Porsche Offers Li-ion Starter Battery Option

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The new Li-ion starter battery. Porsche will offer a lithium-ion starter battery option—the first automaker to do so—as of January 2010 for the 911 GT3, 911 GT 3 RS, and Boxster Spyder. The lightweight battery is made up of four cells and integrated control electronics.

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DAIHEN leverages WiTricity wireless charging technology for solar-powered mobility demo in Japan

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Partners since 2016, DAIHEN licensed WiTricity’s technology to commercialize wireless charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) and for automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) in factory and industrial settings. Autonomous driving Electric (Battery) Infrastructure Wireless

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GE and Berkeley Lab developing water-based high energy density flow battery for EVs

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Conceptual design of a water-based flow battery GE scientists are researching as part of ARPA-E’s RANGE program. This battery could be one-fourth the cost of current car batteries, and could nearly triple the distance electric vehicles could travel on a single charge.

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USABC awards Leyden Energy $2.28M contract for Li-imide based 12V start-stop batteries

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The United States Advanced Battery Consortium LLC (USABC) awarded a $2.28-million stop-start battery system development contract to Leyden Energy Inc., which is developing next-generation battery chemistries building off of its lithium-imide electrolyte platform. Batteries

2013 93

In-flight wireless power transfer for drones

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inches) in diameter—and altered its electronics and removed its battery. However, the distance that a drone can travel and the duration it can stay in the air is limited by the availability of power and re-charging requirements. Aviation Electric (Battery) Wireless

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Sion Li-S battery pack powers electric UAV on 11-day flight

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Sion Power announced that its proprietary lithium sulfur (Li-S) batteries played a critical role in the Airbus Defence and Space Zephyr 7 prototype High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (HAPS) aircraft completing a southern hemisphere winter weather flight of more than 11 days duration controlled by satellite communications. The Zephyr 7 is a solar/battery powered electric UAV with a wing span of 70 feet (22.5 The Li-S battery pack was carefully engineered to minimize total pack weight.

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Royal Mail to buy 100 Peugeot electric vans for delivery vehicles

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The vans will go into service from December 2017 at delivery offices around the UK, supported by a comprehensive rollout of charging infrastructure. kWh lithium-ion batteries offer a range of up to 106 miles (171 km), measured on the NEDC cycle. Electric (Battery) Europe Fleets

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ZF spins off Car eWallet as a start-up

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The service, for example, enables payments for refueling or re-charging electric cars. Connected vehicles Electric (Battery ZF has founded Car eWallet GmbH, a Berlin-based start-up, in which the company will outsource the current activities of the transaction service Car eWallet.

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New Flyer unveils Xcelsior CHARGE H2 bus; first to offer two fuel-cell-electric models eligible for federal funding

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This makes the Xcelsior CHARGE H2 the first sixty-foot fuel cell-electric bus to complete Altoona, and establishes New Flyer as the only manufacturer to offer both a forty-foot and sixty-foot fuel cell-electric model that qualifies for federal funding. New Flyer of America Inc.

2019 120

NCSU study finds shared e-scooters aren’t always as green as other transport options

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They found that environmental burdens associated with charging the e-scooter are small relative to the materials and manufacturing burdens of the e-scooters and the impacts associated with transporting the scooters to overnight charging stations.

2019 104

ZF spins off Car eWallet as a start-up

Green Car Congress

The service, for example, enables payments for refueling or re-charging electric cars. Connected vehicles Electric (Battery ZF has founded Car eWallet GmbH, a Berlin-based start-up, in which the company will outsource the current activities of the transaction service Car eWallet.

2018 78

THINK and AeroVironment to Pursue Projects to Promote Fast-charging Infrastructure; THINK Picks Enerdel as Sole Battery Provider for US

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AV), a leading developer and supplier of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, to pursue demonstration and commercial projects using AV’s level III fast-charge system and the THINK City electric vehicle to jump-start the development of fast-charge infrastructure in the United States. The AV level III fast-charge system employs a protocol developed by Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). It can also be charged using 110-volt current on a regular household outlet.

