EPA’s annual automotive trends report shows slight increase in fuel economy from MY2017 to MY2018

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In the US, Model Year (MY) 2018 vehicle fuel economy was 25.1 Since MY 2004, CO 2 emissions have decreased 23%, or 108 g/mi, and fuel economy has increased 30%, or 5.8 Tesla improved fuel economy (as measured in miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent, or mpge).

2020 83

XL launches PHEV Ford F-250; 50% improvement in fuel economy

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The XLP F-250 features a high voltage 15 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that is compatible with Level 1 and Level 2 charging stations using an industry-standard J1772 plug interface. Conversions Electric (Battery) Hybrids Plug-ins

2019 112

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GM battery layoffs, Trump and fuel economy, more fast chargers: Today's Car News

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A new study shows what the Trump administration is missing about how fuel-economy standards affect vehicle affordability. General Motors Fuel EconomyElectrify America gets plans approved to build more fast chargers in California. And we have results from our last Twitter poll and a new poll for you to try. All this and more on Green Car Reports. After announcing the demise.

2018 47

Volkswagen prices 2017 e-Golf starting at $30,495; longer range, better fuel economy, more power

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For 2017, Volkswagen is using an updated lithium-ion battery with an increased energy capacity of 35.8 The revised battery helps increase the vehicle’s range from an EPA-estimated total range of 83 miles to 125 miles on a single charge. Electric (Battery

2017 95

WEC report: EVs need 16% market share by 2020 for fuel economy standards to be met

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Electric vehicles (EVs) will need to increase their combined market share to 16% by 2020 for markets to achieve the aggressive fuel economy standards set by regulators, according to new research by the World Energy Council, the UN-accredited global energy body representing the entire energy spectrum.

2016 112

Tesla Model X safety, Fisker battery news, fuel economy rules, Mercedes electric cars: Today's Car News

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Today, another award for the Tesla Model X, a BMW investment in electric buses, Mercedes will build luxury electric models in China, and our readers really, really care about fuel-economy rules. You've no doubt heard that the Trump Administration wants to relax fuel-economy rules for 2022-2025 vehicles; we.

2017 57

New Honda Fit Hybrid improves fuel economy 35% over outgoing model; best hybrid (non plug-in) fuel economy in Japan

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achieved fuel economy of 36.4 Atkinson cycle (high expansion ratio cycle) engine, the sport hybrid i-DCD consists of a 7-speed dual clutch transmission (DCT) system with a built-in high-output motor, and IPU (intelligent power unit) equipped with a built-in lithium-ion battery.

2013 109

GM to introduce strong hybrid version of Malibu; combined fuel economy above 45 mpg; leverages Volt

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Using technology from the 2016 Chevrolet Volt propulsion system ( earlier post ), Malibu Hybrid will offer an estimated combined fuel economy rating exceeding 45 mpg (5.22 2016 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid Lithium-Ion Battery System, 1.8L

2015 126

NASA Glenn develops automated flywheel pulse-and-glide system; improving fuel economy up to 40-100%

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Innovators at NASA’s Glenn Research Center have developed an automated pulse-and-glide technique using a flywheel energy storage system for on-road vehicles; the technology, which NASA Glenn says can improve fuel economy over existing internal combustion or battery hybrid systems by 40-100%, is available for licensing. Batteries Controls and controllers Engines Vehicle Systems

2013 121

Volkswagen Millerized 1.5 TSI ACT BlueMotion gasoline engine offers diesel-like fuel economy; derivatives may be applied in hybrid systems

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Volkswagen has developed and deployed a gasoline engine that offers diesel-like fuel economy but is significantly cheaper to buy. TSI ACT BlueMotion delivers 96 kW / 130 PS with combined fuel consumption of 4.8 Engines Fuel Efficiency Vehicle Systems

2018 114

Japan Ministries propose light commercial vehicle fuel economy standards for 2022

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The new standards will require that the fuel economy of model year 2022 light and medium commercial vehicles sold in Japan average 17.9 This represents a 26% increase in fuel economy from 2012 values, and a 23% increase from the 2015 standard of 14.5

2015 99

EPA Trends on EVs and PHEVs; beginning of a “measurable and meaningful impact” on new vehicle fuel economy and emissions

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The agency’s reasoning was that since alternative fuel vehicle production has generally been less than 0.1% of total vehicle production until very recently, the impact of excluding alternative fuel vehicles was negligible. Alt fuel vehicle impact on OEMs.

