Study finds methane emissions from coal mines ~50% higher than previously thought

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The amount of methane released into the atmosphere as a result of coal mining is likely approximately 50% higher than previously estimated, according to research presented at the recent annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union. The higher estimate is due mainly to two factors: methane that continues to be emitted from thousands of abandoned mines and the higher methane content in coal seams that are ever deeper, according to chief author Nazar Kholod of PNNL.

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Report finds says “negative emissions technologies” need to play a large role in mitigating climate change

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To achieve goals for climate and economic growth, “negative emissions technologies” (NETs) that remove and sequester carbon dioxide from the air will need to play a significant role in mitigating climate change, according to a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Most climate mitigation efforts are intended to decrease the rate at which people add carbon from fossil fuel reservoirs to the atmosphere.

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Perspective: The Role of Offsets in Climate Change Legislation

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This article shows that including offsets in climate change legislation would likely make an emissions program more cost-effective by: (a) providing an incentive for non-regulated sources to generate emission reductions; and (b) expanding emission compliance opportunities for regulated entities. coal-fired power plants) would either be required by the emissions cap. Methane (CH 4 ) emissions from landfills, livestock operations, or coal mines (GWP = 25).

Black carbon is a much larger cause of climate change than previously assessed; about twice previous estimates, and 2/3 the effect of CO2

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the distribution of black carbon in the atmosphere and determine its role in the climate system. Black carbon (BC) is the second largest man-made contributor to global warming and its influence on climate has been greatly underestimated, according to the first quantitative and comprehensive analysis of this pollutant’s climate impact. Accounting for all of the ways black carbon can affect climate, it is believed to have a warming effect of about 1.1

Study projects thermoelectric power in Europe and US vulnerable to climate change due to lower summer river flows and higher river water temperatures

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Projected changes in summer mean usable capacity of power plants in the US and Europe for the SRES A2 emissions scenario for the 2040s (2031–2060) relative to the control period (1971–2000). A study published in Nature Climate Change suggests that thermoelectric power plants (i.e., 16% in the United States depending on cooling system type and climate scenario for 2031—2060. Nature Climate Change doi: 10.1038/NCLIMATE1546.

Study suggests current levels of methane leakage would result in numerous decades of more rapid climate change from a shift to natural gas vehicles

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A) CNG light-duty cars vs. gasoline cars; (B) CNG heavy-duty vehicles vs. diesel vehicles; and (C) combined-cycle natural gas plants vs. supercritical coal plants using low-CH 4 coal. However, natural gas vehicles could produce climate benefits on all time frames if the well-to-wheels CH 4 leakage were capped at a level 45–70% below current estimates, the authors suggest. The climatic effect of replacing other fossil fuels with natural gas varies widely by sector (e.g.,

Reducing Black Carbon Emissions and Ground-Level Ozone Would Provide Immediate Benefit Against Climate Change

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Reducing emissions of black carbon soot and ground-level ozone would quickly make a considerable dent in the climate change problem and would also contribute to public health and protect crop yields, according to an essay in the September/October issue of Foreign Affairs. The piece was co-authored by Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego climate and atmospheric scientist V. A provision on black carbon is also included in the Waxman-Markey climate bill.

US Global Change Research Program Issues Report on Impacts of Climate Change in US; Details Point to Potential Value of Early, Aggressive Action

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Widespread climate-related impacts are occurring now in the US and are expected to increase. Climate change is already having visible impacts in the United States, and the choices we make now will determine the severity of its impacts in the future, according to the final release of the report “Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States”. It is clear that climate change is happening now. Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States.

BloombergNEF: clean energy investment in developing nations slumps as financing in China slows; coal burn surges to record high

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While the number of new clean power-generating plants completed stayed flat year-to-year, the volume of power derived from coal surged to a new high, according to Climatescope , an annual survey of 104 emerging markets conducted by research firm BloombergNEF (BNEF).

