Could CNG conversions be good for our health?

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There may be significant health benefits to converting our motoring fleet to compressed natural gas (CNG): as an analysis of CNG conversions in Dhaka, Bangladesh, has revealed. Latest News Green cars There has been a rapid conversion in the Bangladeshi capital following the introduction of a CNG conversion policy in 2010[.].

Drivers from the world’s poorest cities who keep their windows down are exposed to 80% more air pollution

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In a study published in the journal Science of the Total Environment , researchers led by Surrey’s Global Center for Clean Air Research (GCARE) investigated air pollution exposure levels for commuters in 10 different global cities: Dhaka (Bangladesh); Chennai (India); Guangzhou (China); Medellín (Colombia); São Paulo (Brazil); Cairo (Egypt); Sulaymaniyah (Iraq); Addis Ababa (Ethiopia); Blantyre (Malawi); and Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania).

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Pure EV dealerships in India

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Green Energy Automobiles. It will also mark its footsteps in Bangladesh in the coming days. . Pure EV dealerships in India. Pure EV an IIT Hyderabad incubated startup which manufacturers electric two-wheelers has marked its footsteps all over India with its electric scooters.

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8 development banks commit to provide more than $175B to scale up support for sustainable transport

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ADB is already supporting green transportation solutions across Asia, including low-cost electric vehicles in the Philippines, urban metrorail systems in Viet Nam, bus rapid transit systems in Mongolia and Bangladesh, and inland waterway transport in the People’s Republic of China.

New phase of globalization could undermine efforts to reduce CO2 emissions

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In turn, the growth of CO 2 emissions embodied in Chinese exports has slowed or reversed, while the emissions embodied in exports, such as textiles, from less-developed regions like Vietnam and Bangladesh have surged. Green, F., A new study finds that the growth of carbon production from Chinese exports has slowed or reversed, reflecting a “new phase of globalization” between developing countries that could undermine international efforts to reduce emissions.

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