ARPA-E awards $35M to 12 new projects to support medium-voltage devices for grid, industry and transportation

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Today’s power distribution networks are primarily powered by alternating current (AC) electricity, but DC can provide lower distribution losses and higher power carrying capacity. Drexel University aims to design a significantly more efficient, fast, low-cost, compact, and reliable circuit breaker for medium-voltage direct-current (MVDC) power system. Georgia Tech Research Corporation, EDISON – Efficient DC Interrupter with Surge Protection – $3,000,000.

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ARPA-E awards $130M to 66 “OPEN 2012” transformational energy technology projects

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ARPA-E’s previously selected projects have already made major progress, by demonstrating a 400 Wh/kg lithium-ion battery; building a wind turbine, inspired by the design of jet engines, that could deliver 300% more power than existing turbines of the same size and cost; and engineering a high power laser drilling system that can penetrate hard rock formations over long distances and is ten times more economical than conventional drilling technologies. Turbo-POx For Ultra Low-Cost Gasoline.

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