Audi boosts range and efficiency in e-tron; extra 25 km in WLTP

Green Car Congress

The new models are available now to customers in Europe. Now, due to a number of optimizations, the front electric motor is almost entirely disengaged and disconnected from the electricity supply. The exterior mirror housings are also available in black as an option.

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Volkswagen CES2017 show app previews emerging Volkswagen digital Ecosystem

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen has developed a special app for CES 2017, available now at the App Store ( iOS ) and at Google Play ( Android ). electric concept car to the American public for the first time. Visitors to CES can use the show app at the Volkswagen booth to experience how human, car and environment will, in the future, be intelligently interconnected in the Volkswagen Ecosystem via the Volkswagen User-ID.

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California issues draft plan for more efficient, less polluting freight system

Green Car Congress

The Draft Action Plan is available now for stakeholder and public feedback through 6 July 2016. As the State agencies move forward gathering additional information and developing the actions, pilot project, and other Action Plan concepts further, the concepts may change, be adjusted, or new concepts may be added.

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New ArcelorMittal lightweight car door solutions; up to 34% weight savings over existing steel doors in medium-term

Green Car Congress

Using steels and technology currently available, ArcelorMittal’s global R&D automotive team has demonstrated that a 27% weight and cost saving can be achieved without compromising safety and structural requirements. Using a combination of existing advanced high strength steels (AHSS) and ultra high strength steels (UHSS) it is now possible to reduce the weight of the baseline C-segment door from 18.3 ArcelorMittal lightweight door. Click to enlarge.

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evstores start deliveries of electric MyCar

Green Cars News

Deliveries of the electric MyCar have now started in London. Now production has started and vehicles are being delivered to delighted customers in London. The MyCar has been under development for five years starting with the original styling concept by Giugiaro in Italy. The electric drive system was developed in Hong Kong with the help of the Polytechnic University and manufacturing is now under way in a dedicated plant in China.

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Reaction Design introduces FORTÉ CFD for advanced, 3D internal combustion engine simulations based on detailed fuel chemistry mechanisms

Green Car Congress

The response has been to increase engine complexity with the solutions that designers are coming up with—for example, charge compression ignition, either homogeneous or partially premixed, or new dual fuels concepts. Some commercially available CFD packages use automatic meshing techniques that claim to reduce the time and expertise required to create a mesh. Reaction Design’s FORTÉ CFD product for predictive engine simulation is available now.

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HARMAN introduces range of connected vehicle technologies and Microsoft partnership at CES

Green Car Congress

HARMAN International Industries made a number of connected vehicle technology announcements during CES 2016 last week, including a connected car computing platform, demonstrated in the Rinspeed Σtos concept car; an advanced navigation system with live data fusion; an open cloud-based software delivery system; and a new partnership with Microsoft. HARMAN demonstrated LIVS applied in the latest Rinspeed concept car—Σtos—at CES 2016. HARMAN’s Service Delivery Platform is available now.

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Bush Budget: Plug-ins Hybrids, Not So Much

Plugs and Cars

Plug-in hybrids and electric cars built with the best possible, most economic, available-now technology. Enough fooling around already with fuel cell fantasies such as the three profiled in AutoBlogGreen's recent post on Ford 's FC concept cars. The downsides of fuel cell technology is evident in this straight forward, sympathetic reporting on these concept cars. The Detroit News has the alternative fuel breakdown in the president's budget request, and it isn't pretty.

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Reaction Design introduces model fuel library resulting from work of Model Fuels Consortium

Green Car Congress

Reaction Design is introducing the first volume of the industry’s most well-validated available Model Fuel Library, the result of seven years of research and validation under the Model Fuels Consortium ( earlier post ). The MFC applied this concept of surrogate fuels to develop both fossil-based and bio-based fuel models. How do we now take this pre-competitive work—funded by this group and exclusive to this group—and now make it available?

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