SGL Carbon to produce carbon fiber battery housing cover for BMW Group

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The BMW Group has selected SGL Carbon to produce a cover component for battery enclosures. This substantial multi-year order will include the production of an innovative glass-fiber-based cover plate for the battery housing for usage in a future plug-in hybrid model of BMW Group. Carbon fibers are ideal for especially stressed structures or load-bearing elements, such as the underbody panels and side frames. Batteries Electric (Battery) Materials

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BMW Group / SGL Group JV opens new Moses Lake carbon fiber plant

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SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers (SGL ACF)—a joint venture of SGL Group and the BMW Group ( earlier post )—officially opened its new carbon fiber manufacturing plant in Moses Lake, WA. The new facility is strategic for the manufacture of ultra light-weight carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) for use in the new BMW i vehicles ( earlier post ). All electricity needed for the production of carbon fibers will come from local hydropower.

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SGL Group and BMW Group JV to Build New Carbon Fiber Plant; Output Exclusively for Upcoming Megacity Vehicle

Green Car Congress

SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers LLC, the joint venture between SGL Group and BMW Group ( earlier post ), will build a carbon fiber manufacturing plant in Moses Lake, WA. The new facility is an important element of both companies’ strategy to commercialize viable manufacturing of ultra light weight carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) for use in future vehicle concepts. We consider carbon fiber a cutting-edge material.

DOE awards $54M to 13 projects for transformational manufacturing technologies and materials; top two awards go to carbon fiber materials and electrodes for next-gen batteries

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The top two awards, one of $9 million to a project led by Dow Chemical, and one of $8.999 million to a project led by PolyPlus, will fund projects tackling, respectively, the manufacturing of low-cost carbon fibers and the manufacturing of electrodes for ultra-high-energy-density lithium-sulfur, lithium-seawater and lithium-air batteries. The projects selected for awards include: The Dow Chemical Company, Scale-Up of Novel Low-Cost Carbon Fibers.

$15M Visio.M project seeking to maximize light weight and safety in an urban EV

Green Car Congress

consortium is developing a mobility concept for an efficient electric vehicle, making the design as light as possible while still delivering the best possible safety protection. The vehicle is envisioned with 15 kW output and a maximum empty weight of 400 kg (882 lbs) without the battery pack.

2013 109

Ford introduces Lightweight Concept vehicle to showcase ongoing light-weighting and advanced materials work; nearly 25% weight reduction

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A focus on light-weighting will be fundamental to our industry for years to come, and we are investigating many advanced materials applications as possible solutions for weight reduction in our vehicles. 19” by 5” carbon fiber wheels. Carbon fiber interior components.

2014 102

Genesis unveils battery-electric high-performance Essentia Concept in New York

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Essentia is the brand’s first battery electric vehicle and features a lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque, a robust, multi-motor electric powertrain, and a custom-tailored interior. Electric (Battery

2018 85

Stanford team develops new simple approach for viable Li-metal anodes for advanced batteries

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Lithium-metal anodes are favored for use in next-generation rechargeable Li-air or Li-sulfur batteries due to a tenfold higher theoretical specific capacity than graphite (3,860 mAh/g vs. 372 mAh/g); light weight and lowest anode potential. Batteries Li-O2 Li-Sulfur

2016 90

DOE issues $10M incubator FOA for batteries, power electronics, engines, materials, fuels and lubricants

Green Car Congress

VTO is seeking projects that address the major challenges to developing and commercializing batteries for plug?in energy batteries. ion batteries is approximately four times too high on a kWh basis; current batteries are two to three times too heavy and large, and high? energy batteries struggle to meet PEV cycle and calendar life requirements; and. ion batteries are not intrinsically tolerant to abusive conditions. Carbon Fiber or Lightweight Materials.

2014 85

Driving the VW e-Golf; strategy, assembly in Wolfsburg, Braunschweig battery plant

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The e-Golf (“Das e-Auto” earlier post ), the Volkswagen brand’s second series production battery-electric vehicle after the e-up!, Early display cutaway of the e-Golf battery pack. Training cutaway of the production battery pack. Installing the battery pack. The e-Golf.

