Nissan and Yamato Transport begin test drives of battery-powered refrigerator trucks

Green Car Congress

will conduct test drives of the ATLAS F24 Refrigerator Truck by Li-ion Battery for a one-year period starting this month, in cooperation with Yamato Transport Co., The lithium-ion battery system installed on the vehicle was developed by 4R Energy Corporation. Nissan Motor Co.,

2013 126

DOE issues $10M incubator FOA for batteries, power electronics, engines, materials, fuels and lubricants

Green Car Congress

VTO is seeking projects that address the major challenges to developing and commercializing batteries for plug?in energy batteries. ion batteries is approximately four times too high on a kWh basis; current batteries are two to three times too heavy and large, and high? energy batteries struggle to meet PEV cycle and calendar life requirements; and. ion batteries are not intrinsically tolerant to abusive conditions. A typical example would be a light?duty

2014 85

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Delphi Technologies to partner with Cree for automotive silicon carbide devices for EVs

Green Car Congress

a leader in silicon carbide semiconductors, are partnering to utilize silicon carbide semiconductor device technology to enable faster, smaller, lighter and more powerful electronic systems for future electric vehicles (EV). Delphi Viper 4 inverter power switch.

2019 96

Daimler Trucks’ Fuso unveils fuel-cell light-duty truck concept and production heavy-duty Super Great truck with L2 automation

Green Car Congress

The Vision F-Cell is Fuso’s concept of an electric truck that uses the power of a Fuel Cell as one option to extend the range of an electric vehicle. Power is provided by the 75 kW fuel cell stack and the 135 kW battery. Electric (Battery) Fuel Cells Hydrogen

2019 85

Porsche’s 800V electric sports car Taycan makes world debut

Green Car Congress

They are at the cutting edge of Porsche E-Performance and are among the most powerful production models that the sports car manufacturer currently has in its product range. Less powerful variants of these all-wheel drive vehicles will follow this year.

2019 110

AKASOL to supply battery systems for Alstom’s hydrogen trains

Green Car Congress

AKASOL will supply battery systems for more than 40 Coradia iLint hydrogen trains ( earlier post ), which have been ordered from Alstom by the Lower Saxony Transit Authority and the Rhine/Main Regional Transport Association. Batteries Fuel Cells Hydrogen Rail

2020 111

Cree and ABB partner on silicon carbide high-power semiconductors

Green Car Congress

and ABB’s Power Grids business are partnering to expand the rollout of silicon carbide in the rapidly-growing high-power semiconductor market. Cree’s products will be included as part of ABB’s power semiconductor product portfolio, across power grids, train and traction, industrial and e-mobility sectors. Specifically, Cree’s industry-leading silicon carbide devices will be assembled into ABB power modules. Batteries Electric (Battery) Power Electronics

2019 68

Nissan displays 3 light commercial truck models using Nissan LEAF systems and components

Green Car Congress

Atlas F24 Refrigerator Van by Li-ion Battery The Atlas F24 Refrigerator Van by Li-ion Battery features a refrigerating compressor that operates on a combination of an electric motor with a lithium-ion battery power system developed by 4R Energy Corporation.

2011 108

Consortium successfully runs silicon carbide multiport DC-DC converter in EV

Green Car Congress

The converter controls power flow between multiple energy sources and has been able to achieve efficiency of 98.7%, while increasing power density and reducing the size and weight of the converter when compared to silicon-based systems. This has resulted in a significant reduction in the size of the magnetic components and has enabled the converter to achieve an efficiency of 98.7%, a gravimetric power density of 10.5 kW/kg and a volumetric power density of 20 kW/liter.

2014 84

Mitsubishi Fuso to begin series production of fuel-cell trucks by late 2020s; concept eCanter F-CELL

Green Car Congress

At the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show in October, MFTBC unveiled the Vision F-CELL, a light-duty fuel-cell concept truck. The Vision F-CELL delivers 135 kW of motor power, supplied by a 75 kW fuel cell and a 135 kW high-voltage battery. The modular high-voltage battery provides from 13.8

2020 124

King County Metro to begin testing electric buses that can travel more than 140 miles on a single charge

Green Car Congress

King County Metro, the public transit authority of King County, Washington, which includes the city of Seattle, will soon begin testing long-range battery-powered buses that can travel more than 140 miles on a single charge, the latest milestone toward a zero-emission fleet.

