Georgia Tech team develops conversion-type iron-fluoride Li battery cathode with solid polymer electrolyte

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a promising new conversion-type cathode and electrolyte system that replaces expensive metals and traditional liquid electrolyte with lower cost transition metal fluorides and a solid polymer electrolyte. Batteries Solid-state

2019 105

SK Innovation to build $1.67B EV battery manufacturing plant in Georgia

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South Korea-based SK Innovation, a developer of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, will invest $1.67 billion to build a new electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing plant in Georgia. SK innovation is fitted with the entire value chain for mid/large-sized battery production from electrodes and separators to battery cells and packs. SK Innovation has applied high energy density ternary materials to lithium-ion batteries for mass production.

2018 95

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Georgia to take second try at electric-car tax credit after killing first one

Green Car Reports

Several years ago, Georgia offered a generous state-tax credit for purchase of a zero-emission vehicle, and its sales of electric cars boomed. Politics incentives tax credit Georgia plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) state lawsWhen state politics interceded to kill that credit in 2015—and add a new tax specifically on those same vehicles—the state became a case study on what happens when such incentives are suddenly.

What Should Georgia Electric-Car Buyers Do By June 30?

Green Car Reports

Georgia's income-tax credit for the purchase of a zero-emission vehicle will become history in about six weeks. That poses a problem for the state's electric-car shoppers: Buy before June 30 to take advantage of the expiring credit, or wait for improved battery-electric cars expected to arrive within two years. Politics incentives tax credit Georgia plug-in cars state laws

University Of Georgia purchases 20 Proterra 40' Catalyst E2 buses with DuoPower drivetrain

Green Car Congress

The University of Georgia has placed an order for twenty Proterra 40? With the deployment of 20 Catalyst buses, the University of Georgia will have one of the largest fleets of electric buses in the US, and will displace more than 2,500,000 gallons of diesel over the vehicles’ 12-year lifespan and eliminate more than 4,500,000 pounds of carbon emissions annually. Electric (Battery) Fleets Heavy-duty

2019 82

Georgia Advocates Ask Legislature To Keep Electric-Car Tax Benefit

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Today, Georgia is among the best places in the country to buy an electric vehicle. Its electric-vehicle tax credit of $5,000 is among the highest offered by any state, and makes buying a battery-electric vehicle much more affordable.

SK Innovation to build second EV battery plant in US, increasing investment to $2.5B

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SK Innovation announced plans for additional investment in its US battery business, following approval by the SK Innovation Board of Directors to fund the start of construction of a second electric vehicle battery plant in Georgia. Batteries Manufacturing

2020 129

Bill To Kill Georgia's Electric-Car Tax Credit Rises From The Dead

Green Car Reports

Last week, a Georgia House bill to end the state''s $5,000 tax credit for purchase or lease of a battery-electric vehicle was voted down by its Ways & Means Committee. State politics can be a funny thing. But yesterday, it mysteriously reappeared and was unanimously passed by voice vote after it was deemed only to have been "tabled." DON''T

Fight To Watch: Georgia Plans To Alter Electric-Car Tax Credit

Green Car Reports

That''s due to a $5,000 Georgia state tax credit for the purchase of a battery-electric vehicle, which can be used to cut state income-tax liability over one, two, or three years. Over the last two years, the metropolitan Atlanta area has become one of the single best sales regions for the Nissan Leaf electric car.

Georgia Tech team develops simple, low-cost process for oxide nanowires; superior separators for Li-ion batteries

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Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a simple technique for producing oxide nanowires directly from bulk materials under ambient conditions without the use of catalysts or any external stimuli. Fabricated separators based on aluminum oxide nanowires enhanced the safety and rate capabilities of lithium-ion batteries. One of the attractive applications may be separator membranes for lithium-ion batteries. Batteries Materials Nanotech

2017 65

Georgia Tech team develops highly efficient multi-phase catalyst for SOFCs and other energy storage and conversion systems

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Georgia Tech, with colleagues in China and Saudi Arabia, have developed a rationally designed, multi-phase catalyst that significantly enhances the kinetics of oxygen reduction of the state-of-the-art solid oxide fuel cell cathode.