2014 149

Mercedes-Benz unveils electric EQ Silver Arrow show car at Pebble Beach

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The thin rechargeable battery in the underbody has a useable capacity of approximately 80 kWh and enables an approximate range of more than 250 miles. Side air vents help to cool the battery. The show car’s body structure is made of carbon fiber. Electric (Battery

2018 95

Lamborghini presents electric super sports car design concept, developed in collaboration with MIT labs

Green Car Congress

For the concept, Lamborghini is moving away from conventional batteries and investigating the potential of supercapacitors to equip the Terzo Millennio. This allows further weight reduction with increased use of carbon fiber or the application of CFK to high-fatigue parts.

2017 78

NIO launches ES6 electric SUV starting at $52K and 317-mile range

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The ES6 sports the only body design with a hybrid structure of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber in its class. Structural elements made of high-strength carbon fiber make the ES6 lighter and more solid. The price of the battery plan is 1,660 RMB (US$241) per month.

2018 113

DOE HPC4Mfg program funds 13 projects to advance US manufacturing; welding, Li-S batteries among projects

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Another one of the 13 projects is led by Sepion Technologies, which will partner with LBNL to make new membranes to increase the lifetime of Li-S batteries for hybrid airplanes. Efforts to commercialize light-weight, energy-dense lithium-sulfur secondary batteries (2510 Wh kg –1 ) have been stalled by ongoing problems with the battery’s membrane, which limits cycle-life. Batteries High Performance Computing Li-Sulfur Manufacturing Weight reduction

2016 60

Mercedes-Benz F125!: fuel cell plug-in hybrid with Li-sulfur battery and structure integrated hydrogen storage with MOFs

Green Car Congress

Lithium-sulphur batteries (e.g., earlier post ), which Mercedes-Benz is examining in parallel with further development of the current lithium-ion battery and research into lithium-air technology. The lithium-sulphur battery for the F 125! Mercedes-Benz F 125! research vehicle.

2011 140

Nissan introduces all-new LEAF NISMO RC electric race car; more than double power and torque of predecessor

Green Car Congress

The model is equipped with advanced battery technology and drivetrain components from the Nissan LEAF. Drivetrain technology sourced from the new Nissan LEAF include the high-capacity lithium-ion battery and inverters. Electric (Battery) Motorsport

2018 113

DOE to award almost $20M to new research and development projects for advanced vehicle technologies

Green Car Congress

million, subject to appropriations, to support research and development of advanced vehicle technologies, including batteries, lightweight materials, and advanced combustion engines, as well as innovative technologies for energy efficient mobility. Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) Development of Low Cost Carbon Fiber for Lightweight Materials. Batteries Emissions Engines Fuel Efficiency Low Temperature Combustion Materials Mobility services

2016 80

DOE awards nearly $55M to advance fuel efficient vehicle technologies in support of EV Everywhere and SuperTruck

Green Car Congress

million in co-funding to support projects focused on battery modeling technologies and computational fluid dynamics. This includes developing advanced manufacturing and process technologies for advanced battery materials, advanced electrode and cell fabrication manufacturing, and integrated wide band gap power modules for next generation plug-in vehicles. Ultra-Light Door Design, Manufacturing and Demonstration (Area of Interest 2).

2015 107

New Qualcomm Safety Car BMW i8 Coupé makes its debut in Chile; wireless charging

Green Car Congress

Other enhancements include a roll bar, rear wing and rear hatch made of carbon fiber, a front splitter, sports seats from the BMW M4 GTS, 4-point belt, a roof-mounted signal light system, BMW M carbon ceramic brakes and a sports chassis.

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Audi unveils AI:TRAIL quattro electric off-roader concept

Green Car Congress

The stated target with its lithium-ion battery is. On rough, rocky terrain, this architecture provides plenty of agility without the battery unit integrated in the floor coming into contact with the ground. lb) despite its high-capacity battery. Lights and drones.

