BYD electric car available now in China

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It has seemingly been talked about for years – but now the BYD e6 electric vehicle has finally been made available for consumer purchases in China. The E6, which was previously available for fleet purchases, will cost US$38,430 thanks to a substantial government subsidy in Shenzhen of around US$18,000, reducing its initial price tag of [.].

Hyundai prices Kona Electric starting at $36,450

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Hyundai is pricing the new Kona Electric CUV in the US starting at $36,450. 2019 Kona Electric models are produced in Ulsan, Korea and are available now, with initial availability in California and subsequently in the ZEV-focused states in the western and northeastern regions of the US market. Kona Electric rides on an all-new CUV platform and is Hyundai’s first compact electric crossover for the US market.

2019 216

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Hyundai lowers entry price, bumps all-electric range on new 2018 Sonata Plug-In Hybrid

Green Car Congress

Hyundai has lowered the price and slightly increased the all-electric range of the refreshed 2018 Hyundai Sonata Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV). The starting price for the 2018 Sonata Hybrid Plug-In is $33,250, a $1,350 reduction from the 2017 model. The price of Sonata Plug-in Hybrid Limited model increases by $250, but now comes with all these new features: Automatic Emergency Braking with pedestrian detection.

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Electrify America, Kia Motors America offer DC fast charging plan for Kia Niro EV drivers

Green Car Congress

Electrify America announced an agreement with Kia Motors America to offer Kia Select, a new charging program with optimized pricing for the Kia Niro electric vehicle (EV) model on Electrify America’s direct current (DC) fast charging network.

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Green Deals: Kick oil + gas to the curb with the $365.50 Greenworks 20-inch electric mower, more


Down 15% from its list price of $430, today’s deal marks a new all-time low that we’ve tracked and is the best available. Now that you’re going to be mowing the yard more often, it’s time to look into how you can kick gas and oil to the curb.

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Audi boosts range and efficiency in e-tron; extra 25 km in WLTP

Green Car Congress

The new models are available now to customers in Europe. Now, due to a number of optimizations, the front electric motor is almost entirely disengaged and disconnected from the electricity supply. The exterior mirror housings are also available in black as an option.

2019 285

GM Maven introduces monthly offering for members; vehicles include the Chevrolet Tahoe and Chevrolet Volt

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Members can download the Maven app to view pricing by market in real time for Maven Reserve. Maven is a flexible mobility platform that provides members multiple offerings and pricing structures. Maven Reserve allows members to select from wider range of pricing options including hourly to daily or monthly. Maven Reserve is available now in Los Angeles and San Francisco with plans to expand to other cities.

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NIO launches ES6 electric SUV starting at $52K and 317-mile range

Green Car Congress

The electric SUV starts at a pre-subsidy price of 358,000 RMB (US$52,000), and is available now for public pre-order via the NIO app, with delivery to start in June 2019. Pricing and Pre-order. The ES6 is available in two versions: the Standard Version and the Performance Version. NIO users can now choose from the battery plan and receive a 100,000 RMB (US$14,500) discount off of the price of the vehicle. NIO Inc.

2018 236

TECAT announces first wireless torque sensor model featuring shunt calibration

Green Car Congress

It’s now available. Even better, we are adding this value without increasing our base pricing. TECAT’s WISER systems are the smallest, lightest, and most power-efficient solutions available for the measurement of torque, acceleration, pressure, and temperature. The WISER 2030-S is available now and will be demonstrated for the first time at Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2016, 31 May to 2 June at Messe Stuttgart in Stuttgart, Germany.

2016 150

Freescale introduces world’s smallest integrated tire pressure monitoring system

Green Car Congress

Freescale Semiconductor introduced the FXTH87 tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) family—the smallest integrated package TPMS solution available at an extremely light weight of 0.3 mm package, the FXTH87 family provides the smallest footprint available, enabling form factors for tire pressure sensor module developers to reduce the weight and overall bill of materials costs. The FXTH87 TPMS family is available now for a suggested resale price starting at US$3.45

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VW Car-Net mobile app integrates with Siri to enable new features

Green Car Congress

announced that its VW Car-Net mobile app added a new Apple mobile device feature, available now. Available with iOS 12 on Apple devices, owners can now use Siri to help control their vehicle. Additionally, VW Car-Net now offers several shortcuts that can be added to Siri with a personalized phrase, including a start/stop for charging, defroster, and climate; a set climate temperature command; and a “where is my car” command. Volkswagen of America, Inc.

2018 179

Freescale introduces new ARM-based microcontrollers for automotive market

Green Car Congress

5V analog/sensor components which are easily connected to system-level designs; Advanced automotive connectivity through a rich peripheral set including CAN, LIN(SCI), SPI, and IIC; Proven automotive IP including ADC, ACMP and multiple timers (FTM, PWM, PIT, PWT, RTC) available in packages to fit most automotive applications; Rapid prototyping tools enabling quality software development including IDEs, the Processor Expert software modeling tool, MQX RTOS and AUTOSAR; and.

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Fujitsu Semiconductor introduces new 32-bit microcontrollers for electric and hybrid vehicle motor control

Green Car Congress

The new MCUs, which are available now, come in 144-pin quad flat packages. Sample pricing starts at $25 each. Fujitsu Semiconductor America (FSA) introduced a series of new 32-bit microcontrollers ( MCUs ) that combine performance with a wide range of peripheral functions to enable optimal, high-speed and efficient 3-phase inverter motor control in electric (EV) and hybrid vehicles (HV).

