$27 million available for zero-emission trucks in California

Green Car Congress

On 18 August 2020, $27 million in funding will be available in California to replace higher polluting trucks with zero-emission vehicles. This is the first installment from the $90 million available for the Zero-Emission Class 8 Freight and Port Drayage Trucks category and will provide funding to replace freight trucks (including drayage), waste haulers, dump trucks, and concrete mixers.

2020 292

International travelers experience adverse cardiopulmonary health effects even after short stay in polluted cities

Green Car Congress

For travelers who visit cities with high levels of air pollution, even a short stay leads to breathing problems that can take at least a week from which to recove, a new study led by researchers at NYU School of Medicine finds. The study is the first of its kind, say the authors, to analyze pollution-related coughing and breathing difficulties and recovery times upon returning home, in healthy, young adults who’ve travelled internationally.

2019 260

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PA Governor Wolf announces $8.5M from Volkswagen Settlement to reduce transportation pollution

Green Car Congress

By replacing older, polluting engines with new technologies, the projects over their lifetimes are expected to prevent emission of 503 tons of nitrogen oxides (NO x ), 130 tons of carbon monoxide, 238 tons of carbon dioxide, 59 tons of hydrocarbons, 30 tons of fine particulate matter, and a half-ton of coarse particulate matter. Valley Waste Service, Inc.: Funding remains available in three programs that opened last year: $2.4

2019 183

WHO: Air pollution levels rising in many of the world’s poorest cities

Green Car Congress

More than 80% of people living in urban areas that monitor air pollution are exposed to air quality levels that exceed World Health Organization (WHO) limits, according to the organization. In the past two years, the database—now covering 3,000 cities in 103 countries—has nearly doubled, with more cities measuring air pollution levels and recognizing the associated health impacts. Global urban air pollution trends.

2016 174

China Steel Corporation making $46M investment in LanzaTech commercial waste-gas-to-ethanol project

Green Car Congress

LanzaTech’s gas fermentation process uses proprietary microbes to capture and reuse carbon rich waste gases, reducing emissions and pollutants from industrial processes such as steel manufacturing, while making fuels and chemicals that displace those made from fossil resources. Globally, up to 150 million tonnes of CO 2 emissions could potentially be avoided by re-using available steel mill gas residues using LanzaTech’s process.

2015 183

California ARB releases proposed strategy to reduce impact of short-lived climate pollutants

Green Car Congress

The California Air Resources Board released a new draft of California’s Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Strategy to significantly reduce the near-term climate impacts of these potent pollutants. Science tells us that making cuts in emissions of these powerful climate pollutants will reduce the near-term impacts of climate change as we phase down fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions. Methane is the most abundant of the short-lived climate pollutants in California.

2016 150

World Bank to focus on reducing short-lived climate pollutants; transport projects

Green Car Congress

A new report prepared by the World Bank at the request of the G8 identifies ways that the World Bank can do more through its projects to reduce the emission of short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs): black carbon, methane, tropospheric ozone, and fluorinated gases known as HFCs. The review, “Integration of Short-Lived Climate Pollutants in World Bank Activities,” highlights ways the Bank’s investments are already reducing SLCPs and shows where potential exists for even greater reduction.

2013 190

BP agrees to add more than $400M in pollution controls at Whiting Refinery and pay $8M Clean Air Act penalty

Green Car Congress

has agreed to pay an $8 million penalty and invest more than $400 million to install advanced pollution controls and cut emissions from BP’s petroleum refinery in Whiting, Ind. When fully implemented, the agreement is expected to reduce harmful air pollution that can cause respiratory problems such as asthma and are significant contributors to acid rain, smog and haze, by more than 4,000 tons per year.

2012 195

Cutting Non-CO2 Pollutants Can Delay Abrupt Climate Change; The Fast Action Climate Agenda

Green Car Congress

With indoor air pollution killing 1.6 If we reduce black carbon emissions worldwide by 50 percent by fully deploying all available emissions-control technologies, we could delay the warming effects of CO 2 by one to two decades and at the same time greatly improve the health of those living in heavily polluted regions. —Dr. Biochar comes from cooking biomass waste at low temperatures with minimal oxygen (pyrolysis).

Eni and RenOils to boost collection of used cooking oil for biofuel production

Green Car Congress

Eni currently makes use of approximately 50% of the used cooking oil available in Italy and, in part thanks to RenOils-member regeneration companies, will extend its capacity to produce high-quality biofuel from this waste in the company’s bio-refinery in Venice, at Porto Marghera, and soon also in Gela. The goal is to increase collection and proper disposal, since used oils from households are currently wasted almost entirely.

