Japanese automobile industry establishes joint Research Association of Automotive Internal Combustion Engines (AICE)

Green Car Congress

Eight Japanese automakers and one automobile research institute—Suzuki Motor; Daihatsu Motor; Toyota Motor; Nissan Motor; Fuji Heavy Industries; Honda R&D; Mazda Moto; Mitsubishi Motors; and Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI)—have jointly established the Research Association of Automotive Internal Combustion Engines ( AICE ).

Toshiba technology predicts automobile and drone movements with the highest accuracy; advancing SLAM

Green Car Congress

Toshiba Corporation has developed technology that can predict automobile and drone movement with high accuracy. Details of the technologies were presented at International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), streamed online on 1 June.

2020 222

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Fiat Group Automobiles, Chrysler Group International and GAC Group to Produce Jeep vehicles in China for Chinese market

Green Car Congress

Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A., Chrysler Group International LLC and Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., GAC Group) have reached an agreement to expand the joint venture partnership. Under the agreement, the joint venture, GAC Fiat, will begin localized production of three new Jeep vehicles for the Chinese market, expanding the portfolio of Jeep sport-utility vehicles (SUV) currently available to Chinese consumers as imports.

2014 204

Innoviz solid-state lidar selected by Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co. for autonomous truck project at Chinese port

Green Car Congress

Innoviz Technologies, a leading provider of high-performance, solid-state lidar sensors and perception software, announced cooperation with Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co. Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co.

2020 222

Nidec to form electric traction motor JV with a subsidiary of Guangzhou Automobile Group

Green Car Congress

a member of China-based Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Among all the products in the market, companies’ attention and Nidec’s particular focus are on the traction motor, one of the most important components to replace the existing internal-combustion engine. GAC Components is a subsidiary of major Chinese car manufacturer Guangzhou Automobile Group with the sixth-largest market share in the increasingly environmentally strict China.

2019 161

Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A., Chrysler Group International LLC and GAC Group sign framework agreement to expand cooperation in China

Green Car Congress

Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A., Chrysler Group International LLC. and Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., GAC Fiat Automobiles Co., GAC Fiat ), incorporated on March 9, 2010, is jointly invested by Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., GAC) and Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A. GAC Group) have signed a Framework Agreement to expand their cooperation on passenger car manufacturing and sales in China.

2013 191

Guangqi Honda unveils new compact sedan at the 2010 China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition

Green Car Congress

Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., an automobile production and sales joint venture of Honda in China, announced the new S1 compact sedan model of its original automobile brand, “Li Nian” (English brand name: Everus) at its press conference at the 2010 China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition. Ltd.,

2010 170

Guangzhou Automobile Group to show battery-electric SUV concept at Detroit Auto Show

Green Car Congress

Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd (GAC Group) is showing the Trumpchi GS5-BEV Pure Electric Vehicle Concept at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The electric SUV concept is based on the conventionally-engined Trumpchi GS5 SUV which was introduced in March of 2012. GAC Trumpchi GS5-BEV. Click to enlarge.

2013 261

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, IVECO and ENGIE collaborating to promote natural gas in Europe starting from Belgium

Green Car Congress

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), IVECO (a brand of CNH Industrial) and ENGIE (Global Energy Player) are broadly collaborating to promote natural gas vehicles and infrastructure in Europe. These initiatives highlight the potential of methane as a fuel for commercial vehicles, public transport vehicles and public service vehicles, in which the brand also plays a leading role at an international level.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Venturi Automobiles launch Formula E electric race car team

Green Car Congress

Venturi Automobiles announced a joint venture with award-winning actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio to enter a team in the new FIA Formula E Championship—the first fully-electric race series beginning in September 2014. Based in Monaco, the new Venturi Grand Prix Formula E Team has been co-founded by DiCaprio and Gildo Pallanca Pastor, founder of pioneering EV manufacturer Venturi Automobiles, together with Bert Hedaya and Francesco Costa.

2013 213

Ankai Automobile Developing Plug-in Hybrid Bus for US Market

Green Car Congress

The state-owned Chinese vehicle maker Ankai Automobile Co. Ankai aims to have a test model ready for the US by the end of this year, said Linda Wang of Ankai’s international business department. Global Atlanta. is developing a plug-in hybrid electric bus for the US market. Ankai is China’s third-largest bus company; it has partnered since 1993 with Daimler Buses, producing Setra brand buses under license for the Chinese market. Ankai is working with Efficient Drivetrains Inc.