2019 88

Walmart showcases WAVE tractor-trailer at MATS; micro-turbine range extended electric vehicle with 45.5 kWh Li-ion pack

Green Car Congress

The project aims to demonstrate a wide range of advanced technologies and designs Walmart is considering in an effort to improve the overall fuel efficiency of its fleet and lower the company’s carbon footprint. Electric (Battery) Engines Heavy-duty Hybrids

2014 154

Renault unveils electric ZOE e-Sport Concept; 0-100 km/h in 3.2 seconds

Green Car Congress

The bodywork of the ZOE e-Sport Concept concept car, which features sporty styling and the same body color as the latest Renault e.dams single-seater, is made entirely from carbon fiber and weighs 1,400 kilograms, including the battery (450 kg). Electric (Battery) Motorsport

2017 78

Shell/AirFlow Starship hyper-fuel efficient Class 8 truck to make cross-country run

Green Car Congress

Special Starship features include: Bespoke 100% hyper-aerodynamic carbon fiber cab. power in the battery pack for the main 48 volt battery bank.

2018 121

BMW to supply 100 i3 EVs to LAPD

Green Car Congress

BMW of North America won its bid to supply the Los Angeles Police Department with 100 battery-electric BMW i3 vehicles for use in the department’s transportation fleet. Electric (Battery) Fleets Infrastructure

2016 78

DOE to issue $47M FY17 Vehicle Technologies program-wide funding opportunity

Green Car Congress

Research, development, and deployment efforts are focused on reducing the cost and improving the performance of a mix of near- and long-term vehicle technologies including advanced batteries, power electronics and electric motors, lightweight and propulsion materials, advanced combustion engines, advanced fuels and lubricants, and other enabling technologies. The upcoming FOA may include the following areas of interest (AOI): Advanced Technology Battery Cell Development.

2016 78

BMW presents i3 Concept Coupé battery-electric vehicle at the LA Auto Show; focus on connectivity for driver assistance and intermodal mobility

Green Car Congress

The Li-ion battery pack is placed under the floor. The passenger cell forms the core of the Life module, which is built from carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP). Connected vehicles Electric (Battery BMW i3 Concept Coupé. Click to enlarge.

2012 102

Williams Advanced Engineering develops pair of innovative CFRP technologies: 223 and Racetrak

Green Car Congress

These are not simply manufacturing innovations: they are end-to-end, whole-life solutions that address every aspect of the manufacture, use and recycling of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) and the way in which its properties can enable new approaches to vehicle design and manufacture.

2019 116

Chevrolet Mi-ray Roadster concept features hybrid “Mid-Electric” propulsion system

Green Car Congress

The motors are powered by a 1.6-kWh lithium-ion battery that is charged through regenerative braking energy. Made of carbon fiber and CFRP (carbon fiber-reinforced plastic), Mi-ray’s wedged body side is divided by an angled character line, with ambient lighting underneath. The Mi-ray features aluminum-carbon fiber composite 20-inch wheels in front and 21-inch wheels in the rear.

DOE launches Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative; awards $23.5M to 5 more manufacturing R&D projects

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The CEMI announcement was made at the ribbon cutting of the Department’s Carbon Fiber Technology Facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, a new advanced manufacturing facility to reduce the cost of carbon fiber. Key elements of the initiative include: Increasing funding for clean energy manufacturing research and development that will accelerate US-based manufacturing of cost-competitive clean energy technologies, from wind, solar, and geothermal to batteries and biofuels.

2013 84

Sandia’s Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory Awarded $4.2M

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million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds to modify and enhance its existing Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory (BATLab), with the goal of developing low-cost batteries for electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Sandia’s BATLab is recognized as a leader in the field of battery testing to ensure they meet real-world performance requirements. Sandia National Laboratories will use $4.2

2009 68

DOE to award $49.4M for advanced vehicle technologies research; meeting Tier 3 emissions

Green Car Congress

These areas of interest apply to light, medium and heavy duty on-road vehicles. AOI 2: Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) Development of Carbon Fiber Composites for Lightweight Vehicles. ($6M) Carbon Fiber Composite Targets.

2014 111

Proterra Catalyst electric bus sets records at Altoona in efficiency, gradeability, weight and acceleration

Green Car Congress

Proterra has completed the structural testing program at the Altoona Bus Research and Testing Center with its new Catalyst battery-electric bus ( earlier post ), in the process setting records for efficiency, gradeability, weight and acceleration. Electric (Battery) Fleets Heavy-duty

2015 123

Yokohama Rubber shows AERO-Y EV concept car at Tokyo Auto Salon 2013

Green Car Congress

By utilizing technologies cultivated through developing structural materials and lavatory modules for passenger aircrafts, Yokohama employed the prepreg for CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics) certified by the world’s largest aircraft maker for the first time in Japan for the whole body of the AERO-Y after dedicated tuning. With its ultra-light weight regardless of high strength and durability, the CFRP contributes to longer service life of the EV battery.

