Iowa State/Ames Lab researcher receives $3M from ARPA-E for solid-state sodium battery

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The Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E) has awarded $3 million from its 2015 OPEN funding to a project to develop an all-solid-state sodium battery. The proposed Na battery operates at room temperature, uses a benign and scalable solid-stack design for a long cycle life and expects to achieve a 20% improvement in energy density over state-of-the-art lithium-ion cells. Martin’s new battery will use a solid anode, cathode and electrolyte separator.

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Wrecked Tesla, Dopey Dealers, VW Passat Plug-In Hybrid, Sakti3 Batteries: Today's Car News

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We''ve got two Tesla stories--one in which a car-dealer rep says something really dumb--plus a debate over green transport, VW''s second plug-in hybrid, and the emergence of a secretive battery startup with ties to GM. While Iowa All this and more today on Green Car Reports. On Saturday, we covered the prior week''s new in our Week In Reverse video.

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ARPA-E awards $37M for IONICS projects; improving solid-state batteries and fuel cells

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IONICS project teams are paving the way for technologies that overcome the limitations of current battery and fuel cell products. In particular, IONICS projects will work to improve energy storage and conversion technologies in three categories: transportation batteries, grid-level storage, and fuel cells. IONICS projects will use new materials and processes to achieve advancements such as increasing battery energy capacity while preventing short circuits and battery degradation.

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3 winners of DOE’s “America’s Next Top Energy Innovator” Challenge: hydrogen-assisted lean-burn engines, graphene for Li-air and -sulfur batteries, and titanium process

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Vorbeck Materials , a startup company based in Jessup, Maryland, is using a Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)-developed method for developing graphene for better lithium air and lithium sulfur batteries. Developments by PNNL (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) and Princeton of lithium air batteries incorporating graphene as a cathode material set the highest energy storage capacity ever recorded, 15,000 mAh g -1. Batteries Engines Materials

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Opinion: Why Buffett Bet A Billion On Solar: Miles Per Acre Per Year

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It is generous to say that an acre of Iowa can provide 12,500 miles per year at a cost of 10 cents each. In that case, Iowa’s acres provide 12,500 miles in a year (17,500/1.4). Electric (Battery) Opinion Solarby Henry Hewitt for

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Study finds energy savings of PHEVs relative to HEVs dependent on charging coverage and daily VMT

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A study based on a spatial and longitudinal travel dataset by a team from Lamar University, Iowa State University and Oak Ridge National Laboratory found that whether plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) have lower energy costs that conventional gasoline vehicles (CGVs) or hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs) depends on charger coverage. When the price of gasoline increases from $4/gallon to $5/gallon, the number of drivers who benefit from a larger battery increases significantly.

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DOE to award up to $137M for SuperTruck II, Vehicle Technology Office programs

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Through the other initiative, the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Vehicle Technologies Office Program Wide Funding Opportunity Announcement ( earlier post )selections, 35 new projects will receive $57 million to develop and deploy a wide array of cutting-edge vehicle technologies, including advanced batteries and electric drive systems, to reduce carbon emissions and petroleum consumption in passenger cars and light trucks. Iowa State University.

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USDOT awarding $55M to support purchase of Low-No buses; electric buses and infrastructure

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The vast majority of the funded projects are for battery-electric buses and infrastructure; two projects are receiving a total of $3.2 The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities will receive funding to purchase battery electric buses, associated charging infrastructure and a back-up generator to maintain bus service in a disaster situation. The 30' battery electric buses will replace several vehicles at or near the end of their useful lives.

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DOE to award $11M to 20 new Clean Cities projects for alt fuel cars and trucks

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The Mid-America Collaborative for Alternative Fuels Implementation project will focus diversifying transportation fuel options in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri. Electric (Battery) Fuels Infrastructure Natural Gas Plug-ins Policy

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More Electric Cars in Las Vegas with Stan Hanel's Story on the RAR'ster. with EVJerr Back to Webblogging, Sunday, 13 September 2009

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Georg also enlisted the help of University of Iowa computer programmer/engineer Karen Pease. The Tesla Motors roadster battery pack contains 6,831 Lithium-ion battery cells similar to those in a laptop computer. Note: Recharging from a standard 110 VAC, 12-Amp source would take 27 to 30 hours to replenish the battery pack and significantly slow the progress of the roadtrip. Element Hotel General Manager, D Dave Smith, plugs in the RAR'ster.