2014 133

NREL report on electric bus demo at Foothill Transit finds Proterra fuel economy >8x higher than CNG on same line

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A team from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has released the second report summarizing the results of the battery-electric bus (BEB) demonstration underway at Foothill Transit in California. The CNG buses had an average fuel economy of 3.89

2017 99

ICCT update finds real-world vehicle fuel economy gap continues to widen in Europe to 40%

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The gap between official fuel-economy figures and the real world for new cars in the EU has reached 40 per cent, according to the latest update by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) to its on-going research into in-use vehicle fuel efficiency and CO 2 emissions.

2015 119

NREL analysis of Proterra electric bus demo finds average fuel economy nearly 4x that of CNG baseline buses

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The NREL team found, inter alia , that the battery-electric buses (BEBs)had an overall average efficiency of 2.15 The baseline CNG buses had an average fuel economy of 4.04 The average battery pack SOC is 75.4%, indicating a possibility for a usage window shift.

2016 113

Toyota announces expected fuel economy and pricing for RAV4 Hybrid: 33 mpg combined, entry at $28,370

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Regenerative braking changes the electric motor to a generator that captures the kinetic energy of the still-turning wheels when the brake is applied, storing it in the nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) hybrid battery pack. Fuel Efficiency Hybrids

2015 107

EPA annual trends report finds new vehicle fuel economy at record 24.1 mpg; new powertrain technologies rapidly gaining share

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EPA released the latest edition of its annual report on trends in CO 2 emissions, fuel economy and powertrain technology for new personal vehicles in the US. The report also noted that: Since alternative fuel vehicle production [CNG, PHEVs and EVs] has generally been less than 0.1%

2014 104

DLR working with Yamaha on thermoelectric generators for vehicles; seeking 3-5% gain in fuel economy

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Internal combustion engines in vehicles use only about one-third of the potential energy in the fuel for propulsion; the remaining two-thirds are lost as waste heat. The goal of the DLR scientists is to reduce fuel consumption by 3-5% percent using thermoelectric generators.

2017 91

GM Korea introduces Alpheon eAssist; 25% improvement in fuel economy

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The new Alpheon eAssist, which will go on sale in November, offers improved fuel economy of 25% and reduced CO 2 emissions of 22% compared with the standard Alpheon model. 179 hp at 6,700 rpm; 233 N·m torque) supplemented by a small Li-ion battery pack and a 17.6-kW, 63.6

2011 99

2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid: two different battery packs, 'best-in-class' fuel economy claimed

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Masato Katsumoto is Toyota's chief engineer for the global Camry sedan program—so when he speaks, it's worth listening. Following yesterday's Detroit Auto Show launch of an entirely new 2018 Toyota Camry mid-size sedan, he was one of several Toyota executives who answered media questions in a morning panel. And during that session, Katsumoto. Detroit Auto Show

2017 64

Infiniti Q80 Inspiration concept hybrid delivers 550 hp with 42.8 mpg fuel economy

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The four-door fastback is powered by a hybrid electric powertrain that is expected to deliver 550 hp (410 kW) with fuel consumption of 5.5

2014 122

NREL study finds 2nd-generation diesel hybrid delivery vans show significant gains in fuel economy over conventional vans

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Laboratory and in-use fuel economy results Source: NREL. The team also performed dynamometer testing at the Renewable Fuels and Lubricants (ReFUEL) Research Laboratory in Denver. The NREL team evaluated fuel economy during equal 5-month periods from different years.

2012 146

ICCT: incremental technology can cut vehicle CO2 by half and increase fuel economy >60% through 2030 with ~5% increase in price

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l/100 km) in 2016, the The ICCT team assessed increased consumer label fuel economy (as opposed to the regulatory test fuel economy) to 35 mpg (6.71 In the analysis the ICCT used $140/kWh for BEV battery cost and $200/kWh for 40-mile range PHEVs for 2025.