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IEA: Electric vehicles posted strong gains in 2016; 2M now in global parc

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Paris, for example, has mandated that any electric car is allowed to re-charge at the re-charge stations of its car-sharing program Autolib. London for its part encourages EV adoption by waiving its congestion charge. Electric (Battery) Plug-ins Sales

2017 91

UPS collaborating with Workhorse to deploy 50 electric trucks; rivaling acquisition cost of conventional; no subsidies

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Each truck will have a range of approximately 100 miles between charges, ideal for delivery routes in and around cities. The all electric trucks will deliver by day and re-charge overnight. Electric (Battery) Fleets

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GM's CEO Waggoner Announces Saturn Plug-in Hybrid; Bio-fuel Hummer

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Wagoner said GM is using the Saturn Vue hybrid sport utility vehicle to develop a plug-in hybrid, which can be re-charged from a standard electrical outlet, and will offer biofuel-capable Hummer SUVs. Wagoner said GM's prior work on its now-defunct EV1 electric car gives it a good base for the battery technology needed. LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) -- General Motors Corp. (GM) GM) Chief Executive Rick Wagoner said Wednesday that the U.S.

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Nissan, New York City launch LEAF electric vehicle taxi pilot

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As part of the pilot, Nissan and partners in New York City will also install several CHAdeMO-based DC quick chargers, which will enable drivers to re-charge their electric taxis quickly during their shift. With quick charging, Nissan LEAF can be recharged to about 80% in under 30 minutes. with energy supplied by an advanced 48-module lithium-ion battery assembled at Nissan’s new battery plant in Smyrna.

Wärtsilä providing HY hybrid modules for Swedish port tug; first vessel operating with Wärtsilä HY solution

Green Car Congress

It will be capable of operating on battery power when in transit. In addition, the installed onshore electrical connection will give the tug the flexibility to re-charge the energy storage system, even when the tug is berthed at the quay.

2017 78

Rolls Royce unveils the Phantom Experimental Electric; induction charging system

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However, the naturally aspirated 6.75-liter V12 petrol engine and 6-speed gearbox have been replaced by a 71 kWh lithium-ion battery pack and two electric motors mounted on the rear sub-frame. The Li-ion cells use a nickel cobalt manganese chemistry with a gravimetric capacity of around 230 Wh/kg, a high energy density which is important in achieving an acceptable range between re-charges. Electric (Battery Powertrain of the 102EX. Click to enlarge.

2011 88

IHS Automotive sees Google leading technology, testing, software development for autonomous driving

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These characteristics favor EVs as the powertrain for driverless cars; they can easily re-charge themselves using existing and growing public charging networks as needed between trips, which eliminates any range anxiety.

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EADS demonstrating electric and hybrid aviation propulsion; innovative distributed propulsion series hybrid

Green Car Congress

The Group has developed and built a battery-electric general aviation training aircraft in cooperation with Aero Composites Saintonge (ACS), called E-Fan. New batteries with a higher energy density will be installed later on, which will increase the endurance to up to 1 hour 30 min.

2013 141

Nissan’s Killer EV App, the Plug-In Car That Puts the Nail in GM’s Coffin

Creative Greenius

But Nissan has the litium ion battery and tons of desirable, very cool features ready for prime time right here and right now. Everyone’s all excited that Ford just turned a profit, but they’re doing it with a fleet of uninspired crappy cars that they practically have to give away.

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Opel Unveiling Vivaro e-Concept Extended Range Electric Van Research Study at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2010 Show

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Opel engineers have mounted the batteries, which can be re-charged on a standard household 230-volt outlet under the floor of the Vivaro e-Concept. There, the lithium ion battery modules are protected from the weather. The Opel Vivaro e-Concept. Click to enlarge.

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Tata Motors to supply 25 diesel series-hybrid buses to MMRDA

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The batteries can be re-charged by the diesel, as well as through regenerative braking.

