GE Transportation and DonJon Shipbuilding Bidding for $24M Federal Grant for Hybrid Tugboat

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GE Transportation and DonJon Shipbuilding and Repair are bidding on a $24-million federal grant for their Hybrid Harbor Tug Project. The grant is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 that awards funding to innovative transportation projects. GE provided a packaged hybrid propulsion system that featured its V228 or V250 medium-speed diesel engines, a generator and a new generation of sodium-based chemistry batteries.

Saft launches industrial production at Jacksonville Li-ion battery plant

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Saft inaugurated an advanced automated lithium-ion battery factory in Jacksonville, Florida. This high-volume production facility will build advanced lithium-ion cells and batteries for energy storage for renewable energy, smart grid support, broadband back-up power, transportation and defense. million federal grant from the Department of Energy under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

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CAP report estimates US will need 14M new PEVs and >330k new public charging outlets by 2025 to meet Paris targets

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States should work with their utilities and legislatures to advance new investment mechanisms, as well as apply for federal grants and join or create revenue-generating carbon pricing programs. Electric (Battery) Forecasts Infrastructure

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Saft begins deliveries of first lithium-ion batteries produced by new Jacksonville plant

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the production lines at its advanced automated lithium-ion battery factory, in. The first deliveries from Jacksonville have included hundreds of cells for battery assembly for European customers. million federal grant from the Department of Energy (DOE) under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Saft has just started shipping the first Li-ion cells to roll off. Jacksonville, Florida.

Dow Kokam Breaks Ground on Li-ion Battery Manufacturing Plant in Michigan

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Dow Kokam’s Chief Executive Officer Ravi Shanker was joined by Vice President Joe Biden, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, The Dow Chemical Company Chairman and CEO Andrew Liveris and others at a groundbreaking ceremony in Midland, Michigan for Dow Kokam’s new advanced, large-format battery production facility. The facility will produce lithium-ion batteries to supply the growing electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) market.

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International Battery to provide Li-ion system to Sunverge for Net-Zero Energy Home Project

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Sunverge Energy has selected International Battery to provide a Li-ion energy storage systems (ESS) as the energy storage component of Sunverge’s Solar Integration System (SIS). International Battery will provide Sunverge with an 8.2 kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack for use in the residential SIS system. International Battery produces commercial Lithium ion products using a water-based manufacturing process that helps to eliminate toxic solvents.

Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporations All-Electric Walk-In Van Chassis Debuts at NTEA Work Truck Show; Enova Drive System, Tesla Battery Pack

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The FCCC electric WIV also marks the first commercial vehicle application of a Tesla Motors Li-ion battery pack, which provide up to a 100-mile driving range on a single charge. The battery pack will charge from fully depleted to fully charged in six to eight hours.

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NC Transportation Center

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Mike Easley said Tuesday that, depending on the support from federal grants, the state may give $5 million to start and $1 million annually to operate the Advanced Transportation Energy Center there.

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Valence Applies for $225M in DOE Funds for Advanced Battery Production Facility

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submitted a grant application requesting $225 million to the US Department of Energy under the Electric Drive Vehicle Battery and Component Manufacturing Initiative. This initiative supports the construction of facilities to manufacture advanced battery technology components for electric vehicles. Valence submitted its application requesting the federal grant funds over a three-year period and plans to fund the remaining $359.4 Valence Technology, Inc.

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Feds Offer Free Chargers

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A new Federal Grant will enable many electric vehicle early adopters to get their chargers for free. (A Read more in the article: Get in Line for 4,600 Free Electric Car Battery Chargers. Fully funded, the ChargePoint America program would cost $37 million, with some of the shortfall for the actual station installations being addressed, the organizers hope, through state and local grants.&#. Get in Line for 4,600 Free Electric Car Battery Chargers.

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King County Metro putting Proterra electric buses into service

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King County Metro Transit recently put its first Proterra battery-electric bus into service in Bellevue, Washington. The battery bus is the first of three that Metro will test this year. Batteries take 10 minutes or less to fast charge. million federal grant.

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The trials of public charging, part 2 (of many to come)

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It's city, state and federal policy to enable electric cars for the emissions and petroleum reduction they provide. The federal funding should have come with strings attached.

