Tesla keynote to open 34th International Battery Seminar; material sourcing for the Gigafactory

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Tesla’s Kurt Kelty will deliver one of the opening plenary keynotes at the 34th Annual International Battery Seminar & Exhibit 20-23 March 2017 in Florida. Kelty is the Senior Director of Battery Technology at Tesla Motors in Palo Alto, California. His team in Palo Alto is responsible for setting and implementing Tesla’s battery cell usage strategy. Kelty also leads the partnerships and battery cell material sourcing efforts at the Gigafactory.

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New seminar will help businesses understand the benefits of electric vehicles

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A new special seminar will give fleet decision makers the opportunity to get to grips with the current market offerings of electric cars and discuss the advantages of adding battery powered cars to your fleet.

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Leo Motors to Host Seminar On Zinc Air Fuel Cell Generator

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will host a seminar in Korea 28 Sep to demonstrate its proprietary Zinc Air Fuel Cell Generator (ZAFCG) and explain the technology. The refuelable ZAFC oxidizes zinc pellets, generating the power to recharge a Li-ion polymer battery pack. Leo also developed a mechanism to halt power generation when the battery is fully charged, and for collection of the zinc oxide sludge from the stack. The seminar will be held in the Korea Technology Center. Leo Motors, Inc.

Roskill: Niobium industry looking for a future beyond steel; Li-ion batteries a possibility

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Non-steel applications account only for a couple of percentage points in terms of consumption but electrical vehicles (EVs) batteries and nanocrystalline applications could grow at a double-digit rate in the next decade, depending on technological developments. Niobium and batteries.

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24M to unveil novel dual electrolyte system for high energy density (>350 Wh/kg) batteries

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Semi-solid battery developer 24M has developed a novel dual electrolyte system that makes it possible to manufacture Li-ion battery cells with compositionally distinct electrolytes—anolytes and catholytes—at scale, enabling next-generation chemistries capable of providing industry-leading energy density (more than 350Wh/kg), while improving cycle life, safety and cost. Batteries Solid-state

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Calendar: 9th International Symposium: Advanced Battery Power – Kraftwerk Batterie

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Researchers, developers and users from industry, science and research will be discussing the latest trends, studies and findings from battery research from 29-30 March 2017 in Aachen, Germany at the English-language Advanced Battery Power Conference. Thackeray from the Argonne National Laboratory (Reflections on the Evolution of Metal Oxide Cathodes for Li-Ion Batteries) are among the keynote speakers.

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Volvo C70 goes electric

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The Volvo C70 has been converted with a battery electric powertrain – thanks to a Swedish company called Electroengine. At the Electric Car Seminar, Helsingborg, the company created the True Electric C70 which accelerates from 0-60mph in less than six seconds, has a top speed in excess of 125mph and a range of up to [.]. Tags: Electric cars Green cars Latest news Volvo Electric Car Seminar Electroengine Helsingborg True Electric C70 Volvo C70 Electric

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Norwegian shipping industry pursuing battery-powered ships

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The Norwegian shipping industry is teaming up to develop battery-powered ships. Some 120 managers representing the entire maritime cluster gathered at a DNV seminar last week. Electricity stored in batteries on board ships is another opportunity in the future energy mix and another technology race has started. —Narve Mjøs, Director of Battery Projects in DNV. The Viking Lady, owned by Eidesvik Offshore, will have a battery package installed this spring.

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XG Sciences silicon graphene anode material shows stability over 400 cycles with 600 mAh/gram

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Robert Privette, XG Sciences’ Vice President of Energy Markets, said that XGS is working with battery manufacturers globally to incorporate XG SiG anodes and xGnP graphene conductive additives into their products. Multiple battery formats and multiple battery design capacities are under test.

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Axion supplying PbC batteries to Norfolk Southern for all-battery switcher and working on line-haul hybrid locomotives; micro-hybrid and stationary expansion

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The battery-electric NS-999, “under the long hood”. In April, Axion Power International Inc received an order from Norfolk Southern Corp (NS) for PbC lead-carbon batteries for use in an all-battery-powered switcher locomotive. PbC batteries. PbC battery.

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Electroengine and partners convert Volvo C70 to battery electric for technology demonstrator and testbed

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Electroengine, the Swedish company that is working with Saab on the 9-3 ePower battery-electric vehicle ( earlier post ), recently unveiled a Volvo C70 converted with a battery-electric powertrain—the True Electric C70— at the Electric Car Seminar, Helsingborg, Sweden. As well as a technology demonstrator, we plan to use the car to test new breakthrough concepts, as we continue to refine powertrains and batteries over the next few years.

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Süd-Chemie Investing 60M in Series Production of Lithium Iron Phosphate for Batteries for Electric Vehicle Drives

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Süd-Chemie AG, a worldwide leading specialty chemical company based in Munich, Germany, is investing approximately €60 million (US$75 million) in the production of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) for use in batteries for electric vehicle drives and other applications. Tags: Batteries

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EnerDel to Supply Batteries for Japanese Electric Bus Demo

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Lithium-ion battery maker EnerDel has been selected to provide the heavy-duty battery systems used to power Japan’s first lithium-ion-powered electric bus. Our battery systems were chosen on the basis of performance and flexibility and the fact that they can easily be configured to fit the challenging design requirements in the accessible, low-floor bus design that is becoming standard around the world.