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New high-resolution time-to-digital converter from ams offers better object detection and avoidance for LiDAR

Green Car Congress

Now with the TDC-GPX2, we have responded to customers’ requests for even better precision and a higher sampling rate, enabling them to develop new generations of end products that provide greater detail and accuracy. The TDC-GPX2 is available now in production volume. Unit pricing is available on request from ams.

2017 150

Freescale introduces intelligent battery sensor combining MCU and CAN with flexible three-channel analog front end

Green Car Congress

Freescale Semiconductor announced the availability of the industry’s first general market AEC-Q100 qualified intelligent battery sensor to combine three measurement channels, a 16/32-bit MCU, and a CAN protocol module in a single package. Low-level drivers and BMS utility libraries are available to support custom battery modeling and shorten development cycles.

2014 185

Freescale announces new high-end powertrain microcontroller; 3x performance of prior high-end unit

Green Car Congress

In addition to the Qorivva MPC5777M family, Freescale will make available the MPC5744K and MPC5746M families, based on the same Power Architecture technology. With this offering, Freescale now offers seamless scalability from 2.5 Alpha samples of the MPC5777M MCU are available now. Alpha samples of the MPC5744K are available now, with general market samples planned for availability in 2014.

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New lineup of Intelligent Power Devices from Renesas contribute to reduced vehicle weight; high-current load switch applications

Green Car Congress

Renesas Electronics announced the availability of six new intelligent power devices (IPDs) for automotive motor and heater control applications. Since the analog current sense feedback is available, no additional load current sense elements are required. Samples of the new IPDs are available now. Pricing varies depending on product version, with the RAJ280002 priced at US$4.00 Pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.).

2016 150

Leo Motors, Inc. Completes Successful Tests for Converted Midsize Highway Electric Vehicles

Green Car Congress

The price of the kit is $20,000 with a 16kWh power pack. The kit is available now from Leo Motors on an order basis. Korea-based Leo Motors , Inc. earlier post ) has completed testing of an electric vehicle (EV) conversion solution on Kia’s “Morning” car model. The converted Kia achieved speeds of 100 mph and a range of 150 miles on a single charge, going from zero to sixty mph in six seconds.

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evstores start deliveries of electric MyCar

Green Cars News

Deliveries of the electric MyCar have now started in London. Now production has started and vehicles are being delivered to delighted customers in London. The electric drive system was developed in Hong Kong with the help of the Polytechnic University and manufacturing is now under way in a dedicated plant in China. Using the light car concept the MyCar is available now and priced realistically at £9,995 on the road.

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2019 Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid PHEV debuts; third new Porsche hybrid powertrain since 2017

Green Car Congress

Sport and Sport Plus: The highest level of drive performance is made available in the “Sport” and “Sport Plus” modes. In “Sport” mode, the battery charge is always maintained at a minimum level to ensure that sufficient boost reserve capacity is available when needed. Starting with the 2019 Cayenne E-Hybrid, Porsche InnoDrive will also be available.

2018 150

Coulomb Technologies to Provide 4,600 Free Home and Public Charging Stations Through ChargePoint America Program

Green Car Congress

ChargePoint charging stations are available now for installation in all nine designated regional metropolitan areas of the US. Integrating with the utility Smart Grid for demand side management and preferred pricing. Charging stations owners can set their own prices for charging through the Flex Billing system. The Flex Billing system enables station owners to set pricing as a function of time of day, calendar date, and driver.

2010 192

Keepin' it simple

Plugs and Cars

Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) home wall units are priced at between about $1000 and $2500. Dozens of manufacturers seem to be selling equipment at a range of prices, but few actually are available now. Plug-in cars are being delivered at long last. Yet there remains confusion about the necessary infrastructure and its expense. Plus installation. Need it cost this much?

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A123 Systems introduces Li-ion 6T battery designed specifically for military applications; engine start and silent watch

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The 6T-12 and 6T-24 versions of A123’s advanced lithium iron phosphate military battery solution are available now, and pricing is available upon request. The military is interested in replacing lead-acid batteries with higher performing Li-ion systems. From a 2011 TARDEC presentation. Skalny). Click to enlarge.

2012 210

Reaction Design introduces model fuel library resulting from work of Model Fuels Consortium

Green Car Congress

Reaction Design is introducing the first volume of the industry’s most well-validated available Model Fuel Library, the result of seven years of research and validation under the Model Fuels Consortium ( earlier post ). Volume 1 of the library, available now, includes: Improved fundamental models for C 0 to C 4 hydrocarbons, enabling accurate prediction of flame propagation, auto-ignition and emissions. Good fuel models are required for good predictions.

2012 196

EV Briefs, and Black Rock City & EVs

Plugs and Cars

Now the relationship with EVs may be going further still. If drivers have to pay for fuel, this may become Project Permanently Parked in the Driveway, as the price of H2 is about four times that of gasoline. We’ve all got electricity at home and work right now, and we’d like to use it for our cars. See for yourself at Vectrix - Awesome ZEV Maxi-Scooter Available Now The Vectrix made its debut in San Francsico.

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Are Hybrids Really 25% Safer?

Hybrid SUV Blog

In light of this recent study, below are general safety ratings and features on four of the largest, heaviest hybrid sport utilities available now. With the price of gas at record levels, coupled with the looming panic over global warming, now is as good a time as any to consider a hybrid alternative. Virtually all car manufacturers now carry a selection of hybrid cars.

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Subsidy announcement boosts electric cars

Green Cars News

Last week the UK Government announced a purchase subsidy of up to £5,000 for every electric car available from 2011. Says co-founder Evert Geurtsen: “Buyers do not need to wait until 2011 because electric cars are available now and already provide huge savings. Road tax is zero and electricity costs less than 2p per mile whilst the price of petrol and diesel will just keep on rising with increasing government taxes.

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