2018 91

Georgia Tech life-cycle study finds TCO of medium-duty electric and diesel delivery trucks similar; electric life-cycle energy use and GHG lower than diesel

Green Car Congress

Battery replacement along with EVSE will also greatly affect the relative TCO of the electric truck. Recycling of the EV Li-ion battery could also improve life-cycle energy consumption and GHG emissions. Diesel Electric (Battery) Fleets Fuel Efficiency Lifecycle analysis

2013 150

New Georgia Tech MPPI technique controls autonomous vehicles at edge of handling limits

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Researchers from Georgia Tech’s Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering (AE) and the School of Interactive Computing (IC) have developed a new control technique for autonomous vehicles that can help keep a driverless vehicle under control as it maneuvers at the edge of its handling limits. The work, tested at the Georgia Tech Autonomous Racing Facility, is sponsored by the US Army Research Office.

2016 60

Georgia Tech study suggests unlinking EVs from CAFE and coordinating with power sector for low-cost benefits

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For the study, they define EVs as including both battery-electric (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) vehicles. Electric (Battery) Emissions Fuel Efficiency Hybrids Lifecycle analysis Plug-ins Policy

2013 106

Georgia Tech study finds MD electric urban delivery trucks have cost advantages over diesel in some conditions; relative benefits depend on numerous factors

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Researchers at Georgia Tech have compared medium-duty (MD) electric and diesel urban delivery trucks in terms of life-cycle energy consumption, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and total cost of ownership (TCO). Batteries Diesel Electric (Battery) Fleets Lifecycle analysis

2013 117

Insult To Injury? GA Kills Electric-Car Incentive, Adds Last-Minute Luxury-Car Tax Break

Green Car Reports

As feared by advocates, last week Georgia passed a highway-funding bill that killed its $5,000 income-tax credit for purchase of a battery-electric vehicles. Green Georgia Manufacturing Politics incentives plug-in cars state laws tax credit It hasn''t been a particularly good year so far for electric-car purchase incentives.

2015 86

Georgia Tech prototype triboelectric nanogenerator could extract energy from ocean waves

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed an inexpensive and simple prototype of a triboelectric nanogenerator that could be used to produce energy from ocean waves by making use of contact electrification between a patterned plastic nanoarray and water.

GE to purchase 2,000 Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrids; companies collaborate with Georgia Tech to accelerate alternative fuel vehicle adoption and research

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The two companies will also work with researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology to study GE employee driving and charging habits, with the goal of improving all-electric driving and charging performance. Researchers will use Ford’s MyFord Mobile app with real-time battery charge status and value charging that automatically recharges at lower-cost, off-peak electricity rates.

2012 74

Dahn’s “million-mile battery” detailed in open-access paper in JES

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Professor Dahn and his research group is Tesla’s battery research partner, following an agreement signed in 2015. Dahn’s research team is delivering a series of lectures including information on new battery technology at the upcoming 236 th ECS Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia (13-17 October).

2019 106

XG Sciences launches graphene-stabilized silicon anode materials for Li-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

XGS), a manufacturer of graphene platelets, has launched silicon anode materials for Li-ion batteries, with immediate availability. Rob Privette, VP Energy Markets for the company, said that the exact performance of the new anode materials will depend on the specific battery formulations used by cell manufacturers. We are working with battery makers to translate this exciting new material into batteries with longer run-time, faster charging and smaller sizes than today’s batteries.

2013 90

All New Flyer facilities now capable of manufacturing Xcelsior CHARGE battery-electric buses

Green Car Congress

NFI Group), the largest transit bus and motor coach manufacturer and parts distributor in North America, announced that its Anniston, Alabama facility has successfully completed its first full build of an Xcelsior CHARGE battery-electric heavy-duty transit bus. The Anniston facility now joins all other New Flyer locations with capability to manufacture the Xcelsior CHARGE battery-electric bus, including Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Crookston and St. New Flyer of America Inc.,

2018 60

XG Sciences lands SBIR/STTR award to develop Si/graphene anodes for Li-ion batteries for EVs

Green Car Congress

XG Sciences will lead a team that includes battery maker LG Chem Power, Inc. and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Batteries Graphene NanotechPlot of current performance data in the lab for Si/graphene anodes. Source: XG Sciences. Click to enlarge.

2012 99

Eaton introduces new Flex Power Distribution Unit for commercial electric vehicles

Green Car Congress

As power demands in electric vehicles continue to increase, the capabilities of PDUs, which connect the main battery power to the rest of the vehicle, must also increase. The Flex PDU will be introduced on 29 October at the North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) show in Atlanta, Georgia.

2019 85

Are 100-mile BMW, Nissan, VW electric cars already a lost cause?