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Perspective: Why Carbon Emissions Should Not Have Been the Focus of the UN Climate Change Summit and Why the 15th Conference of the Parties Should Have Focused on Technology Transfer

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Experts predict that by the year 2060 global warming, if left unchecked, could result in a temperature rise of seven degrees Fahrenheit higher than temperatures before the Industrial Revolution when man started widespread use of coal and other fossil fuels. Oceans, already expanding from warmth and melting glaciers, would rise, increasing coastal flooding; a chain reaction of climate changes is projected to lead to harsher, more widespread droughts and more powerful storms.

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Global Carbon Project: Low growth in global carbon emissions continues for third successive year

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Decreased use of coal in China is the main reason behind the 3-year slowdown. Detailed data were made available in the open-access data journal Earth System Science Data (ESSD). This is a great help for tackling climate change but it is not enough. The projection for 2015 is based on available energy consumption data for China and the USA, as well as on forecast economic growth for the rest of the world. China Climate Change Coal Emissions Market Background

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Open Letter by Netherlands Scientists on IPCC and Errors in 2007 Climate Change Report

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In response to the ongoing discussion about the reliability of the UN IPCC and the climate reports, a group of 55 leading Dutch scientists working in the field of climate change, energy and the environment wrote an open letter. Open letter (10 February 2010) to Netherlands parliament by Netherlands scientists on climate change and IPCC. Errors in the IPCC climate change report are being seized by some to discredit climate science.

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EIA: US energy-related CO2 fell by 2.8% in 2019, slightly below 2017 levels

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The changes in US energy-related CO 2 emissions in 2019 offset the increase in 2018. CO 2 emissions from coal fell by 14.6%, the largest annual percentage drop in any fuel’s CO 2 emissions in EIA’s annual CO 2 data series dating back to 1973.

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Researchers Say Mix of Policies and Current or Near-Term Technologies Could Phase Out US CO2 Emissions from Coal-Fired Power Plants by 2030

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CO 2 emissions from US coal-fired power plant could be phased out entirely by 2030 using existing technologies or ones that could be commercially competitive with coal within about a decade, according to a paper published online 30 April in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology. This global climate change problem becomes manageable only if society deals quickly with emissions of carbon dioxide from burning coal in electric power plants, they state.

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Tsinghua University provincial-level lifecycle study finds fuel-cycle criteria pollutants of EVs in China could be up to 5x those of natural gas vehicles due to China’s coal-dominant power mix

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A province-by-province life cycle analysis of natural gas and electric vehicles by a team from Tsinghua University concludes that while, from the perspective of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and criteria pollutant emissions, natural gas vehicles (CNGVs) are “ an option with no obvious merits or demerits ”, electric vehicles (EVs) are “ an option with significant merits and demerits in this regard ” due to China’s heavily coal-based electricity generation (national average of about 77%).

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EPA proposes CO2 emission standards for new fossil fuel-fired power plants

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The proposed rulemaking establishes separate standards for natural gas and coal plants. coal units) are based on the performance of a new efficient coal unit implementing partial carbon capture and storage (CCS). EPA said that the current and planned implementation of CCS projects, combined with the widespread availability and capacity of geological storage sites, makes it clear that the technology is feasible.

2013 203

Study Finds Availability of Low-CO2 Electricity and Hydrogen May Paradoxically Delay Large-Scale Transition to Electric and/or Hydrogen Vehicle Fleet

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In both electric- and hydrogen-favoring cases, availability of low-carbon electricity and hydrogen prolonged the use of petroleum-fueled ICE vehicles. Increased availability of low CO 2 sources of electricity and hydrogen could counter-intuitively delay, rather than accelerate, a large-scale transition to an electric and/or hydrogen vehicle fleet, according to a new study by researchers from Ford Motor Company and Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden.