International team uncovers mechanisms of VW, Fiat software defeat device code

Green Car Congress

An international team of researchers has uncovered the mechanisms of two families of software defeat devices for diesel engines: one used by the Volkswagen Group to pass emissions tests in the US and Europe, and a second found in Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Unfortunately, verifying complex software systems is a difficult problem in its own right, more so for a cyber-physical system like a modern automobile.

2017 183

National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB acquires assets of Saab Automobile to create new EV company; first model based on 9-3 due year-end 2013/2014

Green Car Congress

National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS)—an international consortium formed by Chinese, Japanese and Swedish stakeholders—and the Receivers of the Saab Automobile bankruptcy estate ( earlier post) signed a purchase agreement covering the main assets of Saab Automobile AB, Saab Automobile Powertrain AB and Saab Automobile Tools AB.

2012 241

GM Webchat with Chris Borroni-Bird on Reinventing the Automobile, Friday 2pm EDT

Green Car Congress

EDT, with Christopher Borroni-Bird, GM’s Director of Advanced Technology Vehicle Concepts and co-author of the book Reinventing the Automobile: Personal Urban Mobility for the 21 st Century. The book focuses on four principles that can transform the automobile: Base the underlying design principles on electric-drive and wireless communications rather than the internal combustion engine and stand-alone operation. Chris Borroni-Bird, Reinventing the Automobile.

2010 179

Saab Automobile divests transmission engineering to new company owned by consortium led by Fouriertransform

Green Car Congress

Saab Automobile has transferred its transmissions development work to a new company wholly owned by a consortium led by the Swedish state-backed venture capital investor Fouriertransform. The new company, called VICURA and to be formally established on 1 January, will be staffed by more than 50 former Saab Automobile Powertrain engineers and will develop transmission systems for the international automotive industry, including Saab Automobile.

2010 170

Saab Automobile enters agreement with Hawtai Motor Group on strategic partnership

Green Car Congress

and Saab Automobile AB (Saab Automobile) have signed an agreement with Hawtai Motor Group Company Limited (Hawtai). The partnership with Hawtai allows Saab Automobile on the one hand to continue executing its business plan since we secured the required mid-term financing subject to meeting certain conditions, whilst on the other hand it allows Saab Automobile to enter the Chinese car market and establish a technology partnership with a strong Chinese manufacturer.

2011 170

GM to participate in Shanghai EV International Pilot City Partnership

Green Car Congress

General Motors signed a letter of intent to participate in the Shanghai EV International Pilot City Partnership during the 2011 International Forum on Electric Vehicle Pilot City and Industrial Development. The Shanghai EV International Pilot City Partnership was organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers of China, the Jiading District Shanghai International Automobile City Management Committee Office and Tongji University.

2011 199

EV Charging: A Look at the International Landscape

EV Connect

Europe Is Getting Organized In February 2021 , the European Union was advised by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association that binding targets should be set to have one million electric vehicle charging stations set up by 2024 and three million in place by 2029.

Saab Automobile Selling 9-3, 9-5 and Powertrain Technology and Tooling to Beijing Automotive

Green Car Congress

Saab Automobile AB has closed on the sale to Beijing Automotive Industry Holdings Co. —Jan Åke Jonsson, Managing Director of Saab Automobile. BAIC) to explore growth opportunities in the Chinese and international markets for the products of SAAB Automobile and BAIC. Ltd (BAIC) of certain Saab 9-3, current 9-5 and powertrain technology and tooling. Saab will assist BAIC to integrate this technology into future BAIC vehicles.

2009 179

Volkswagen Group and JAC explore JV for multi-functional vehicles; internal combustion and new energy vehicles

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, Volkswagen Group China and Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., It will cover both internal combustion engine and new energy models. JAC) plan to undertake research and development on multi-functional vehicles (MFVs) together. The three parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore potential joint venture models.