WTW analysis with four economies of sustainable automotive transportation finds CNG vehicles scoring highest

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Brown at Iowa State University propose the evaluation of four economies in well-to-wheels (WTW) analysis of automotive transportation—primary energy consumption, GHG emissions, water usage, and cost of vehicle operation—in a paper published in the journal Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining. Joshua Gifford and Robert C.

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2009 GMC Yukon Hybrid Test Drive

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When I first saw the hybrid Yukon I’d be driving for the weekend (courtesy of Bob Brown GMC in Ankeny, Iowa), my initial thoughts were how classy and luxurious it had been designed, both inside and out. Even in highway driving, the hybrid model gets an extra 3-4 mpg, likely as a result of the active fuel management system and battery assist. Shortly after, you see that the engine is getting assistance from the 300 volt hybrid battery pack (located under the 2nd row of seats).

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Volkswagen Rabbit :Mr.Sharkeys EV Volkswagen Scirocco :Pauls clean project Volkswagen Synchro(Stretch) : Otmars Hybrid Madness {Returnto top of page} HighSchool and University EVs Electrathon Cars Kennedy High School : Cedar rapids, Iowa Topsail High School: Hampstead,North Carolina Indy and Open Wheel Type Cars KetteringUniversity : Formula Lightning Race Team. Battery chargers and DC/DC converters. DC PowerSystems : Mega-controller and battery regulators.

DOE to award $35M to 24 projects to support early-stage, innovative technologies and solutions in advanced manufacturing

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Iowa State University. Iowa State University’s goal for this project is to develop open source software tools for simulating non-equilibrium autothermal processes, to improve prospects for identifying and designing these systems. The project targets lower cost and energy consumption, higher performance and reliability, and a reduced manufacturing footprint of multilayer particulate films including fuel cells, batteries, photovoltaics, and capacitors.

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Belfer Center Study Concludes Reducing Car and Truck GHG Emissions Will Require Substantially Higher Fuel Prices; Income Tax Credits for Advanced Alt Fuel Vehicles Are Essentially Ineffective at Reducing Sector Emissions

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Ross Morrow, assistant professor, Iowa State University; Kelly Sims Gallagher, associate professor of energy and environmental policy at Tufts University and a senior associate at the Belfer Center; Gustavo Collantes, senior energy policy advisor to the State of Washington; and Henry Lee, director of the Belfer Center’s Environment and Natural Resources Program. Tags: Climate Change Electric (Battery) Emissions Fuel Efficiency Hybrids Plug-ins Policy

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Ames Lab team to head new $120M Critical Materials Institute; addressing shortages in rare earth metals and other materials

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University and research partners include Brown University, the Colorado School of Mines, Purdue University, Rutgers University, University of California-Davis, Iowa State University, and Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute. Other Hubs are devoted to modeling and simulation of nuclear reactors, achieving major improvements in the energy efficiency of buildings, developing fuels from sunlight, and advancing the next-generation of batteries and energy storage technology.

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Simulations identify potential approach to reducing amount of rare earths required in permanent magnets

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The rare earths have many unique physical and chemical properties which make them important, if not critical, components in a variety of energy technologies, noted Karl Gschneidner from Iowa State University in a separate presentation at TMS 2011.

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ARPA-E Awards $151M to 37 Projects for Transformative Energy Research

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Planar Na-beta Batteries for Renewable Integration and Grid Applications. Eagle Picher, in partnership with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, will develop a new generation of high energy, low cost planar liquid sodium beta batteries for grid scale electrical power storage applications. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will develop a paradigm shifting new all-liquid metal grid scale battery for low cost, large scale storage of electrical energy.

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Energy Secretary Chu Announces $1.2 Billion in Recovery Act Funding for Science

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Ultimately, it could lead to advances in battery technology and photovoltaics. Ames Laboratory (Ames, Iowa)—$1.7 US Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced $1.2 billion in new science funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for major construction, laboratory infrastructure, and research efforts sponsored across the nation by the DOE Office of Science. Secretary Chu made the announcement during a visit to the Brookhaven National Laboratory.

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US DOT Awards $100M in Recovery Act Funds to 43 Transit Projects to Reduce Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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The project includes quick-charging stations at this terminal layover in route to recharge bus batteries. Grid sourced electrical energy used to recharge the bus batteries will be augmented with solar energy collected with panels procured and installed under this project. Battery Powered Zero Emission Circulator Buses: Innovative Quick Opportunity Charge, Lithium-Ion Titanate Battery Powered Community Bus program. Ames Transit Agency, Iowa: $1,600,000.

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