2010 204

New phase of globalization could undermine efforts to reduce CO2 emissions

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The study follows open-access research by some of the members of the team published last month in Geophysical Research Letters , in which the authors argue that the Chinese export-embodied CO 2 emissions have peaked due to the changing structure of Chinese production. —Dabo Guan, professor in climate change economics at UEA’s School of International Development and co-author on both studies. China Climate Change Emissions

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UN Environment report says national GHG pledges only bring one-third of reductions needed for Paris Agreement

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The eighth edition of UN Environment’s Emissions Gap report, released ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, finds that national pledges only bring approximately one-third of the reduction in emissions required by 2030 to meet climate targets, with private sector and sub-national action not increasing at a rate that would help close this gap. Given currently available carbon budget estimates, the available global carbon budget for 1.5 ˚C

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GWU team demonstrates one-pot process for optimized synthesis of controlled CNTs from CO2; coupling cement and C2CNT

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Pulverized coal is often used as the flame fuel, and fuel is also added to heat and drive the calciner and preheaters. This is a powerful economic incentive, rather than economic cost, to mitigate climate change through a carbon negative process. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Climate Change Emissions Sustainability

2017 183

Global CO2 emissions stalled for the third year in a row

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Information on the other two greenhouse gases, methane (CH 4 ) and nitrous oxide (N 2 O), is only available until 2012, as international statistics on agricultural activities—the main source of these emissions—are not updated as frequently as on energy and industry-related activities. CH 4 is mainly generated by agricultural activities, the production of coal and gas, as well as waste treatment and disposal. Climate Change Emissions

2017 150

IPCC: GHG emissions accelerating despite mitigation efforts; major institutional and technological change required to keep the heat down

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Decomposition of the decadal change in total global CO 2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion by four driving factors; population, income (GDP) per capita, energy intensity of GDP and carbon intensity of energy. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a policymaker’s summary of Working Group III’s (WG III) latest report showing that despite a growing number of climate change mitigation policies, annual anthropogenic GHG emissions grew on average by 1.0

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Obama climate plan calls for new fuel economy standards for heavy-duty vehicles post-2018; cleaner fuels and investment in advanced fossil energy

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Among the transportation-related elements of US President Barack Obama’s new climate action plan, which he is outlining today in a speech at Georgetown University, is the development of new fuel economy standards for heavy-duty vehicles post-2018. Preparing the US for the impacts of climate change. Preparing the US for the impacts of climate change. Providing a toolkit for climate resilience.

2013 212

Study: even with high LDV electrification, low-carbon biofuels will be necessary to meet 80% GHG reduction target; “daunting” policy implications

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The implication for biofuels is important, to the extent they are aimed at meeting climate and petroleum use reduction goals. The reference case scenarios assume no change to GHG intensity from current levels. while the climate-targeted scenarios assume that electricity supply is decarbonized by 80%. In the climate-targeted scenarios, they assumed that electrified vehicles receive their electricity from an 80% decarbonized electricity grid.

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EPA releases final Clean Power Plan; 32% reduction in CO2 from power plants by 2030

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EPA said that in addition to its projected climate benefits, the CPP will result in the avoidance each year of : 1,500 to 3,600 premature deaths. EPA thus estimates that the CPP will result in public health and climate benefits worth an estimated $34 billion to $54 billion per year in 2030, against implementation costs of $8.4 Climate Change Emissions Power Generation RegulationsThe US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released the final Clean Power Plan (CPP).

2015 212

West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd: Coal Must Embrace The Future

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Writing in last Thursday’s West Virginia Metro News that “ the time has come to have an open and honest dialogue about coal’s future in West Virginia ”, US Senator Robert Byrd (D-West Virginia) issued a stinging rebuke of the coal industry’s recent political tactics, challenging the industry to transition away from mountaintop mining, currently practiced in three US states, and towards low-carbon coal production processes.

Europe moves forward on the Energy Union; transport key element

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The European Commission has adopted the European Energy Union package —a framework strategy for a resilient energy union with a forward-looking climate change policy. Today, we launch the most ambitious European energy project since the Coal and Steel Community. The climate and energy framework for 2030 agreed to at the October European Council now needs to be implemented. The EU will provide an ambitious contribution to the international climate negotiations.

