Govt aims to expand ethanol industry & EV sales penetration 

Electric Vehicles India

Govt aims to expand ethanol industry & EV sales penetration . The Minister also cited examples of Brazil, Canada, and the USA, where most automobile companies manufacture flex-fuel engines. The production of bio-CNG from agricultural waste will solve the crisis of air pollution.

Ten Honda manufacturing facilities in North America achieve Zero Waste to Landfill

Green Car Congress

Ten of 14 Honda manufacturing plants in North America are now operating with zero waste to landfill, while the remaining four plants are functioning with “virtually zero” waste to landfill. Zero waste to landfills is a key target in Honda’s “Green Factory” initiative in North America. became the first zero-waste-to-landfill auto plant in North America at the outset of production in 2001. kg) per automobile in the current fiscal year 2012.


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Study of Sustainable Value in Automobile Manufacturing Finds Mixed Performance for Most OEMs, BMW and Toyota as the Clear Leaders

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group and Toyota are consistent industry leaders, creating extremely positive Sustainable Value over the entire review period—i.e., Findings of the report include: Toyota and the BMW Group are industry leaders. In other words, the authors note, these companies use these resources more efficiently than their industry peers. Economic crisis, energy crisis, climate crisis and recent global developments have affected the automobile industry like few other sectors.

Evident Technologies licenses JPL thermoelectric materials; potential for automotive waste-heat recovery

Green Car Congress

The licensed technology could be applied to convert heat into electricity in a number of waste heat recovery applications, including automobile exhaust and high-temperature industrial processes such as ceramic and glass processing plants. Evident Technologies has licensed patents on high-temperature thermoelectric materials developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

2015 172

Tenneco/Gentherm showcasing prototype of thermoelectric generator for waste heat recovery; targeting 5% fuel economy improvement

Green Car Congress

Tenneco and Gentherm (formerly BSST/Amerigon) are part of a US Department of Energy (DOE) consortium actively developing a thermoelectric generator (TEG) for capturing waste exhaust heat in vehicles and converting it to electrical energy to be used to power electrical systems within the vehicle. Gentherm is supplying modular, cylindrical-shaped thermoelectric cartridges that convert waste heat from the exhaust into electricity. TEG component (cartridge) and TEG architecture concept.

2013 193

GE study finds 5% of worlds natural gas production wasted per year by flaring

Green Car Congress

A newly released GE study — Flare Gas Reduction: Recent Global Trends and Policy Considerations —estimates that 5% of the world’s natural gas production is wasted by burning or “flaring” unused gas each year, despite some progress on the flaring issue. Gas flaring emits 400 million metric tons of CO 2 annually, the same as 77 million automobiles, without producing useful heat or electricity. Gas-flaring countries and trends. Click to enlarge.

2011 223

NA steel industry has recycled more than 1B tons of steel since 1988; 16.3M tons of automotive scrap in 2012

Green Car Congress

The North American steel industry has recycled more than one billion tons of steel since 1988, according to the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI), a business unit of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI). million automobiles. Other rates, including appliance and construction products are based on industry estimates of retail and scrap collections, including the more than 2.7

2013 207

Mercedes-Benz Cars invests €1B in new “Full-Flex” car plant in Hungary; Factory 56 applied to full plant

Green Car Congress

The plant is not only digitized consistently according to Industry 4.0, Characteristic for the automobile production of the future and thus also for the second plant at the Kecskemét site are modular building structures with a design that is both energy efficient and green, so environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the avoidance of waste and the reduction of water consumption are a guideline that is applied throughout the entire operation of the site. Industry 4.0

2018 150

Audi and KIT working on recycling for automotive plastics via pyrolysis oil

Green Car Congress

A large number of components in automobiles are made from plastics; these have to meet exacting safety, heat-resistance and quality requirements. Whereas plastics of the same type can often be mechanically recycled, recycling of mixed plastic waste poses a major challenge.