2019 214

Heidi On The Hot Seat

Creative Greenius

The South Bay is defined by the LAX Airport to the north and the Port of Los Angeles to the south - two of the biggest polluters in Southern California. And for all those cities, with all those sources of pollution pumping CO2 and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere and into the lungs of the South Bay’s one million residents, we’ve got just one woman on the payroll as the Climate Action Plan Coordinator. Waste. All Global Warming Is Local.

2009 183

Inside The Green Task Force

Creative Greenius

Working with Heidi, cities have been gathering data from Southern California Edison, The Gas Company, waste haulers and other contractors using Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) software, which was developed for specifically compiling this diverse data. Colleen Callahan, the Manager of Air Quality Policy and Advocacy for the American Lung Association kicked things off to let the cities know about the resources the Lung Association has available for them.

2008 150

Renewable natural gas flowing into SoCalGas pipelines from Calgren dairy digester pipeline cluster

Green Car Congress

The renewable natural gas from that digestion facility is already being used to fuel about 400 waste hauling trucks. Renewable natural gas is a carbon-negative fuel produced from waste and agriculture that can be used in trucks and buses, to generate electricity, fuel heating systems in homes and businesses, and for cooking. Renewable natural gas can be produced from dairy manure, food waste, landfills, and wastewater treatment plants and other sources.

2019 230

Toyota to debut 2 BEVs, 1 PHEV for US this year; says research shows BEVs & PHEVs have similar environmental benefits

Green Car Congress

The source code for this tool is publicly available at carghg.org for others to experiment with the various input parameters and see the movement of BEVs and PHEVs on the GHG and cost plot. The research found: GHG of a currently available BEV model and PHEV model are roughly the same in on-road performance when factoring in pollutants created by electricity production for the average US energy grid used to charge batteries.

PHEV 253

Dongfeng Motor Green Plan includes 20 electrified models by 2022; Nissan e-Power on core models

Green Car Congress

DFL plans to introduce 20 electrified (EV and e-POWER) models under its four brands by 2022, with Nissan e-Power technology ( earlier post ) available on core models. And to reduce environmental pollutants, an investment of RMB 1 billion (US$145 million) will be made to upgrade 27 paint shops in Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Xiangyang and Dalian, reducing VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions by 50%.

2018 183

Tenneco exploring synthetic fuels for climate-neutral mobility; NAMOSYN project

Green Car Congress

A climate-neutral alternative to petroleum-based fuels, they also offer the potential for significantly reduced overall emissions, allowing Tenneco’s Clean Air experts to better manage any remaining pollutants through the aftertreatment process.

Motherson Group collaborating with UBQ to bring carbon-negative thermoplastics into auto parts

Green Car Congress

UBQ is a patented material converted from 100% unsorted household waste, containing food leftovers, mixed plastics, paper, cardboard, packaging materials and diapers. It is available in different grades compatible with olefin, styrenic and chlorine based resins.

2020 244

Volvo LX1 series hybrid wheel loader demonstrates 50% improvement in fuel efficiency; renewable diesel in the engine

Green Car Congress

As well as the improvement in fuel efficiency and reduction in emissions, the LX1 also offers a significant reduction in noise pollution compared to its conventional counterparts. Testing began at the Redwood Landfill and Recycling Center, a green waste composting site in the northern part of the state. The second test site was the Moreno Valley Transfer Station, a waste transfer site in southern California. Waste Management Inc.

2017 174

Clean Energy Zero Now truck orders surpass 250; heavy-duty trucks fueled by renewable natural gas

Green Car Congress

With financing made available by Zero Now, along with grant programs available in many states, trucking companies are rolling out trucks equipped with the new Cummins-Westport (CWI) ultralow NO x ISX12N natural gas engine, which provide the same torque and reliability as their diesel counterparts. RNG reduces climate pollutants such as greenhouse gas, which takes carbon emissions completely out of trucking. Redeem is the first commercially available RNG vehicle fuel.

2019 177

DOE to invest $6.4M to develop hydrogen-fueled turbines

Green Car Congress

Waste plastics could be added to the fuel mix to produce large quantities of hydrogen and to mitigate the impact of plastics in the environment. Diluents available for air-breathing, open combustion Brayton cycles in simple and combined-cycle applications should be used in testing, and the impact of diluents should be assessed. The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy (FE) announced $6.4

British Airways invests in LanzaJet; SAF offtake agreement

Green Car Congress

BA expects the fuel to be available to power a number of its flights by the end of 2022. British Airways will power future flights with sustainable aviation fuel produced from sustainably-sourced ethanol, as part of a new partnership with sustainable jet fuel company LanzaJet.