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Green Crossover Project in Japan Showcases Li-ion Stationary Storage for EV Charging; EnerDel Providing Packs for Vehicles and Stationary Storage

Green Car Congress

The project will serve as an exhibition of an advanced direct current rapid recharge system, as well as a secondary use model for in-vehicle batteries. Three Mazda Demios (sold outside of Japan as the Mazda2), have been converted to a battery electric drive powered by EnerDel Li-ion battery packs. The project uses a 24-kilowatt-hour fixed storage EnerDel battery pack, originally designed for the THINK City electric vehicle.

2010 76

Honda and China-based SenseTime to jointly research and develop AI technologies for automated driving

Green Car Congress

In addition to the suite of robotics concepts, Honda will showcase its Mobile Power Pack World, which includes a portable, swappable battery pack for electric vehicles, and a re-charging system for use at home, recreation or during a natural disaster. The Mobile Power Pack World at CES will also exhibit a battery exchanger concept that can store and charge mobile power packs. Honda R&D Co., the R&D subsidiary of Honda Motor Co.,

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Monash University team develops graphene-based supercapacitor with energy density of 60 Wh/L

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A research team at Monash University (Australia) led by Professor Dan Li of the Department of Materials Engineering has developed a new strategy to engineer graphene-based supercapacitors (SC), resulting in an energy density of 60 Wh/liter—comparable to lead-acid batteries and around 12 times higher than commercially available SCs. SCs are generally made of highly porous carbon impregnated with a liquid electrolyte to transport the electrical charge.

2013 92

Accenture Study Finds Consumers Will Require More Than Fuel Savings From Hybrid and Electric Vehicles; Cost, Vehicle Dynamics, In-Vehicle Services

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Assuming a hybrid or electric vehicle could run on an electric charge for 200 miles, want the driving distance between re-charging points to be every 11 to 50 miles. Want re-charging to take less than 20 minutes. Tags: Electric (Battery) Hybrids Surveys

2010 76

Daimlers car2go launches large-scale all-electric vehicle car-sharing fleet in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure only uses energy from renewable resources. The 300 car2go vehicles and other electric cars in Amsterdam will have access to more than 250 charging stations in the city area right now, most of them with two load-points.

2011 106

Saab to Introduce 9-3 ePower EV Prototype at Paris Show; Fleet Tests in Sweden in 2011-2012

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Saab Automobile will debut the Saab 9-3 ePower battery-electric vehicle at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. High energy density also contributes to a lower battery pack weight. The pack is intended to support re-charge cycles equivalent to about ten years average use.

Next-gen Chevy Volt improves charging experience for users

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Chevrolet says it has made the charging system in the next-generation Volt even easier for customers to recharge the battery and to check the charge status. The new and enhanced features include: GPS location-based charging. Owners will now be able to set their charging preferences exclusively for their “home” charging location and the vehicle will automatically adjust to that setting when it is at that location.

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Toyota Unveils Dedicated Hybrid Concept, Plan for Prius Family; Expands Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration Program in the US

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A century after the invention of the automobile, we must re-invent it with powertrains that significantly reduce or eliminate the use of conventional petroleum fuels. The cost of lithium ion batteries…needs to be reduced significantly…or a more affordable alternative developed.

2010 99

Axion Power to supply PbC mini Power Cube in Zero Energy Building in Washington DC Naval Yard

Green Car Congress

the developer of advanced lead­carbon PbC batteries and energy storage systems ( earlier post ), was awarded a purchase order from SilTek Inc. Axion will be providing an array of its PbC batteries, system electronics and battery management system that together will serve as an example of Axion’s “mini-Cube” concept based on the scalability, up or down, of its primary PowerCube. Axion Power International, Inc.,

2012 71

Fuji Heavy Launches Subaru Plug-in STELLA EV in Japan; Targets 170 Units in FY 2009

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A 9 kWh, 346V Li-ion battery pack comprising 16 modules in series supports a range of 90 km (56 miles) when driven in the Japan 10-15 mode cycle. Tags: Electric (Battery Components of the STELLA EV powertrain. Click to enlarge. Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.