2018 154

Honda to add new dedicated hybrid model with i-MMD in US in 2018; hybrid system to expand to light trucks

Green Car Congress

The second-generation Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD) two-motor hybrid powertrain as applied in the Accord includes a propulsion motor and a generator motor, both of which were upgrade from the previous generation i-MMD for more power, smaller size and lighter weight. The propulsion motor’s maximum power was raised by 14.8 The generator motor’s power was raised to 142 horsepower (106 kW) from 140.8 The intelligent Power unit (IPU) packages a DC-DC converter and a 1.3

2017 83

Light weight Vauxhall electric concept to debut

Green Cars News

Light weight, two seats and battery-powered the concept has an estimated range of 60 miles and a top [.]. This curiosity is an electric concept by Vauxhall/Opel set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week. The carmaker believes it has ‘production potential’ and could appeal to younger drivers looking for a low-cost car. Vauxhall ampera electric Frankfurt

BMW using ams data acquisition IC for battery management system in i3

Green Car Congress

BMW is using the AS8510 , an integrated automotive data acquisition front-end integrated circuit (IC) from ams AG, a leading provider of high performance analog ICs and sensors, to provide extremely accurate battery voltage and current measurements in its i3 electric vehicles (EVs).

2014 96

Saft introduces Li-ion drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries in military vehicles: XCELION 6T

Green Car Congress

Saft has introduced its Xcelion 6T battery for powering military vehicles. The Xcelion 6T is a lithium-ion (Li-ion) drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries that provides equivalent power of two lead-acid batteries at a quarter of the weight and half the volume. The Saft Xcelion 6T is a 28V, 60Ah Li-ion battery system (1.6 kWh) that is designed within the dimensions of a traditional lead-acid battery, enabling easy installation into the vehicle.

EIA AEO2012 projects potential impacts of significant breakthroughs in battery technology

Green Car Congress

Relative to the Reference case, the prices of HEVs and PHEV10s (plug-in hybrids with 10-mile electric range) in the High Technology Battery case are 5% below the price in 2035. Cost to consumers of battery storage in two AEO cases.

2012 108

Audi unveils 2nd battery-electric Audi concept in Shanghai; production in 2019; 3-motor “e-quattro” drive

Green Car Congress

Audi is unveiling a new battery-electric e-tron concept in Shanghai: the Audi e-tron Sportback. The production version will come in 2019 as Audi’s second battery-electric offering, following the introduction of the production version of the Audi e-tron SUV ( earlier post ) in 2018.

2017 78

AR?V eBikes from GM are available for preorder; two models on

Green Car Congress

V eBikes are launching first in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, due to the popularity of lithium-ion battery-powered eBikes in those markets. The motor delivers top-of-segment power and torque for its size. V eBike’s battery in approximately 3.5 GM announced AR?V

2019 115

In Norway, Asko begins piloting use of hydrogen fuel-cell trucks

Green Car Congress

The truck, developed in cooperation with Scania, features a 290 kW electric motor (210 kW continuous); a 2-speed transmission; 2,200 N·m peak torque; a 56 kWh Li-ion battery; and a 90 kW PEM fuel cell. In addition to solar, Asko is a major industrial wind power producer.

2020 167

How Self-Driving Cars Will Accelerate Electric Vehicle Adoption

Green Car Congress

And while hybrid technology has taken off, drivers have been hesitant to accept fully battery-powered tech for a variety of reasons, including a lack of charging stations. Plus, battery costs are rapidly decreasing and the public is warming up to the idea of electric cars.

2018 101

Nissan LEAF helps power company’s NA facilities with V2G; Nissan Energy

Green Car Congress

directional EV charging technology to partially power its North American headquarters in Franklin, TN, and its design center in San Diego, CA. Leading the industry, Nissan has also received certification for second-life LEAF batteries to be used in stationary energy storage.

2018 115

DOE issues FY 2015 SBIR/STTR Release 2 funding opportunity, including hydrogen fuel cells, electric drive batteries

Green Car Congress

Technical topics for this FOA—which span the range of DOE interests from fossil to nuclear to renewable and low-carbon energies—include two hydrogen- and fuel-cell-related topics: fuel cell-battery electric hybrid trucks and in-line quality control devices for polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells. Also included are electric drive vehicle batteries, power electronics, on-board reformers, and advanced crank and ignition mechanisms for combustion engines.