StreetScooter opens second manufacturing facility in Düren; doubles capacity to 20,000 electric vans per year

Green Car Congress

The number of StreetScooters used in the business world, in municipalities and at Deutsche Post is also on the rise in Germany and abroad, and the reason is the same in both arenas: Pollution and more pollution in major cities everywhere. The WORK and WORK L StreetScooter models have been available to external customers since summer 2017.

2018 210

Kanazawa University-led researchers recycle rare-earth elements from spent fluorescent lamps by chemical/mechanical treatment

Green Car Congress

End-of-life FLs are a potentially huge source of REs, but harsh and polluting processes are needed currently to extract these metals from the spent phosphors. As reported in Waste Management , instead of using acid extractants to dissolve the REs trapped in the spent lamps, the Kanazawa team turned to chelator chemistry. These are already used to remove toxic metals from solid waste.

2018 220

Six refineries in $425M settlement with EPA and DOJ over emissions violations

Green Car Congress

and Par Hawaii Refining that resolves alleged Clean Air Act violations and protects public health by reducing air pollution at six refineries. Under the settlement, the two companies will spend about $403 million to install and operate pollution control equipment, and Tesoro will spend about $12 million to fund environmental projects in local communities previously impacted by pollution. Implementation of a detailed plan for reducing waste gas to flares.

2016 150

California ARB fines Ford $2.96 million for sales of non-compliant On-Board Diagnostic systems in California

Green Car Congress

million, $740,000 will go to the California Pollution Control Financing Authority (CPCFA), which provides financial assistance to projects aimed at reducing pollution and waste and encouraging the use of renewable energy. The data link problems discovered by ARB staff make use of the OBD system more difficult by Smog Check inspectors and independent service providers using widely available diagnostic tools.

2014 195

EU research project IDEALFUEL seeks to develop marine low-sulfur heavy fuel oils from biomass; Bio-HFO

Green Car Congress

The use of heavy fuel oils (HFOs) contributes to global warming due to the fossil origin of these fuels and, moreover, generating non-negligible emissions of pollutants such as sulfur oxides. Although cleaner fuels are available, many companies opt for HFOs due to their low cost. IDEALFUEL seeks to develop methods to convert woody residual and waste materials such as sawdust and wood chips into renewable marine fuels.

2020 232

EPA proposes updates to emissions standards for refineries

Green Car Congress

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to update the toxic air pollution standards for petroleum refineries. The new rules would further reduce toxic pollution from flaring and other processes and includes new monitoring requirements. These results would be available to the public. In addition, the proposed amendments for flaring will result in reductions of 3,800 tons per year of hazardous air pollutants (HAP) and 33,000 tons per year of VOC.

2014 204

IEA: Petrochemicals set to be the largest driver of world oil demand

Green Car Congress

However, the production, use and disposal of petrochemical-derived products present a variety of climate, air quality and water pollution challenges that need to be addressed. The scenario suggests an ambitious pathway to reduce the environmental impacts of petrochemicals: air pollutants from primary chemicals production decline by almost 90% by 2050; direct CO 2 emissions reduce by nearly 60%; and water demand is nearly 30% lower than in the base scenario.

2018 237

Study finds relying on “local food” a distant dream for most of the world

Green Car Congress

Globalization has revolutionized food production and consumption in recent decades and cultivation has become more efficient, and as a result, many people’s diets have diversified and food availability has increased in various parts of the globe.

2020 270

Berkeley Lab working with Alphabet Energy to develop a low-cost thermoelectric system

Green Car Congress

With a $2-million grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC), Berkeley Lab is partnering with Alphabet Energy to create a cost-effective thermoelectric waste heat recovery system to reduce both energy use in the industrial sector and electricity-related carbon emissions. The funding comes from CEC’s Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) program, which funds clean energy innovation to reduce pollution, foster economic development, and meet the state’s climate goals.

2017 150

FPT Industrial unveils new Cursor 13 natural gas heavy-duty engine

Green Car Congress

The Cursor 13 Natural Gas is the most powerful 100% natural gas engine available on the on-road segment market today, and is the first purely NG engine on the market specially developed for long-haul missions. The use of bio-methane has the added benefit of reducing dependency from fossil fuels, as it can be generated from agricultural and urban waste, sewage, or waste from the food industry. FPT Industrial has introduced its newest and most powerful natural engine.

2017 150

Why are some EV chargers more expensive than others?

Green Charging

We do not want to waste money on cheap, low-quality commodities. As a result, there has been an increase in air pollution. They utilise clean energy and help to reduce noise pollution. You’re online looking at an array of EV chargers.