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7-state Midwest EVOLVE project to promote electric vehicles; Ford, GM, Nissan initial automotive partners

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By participating in existing major consumer events throughout the Midwest, hosting ride and drives, and conducting seminars, we are working with local Clean Cities coalitions to get the word out. Electric (Battery) Market Background Plug-insThe American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest announced the launch of Midwest EVOLVE , a three-year project to promote electric vehicles in seven Midwestern states: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota.

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Toyota wins Altair Enlighten Award for weight savings; CFRP inner panels on Prius Prime, Lexus LC 500

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At the CAR Management Briefing Seminars (MBS, Toyota was presented with an Altair Enlighten Award for its use of innovative weight reducing vehicle closure systems.

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Honda signs E-KIZUNA project agreement with City of Saitama for EV, PHEV and electric scooter testing; new household gas cogen unit with more efficient EXlink engine

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Tailoring educational initiatives to local needs, including implementing riding safety seminars featuring electric scooters and implementing electric cart seminars for seniors. Artist’s conception of Honda Smart Home System. Click to enlarge. Honda Motor Co.,

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Toyota reveals second iteration of Class 8 hydrogen fuel cell truck: Project Portal 2.0; 300 miles per fill

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Toyota unveiled the second iteration of its hydrogen fuel cell electric Class 8 truck ( earlier post ) during the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) Management Briefing Seminars in Northern Michigan.

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Volvo Car Corporation challenges EU’s goals and tactics on cutting CO2 emissions; CEO says electrified vehicles will struggle to pass 1% market share by 2020

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In a talk at the seminar “ EU Debate on Electromobility ” organized by Volvo Car Corporation and held at Autoworld in Brussels, Stefan Jacoby, President and CEO of Volvo Car Corporation, said that jobs, investment and competitiveness in the European car industry could be threatened by the European Commission’s approach towards vehicle electrification. In 2011 fewer than 50,000 battery electric vehicles were sold in in the world, equivalent to a market share of about 0.1%.

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Volkswagen and Audi launch sustainability programs for US introduction of e-Golf BEV and A3 e-tron PHEV; carbon offsets with 3Degrees and solar energy

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introduced several e-mobility sustainability initiatives to commence with the US launch of the battery-electric e-Golf ( earlier post ). VoA made the announcement at the Management Briefing Seminar, hosted by the Center for Automotive Research. Climate Change Electric (Battery) Emissions Hybrids Plug-ins Solar Sustainability Volkswagen of America, Inc.

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Steel industry to launch FutureSteelVehicle program focused on lightweighting for advanced powertrain vehicles

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The Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI), a unit of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), will launch FutureSteelVehicle (FSV) at the 10 th Annual Great Designs in Steel (GDIS) seminar Wednesday, 18 May in Livonia, Mich. Car manufacturers will use structural mass reduction to reduce battery and motor sizes.

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Kandi advances plan for EV rental system pilot in China

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Attendees at the seminar included senior officials and department leaders from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Technology, National Grid, Zhejiang Province Development and Reform Commission, Economic & Information Commission of Hangzhou City as well as academics from the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). China-based EV maker Kandi Technologies, Corp.

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Study examines potential for alternatives to new car ownership models to advance EV market

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The paper, “Car Rental 2.0”, summarizes the findings from a joint seminar held by the RAC Foundation and BVRLA earlier this year on alternatives to car ownership: car rental, traditional and one-way car clubs, and ridesharing. Rapid charging can make plug-in electric rental cars much easier to ‘turn around’ for their next customer, but these points are costly to install and over the long term may degrade the battery more quickly.

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DOE to award $11M to 20 new Clean Cities projects for alt fuel cars and trucks

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Austin and San Antonio region; and hold training seminars regarding multifamily housing and workplace electric vehicle charging. Electric (Battery) Fuels Infrastructure Natural Gas Plug-ins Policy

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GM to Debut Two-Mode Plug-in Hybrid Technology in New Buick Crossover in 2011; LG Chem to Supply the Li-ion Cells

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The 8 kWh battery pack for the new 2011 Buick PHEV crossover vehicle is prepared for testing at the General Motors Tech Center in Warren, Michigan. Tom Stephens, GM vice chairman of product development, made the announcement during the Management Briefing Seminars in Traverse City, Michigan.

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Protean Electrics retrofitted through-the-road plug-in hybrid van showing significant fuel economy gains

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The vehicle is being shown for the first time in North America at the Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminar, 1–4 Aug. This Vivaro through-the-road hybrid vehicle demonstrates a practical, cost-effective and efficient way to retrofit a commercial vehicle into a plug-in parallel hybrid by simply adding two in-wheel motors and a battery. Protean Electric’s through-the-road hybrid van. Click to enlarge.

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Ongoing market rollout for SAE hydrogen fueling standards

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Comparison between EV charging in SAE J1772 with a Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) and SAE J2601 with Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.

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Ford Exec Cites US Energy Policies As Critical Factor in Shaping Future Vehicle Fleet, Calls for Cap-and-Trade Program

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Cischke was speaking at the Center of Automotive Research’s Management Briefing Seminars in Traverse City last week. We appreciate the administration’s partnership in retooling plants, developing advanced technologies and supporting the domestic production of key components and batteries.

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