2014 76

Tianjin Automotive Test Center certifies PowerGenix NiZn batteries for stop-start systems

Green Car Congress

PowerGenix, developer of high performance Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) batteries, announced that its batteries have achieved certification for start-stop applications by China National Laboratory’s Tianjin Automotive Test Center. Under simulated conditions, the NiZn batteries showed more than six years of service life with virtually no degradation in performance.

2013 74

Energy Impact Partners invests €5M in EV fleet efficiency company ViriCiti

Green Car Congress

ViriCiti has developed and deployed a telematics platform for monitoring and managing electric bus and truck fleets, enabling fleet operators to optimize battery and vehicle performance. ViriCiti’s real-time reporting framework keeps transit operators up to date on electric fleet operation, eliminating range anxiety and depleted battery incidents. Electric (Battery) Fleets Heavy-duty Telematics

2019 82

Workhorse Group to unveil W 15 range-extended electric pickup concept truck at ACT EXPO in May 2017

Green Car Congress

an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of battery-electric vehicles, will present a working concept truck of the W-15 electric pickup work truck with range extender for fleet usage at the ACT EXPO Conference May 1-4, 2017 in Long Beach, CA. Workhorse Group Inc.,

2016 99

Northwestern/Princeton study explores air quality impacts of aggressive conversion to EVs

Green Car Congress

Researchers from Northwestern University and Princeton University have explored the impact on US air quality from an aggressive conversion of internal combustion vehicles to battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs). Electric (Battery) Emissions

2019 121

Industry study finds lead-acid to remain most wide-spread automotive energy storage for foreseeable future; new chemistries continue to grow

Green Car Congress

Overview of the three vehicle classes identified in the study, and their corresponding battery technologies. The EU’s legislative and regulatory framework should guarantee a fair and technology-neutral competition between battery technologies. Lead-based batteries.

2014 130

Next-generation Volvo cars to be equipped with Luminar LiDAR technology for self-driving

Green Car Congress

Luminar’s technology is based on its high performance LiDAR sensors, which emit millions of pulses of laser light to accurately detect where objects are by scanning the environment in 3D, creating a temporary, real-time map without requiring internet connectivity.

2020 88

President Obama Awards $2.3B for Tax Credits for New Clean-Tech Manufacturing Jobs; GE Gets Largest Battery-related Award

Green Car Congress

The 183 projects in 43 states include several for the manufacturing of advanced batteries; biomass projects; and vehicles. GE claimed the largest of the battery-related awards, with a $25.5 GE has already invested more than $150 million in developing battery technologies, and the tax credit will supplement GE’s investments in the new product line that will serve the rail, marine, mining, telecommunications and utility sectors. Other battery awards were: Grantee Description.

SCPPA signs letter of intent for 500 Workhorse W-15 4WD range-extended electric pickup trucks

Green Car Congress

WKHS), an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of battery-electric vehicles, received a Letter of Intent from Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA) for 500 W-15 Plug-In Electric Pickup trucks. The Workhorse W-15 light duty platform design is an extension of the E-Gen electric technology used in Workhorse medium-duty delivery trucks. The battery pack is integrated in the high-strength stainless steel chassis. Electric (Battery) Fleets Hybrids Plug-ins

2017 65

Silicon Valley V2G Plug-in Hybrid Demo

Plugs and Cars

As the car's lithium ion battery powered a bank of lights and a portable heater, the meter began to run backwards. Barbara Boxer attended a Silicon Valley Alternative Energy Summit today and PG&E was there with its plug-in hybrid Prius.

2007 130

DOE awards $18M to 5 projects to accelerate development of plug-in electric vehicles & use of other alternative fuels

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is awarding $18 million to five projects for research, development, and demonstration of innovative plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) and direct injection propane engine technologies, as well as community-based projects to accelerate the adoption of light, medium and heavy duty vehicles that operate on fuels such as biodiesel, electricity, E85, hydrogen, natural gas, and propane. Electric (Battery) LPG Natural Gas Plug-ins V2X

2016 64

Bright’s Plug-In Car: Aerodynamics Are Key

Revenge of the Electric Car

“The slimming of the battery essentially comes because of a focus on weight, aerodynamics, rolling resistance, new construction materials and other design factors, he said in an interview. By reducing wind resistance and weight, the company’s engineers effectively are reducing the amount of work an electric engine will have to perform to get the car up to driving speeds, which in turn conserves battery power.&#.