2017 99

ICCT provides policy update on proposed China Phase 4 fuel economy regulations

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Comparison of global passenger vehicle fuel consumption standards normalized to NEDC L/100km. In absolute terms, the new regulations would put China third behind the EU and Japan for fuel consumption and GHG regulations. China Fuel Efficiency Policy

2014 107

2013 Honda Fit EV receives EPA fuel economy rating of 118 MPGe; highest yet

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City and highway cycle fuel-economy ratings are 132 and 105 MPGe, respectively. The FIT EV’s fuel consumption rating is 29 kWh per 100 miles; EPA-rated annual fuel cost is $500. Battery Capacity. The Fit EV battery can be recharged in less than 3 hours from a low charge indicator illumination point with its 6.6 Electric (Battery) Fuel Efficiency Plug-ins

2012 110

Flywheel hybrid research vehicle delivers up to 22.4% fuel economy improvement in ARTEMIS cycles

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A research vehicle fitted with a flywheel hybrid system including stop-start has demonstrated improvements in fuel economy of up to 22.4% FHSPV flywheel CVT system layout. Click to enlarge.

2011 141

Major refresh on 2015 Honda CR-V with new Earth Dreams powertrain provides fuel economy gain of up to 12%

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The 2015 CR-V features increased EPA fuel economy ratings of 27/34/29 mpg (8.7/6.9/8.1 The piston crowns are dished to help maintain stable combustion and to optimize distribution of the stratified fuel charge from the direct injector in each cylinder. Fuel system.

2014 132

Hyundai introduces hybrid version of new Sonata; 10% improvement in fuel economy over predecessor

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Hyundai expects the 2016 Sonata Hybrid to improve fuel economy more than 10%. Sonata Hybrid’s Transmission-Mounted Electrical Device (TMED) delivers the same responsive, engaging driving characteristics Sonata owners expect while improving fuel economy through the use of the larger electric motor. The lithium-polymer battery pack capacity is 1.62 Locating the battery pack beneath the trunk floor gives Sonata Hybrid best-in-class passenger volume at 106.1

2015 81

EPA, DOT unveil the next generation of fuel economy labels

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Sample label for a plug-in gasoline hybrid-electric vehicle, which features fuel economy ratings for both electricity and gasoline. The US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unveiled the next-generation of fuel economy labels. Estimates on how much consumers will save or spend on fuel over the next five years compared to the average new vehicle. An estimate of how much fuel or electricity it takes to drive 100 miles.

2011 78

JAC and Ricardo develop production version of HyBoost concept; seeking 30% boost in fuel economy with same performance

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Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co Ltd (JAC) and Ricardo are collaborating on a project to develop the Ricardo HyBoost concept ( earlier post )—a combination of low-cost technologies to deliver improved performance and fuel economy which featured recently in the Ricardo Centenary celebrations —into volume production on a JAC vehicle. The BSG also provides torque assistance to the engine to improve overall fuel economy. 48V Fuel Efficiency Hybrids

2015 77

Consumer Reports finds Honda Accord hybrid fuel economy “impressive”, but short of EPA 47 mpg rating

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Consumer Reports fuel economy tests found the Honda Accord Hybrid delivered impressive overall fuel-economy of 40 mpg (5.88 We’ve found that the EPA tests often exaggerate the fuel-economy of hybrids. Prior Consumer Reports tests of the Ford Fusion Hybrid and C-Max Hybrid also found a significant shortfall between the EPA’s estimated highway fuel economy figures and those in CR’s own fuel economy tests.

2014 71

2016 Nissan Leaf Rumors, Tesla Supercharger Use, Truck Fuel Economy: Today's Car News

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Today, a dealer claims the 2016 Nissan Leaf will be offered with two battery-pack sizes, Tesla's attempt to curb local Supercharger use goes wrong, and a study claims fleet operators would largely support stricter fuel-efficiency standards for heavy-duty trucks.