2020 336

DOE ARPA-E awards $156M to projects to 60 projects to accelerate innovation in clean energy technologies

Green Car Congress

wasted energy in plants into energy-dense fuel molecules. exceeding the magnetic properties of industrially important. industries, without the need for these costly and scarce. for climate control in automobiles. automobile market. industrially scalable high temperature phase change materials. ARPA-E Biomass Electric (Battery) Fuels Motors Plug-ins Power Electronics Research Smart Grid Waste Heat Recovery

2011 244

Eastman collaborating with USAMP and PADNOS on fully circular recycling study in automotive market

Green Car Congress

Eastman is collaborating with the United States Automotive Materials Partnership LLC ( USAMP ) and automotive recycler PADNOS for a concept feasibility study to demonstrate a closed-loop project to recycle automotive-industry mixed plastic waste in the automotive supply chain. When automobiles are at the end of their life, metals, tires, and glass account for 80%–90% of the materials that can be recycled through traditional mechanical recycling streams.

Market 162

Motherson Group collaborating with UBQ to bring carbon-negative thermoplastics into auto parts

Green Car Congress

The companies are joining efforts to implement the carbon-negative UBQ thermoplastic ( earlier post ) into auto parts manufactured by Motherson Group for the automotive industry. UBQ Industrial Grade. UBQ Industrial Grade is competitive, sustainable and recyclable.

2020 305

Daimler first automotive company to test UBQ’s climate-positive thermoplastic material in auto parts

Green Car Congress

Daimler announced a trial and development partnership with Israeli cleantech company UBQ Materials to explore the use of UBQ’s climate-positive material in the production of automobile parts.

2020 195

Desktop Metal qualifies 4140 low-alloy steel for high-volume additive manufacturing of end-use parts with the Production System

Green Car Congress

We are excited to be the first to qualify 4140 for metal binder jetting to enable this versatile material for the AM industry. This joint is used for power transfer between an electric power steering motor and the steering shaft in an automobile.

Toyota launches stamping-type plating machine that significantly reduces environmental impact and transforms plating process

Green Car Congress

Large amounts of plating solution must also be used because the complete substrates have to be immersed in the baths, which means that large amounts of plating solution must also be discarded (wasted) after use.

2020 242

BMW Group extends aluminum recycling to Dingolfing press shop

Green Car Congress

BMW’s press shop in Dingolfing—the largest of the BMW Group worldwide—is the first in which all aluminum sheet waste is separated and recycled to make it reusable for industry. When producing components in the press shop, there is always a waste of sheet metal.

2020 278

Andy Grove: The U.S. must create an electric car industry - Apr. 17, 2009

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

must create a strong electric car industry. REDDIT STUMBLE UPON MYSPACE MIXX IT Paste this link into your favorite RSS desktop reader See all RSS FEEDS ( close ) By Andy Grove April 17, 2009: 9:30 AM ET The great electric car race High oil prices, green regs, and better batteries are behind the mad dash to create the ultimate electric automobile. car industry hinges on cutting-edge battery technology. It hung in as other industries left the U.S.,

2009 35

HPC4Manufacturing Program names four awardees for $1.2M in DOE funding; steelmaking and aluminum production

Green Car Congress

Under the program, each selected industry partner will have access to the national labs’ HPC machines and expertise to help these industries become more competitive, boost productivity and support American manufacturing jobs. Primary metals industries are significant energy users, so opportunities to reduce energy consumption in this area is of great interest to our sponsors. The iron and steel industry is the fourth-largest energy-consuming industry in the US.

2019 176

Why are some EV chargers more expensive than others?

Green Charging

We do not want to waste money on cheap, low-quality commodities. Recently, the automobile industry has developed quickly. The automobile industry is investing in protecting the environment. You’re online looking at an array of EV chargers.

Hexa Research forecasts $10.96B global rare earth elements market by 2020

Green Car Congress

According to a new study by Hexa Research, high demand for rare earth elements such as cerium and lanthanum in applications such as automobiles, metallurgy, phosphors, glass, etc. Elements such as terbium, europium and yttrium are used in the phosphors industry. Creation of elements from recycled waste is an area of opportunity for future. were the dominant players of the Rare Earth Elements industry in 2013.

