Tesla Model 3 Europe’s best-selling pure EV in February in its first full month on the market

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Conversely, registrations were up by a huge 36% in Romania, due to the Government’s scrappage scheme in Q4-18, which led to an increase in vehicle deliveries in Q1-19. Electric (Battery) Europe

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Volkswagen to offer incentive in Germany of up to €10,000 to scrap Euro 1-4 diesels

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That corresponds to the scrappage incentive paid in 2009, without the state subsidy. Volkswagen currently offers the battery-electric e-Golf and the e-up!, Diesel Electric (Battery) Hybrids Vehicle ManufacturersVolkswagen is offering an incentive of up to €10,000 (US$11,815)—depending upon the model purchased—for the purchase of Euro 6 vehicles in Germany if an older diesel vehicle (Euro 1 to Euro 4 standards) is scrapped at the same time.

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Gov’t, industry, national labs collaborate on comprehensive cradle-to-grave LCA study and economic assessment of LDV GHG reductions

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The analysis addressed every aspect of the vehicle and fuel life cycles, including manufacturing, end-of-life disposal (recycling and scrappage), and vehicle operation, as well as fuel feedstock production and transportation, fuel production, and fuel distribution.

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UK unveils new plan to cut NO2; sale of new conventional gasoline and diesel cars to end by 2040; focus on local action

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Electric (Battery) Emissions Europe Policy RegulationsThe UK Government unveiled its new plan to reduce roadside nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ) concentrations in the shortest amount of time.

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UK AA president says millions of second cars could be electric

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Less likely to be concerned by the cost of battery replacement. Financial incentives could help the change in mind-set, such as a scrappage scheme tailored (by size, age and cost at new) to replace the second car with an electric vehicle.

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UK Government Announces £5,000 Grants Towards Purchase of Electric Drive Vehicles and First Plugged-in Places

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The Plug-in Car Grant will be distributed directly to consumers at the point of purchase and will be managed in a similar way to the grant made as part of the Government’s scrappage scheme. Must be Battery electric, plug-in hybrid or a hydrogen fuel cell car. Warranty, battery: 3 years for the battery with a requirement to offer 5 if requested by consumer. Tags: Electric (Battery) Europe Fuel Cells Hybrids Plug-ins Policy

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Deloitte study concludes mass adoption of EVs in Europe is some distance away

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Three-quarters of European consumers surveyed (74%) said that before they would consider purchasing an EV, they would expect it to be able to travel 300 miles between charges—much higher than what is currently available—and 67% said the battery must take no longer than two hours to charge. Currently, hybrids and battery electric vehicles represent a tiny fraction of total cars on the road.

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Can the UK lead the green car charge? The Green Piece

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Having already adjusted its road tax system to penalise the heaviest polluters and introduced congestion charges; the Government created a vehicle scrappage scheme earlier this year meant to help more motorists make green choices while boosting the automotive sector.

The Budget 2009 - working towards sustainable transport

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Introducing a vehicle scrappage scheme. Vehicle Scrappage Scheme. Plug-in hybrids are cars which may be driven typically between 10 and 40 miles on battery power (recharged at home or at a charging station) before the engine (often referred to as a range extender) starts to ‘top up’ the battery.

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