ABB delivers OppCharge fast charger for electric hybrid buses to Bertrange, Luxembourg

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ABB has inaugurated the first OppCharge fast-charging station for electric buses in Benelux, in the commuter belt town of Bertrange, Luxembourg. Potentially 12 Volvo electric hybrid buses operated by Sales-Lentz will be running on existing public bus lines in Luxembourg.

ABB installs two OppCharge fast chargers for electric hybrid buses in Luxembourg City

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ABB has installed two fast-chargers for electric hybrid buses at Luxembourg City’s central station. Inaugurated by Ville de Luxembourg on 10 February 2017, the chargers will support 5 electric hybrid buses from Volvo, fully charging each vehicle with 150 kW of power in three to six minutes, during the layover times at the end point of the bus route.

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Luxembourg bus operator orders five Volvo 7900 plug-in hybrid buses; ABB fast chargers

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Volvo has received an order for 5 Volvo 7900 plug-in hybrid electric buses ( earlier post ) from bus operator AVL (Autobus de la ville de Luxembourg). The five buses and chargers will be delivered towards the end of this year; one of the bus chargers will be placed at the central station in Luxembourg. Volvo will be responsible for vehicle servicing including battery maintenance for a fixed monthly cost.

NGK Spark Plug & HAKUTO-R to test solid-state lithium battery technology on the moon in 2021

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NGK Spark Plug and HAKUTO-R have also agreed to transport a trial design of NGK Spark Plug’s solid-state battery technology to the moon in 2021. Through this technological cooperation, the two organizations will conduct the world’s first test of solid-state battery technology on the Moon. Prototype of NTK solid-state battery. Testing solid-state battery technology on the Moon is aimed at supplying the burgeoning lunar industry with a stable energy storage solution.

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MAN Lion’s City 18 E articulated electric bus to begin practical testing in Barcelona and Cologne later this year

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The energy for this comes from the modular batteries with 640 kWh of installed capacity. Here, MAN relies on the fully developed lithium-ion (NMC) battery cell technology from the Volkswagen Group’s modular kit. Bus Electric (Battery) Europe

2020 88

COVID-19 outbreak poised to strengthen EV momentum and the markets for cobalt and copper

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by Benedikt Sobotka, CEO of Eurasian Resources Group , Co-Chair of the Global Battery Alliance. Lithium-ion battery demand stands to benefit, and cobalt—as an integral part of these batteries—will be in high demand in coming years. Benedikt Sobotka is CEO of Luxembourg-based Eurasian Resources Group (ERG), and Co-Chair of the Global Battery Alliance (GBA). Batteries COVID-19 Electric (Battery) Manufacturing Materials Mining

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EC awards Better Place and partners €4.95M for EV infrastructure project, including battery switch stations

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The project envisions the analysis, testing and deployment of a multi-transport mode network using the current road infrastructure and railways coupled with an electric car charging network of battery switch stations and charge spots powered by renewable energy along with intelligent transport systems. of Belgium; Technical University of Denmark; the City of Amsterdam; Public Research Center Henri Tudor of Luxembourg; and DSB Kommerciel of Denmark.

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ABB and Volvo Buses partnering on fast-charging system for hybrid and electric buses

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The first joint project will be the implementation of Volvo Electric Hybrids and ABB’s automatic e-bus chargers in the Luxembourg public transport system, where as many as 12 Volvo Electric Hybrid buses operated by Sales-Lentz will be running on existing lines by 2015.

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Tesla Model 3 Europe’s best-selling pure EV in February in its first full month on the market

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It was the best performing SUV in Austria, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, and the second best in Germany, Croatia, Denmark and Italy. Electric (Battery) EuropeTesla’s Model 3 led the BEV and premium midsize sedan rankings in Europe in February, according to JATO Dynamics.

2019 100

Ujet introduces electric scooter at CES

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The scooter offers a high performance smart battery available in two sizes with an estimated range up to 70 km (approximately 43 mi) or 150 km (approximately 93 mi), and can be charged from any regular power socket. Electric (Battery

2018 78

European car market logs best year for alternative fueled vehicles, lowest diesel share since 2001

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Poland, Slovakia, Luxembourg and Lithuania all posted record levels of volume, while it was the best year since 2007 for Spain and Estonia, and the best year since 2008 for Romania, Hungary, Croatia and Latvia. Diesel Electric (Battery) Europe Sales

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SAIC introduces large electric panel van in Europe: Maxus EV80

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Maxus offers a three-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, and a battery warranty of five years or 100,000 km. SAIC Mobility Europe was formally established in Luxembourg. Electric (Battery) Fleets

2017 91

PROSUME blockchain-based platform for new peer-to-peer energy models; EV platform

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PROSUME is now negotiating eight different pilot projects in Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Blockchain Car Sharing Electric (Battery

2017 96

Euro car market has best H1 of century; diesels down 17%; AFVs up 31% for 5.4% of total; SUVs booming

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The Golf was the top-selling car in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Latvia and Belgium. Diesel Electric (Battery) Europe Hybrids SalesThe European car market recorded its best H1 performance of the century, with 8.6

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US$7.5M JOSPEL project to develop energy efficient climate control for EVs; leveraging Joule and Peltier effects

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Even in today’s modern electric vehicles, a lot of energy is wasted on heating or cooling, in turn limiting the already relatively short range by further draining the battery capacity. Besides improving on the heating/cooling technology through thermoelectric technology and effects, JOSPEL will also enhance the energy and battery efficiency through various other solutions, such as improving on the insulation via new glazing designs, reducing the energy needed to defrost and so on.

