Toshiba introduces new automotive Ethernet-AVB bridge; working with Qualcomm on advanced connected car systems

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The TC9560XBG supports standards such as IEEE 802.1AS and IEEE 802.1Qav, generally referred to as Ethernet-AVB (Audio Video Bridging). The new Toshiba TC9560XBG Ethernet bridge solution and TC9560AXBG, with CAN-FD features, are available now, with volume production slated to begin in October 2016. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A processor utilizing Toshiba’s TC9560XBG IC is scheduled to go into production in the 2018 timeframe, with automotive samples available in Q1 2016.

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Redpine Signals introduces multi-protocol wireless V2X solution with ultra-low power and low cost

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The WaveCombo solution also includes a software development kit (SDK) that includes two hardware boards for end to end testing with OBU and RSU reference designs. The WaveCombo chipset, module and IEEE 1609 stack are available now. OBU and RSU solution will be available by Sep 2016. Redpine Signals has introduced a multi-protocol wireless solution with ultra-low power and a low cost designed to drive the emergence of the connected car.

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New lineup of Intelligent Power Devices from Renesas contribute to reduced vehicle weight; high-current load switch applications

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Renesas Electronics announced the availability of six new intelligent power devices (IPDs) for automotive motor and heater control applications. Since the analog current sense feedback is available, no additional load current sense elements are required.

ON Semiconductor unveils modular automotive imaging platform

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ON Semiconductor has introduced the Modular Automotive Reference System (MARS) that gives system and software developers a ready-to-use camera for research and development activities. Due to the many different boards available, engineers have access to ON Semiconductor’s broad portfolio of image sensors and co-processors, plus various automotive communications protocols from a select group of third party supply partners. MARS development boards are available now.

New high-resolution time-to-digital converter from ams offers better object detection and avoidance for LiDAR

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The chip also includes a driver for a quartz reference clock, which can be used for automatic calibration alternatively to the reference input. Now with the TDC-GPX2, we have responded to customers’ requests for even better precision and a higher sampling rate, enabling them to develop new generations of end products that provide greater detail and accuracy. The TDC-GPX2 is available now in production volume. Unit pricing is available on request from ams.

Freescale introduces intelligent battery sensor combining MCU and CAN with flexible three-channel analog front end

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Freescale Semiconductor announced the availability of the industry’s first general market AEC-Q100 qualified intelligent battery sensor to combine three measurement channels, a 16/32-bit MCU, and a CAN protocol module in a single package. Reference designs with integrated hardware and software support for the MM9Z1J638 battery sensor enable quick and easy development of new applications, including energy storage systems, uninterruptible power supplies, hospital equipment and alarm systems.

Freescale announces new high-end powertrain microcontroller; 3x performance of prior high-end unit

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To help customers bring their designs to market more quickly, Freescale provides comprehensive enablement solutions for powertrain development, including comprehensive software libraries and reference solutions with full software and hardware integration. In addition to the Qorivva MPC5777M family, Freescale will make available the MPC5744K and MPC5746M families, based on the same Power Architecture technology. With this offering, Freescale now offers seamless scalability from 2.5