Green Car Reports

Sure, it's an aging model now in its sixth year with a polarizing design; it lost a huge swath of buyers in Georgia when that state canceled its electric-car tax credit; and gas is cheap. sales Future Cars New car sales plug-in cars Tesla Model 3 battery capacity Osborne EffectThe continuing tepid sales of the Nissan Leaf electric car, despite a range upgrade to 107 miles, remains one of the puzzles in the plug-in car market.

2016 63

Anaheim Transportation Network orders 40 BYD electric buses; 57% electric fleet by 2020

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The Anaheim Transportation Network has awarded an order for 40 battery-electric buses to BYD. The bus order will be placed through two existing statewide contracts in Washington and Georgia, which local governments and transit agencies can access to benefit from the leveraged purchasing power, convenience and competitive pricing of these pre-established contracts. Electric (Battery) Fleets Heavy-duty

2019 93

Highly efficient non-precious metal electrocatalyst for ORR in fuel cells and metal-air batteries

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The unique porous architecture greatly facilitates rapid mass transport, while the N-doped ketjenblack and Fe/Fe 3 C-functionalized surface of the framework significantly enhance the ORR activity of cathodes for fuel cells and metal-air batteries. The reaction that occurs at the cathodes of fuel cells and metal-air batteries is the electrochemical reduction of oxygen—the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). Batteries Catalysts Fuel Cells

2012 78

Charlotte Douglas International Airport to buy 5 Proterra electric buses; 9th airport

Green Car Congress

Proterra battery-electric buses will contribute to CLT’s sustainability goals. By planning for scale now, CLT can utilize the charging infrastructure for a range of battery-electric powered service vehicles in the future. CLT is the first airport to leverage the Georgia State Contract to purchase Proterra electric buses. Electric (Battery) Fleets Heavy-duty

Eaton to launch a purpose-built, heavy-duty transmission for Class 7, 8 electric commercial vehicles

Green Car Congress

The announcement will be made at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show (NACV) in Atlanta, Georgia. Electric (Battery) Heavy-duty Transmissions

2019 85

Researchers find that algae-derived natural polysaccharide as a binder yields stable Li-ion battery silicon anode with 8x reversible capacity of graphitic anodes

Green Car Congress

Researchers from Clemson University and the Georgia Institute of Technology have identified a promising new binder material for lithium-ion battery electrodes that not only could boost energy storage, but also eliminate the use of toxic compounds now used to manufacture the components. In this communication we report that alginate, a high modulus natural polysaccharide extracted from brown algae, yields remarkably stable battery anode. Batteries

2011 99

New Self-Assembled Silicon-Carbon Nanocomposite Anodes for Li-ion Batteries Offer More Than 5X The Reversible Capacity of Graphite Anodes

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Source: Georgia Tech. Researchers have developed a new high-performance anode structure for lithium-ion batteries based on silicon-carbon nanocomposite materials. This is a significant step toward commercial production of silicon-based anode materials for lithium-ion batteries.

2010 88

South Africa Revitalizes Efforts on Automotive Li-ion Batteries

Green Car Congress

South Africa is reinvigorating its efforts to develop automotive lithium-ion batteries, with the government’s Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) now determining the commercial feasibility of battery manufacturing in the country. Beginning in the 1980s, CSIR had a lithium-ion battery effort led by Dr. Michael Thackeray, whose work in the 1980s led to the discovery of lithium-metal-oxide electrode materials with a spinel-type structure. Engineering News.

Plug In 2008

Plug In Partners

Georgia Power, Great River Energy, Hydro-Québec, Manitoba Hydro, Nebraska Public Power District, New York Power Authority, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Progress Energy, Public Service Electric & Gas Co., million into electric-vehicle maker Aptera and battery start-up ActaCell.

2008 130

President Obama Announces 48 Projects to Receive $2.4B in Grants for Next-Generation of Batteries and Electric Vehicles; To be Combined with $2.4B in Industry Cost-Share

Green Car Congress

President Obama announced 48 new advanced battery and electric drive projects that will receive $2.4 These projects, selected through a highly competitive process by the Department of Energy (DOE), are intended to accelerate the development of US manufacturing capacity for batteries and electric drive components as well as the deployment of electric drive vehicles. Production of manganese oxide cathode / graphite lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles.

