sitting on a 330,000 m 2 site in Goed, the plant is capable of producing batteries for 50,000 electric vehicles annually with operations expected to begin in the second quarter of next year. Through construction of the Hungary plant, Samsung SDI sets up a global electric vehicle batteries production tripod with plants in Ulsan, South Korea and Xian, China.

Which electric car will sell best in 2018, globally? Poll results

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The new, longer-range second-generation Nissan Leaf will be in production at three factories around the world, the Tesla Model 3 should hit volume production, and the Chevy Bolt EV will be fully available in North America, Europe, and South Korea. sales New car sales plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) PollsNext year is shaping up to be a banner year for electric cars globally.

2016 Chevy Cruze Hatch, Tesla & Panasonic, Porsche 918 Spyder Finale: Today's Car News

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Today, we've got a report of a hatchback version of the new 2016 Chevrolet Cruze, potential differences between Tesla and Panasonic on electric-car battery development, and the end of the line for the Porsche 918 Spyder plug-in hybrid supercar. South Korea already offers generous electric-car incentives, but.

2015 76

Johnson Controls providing AGM batteries for Start-Stop F-150

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Johnson Controls is providing its advanced Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery technology to the all-new 2015 Ford F-150; this is Ford Motor Company’s first truck with Auto Start-Stop. AGM batteries used in a Start-Stop system help reduce fuel consumption as the engine shuts off when the vehicle comes to a stop in traffic or at a red light. In 2013, Johnson Controls began supplying batteries for Ford’s Fusion Auto Start-Stop vehicle.

2015 87

New Li-S battery shows cycle performance comparable to that of Li-ion batteries along with more than double the energy density

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A team of researchers in South Korea and Italy has demonstrated a highly reliable lithium–sulfur battery showing cycle performance comparable to that of commercially available lithium-ion batteries while offering more than double the energy density. Batteries Li-Sulfur

2015 147

BNEF: energy storage is a $1.2-trillion investment opportunity to 2040

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The falling cost of batteries is set to drive a boom in the installation of energy storage systems around the world in the years from now to 2040, according to the latest annual forecast from research company Bloomberg NEF (BNEF). Batteries Forecasts

2018 119

Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid, Electric Models To Be Sold In 50 States

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The 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid finally broke cover in South Korea this week as the first of three variants of Hyundai's Prius-fighting hatchback. Plug-In Hybrids Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Hyundai IoniqIt will be joined by an all-electric version, and eventually a plug-in hybrid model as well. All three models will be sold in the U.S., although availability may vary by region. DON'T MISS: 2017 Hyundai.

2016 63

Report: LG Chem obtains patent for Li-ion battery separator in Europe, Japan

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Yonhap News reported that South Korea-based LG Chem Ltd. said that it has obtained a patent for its safety-reinforced separator (SRS), a key component of lithium-ion polymer batteries, in Europe and Japan. In an emailed statement, LG Chem said that its SRS technology was key in its being chosen as the provider of lithium-ion batteries to global carmakers such as General Motors, Ford, Volvo, Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors as well as power companies including ABB.

2014 78

2017 Hyundai Ioniq preview

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Previously shown in Hyundai's home market of South Korea, and at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the Ioniq has hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery-electric powertrain options. The 2016 New York Auto Show marked the U.S.

2017 74

BMW expands battery partnership as EV demand rises

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BMW has agreed a new expanded supply agreement with its battery partner, Samsung, as it prepares for rising consumer demand for its new i3 electric supermini and soon-to-launch i8 plug-in hybrid.

BloombergNEF expects 40% growth in global EV sales in 2019; 2.6M vehicles, 1.5M in China

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Sales in Japan and South Korea combined should be around 100,000. Electric (Battery) ForecastsBloombergNEF (BNEF) expects 2.6 million electric vehicles to be sold globally in 2019. This will represent around a 40% growth rate, down from the 70% growth rate in 2018. BNEF said that it expects China will continue to lead, with some 1.5 million units—around 57% of the global market.

2019 124

WiTricity signs first South Korean licensee for wireless charging technology for EVs

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WiTricity, the industry pioneer in wireless power transfer over distance, has entered into a technology licensing agreement with Yura Corporation, a leading South Korea-based automotive Tier 1 supplier. Yura is WiTricity’s first Tier 1 licensee located in South Korea and is one of the largest Asian producers of EV and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle components for both domestic use and export. Electric (Battery) Infrastructure Wireless

2019 68

New high-performance Na-ion battery with SO2-based catholyte; potential for other non-Li-metal-based battery systems

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Researchers in South Korea have demonstrated new type of room-temperature and high-energy density sodium rechargeable battery using a sulfur dioxide (SO 2 )-based inorganic molten complex catholyte that serves as both a Na + -conducting medium and cathode material (i.e.

2015 104

POSCO to set up two JVs with Huayou Cobalt for Li-ion battery precursors and cathodes

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South Korea-based steelmaker POSCO will establish two Li-ion battery material joint ventures in China with leading cobalt supplier Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt. China’s Huayou Cobalt is the largest cobalt producer in China and is capable of supplying 50% of demand from lithium-ion battery producers. The products are used for Li-ion battery cathode materials, high-temperature and cemented carbide, frits and glazes, rubber adhesive and petrochemical catalysts.

2018 65

Samsung SDI showcases range of new EV battery tech at Frankfurt

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Samsung SDI is showcasing a range of battery technology for EVs at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The multifunctional battery pack allows users to change the number of modules as they want as if they place books on a shelf. If this cell is applied, it can decrease the battery load height in an EV. Samsung SDI is also displaying cells and modules based on the new 21700 standard of cylindrical battery. Its capacity is 50% bigger than the existing 18650 battery.

2017 60

CHAdeMO 3.0 released; first publication of new plug harmonized with China’s GB/T

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India is expected to join the team sometime soon, and governments and companies form South Korea and South-eastern Asian countries have also expressed their strong interests. Electric (Battery) Infrastructure Market BackgroundCHAdeMO Association has released the latest CHAdeMO protocol (CHAdeMO 3.0)

2020 65

New high energy, highly stable cathode for sodium-ion batteries

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Researchers in South Korea have developed a novel high-energy cathode material, Na 1.5 F 0.7 , for sodium-ion (Na-ion) batteries (NIBs). Recently, attention has been refocused on room-temperature Na-ion batteries (NIBs) as a low-cost alternative technology as compared to LIBs.

Sodium 127