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Keepin' it simple

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How full is the battery when it gets parked? For most folks most of the time, chances are the battery isn’t near empty when it gets plugged in, perhaps at work, perhaps at home after work. Something Ecotality couldn’t do even with $100 million in federal grant money.

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Michigan Awards $543.5M in Tax Credits to Four Battery Makers, Who Announce Plans for $1.7B Investment in Li-ion Battery Plants in Michigan

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million in tax credits to four battery companies announcing plans to invest more than $1.7 The four companies receiving the tax credits and announcing plant plans are Johnson Controls-Saft Advanced Power Solutions LLC; KD Advanced Battery Group LLC; A123Systems Inc.; The state refundable tax credits will help the companies in their quest for some of the $2 billion in federal grants for advanced-battery research and development. Tags: Batteries Policy

Battery companies receive cash boost

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Investment in advanced battery companies continues in the USA where the Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA) has awarded $543.5million in tax credits to four companies with plans to invest more than $1.7billion in lithium-ion manufacturing facilities across the state. The state refundable tax credits will assist their companies in their efforts for some of the $2billion in Federal grants available for advanced battery research and development.

Proterra introduces 35-foot electric bus

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Battery-electric bus manufacturer Proterra has introduced a new 35-foot vehicle based on the same technology platform as its current 40-foot Catalyst vehicle. Operators can easily reconfigure or upgrade the battery packs and chargers to meet their evolving transit needs. Proterra’s configurable EV platform, battery and charging options make its buses well suited for a wide range of transit and campus routes. Electric (Battery) Fleets Heavy-duty

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Freightliner Custom Chassis and Morgan Olson Introduce Next Generation Vehicle for FCCC All-Electric Walk-In Van

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Powered by Tesla Motors’ lithium-ion batteries, the chassis is 100% electric, including the HVAC system. FCCC is the first company within the industry to utilize Tesla batteries for commercial applications. Tags: Electric (Battery) Fleets

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A123 Systems 8K filing says substantial doubt about its ability to continue as a going concern; status of grants and incentives

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In its most recent 8K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Li-ion battery maker A123 Systems said a number of circumstances have raised “ substantial doubt on [its] ability to continue as a going concern.”. million to replace battery modules and packs that may contain defective prismatic cells produced at A123’s Livonia, Michigan manufacturing facility. A123 Systems has been the recipient of a number of state and federal grants and tax incentives.

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Chrysler unveils new electric minivan for the US Postal Service

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Postal Service Minivan - Click above for high-res gallery Chrysler is celebrating Earth Day today by unveiling the first four of what will be a fleet of 250 battery-powered minivans for the U.S.

Chrysler Group Awards UM-Dearborn $3.1M to Support Development of Plug-in Hybrid System for Ram Pickup Project

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billion in federal grant monies awarded to accelerate the manufacturing and deployment of hybrid electric vehicles and new-generation batteries for a project to develop, validate, and deploy 220 advanced plug-in hybrid electric pickups and minivans. We have been working toward the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle for many years—specifically in battery management, vehicle control, power electronics, and electric motors.

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4,400 Chevrolet Volt Owners to be Eligible for Free Home 240V Charging Stations

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The projects are made possible with a grant of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds from the Transportation Electrification Initiative administered by the US Department of Energy (DOE). To encourage consumer purchases of electric vehicles, federal grants and other funds have been awarded to install more than 15,000 home charge stations.

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Chrysler Unveils Four All-Electric Minivan Prototypes to USPS; Applying for Grant for Nationwide Demo

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Chrysler LLC, in conjunction with the USPS and select energy service providers, also announced that the company intends to apply for the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Transportation Electrification stimulus program for a federal grant, which would enable Chrysler to establish a nationwide demonstration fleet of zero-emission electric minivans that could be used by the US Postal Service for mail delivery.

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Chrysler Disbands ENVI Electric Vehicle Group; Function Absorbed into Traditional Line Organization

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Then, Chrysler announced that it intended to apply to the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Transportation Electrification stimulus program for a federal grant, which would enable Chrysler to establish a nationwide demonstration fleet of zero-emission electric minivans that could be used by the US Postal Service for mail delivery. In August, Chrysler took $70 million in grants from the US Department of Energy to develop a test fleet of 220 hybrid pickup trucks and minivans.

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