2013 84

US DOE awards more than $175M to 40 projects for advanced vehicle research and development

Green Car Congress

This project will optimize fuel-based control of novel combustion strategies in light- and heavy-duty vehicles to enable diesel-like efficiencies with ultra-low engine-out emissions. Light-weighting materials : Five projects awarded to accelerate commercial availability of lighter weight vehicles using advanced materials that dramatically reduce vehicle weight while maintaining the highest safety standards. Light-weighting materials. Plasan Carbon Composites.

2011 90

Lexus reveals second version of LF-LC hybrid sports car concept; Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive develops 500 hp

Green Car Congress

New to LF-LC and derived from project LFA, LF-LC leverages Lexus’ in-house experience in marrying carbon fiber and aluminium alloy materials to achieve a light body mass.

2012 99

Nissan IDS Concept previews future of autonomous driving and EVs

Green Car Congress

The interior is illuminated by soft light. Interior lighting switches to blue, stimulating the ability to concentrate. Various exterior lights and displays convey to pedestrians and others the car’s awareness of its surroundings and signals its intentions.

2015 112

Reports: Toyota and BMW to expand partnership on fuel-efficient vehicles, with Toyota providing hybrid and fuel cell technology to BMW

Green Car Congress

In December 2011, the two companies had agreed to a mid-to-long-term collaboration on next-generation environment-friendly technologies including Li-ion batteries. In March 2012, the two signed an agreement on collaborative research in the field of next-generation lithium-ion battery cells and begun the work. Ford and Toyota are collaborating as equal partners on the development of an advanced new rear-wheel drive hybrid system for light trucks and SUVs.

2012 106

Audi introduces sport e-bike concept at Wörthersee

Green Car Congress

The lithium-ion battery is housed in the frame; it weighs about 5 kg (11.02 As an alternative it can be easily detached from the bike and replaced by a recharged battery. LEDs are used for powerful lighting: the front light is integrated into the handlebar, the rear light into the seat.

2012 149

DOE to award $55.8M for advanced vehicle technologies; $35M for fuel cell and hydrogen

Green Car Congress

DOE also announced up to $35 million to advance fuel cell and hydrogen technologies, including enabling the early adoption of fuel cell applications, such as light duty fuel cell electric vehicles. Topics addressed include: advanced batteries (including manufacturing processes) and electric drive R&D; Lightweight materials; Advanced combustion engine and enabling technologies R&D; and Fuels technologies (dedicated or dual-fuel natural gas engine technologies).

2015 95

2,150 Workhorse W-15 range-extended electric pickups under letters of intent by fleets

Green Car Congress

Electric power will be supplied using Panasonic 18650 Li-on batteries. The truck’s battery pack is expected to deliver 80-mile all-electric range and to achieve 75 MPGe while in all-electric operation. If needed, the on-board gasoline generator will then operate after battery power has been depleted, extending the range. To reduce weight, the W-15’s body panels are made of a carbon fiber composite which also have the benefit of being rustproof.

2017 60

Mercedes-Benz gets on the CASE with Generation EQ close-to-production electric concept

Green Car Congress

The “Generation EQ” concept vehicle, with the appearance of a sporty SUV coupé, previews a new generation of vehicles with battery-electric drives. The high-efficiency lithium-ion battery originates from the Daimler subsidiary Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE.

2016 106

Audi A2 Electrifies Frankfurt Auto Show

Hybrid SUV Blog

The Audi A2 Concept features an all electric powertrain, long range capability, a by-wire control system for agile performance, and an innovative lighting system. The extended range, acceleration, and high top speed are possible because the A2 is so small and light weight.

2011 57

Manganese hydride molecular sieve for practical hydrogen storage could cost roughly 5x less than 700 bar tanks

Green Car Congress

In the expensive carbon fiber 700 bar non-conformable hydrogen gas cylinders, which are employed in today’s first generation hydrogen vehicles, 5 kg of hydrogen occupies a volume of about 125 L, thus placing unwanted constraints on the automobile design.

2018 120