2015 186

New thermoelectric material offers higher output power than other available materials

Green Car Congress

Ge 0.25 )—intended to generate electric power from waste heat with greater efficiency and higher output power than currently available materials. It can be used with waste-heat applications and concentrated solar energy conversion at temperatures up to 300 ?C, Researchers at the University of Houston, with their colleagues at Boston College, have created a new thermoelectric material—germanium-doped magnesium stannide (Mg 2 Sn 0.75

2015 207

ABB to provide paint solutions to SAIC Volkswagen’s first MEB EV factory in China

Green Car Congress

These solutions involve automobile exterior and interior painting, underbody painting, interior cosmetic seam sealing and interior plate wax-spraying. We are delighted to support China’s rapidly growing electric vehicle industry and to extend our partnership with Volkswagen as the company expands its electric vehicle manufacturing capabilities. The primerless painting technology employed in the process can improve paint utilization rates and reduce waste.

2019 197

Fraunhofer IWKS starts project BReCycle on efficient recycling of fuel cells

Green Car Congress

Fuel cells, especially polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFC), are already used in hydrogen-powered automobiles. However, a recycling process tailor-made for fuel cells is not yet available on an industrial scale.

2020 224

France launches major €160M algae biofuels and bioproducts effort

Green Car Congress

The primary goal by 2020 is to develop compounds of interest such as efficient biofuels and high added-value substances with micro-algae feeding on industrial emissions of carbon dioxide and nutrients contained in waste. GreenStars was conceived to give France an industrial vision of the complete algae production chain and at the same time to become a major player on an international scale.

France 202

DOE awards $1.87M to 7 projects to advance high performance computing in manufacturing

Green Car Congress

Part of DOE’s High Performance Computing for Manufacturing (HPC4Mfg) program ( earlier post ), the seven new public private partnerships will enable greater collaboration between DOE national labs and the US manufacturing industry. Industry partners will provide 20% to 50% cost-share, including the technical know-how and manufacturing data needed to tackle the project goals. The projects selected for awards are: PPG Industries, Inc.

2018 150

Mercedes-Benz Cars plants in Germany to be supplied with CO2-neutral energy from 2022

Green Car Congress

According to its slogan— digital, flexible, green—it will set standards within the worldwide automobile production. The production hall uses renewable energy and reduces water consumption and waste significantly. A key element of this change is the conversion of production micro-grids from an alternating current (AC) to a direct current (DC) architecture—“Industrial Smart DC Grids”.

2018 163

Topping-out ceremony for the Audi e-gas plant; synthetic methane production to begin in early 2013

Green Car Congress

This power-to-gas technology opens up new possibilities for sustainable mobility and tomorrow’s energy industry. The e-gas project marks a transition toward alternative forms of energy for automobiles. The CO 2 used in Audi’s e-gas plant is a waste product from a nearby biogas plant, operated by energy provider EWE. Waste heat generated during electrolysis and methanation, for example, is used in the adjacent facility. Components of the e-gas plant. Click to enlarge.

2012 249

GM to double models with 40 mpg highway or better by 2017; ongoing manufacturing efficiency improvements

Green Car Congress

Describing its product goals and tracking progress toward its 2020 manufacturing priorities in its 2012 Sustainability Report , General Motors reaffirmed its commitment to further reduce the energy used and the environmental impacts of building and operating an automobile. MWh per vehicle, less than half the industry average of 2.37 By recycling and reusing 90% of its manufacturing waste worldwide, the company generates about $1 billion in revenue annually.

2013 232

Volkswagen Group to invest more than €9.8 billion in China by 2015; efficient products and production

Green Car Congress

The seven new plants will set new standards for sustainable automobile production. Foshan features the first membrane bioreactor in the Chinese automobile industry; 100% of treated wastewater is reused as industrial water. 88% of the waste and packaging material from the production process is recycled. The Volkswagen Group, through its two Chinese joint ventures, will be investing more than €9.8

2013 193

KPMG study identifies 10 sustainability “megaforces” with accelerating impacts on business; imperative of sustainability changing the automotive business radically

Green Car Congress

The analysis examines how these global forces may impact business and industry; calculates the environmental costs to business; and calls for business and policymakers to work more closely to mitigate future business risk and act on opportunities. The KPMG research finds that the external environmental costs of 11 key industry sectors jumped 50% from US$566 to US$846 billion in 8 years (2002 to 2010), averaging a doubling of these costs every 14 years. Sector analysis: Automobiles.