WHO data: global annual PM10 increased by 6% during recent 3-year period; based on data from 851 cities

Green Car Congress

Air quality in most cities worldwide that monitor outdoor (ambient) air pollution fails to meet World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for safe levels, putting people at additional risk of respiratory disease and other health problems, according to WHO’s expanded ambient (outdoor) air pollution (AAP) in cities database 2014. About half of the urban population being monitored is exposed to air pollution that is at least 2.5 Regional city?population

2014 209

Minnesota moving to B10 biodiesel mandate

Green Car Congress

The Minnesota Departments of Agriculture, Commerce and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency announced the move to a B10 biodiesel mandate for the state for warm-weather months (April-October) in a letter published in the Minnesota State Register. Biodiesel produced from palm oil is not biodiesel funder the legislation, unless the palm oil is contained within waste oil and grease collected within the United States or Canada.

Volvo Trucks presents Vera autonomous electric vehicle for future transport solutions

Green Car Congress

Growing world population and increasing urbanization are leading to significant challenges to solve environmental issues such as congestion, pollution and noise. In this way it will be possible to minimise waste in the form of buffer stocks, and increase availability. Volvo Trucks unveiled Vera : an autonomous, electric vehicle that can operate with significantly less exhaust emissions and low noise levels.

2018 265

Lux: alternative fuels in China could replace up to 483B GGE in 2020; coal-to-ethanol conversion offers near-term potential

Green Car Congress

Further, its plans to limit coal-fired power plants due to pollution problems, means that oversupplied coal is available for conversion to alternative fuels. Coal-to-ethanol is a short-term winner on account of the huge quantities of coal available in China. However, logistical barriers exist, notably in biomass and waste collection.

2015 190

Greyrock, Tsinhua U, DRI to assess potential of synthetic diesel to improve air quality in China

Green Car Congress

DRI is particularly interested in studying the multiple benefits of using China’s agricultural waste to generate synthetic fuels, thereby reducing air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions from biomass burning and finding better uses for China’s large stock of agricultural waste. Greyrock’s GreyCat catalyst is manufactured in the United States using readily available materials.

2017 150

UNECE adopts three new regulations to improve the safety and environmental performance of motor vehicles

Green Car Congress

In the nine countries for which data is available (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Netherlands, Republic of Korea and United States) more than 10,000 people died in pole or other side impacts in 2009. A new regulation on the recyclability of motor vehicles will significantly limit the waste production from end-of-life vehicles (ELV). For other air pollutants, the regulation stipulates that retrofitting shall not result in increased emissions.

2013 190

Bosch trialing Neste renewable diesel; aims to offer renewable and synthetic fuels at all company filling stations in Germany

Green Car Congress

diesel,” this fuel is synthesized mainly from by-products and waste materials. diesel has yet to be included in the German law on the prevention of airborne pollution, it is not currently available at regular filling stations. R33 Blue Diesel, an approved fuel made by Shell, has been available for trial and company car pool vehicles at the filling stations at the Bosch locations in Feuerbach, Schwieberdingen, and Hildesheim for some weeks now.

2018 163

Comprehensive LCA report from Ricardo on behalf of EC confirms environmental benefits of electrified powertrains

Green Car Congress

Values for environmental impacts of fuel chains must therefore be taken with caution, with significant uncertainty ranges, due to methodological choices and limitations in the availability and robustness of data.

2020 212

CARB approves $423M plan to mitigate harm from Volkswagen defeat devices; significant investments in heavy-duty vehicles and equipment sectors

Green Car Congress

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved a plan to mitigate statewide harm from more than 10,000 tons of smog-causing pollutants released in the state due to Volkswagen’s (VW) use of illegal “defeat devices” in diesel passenger cars. Over the next 10 years this plan will put in place not only tools to clean up VW’s excess emissions, but also to help achieve further reductions of smog-forming pollution for decades to come.

2018 235

California ARB awards $7M for ultra-low NOx heavy-duty diesel truck demo project with Achates opposed-piston engines

Green Car Congress

California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District, the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District and the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District also are investing in the project. In 2017, engineers from Achates presented a paper (2017-01-0638) at the SAE World Congress (WCX 17) describing the development of a 55% brake thermal efficiency (BTE) commercial heavy-duty opposed-piston engine without the use of a waste heat recovery system or turbocompounding.

2018 203

EPA proposes new standards to reduce methane and VOCs emissions from oil and gas industry

Green Car Congress

Sources already subject to the 2012 NSPS requirements for VOC reductions that also would be covered by the proposed 2015 methane requirements would not have to install additional controls, because the controls to reduce VOCs reduce both pollutants. The proposed updates also add emissions reduction requirements for sources of methane and VOC pollution that were not covered in the 2012 rules.

2015 209