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Coulomb Technologies and Carbon Day Automotive Unveil Solar Plug-In Station in Chicago

Green Car Congress

Carbon Day Automotive and Coulomb Technologies unveiled a solar-powered electric vehicle charging station in the City of Chicago. kWh underground battery pack specially designed and developed by ALL CELL Technologies, a thermal management and power pack solutions manufacturer.

2009 78

Burlington Hydro Takes Delivery of First EV in Commercial Fleet Application in Canada

Green Car Congress

Charge time is 3.8 REV will also provide on-board smart-grid and wireless telemetry capabilities, integrated data management and charging infrastructure. They are therefore ideal in respect to the opportunity to centralize re-charging infrastructure.

Ernst Young Survey Finds Roughly 60% of Chinese Consumers Would Consider Purchasing a Plug-in Vehicle

Green Car Congress

Battery driving range was the top concern about plug-ins (73%), followed by charging stations (69%); reliability and serviceability (64%); and safety (64%). 82% of respondents consider a range per charge of less than 200 miles to be acceptable. 65% of survey participants said they would subsidize local charging stations—nearly twice the portion of other countries surveyed. Tags: China Electric (Battery) Hybrids Plug-ins Surveys

2010 74

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars confirms electric Phantom test project

Green Car Congress

We have engineered the world’s first battery electric vehicle for the ultra-luxury segment. These include the car’s ability to deliver an acceptable range between re-charges and to operate in extreme weather conditions. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars confirmed the development of 102EX, a one-off, fully electric-powered Phantom, to debut at the Geneva Motor Show on 1 March 2011.

2011 80

Electric-Car Fans Rally Around the Volt - Green Inc. Blog - NYTimes.com

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

April 17, 2009 12:34 pm Link Perhaps they should turbo charge the Volt or Telsa to run more like this electric powered Datsun drag racer: [link] American’s love a hot rod. April 17, 2009 2:00 pm Link Re: “…then go another 200 miles, great for long trips i’m sure.&#

2009 48

Toyota: Prius PHEV Fuel Economy Not Yet Available

Green Car Congress

They are very early “converted” prototypes using double nickel-metal hydride batteries. Most importantly, these vehicles are not representative of the lithium-ion battery-powered next-generation Prius PHVs that will be delivered to lease-fleet customers later this year. This is due to the added weight of a large battery that, once depleted by pure-electric drive, will contribute nothing until it is plugged in and re-charged

ITF report finds self-driving shared vehicles could take up to 90% of cars off city streets; total kilometers travelled increases

Green Car Congress

If a fleet of electric vehicles were used instead, a fleet of shared self-driving vehicles would need only 2% more vehicles, however, to accommodate battery re-charging times and reduced travel range.

2015 139

Kia unveils Optima Hybrid sedan at LA Auto Show

Green Car Congress

The electric motor switches into hybrid operation and serves as both a secondary engine (during full acceleration and hill-climbing) and a generator to recharge the battery pack as necessary. When braking, the electric motor converts kinetic energy into electricity for storage in the battery pack. kW HSG also functions as a generator to re-charge the battery pack if the state of charge is low and when the car is stationary. Kia Optima Hybrid.

2010 78

Hummer achieves 100mpg

Green Cars News

It’s designed to go about 40 miles in all-electric mode after which a small gas powered engine kicks in and powers a generator which then re-charges the batteries. An American green technology company has developed a hybrid Hummer capable of over 100mpg.

MINI E joins Government electric vehicle announcement

Green Cars News

Scottish and Southern Energy is the UK’s leading generator of energy from renewable sources and will be installing the private and public charging points required for the MINI E test vehicles. The space normally inhabited by rear passengers is reserved for a lithium-ion battery.