2009 116

1-year customer field trials of FUSO electric Canter in Portugal show 64% lower costs, 37% reduction in CO2 given local power mix

Green Car Congress

In addition to delivering a 64% savings in operating costs compared to conventional diesel trucks, the Canter E-Cells also reduced CO 2 emissions by 37% compared to diesel, taking into account the current power production mix in Portugal. Batteries Electric (Battery) Fleets Trials

2015 100

Volkswagen reveals new electric van concept

Green Cars News

The German brand envisages a future where light commercial vehicles run on battery power for local deliveries into built-up, inner city areas, where air pollution is currently problematic.

2013 72

Nissan introducing second non-plug-in e-POWER series-hybrid model: Serena e-POWER

Green Car Congress

will unveil the Nissan Serena e-POWER, a new version of the popular minivan featuring the company’s e-POWER electric drive system ( earlier post ), at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. The Serena e-POWER will be Nissan’s second model to feature the technology. Nissan Motor Co.,

2017 78

DOE to issue $47M FY17 Vehicle Technologies program-wide funding opportunity

Green Car Congress

Research, development, and deployment efforts are focused on reducing the cost and improving the performance of a mix of near- and long-term vehicle technologies including advanced batteries, power electronics and electric motors, lightweight and propulsion materials, advanced combustion engines, advanced fuels and lubricants, and other enabling technologies. The upcoming FOA may include the following areas of interest (AOI): Advanced Technology Battery Cell Development.

2016 78

Are You Plugged In?

Revenge of the Electric Car

Plug-in hybrids differ from hybrids on the road today in that they can go longer distances on battery power and can be recharged via electrical outlets. Coda popped onto the electric-vehicle stage in June 2009 as an offshoot of Miles Electric Vehicles, a maker of electric light trucks in China. Myers’s NmG—or no more gas—is a three-wheel, one-seat vehicle that can travel up to 75 mph and as far as 50 miles in its lithium-battery model.

2010 126

Volkswagen Group & Anhui Jianghuai Automobile (JAC) jointly to develop EVs in China; new JV focused on NEVs

Green Car Congress

We look forward to a full scope cooperation together with Volkswagen Group, focus on new energy vehicles, to provide Chinese consumers with highly cost-effective battery-powered electric vehicle (BEV) products that promote the development of the Chinese new energy vehicle sector as well as the Chinese auto industry’s transformation and upgrading. China Electric (Battery Volkswagen AG and Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co.,

2016 60

ExxonMobil: diesel will surpass gasoline as the number one global transportation fuel by 2020

Green Car Congress

The relative shift away from motor gasoline to diesel is driven by improving light-duty vehicle fuel economy and the growth in commercial transportation activity. Sources for fuel economy gains in light-duty vehicles.

2013 158

Killacycle World Record

Revenge of the Electric Car

KillaCycle Pilot Scotty Pollacheck "lights 'em up" alongside Team Leader Bill Dube. Rider Scotty Pollacheck piloted the wickedly fast all electric A123Systems NanoPhosphate battery powered motorcycle down the quarter mile in only 7.89 The KillaCycle’s A123Systems battery pack is comprised of 1,210 type ANR26650M1 cells arranged to deliver 375 VDC.

2008 100

Ford unveils its first plug-in hybrid vehicle for police and government customers

Green Car Congress

kWh battery in 2.5 The lithium-ion battery can move the vehicle up to 21 miles on a single charge and up to 85 mph on battery power alone. Once the battery runs down, the vehicle is powered by its gasoline-electric hybrid powerplant with a range surpassing 500 miles.

2017 85

Plug Power launches 30 kW ProGen fuel cell system

Green Car Congress

Plug Power Inc. Delivery vans and light/medium duty cargo box trucks are some of the leading applications for the 30KW ProGen hydrogen engine. According to KPMG’s 2018 Global Automotive Executive Survey , hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles have replaced battery electric vehicles as the no. Plug Power looks forward to leading this e-mobility revolution with continued additions to the growing line of ProGen products.

2019 73