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Wrightspeed named as World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer

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Advanced Li-ion battery company 24M was also selected this year. Other selected pioneers come from France (2), Luxembourg (2), and Canada, Israel, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Electric (Battery) Heavy-duty Plug-insWrightspeed Inc., developer of heavy-duty range-extended electric vehicle powertrains, was named one of the current crop of World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers—and was the only purely automotive technology company so selected.

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Abellio, Alstom, NASA and Rolls-Royce to implement new hybrid drive solution on Coradia Lint diesel trains

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The hybrid drives combine a modern diesel engine with an electric motor and batteries to recover braking energy, reducing fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions by up to 25%. This enables very low-noise, emissions-free battery-only electric operation in urban areas and around stations.

2018 106

Diesel new vehicle market share in Europe in February dropped to 39.5%; SUVs still driving growth

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This growth can be attributed to key markets such as Germany, Spain and France, as well as five other markets (Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Estonia and Luxembourg), which posted double digit growth. Diesel Electric (Battery) Europe Hybrids SalesEuropean car registrations increased by 4.2%

2018 91

EEA: Fuel efficiency improvements of new cars in Europe slowed in 2016

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Sales of battery electric vehicles continue to increase, but at a significantly slower rate than in earlier years. Around 64,000 pure battery-electric vehicles were registered in 2016, a 13% increase compared to sales of 57,000 in 2015.

2017 85

EEA: no improvements on average CO2 emissions from new cars registered in 2017 in Europe

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Sales of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and battery-electric vehicles (BEV) continued to increase—last year by 42%.

2018 95

First Tesla Supercharger in Switzerland

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Superchargers provide up to 120 kW of DC power directly to the Model S battery using special cables that bypass the onboard charging equipment. Tesla plans that by the end of 2014, 100% of the population of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Denmark will live within 320 km of a Supercharger station, with about 90% of the population in England, Wales and Sweden living within the same distance of a charging station.

Field test shows Volvo Buses’ plug-in hybrid reduces fuel consumption by 81% and energy consumption by 61%; 21 mpg

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The field test in Gothenburg began in June 2013 and includes three plug-in hybrid buses, the batteries of which are rapidly recharged at the terminals. The batteries are charged at the bus terminus via the B?sbaar Volvo Bus’ plug-in hybrid.

2013 149

Volvo Buses officially launches the all-new plug-in Electric Hybrid bus

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The bus is equipped with a 150 kW electric motor that delivers maximum torque of 1200 N·m (85 lb-ft) and is powered by a 19 kWh Li-ion battery pack as well as a 240 hp/918 N·m Volvo D5K 240, 4-cylinder, in-line Euro 6 diesel engine with common rail injection.

2014 117

Nissan Teams Up with LeasePlan to Bring Nissan LEAF to Europe

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The project will focus on driver behaviour and the operational side of running a fleet of zero-emission battery-powered cars. The thirteen countries involved in the agreement are Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

2010 76

BMW updates BMW Connected with expanded services, device support and availability

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For example, the vehicle doors can be locked or the battery’s charge status checked. In order to increase the run time of the devices in use, BMW Connected now also offers an additional mode which preserves battery life. BMW Connected was already offered in the USA, Germany, Austria, UK, Italy, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Luxembourg.

2016 71

Volvo to deliver plug-in hybrid buses w/ fast overhead recharging to Hamburger Hochbahn as part of development partnership

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In entering into this development partnership we will now move from being an observer to being the driving force in the field of battery bus technology as well. Volvo Buses has previously signed agreements regarding the implementation of electric hybrid buses or full electric buses with the cities of Gothenburg, Luxembourg, Montreal and Stockholm. As part of a new development partnership, Volvo Buses will deliver three Volvo Electric plug-in hybrids to Hamburger Hochbahn AG.

2014 74

Tesla delivered ~5,500 Model S worldwide in Q3, more than 1,000 to European customers; non-GAAP profit narrows and GAAP loss widens from Q2

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The strong revenue growth was driven by an increase in vehicle deliveries and higher vehicle average selling prices (ASPs) due to the start of European deliveries and a higher mix of cars with 85 kWh battery packs. By the end of 2014, Tesla expects that the entire population of the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark and Luxembourg and about 90% of the population in England, Wales and Sweden will live within 320 km (199 miles) of a Supercharger station.

2013 68

Global WorldAutoSteel Project Presents Interim Results of FutureSteelVehicle (FSV) Phase 2 Project for Low GHG Body Structure for Electrified Vehicles

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The FSV Program is midway through its second phase, designing optimized AHSS body structures for four proposed 2015-2020 year vehicles: battery electric (BEV); plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV), with both PHEV-20 and PHEV-40 powertrains; and fuel cell (FCV), with variants among the different powertrain types for four and five passengers vehicles. Battery tunnel load path members. Arcelor Mittal - Luxembourg.

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