2017 150

Study Finds E20 Blends Reduce CO and Hydrocarbon Emissions in Automobiles

Green Car Congress

In addition, the research team found no measurable impact to vehicle drivability or maintenance in conventional internal combustion engines. The study results were published in the Journal of Automobile Engineering and are being used by the Environmental Protection Agency to promote the federal Renewable Fuel Standard program. Journal of Automobile Engineering Volume 223, Number 12 doi: 10.1243/09544070JAUTO1188.

2010 179

SAE International Forms New Committee to Create Vehicle Battery Standards

Green Car Congress

SAE International is creating a new Vehicle Battery Standards Committee which will serve as a center for standardization to support the ongoing development of new and advanced battery technologies. The SAE Vehicle Battery Standards Committee will report to the SAE Motor Vehicle Council, which is responsible for development of all passenger car, light duty truck and van standards within SAE International. Schutt, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, SAE International.

2009 191

Johnson Controls to unveil micro hybrid lead-acid/Li-ion battery demonstration module at North American International Auto Show

Green Car Congress

will introduce a 48V Micro Hybrid battery demonstration module as part of its full spectrum of advanced energy storage solutions for automobiles at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Johnson Controls, Inc. Leveraging a dual voltage architecture, Johnson Controls’ Micro Hybrid battery system would involve a low voltage lead-acid battery and a 48 volt Lithium-ion battery that enable optimization of energy generation and consumption, thus saving fuel.

X Prize, Electrathon teams to compete in Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen International

Green Car Congress

Automotive X Prize teams from New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Indiana will compete at the 7 th Annual Green Grand Prix Friday, April 15, at Watkins Glen International. Colleges and high schools with automobile technology programs are encouraged to bring their project cars. Two of the vehicles are educational entries from Cornell University and West Philadelphia High School.

2011 225

Zigbee Alliance and SAE International collaborate on Zigbee Smart Energy for plug-in vehicles

Green Car Congress

The ZigBee Alliance, a global ecosystem of companies creating wireless solutions for use in energy management, commercial and consumer applications, and SAE International are collaborating on ZigBee Smart Energy standard development. The collaboration recognizes the important role SAE International plays as the focal point for integrating automobile communication with emerging energy management requirements.

2011 204

TU Dresden study on external costs of automotive transportation in Europe calls for internalization of the high external costs; raising user prices to change behavior

Green Car Congress

Among their other conclusions, the authors suggested that the frequent claim “that cars cover all their internal and external costs” cannot be sustained. The least expensive option—and one that can change behavior substantially—might be to increase user price by internalizing the external costs in consumer prices, while offering alternatives to car use. The discussion about greenhouse gas reductions in transport is primarily left to automobile technology experts.

2012 239

How to Keep the Automotive Chip Shortage From Happening Again

Cars That Think

With existing internal combustion cars, those electronics have been layered on as new technologies were developed and deployed leading to a lot of complexity in both hardware and software, explains Hogan.

Malta 82

Chinese carmakers take centre stage with hybrid and plug-in cars

Green Cars News

The on-going North American International Auto Show and the forthcoming Geneva Auto Show are two of the most prestigious motoring events in the calendar: and now a new super power is stealing the spotlight. Guangzhou Automobile Group [.]. Electric cars Green Fuels Ltd Hybrid cars Latest news Chery Automobile Compact E-JET electric cars Geneva Motor Show green cars Guangzhou Automobile hybrid cars North American International Auto Show plug-in hybrid Qoros Qoros GQ3

2013 45

CTT Outlines International Expansion Efforts At Tokyo Motor Show; $400M in Orders for 38,000 EVs

Green Car Congress

This new method of automobile manufacturing and sales will build regional sales networks and small-scale assembly resulting in an output of 10,000 units per year. The e-Zone Electric Vehicle (EV) will be one of the vehicle types CT&T will produce for the US market. Source: CT&T United. Click to enlarge.

2009 170

Next-generation Fiat 500 Confirmed As Electric Only, Old Model Will Stick Around

The Truth About Cars

Following reports that the Fiat 500 would see the inclusion of a new all-electric powertrain in 2020, Fiat Chrysler has confirmed the model will actually become a dedicated EV — foregoing internal combustion entirely.

