AeroVironment licenses PNNL EV smart charger controller technology

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The PNNL technology tells a vehicle’s battery charger when to start and stop charging based upon existing conditions on the electrical grid. Prototypes of the new AeroVironment charging system are available for beta testing. Infrastructure Plug-ins Smart charging Smart Grid

GE and Nissan Get Into Smart Charging

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GE and Nissan have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly research “smart charging&# stations. For more information, read the article: GE, Nissan team on smart charging for electric cars. Here is the full text of the entire article, in case the link goes bad: GE, Nissan team on smart charging for electric cars. smart-grid lab for three years. Matt Nielsen is lead researcher for smart-charging work at GE’s research lab in upstate New York.

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They will sell like hell when available. A group of EV owners can create a grid cloud, with not yet available smart chargers, the grid cloud works as a virtual powerplant. That slot is programmed in a smart plug, that sits between the walloutlet and the charger plug.

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