2015 203

International study identifies 14 key measures to reduce methane and black carbon emissions; reduction in projected global mean warming of ~0.5 °C by 2050

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Circle areas are proportional to values for (A and B) climate change, (C and D) human health (values for population over age 30), and (E and F) agriculture. Such information is needed, however, because multiple stakeholders are interested in mitigating climate change via control of non–carbon dioxide (CO 2 )–forcing agents such as BC, including the G8 nations (L’Aquila Summit, 2009) and the Arctic Council (Nuuk Declaration, 2011). Black carbon Climate Change Emission

2012 218

U Chicago, MIT study suggests ongoing use of fossil fuels absent new carbon taxes

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While renewable energy has made promising gains in just the last few years—the cost of solar dropped by about two-thirds from 2009 to 2014—new drilling and extraction techniques have made fossil fuels cheaper and markedly increased the amount of oil and gas available. for oil, 24% for coal, and 20% for natural gas. Of those emissions, coal generates about 45%, oil around 35%, and natural gas about 20%. Climate Change Emissions Policy

2016 150

Greenius To Corporate Carbon Producers: You’ll Pay & You’ll Like It

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I offered my take on an article entitled: “ Hacks and Handout-Seekers Hate Obama’s Climate Plan “ If you’re not familiar with TerraPass Footprint this is a great opportunity to check them out. Torrance's very own climate changer, the Exxon Mobil Refinery. I think it only fair and just that the people responsible for producing the most pollution and climate changing carbon pay for the costs their products and actions impose on all of us.

2009 150

GWU team develops cost-effective solar process to produce lime for cement without CO2 emission

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and the remainder (30 to 40%) from burning fossil fuels, such as coal, to heat the kiln reactors to ~900°C.Here we show a new thermal chemistry, based on anomalies in oxide solubilites, to generate CaO, without CO2 emission, in a high throughput, cost effective, environment conducive to the formation of cement. Thus no CO 2 is formed, to eliminate cement’s greenhouse gas contribution to anthropogenic climate change. Climate Change Emissions Solar

2012 236

IEA: carbon intensity of global energy supply has barely changed in last 20 years; “window of opportunity in transport”

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Since 1990, however, the ESCII (2010 = 100) has remained essentially static, changing by less than 1%. Coal technologies continue to dominate growth in power generation. Coal-fired generation, which rose by an estimated 6% from 2010 to 2012, continues to grow faster than non-fossil energy sources on an absolute basis. Around half of coal-fired power plants built in 2011 use inefficient technologies. The ESCII, along with projections for three scenarios.

2013 224

MIT/RAND Study Concludes Three Types of Alternative Jet Fuel May Be Available in Commercial Quantities Over the Next Decade

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Normalized well-to-wake GHG emissions for low-, baseline- and high-emission cases for jet fuel pathways under different land use change scenarios. The focus of the work was on alternative jet fuels that could be available commercially in the next decade using primarily North American resources. Production of commercial quantities of HRJ depends on the availability of appropriate feedstocks at competitive prices.

2009 215

EIA releases report on CO2 emissions by state; California led in 2010 with transportation-sector emissions

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Factors such as size, population density, available fuels, types of businesses, climate, all play a role in both total and per capita emissions, the EIA noted. For example, some states are located near abundant hydroelectric supplies, while others contain abundant coal resources. Climate Change Emissions Energy-related CO 2 emissions buy state, 2010. Source: EIA. Click to enlarge.

2013 204

EPA proposes CO2 limits for future power plants; flexibilities for phasing in control technology; anticipates negligible impacts

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In its regulatory impact assessment of the proposed rulemaking, EPA noted that other GHGs such as nitrous oxide (N 2 O) (and to a lesser extent, methane (CH 4 )) may be emitted from fossil-fuel-fired EGUs, especially from coal-fired circulating fluidized bed combustors and from units with selective catalytic reduction and selective non-catalytic reduction systems installed for nitrogen oxide (NO x ) control. Coal with carbon capture and storage (CCS): 200 lbs CO 2 /MWh.