2019 52

Obama urged to create Electric Fuel Task Force

Green Cars News

The calls are being made by organisations representing car manufacturers, electric utility companies and the electric drive industry, including: the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM); the Association of International [.]. President Barack Obama is being urged to create a National Electric Fuel Task Force to help accelerate the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles and their infrastructure.

Obama 43

Honda introduces compact saloon car

Green Cars News

The Guangqi Honda Automobile Company, which is a production and sales joint venture of Honda in China, has announced the introduction of the new S1 compact saloon car. The S1 is a new version of its original automobile brand “Li Nian” and was introduced as part of the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition. Green cars Honda Latest news Guangqi Honda Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition Honda Li Naan S1 Honda S1 new Honda

Honda 41

MIT study finds materials risk exposure increases significantly with vehicle electrification

Green Car Congress

Modern automobiles are built with more than 2,000 different compounds comprising 76 different elements. The team analyzed part-level data of material use for seven current year models, ranging from internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEV) to plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs), all provided by Ford.

MIT 307

i-MiEV wins Environment Special Grand Prize

Green Cars News

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV has been awarded the ‘Environment Special Grand Prize’ at the 25th International Automobile Festival held in Paris on February 4, 2010. Tags: Mitsubishi electric car environmental European i miev International Automobile Festival price Selected among four nominees each representing concrete projects for sustainable mobility in terms of environmental protection or security" by a panel of 18 design, fashion, automotive and media luminaries.

Lexus UX 300e: Lexus's first EV

Discover EV

The Lexus UX 300e was unveiled at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition in China and is the first car under the Lexus Electrified banner Lexus has launched its first battery electric vehicle.

Lexus 69

Cadillac EVs won't mirror gasoline models in design

Green Car Reports

Upcoming Cadillac electric cars won't look like their internal-combustion counterparts, Cadillac design director Brian Smith said in an interview with Automobile published Wednesday.

2020 107

A Dozen More States Virtue Signaling Over Vehicle Bans

The Truth About Cars

Having noticed that Washington got a bit of publicity for vowing to ban all vehicles reliant on internal combustion after 2030, a dozen other American states decided it would be a good idea to reaffirm their own religious-like commitment to the environment by saying they too will be restricting your choice of automobiles by 2035. […].

Honda to unveil new China market SUV concept at Auto Shanghai

Green Car Congress

a wholly-owned Honda subsidiary in China, plans to stage the world premiere of an all-new concept model as well as other new Honda models at Auto Shanghai 2015 (The 16th International Automobile & Manufacturing Technology Exhibition, press days: April 20-21, 2015, public days: April 22-29, 2015). Jointly with Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., and Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd.,

2015 185

Yanmar developing hydrogen fuel cell system for maritime applications

Green Car Congress

announced the development of a hydrogen fuel cell system for maritime applications based on fuel cell technology for automobiles, as part of efforts to offer environment-friendly powertrain solutions. Yanmar Holdings Co., and its subsidiary Yanmar Power Technology Co.,

2020 303

Air Liquide’s technology chosen for Daxing hydrogen station in Beijing, the world’s largest by refueling capacity

Green Car Congress

The Daxing hydrogen station is part of the 200,000 square-meter Beijing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone. China is scaling up several fuel cell vehicle projects in 5 priority provinces and 10 major cities, actively developing a low-carbon sustainable automobile industry.

Agreement reached to standardize swappable batteries for electric motorcycles

Green Car Congress

In order to establish the convenience and effectiveness of mutual-use swappable batteries, the consortium has been cooperating since last year with the “e-Yan OSAKA” field tests conducted by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association’s Electric Motorcycle Promotion Subcommittee in collaboration with Osaka Prefecture and Osaka University, aimed at popularizing and increasing the adoption of environmentally-friendly electric motorcycles.

KAMAZ presents its first hydrogen bus

Green Car Congress

KAMAZ has presented the KAMAZ-6290 hydrogen fuel cell bus at the COMTRANS-2021 international exhibition in Moscow. —Chief Automobile Designer Andrei Savinkov. There is still a lot of work to be done.

goEgoNetwork raises $2 million in seed funding for EV charging infrastructure 

Electric Vehicles India

Bagla said, “EVs are not just about disrupting the internal combustion engine automobile industry but are part of the larger disruption in energy and transportation, which are witnessing a considerable shift towards green technology solutions.”.