Nestlé Waters North America adds 155 new medium-duty propane autogas trucks to delivery fleet

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The new medium-duty delivery trucks, added to the company’s existing autogas fleet of 30 Ford trucks of the same model, will also help the company save on maintenance and fuel costs. Deployments in 2016 will include New York City, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Nestlé Waters North America is adding more than 150 medium-duty beverage delivery trucks fueled by propane autogas.

Maven deploying its first all-electric shared-use fleet in Austin; 20 Chevy Bolts

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Maven Gig vehicles are available for flat weekly rates that include the car, unlimited miles, insurance (minus deductibles) and maintenance. Vehicle reservations are now available in Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Maven is now offering its first all-electric fleet of cars for use in the gig economy; 20 Chevrolet Bolt EVs are available for freelance drivers in Austin, Texas to earn money on their own schedules.

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Lyft and GM launch “Express Drive” short-term rental program in Chicago

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The program will make cars available to Lyft drivers at affordable rates with insurance and maintenance included. Baltimore and others. Express Drive will start at US$99 per week including insurance and maintenance making Express Drive the most flexible and affordable option. Lyft and General Motors launched of their Express Drive short-term rental program exclusive to the Lyft platform.

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EIA: major utilities continue to increase spending on US electric distribution systems

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Annual spending on customer expenses and operations and maintenance by these utilities also increased slightly. Operations and maintenance (O&M) expenses have increased as electric distribution systems experience stress from several factors, including more customers, variable generation, and the effects of storms, wildfires, and flooding.

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Maven Gig begins expanding geographically; Bolt EV the most popular

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Future cities include Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Phoenix and Washington, D.C. Maven Gig vehicles are available for flat weekly rates that include the car, unlimited miles, insurance (minus deductibles) and maintenance. GM’s Maven Gig ( earlier post ) launched in San Francisco in November 2016 to provide vehicles for rideshare drivers; it since expanded the offering for package, grocery and food delivery drivers.

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DOE selects 15 projects for $32M to advance lower-cost fusion concepts; ARPA-E BETHE

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University of Maryland, Baltimore County. The University of Maryland, Baltimore County will advance the performance of the centrifugal mirror (CM) fusion concept, which has previously demonstrated stable plasmas with temperatures above 100 eV. Use of permanent magnets along with planar toroidal field coils could dramatically simplify stellarator construction, assembly, and maintenance, and place the stellarator on a compelling path toward lower-cost fusion energy.

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BAE Systems reports more than 3,500 HybriDrive series hybrid systems delivered or ordered worldwide

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The system also uses no mechanical transmission, a significant maintenance item on conventional diesel buses. Seattle and Houston are taking delivery of HybriDrive-powered buses built by Daimler as will Baltimore City, Md., BAE Systems announced that its HybriDrive series hybrid electric propulsion system has more than 3,500 units delivered or ordered worldwide.

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US DOT Awards $100M in Recovery Act Funds to 43 Transit Projects to Reduce Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Laredo Bus Facility Solar Canopies: Provide shade structures with integrated, grid tied photovoltaic cells to be erected on the bus storage lot at the Laredo Bus Maintenance Facility. It would also fund stationary fuel cells to provide primary and emergency back-up power for the bus maintenance and storage facilities. Install photovoltaic capacity to generate “green” hydrogen: Install multiple PV modules at its Central Maintenance Facility in Hayward.

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10-Year FTA Low-Speed Urban Maglev Research Program Shows Technology is Feasible, But Infrastructure Costs and Availability of Technologies Are Intimidating

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Maglev—a transportation technology in which trains are supported by magnetic forces without any wheels contacting rail surfaces—promises several attractive benefits including the ability to operate in challenging terrain with steep grades, tight turns, all-weather operation, low maintenance, rapid acceleration, quiet operation, and superior ride quality, among others. Vehicle chassis of one of the UML research projects (General Atomics). Click to enlarge.

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