2012 196

Google Unveils Faster, Cheaper Mechanism To Track Worldwide Deforestation Online; Support for Land Use Change Measurement, Verification and Reporting

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Through its philanthropic arm,, Google introduced an online suite of beta software that leverages cloud computing to track worldwide land-use changes such as deforestation. The new tools are designed to be used by policy makers, governments, the scientific community, and the public via a dedicated Forest Carbon Tracking portal , and were introduced at the UNFCCC climate summit in Copenhagen. Tags: Climate Change Policy by Jack Rosebro.

2009 244

The Greenius Solution To All California’s Problems: AB 920 + AB 811

Creative Greenius

I’m seeing you and me changing the course of history – while we still have a gambler’s chance, right here and right now. And when it comes to a sense of urgency on climate change, well lets just say I saw no physical sign that Ted is out of his coma yet. The big challenge for us is going to be the Senate floor because the dynamic of the Senate has changed a little bit. It’s surprising when you look at it because the face of solar is changing.

2009 174

Greenius Goes All AB 811 Over Green Task Force

Creative Greenius

I bring a passion that’s driven by my sense of urgency over our climate change crisis. I choose to be the change. I choose to be the voice that can change a room, and then a city. Frankly it’s time for them to change course or get out of the way. No offense, and I wish we had luxury of time to wait on you and be patient, but from the climate change data I’m reviewing daily we’re already well past that point.

2009 163

NASA-led study suggests coal soot shrank Alpine glaciers in mid-1800s

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A NASA-led team of scientists has uncovered strong evidence that coal soot from a rapidly industrializing Europe caused the abrupt retreat of mountain glaciers in the European Alps that began in the 1860s, a period often thought of as the end of the Little Ice Age (LIA). The BC hypothesis is not refuted by any available records, or by the calculations presented here.

2013 185

GCP Carbon Budget Finds Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions Rose 2% in 2008 Despite Global Financial Crisis; Natural Sinks Not Keeping Pace With Increasing Emissions

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The authors, under the umbrella of the Global Carbon Project , reported a 29% increase in global CO 2 emissions from fossil fuel between 2000 and 2008 (the latest year for which figures are available), and by 41% between 2008 and 1990, the reference year of the Kyoto Protocol. Emissions from land use change have remained almost constant since 2000, but now account for a significantly smaller proportion of total anthropogenic CO 2 emissions (20% in 2000 to 12% in 2008).

2009 191

Perspective: The UN Approval Process for Carbon Offsets

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Verification of the emission reduction or carbon sequestration is critical in efforts to mitigate climate change. One question is who will be responsible for verifying changes in carbon, which raises questions about the role of a regulatory agency for accrediting claimed changes in carbon levels from an activity. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Climate Change 2007: Mitigation. Tags: Climate Change Emissions Policy

2010 216

Devil in the Details: World Leaders Scramble To Salvage and Shape Copenhagens UNFCCC Climate Summit

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Although most countries have already revealed their opening emissions reduction proposals, UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer pointed out Thursday that “ we still await clarity from industrialized nations on the provision of large-scale finance to developing countries for immediate and long-term climate action. Climate Change And The IPCC Fourth Assessment Report. Australia is considered to be one of the most vulnerable developed nations to climate change.

2009 204

National Academies Report Examines Hidden Cost of Energy Production and Use in US; Estimates $120B in 2005

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Health and other non-climate damages by life-cycle component for different combinations of fuels and light-duty automobiles in 2005 (top) and 2030 (bottom). A new report from the National Research Council examines and, when possible, estimates, “hidden” costs of energy production and use—such as the damage air pollution imposes on human health—that are not reflected in market prices of coal, oil, other energy sources, or the electricity and gasoline produced from them.

2009 210