2009 103

DOE awards $54M to 13 projects for transformational manufacturing technologies and materials; top two awards go to carbon fiber materials and electrodes for next-gen batteries

Green Car Congress

The top two awards, one of $9 million to a project led by Dow Chemical, and one of $8.999 million to a project led by PolyPlus, will fund projects tackling, respectively, the manufacturing of low-cost carbon fibers and the manufacturing of electrodes for ultra-high-energy-density lithium-sulfur, lithium-seawater and lithium-air batteries. PolyPlus Battery Company, Innovative Manufacturing of Protected Lithium. Electrodes for Ultra High Energy Density Batteries.

ARPA-E Selects 37 Projects for $106M in Funding in Second Round; Electrofuels, Better Batteries and Carbon Capture

Green Car Congress

The second round was focused specifically on three areas of technology representing new approaches for advanced microbial biofuels (electrofuels); much higher capacity and less expensive batteries for electric vehicles; and carbon capture. of Georgia). Better Batteries - Batteries for Electrical Energy Storage in Transportation (BEEST). The critical barrier to wider deployment of electric vehicles is the high cost and low energy of today’s batteries.

2010 85

Wheego Ships First LiFe Electric Car on Earth Day

All Cars Electric

Late last week a couple in Atlanta, Georgia became the first owners of the latest battery electric car to hit the roads, the 2011 Wheego LiFe. Handed over to commemorate Earth Day 2011, the small electric car which bears a passing resemblance to the 2011 Smart ForTwo electric drive is the first highway capable car from the small automaker.

Southern Company commissions 1 MW/2 MWh grid energy storage system from LG Chem

Green Car Congress

A 1 megawatt (MW)/2 megawatt-hour (MWh) battery energy system powered by LG Chem batteries has been commissioned for Southern Company and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) at a solar photovoltaic (PV) facility in the Southeastern region of the US. The battery energy storage system (BESS) is installed in the service territory of Georgia Power, the largest subsidiary of Southern Company.

2015 74

NIST Awards $123M in 12 Recovery Act Grants for New Research Facilities; Univ. of Ky CAER to Expand Capacitor and Battery Manufacturing Research with its $11.8M Award

Green Car Congress

The new facility will include labs for process development, prototype manufacturing and testing as well as applied research on batteries, capacitors, solar energy materials and biofuels. A portion of the new facility will be equipped specifically for capacitor and battery manufacturing research. million to the Georgia Tech Research Corporation (Atlanta, Ga.) Tags: Batteries Fuels Policy Research

2010 78

Kia Motors America expands Soul EV availability to four additional states; 10 total

Green Car Congress

Recharging times vary from 24 hours for a fully depleted battery using a standard 120V outlet and under five hours when plugged into a 240v outlet. Additional cross bracing beneath the low-mounted battery contributes to a 5.9% Electric (Battery) Sales

2015 110

Ceramic pump moves molten metal at a record 1,400 ?C; new avenues for energy storage and hydrogen production

Green Car Congress

The pump was developed by researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, with collaborators from Purdue University and Stanford University. This would allow us to create a new type of battery. Batteries Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Materials

2017 85

Ford unveils C-MAX Solar Energi concept; “plug-in” hybrid not dependent on electric grid can fully recharge from sun

Green Car Congress

Instead of recharging its battery from an electrical outlet, Ford C-MAX Solar Energi Concept uses a special Fresnel lens-based solar concentrator as a stationary canopy working with solar panels on the vehicle roof to recharge directly from the sun. and Georgia Tech.

2014 152

ARPA-E announces $98M in funding for 40 OPEN projects; two opposed-piston engines projects receive $10M total

Green Car Congress

Georgia Tech Research Corporation. Georgia Tech will develop a new approach to internally cool permanent magnet motors. Novel Polymer-enhanced Rechargeable Aluminum-Alkaline Battery Technology – $2,000,000. Ionic Materials will develop a more energy dense (by volume and mass) rechargeable battery based on an aluminum-alkaline chemistry. Drop-In Replacement Materials from Abundant Resources to Double Energy in EV Batteries – $3,100,000.

2018 84

Obama Administration launches series of actions to accelerate EV adoption; inc. $4.5B in loan guarantees, pursuing 350 kW fast charge

Green Car Congress

During past eight years the number of plug-in electric vehicle models has increased from one to more than 20, battery costs have decreased 70%, and the number of electric vehicle charging stations has increased from less than 500 in 2008 to more than 16,000 today—a 40-fold increase. Georgia Power. Southern Company: Georgia Power. A 350 kW charging system could charge a 200-mile range battery in less than 10 minutes. Southern Company: Georgia Power.

2016 95