2015 78

UPS updates 125 Workhorse E-GEN series hybrid electric step vans with smaller genset engine for better fuel economy

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UPS announced an update to 125 Workhorse E-GEN series hybrid electric delivery trucks that improve fuel economy as part of the company’s broader Rolling Laboratory approach. The smaller engine will improve fuel economy, however.

2016 78

EPA trends report sees record levels of average new vehicle fuel economy and CO2 emissions for MY 2012; role of new gasoline vehicle technologies

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The majority of the emissions and fuel savings from current vehicles, EPA noted, is due to new gasoline vehicle technologies. MY 2012 adjusted fuel economy is 23.6 mpg fuel economy improvement from MY 2011 to MY 2012 is the second largest annual improvement in the last 30 years.

2013 109

NREL study finds Class 8 hybrid trucks delivered 13.7% higher fuel economy than conventional diesels in comparable usage

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Laboratory and in-use fuel economy comparison. higher fuel economy than the conventional tractors, resulting in a 12% reduction in fuel costs for the hybrids. The team found that hybrid fuel costs per mile were 12% less than for the diesels.

2012 115

Honda boosts performance and fuel economy on 2013 CR-Z Sport Hybrid Coupe using new Li-ion pack

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The 2013 Honda CR-Z goes on sale 21 November with a number of powertrain, styling and feature upgrades, including a new Li-ion battery pack that replaces the NiMH pack in the MY 2012 CR-Z hybrid and delivers more power and improved fuel economy. Batteries Hybrids

2012 109

Schaeffler bringing thermal management module to North American market; up to 4% improvement in fuel economy

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Through the proactive management of engine, transmission, hybrid component and battery temperature, Schaeffler’s Thermal Management Module improves fuel economy by as much as 4%, according to the company. Engines Fuel Efficiency Vehicle Systems

2012 104

Regulated Voltage Control in Chevy Cruze contributes up to 1.5% improvement in fuel economy

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improvement in fuel economy in the Chevrolet Cruze. With RVC, the power that runs from the alternator to the battery is reduced from 14 volts to 12.8 When the voltage to the battery is reduced, the demand on the alternator is reduced.

2011 96

Magnetic eCVT could replace conventional hybrid mechanical eCVT with likely 1-2% fuel economy improvement and other benefits

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MAGSPLIT is intended to replace mechanical eCVTs with a combination motor/magnetic gear. Source: Magnomatics. Click to enlarge.

2014 117

Toyota introduces 7th generation Camry for 2012 with improved fuel economy and performance across all models; ~39% jump in EPA city cycle fuel economy for the hybrid

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The projected city/highway/combined fuel economy for the LE model equates to 5.47, 6.03 Lighter overall vehicle weight also contributes to better performance and fuel economy. Battery module. The battery features enhanced air-cooling. 2012 Camry Hybrid.

2011 93

CPT, TU Wien study finds 48V mild diesel hybrid cuts engine-out NOx 9%, 4.5% fuel economy improvement

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A joint study by Controlled Power Technologies (CPT) and Austria’s Technische Universität Wien (TU Wien) into 48V diesel mild hybrid technology verified a 9% reduction of NO x in raw engine-out emissions, while retaining the fuel economy and CO 2 benefits of diesel engine technology. The decrease in NOx emissions, moreover, was achieved with a near 5 per cent fuel economy improvement and corresponding CO2 reduction, delivered simultaneously by the SpeedStart starter-generator.

2017 60

New Fuel Economy Label Highlights Electric Cars, Plug-Ins

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The Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation have unveiled their updated fuel economy labels. First and foremost are the MPG or MPGe ratings, stating just how far the car's batteries or tanks There's some new information aimed squarely to inform consumers looking to buy a hybrid vehicle, plug-in hybrid, or electric car.

2011 54

Why BMW Boosting Its V-8 Twin-Turbo's Fuel Efficiency Kills Batteries

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The buying public demands vehicles that are sporty and luxurious, but regulations require them to be increasingly fuel-efficient. Maintenance Batteries Turbochargers Fuel Economy ReliabilityModern cars are asked to excel at many things, some of which are at cross purposes. That means today's cars are more complicated than ever, and their dense networks of components and software can create some strange.

2015 79