2012 256

Toho Tenax develops integrated production system for CFRP; projects in automotive

Green Car Congress

One European automaker has already adopted this system and other projects are under way in the automotive industry. Also, PvP considerably reduces carbon-fiber waste compared to conventional preform production. As efforts continue to reduce the weights of automobiles, it is vital that tenacity and stiffness be maintained at safe levels when reducing a vehicle’s weight.

2016 150

DOE awards $54M to 13 projects for transformational manufacturing technologies and materials; top two awards go to carbon fiber materials and electrodes for next-gen batteries

Green Car Congress

Industrial processes consume about one-third of all energy produced in the United States, representing a huge opportunity to boost American competitiveness through advances in energy-saving technologies. Low-cost carbon fiber has widespread application in automobiles, wind turbines, and various other industrial applications. System for Industrial Water Reuse. This system will use waste heat to treat a wide variety of waste streams at manufacturing facilities.

2012 188

Renewable fuels and biochar company Cool Planet closes on $100M Series D financing

Green Car Congress

Cool Planet’s green fuels are chemically identical to fossil fuels, with one of the lowest capital costs in the industry. One of the catalytic conversion processes creates a high-octane gasoline blend stock that can be used in today’s standard automobiles requiring no change to existing conventional fuel distribution systems. Cool Planet Energy Systems, a renewable fuels and biochar company ( earlier post ), closed on its targeted $100 million Series D financing.

2014 198

European EAGLE project to develop gasoline engine with 50% peak efficiency; Renault to manufacture prototype

Green Car Congress

This new concept will help the European automobile industry to reach the next objective of 50g CO 2 /km emissions and to stay within legislation on particle and nitrogen oxide emissions on hybrid vehicles. The remainder of the energy is lost; EAGLE researchers aim is to reduce this wasted power produced by combustion, said Alberto Broatch full professor at the Research Institute CMT-Motores Térmicos of the Universitat Politècnica de València.

2017 163

Electric Vehicles Open-up New Business Opportunities

Get Electric Vehicle

The automotive industry comprises a wide range of companies and organizations involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles. It is one of the world’s largest industries by revenue.

Thermoelectric startup GMZ Energy secures $14M in Series C funding

Green Car Congress

GMZ Energy has developed one of the most efficient and low-cost materials to generate electricity from heat with numerous applications—from electricity-generating solar water heaters to technology that increases automobile-fuel efficiency. GMZ Energy is developing its first product for the $8 billion residential, commercial and industrial solar thermal water market. GMZ Energy also is pursuing waste heat recovery applications for the automotive and industrial process markets.

2011 193

Power Electric Scooter Buyers Guide | Mid 2021

Plug In India

So, without wasting any more time, let's beg in in alphabetical order! They have a 18,000 sqmt industrial plot in Industrial Area of Nasik to put up integrated manufacturing facilities.

India 65

Honda launches new environmental leadership award “Green Dealer” program for Honda and Acura dealers in US

Green Car Congress

has established a “Green Dealer” program for its independently-owned Honda and Acura automobile dealers in the United States. The required 10% energy reduction is in line with the US EPA’s Energy Star Award / National Automobile Dealers Association program. Rock Honda (Fontana, CA); Joe Morgan Honda (Monroe, OH); Rossi Honda (Vineland, NJ); Honda of Burleson (Burleson, TX); Diamond Honda (City of Industry, CA); Voss Honda (Tipp City, OH). American Honda Motor Co, Inc.

Acura 198

Naysayer Alert – the hydrogen red herring

My Electric Car

The only by products are water and a fair degree of heat, the latter indicating a degree of inefficiency and wasted energy. In essence this mandates a complete billion dollar replication of the oil industry’s distribution network. (Guest Post by John Murray).

2020 52

DOE releases SBIR/STTR FY16 Phase 1 Release 2 topics; hydrogen, electric vehicles, more efficient combustion engines; biogas-to-fuels

Green Car Congress

DOE will reject applications as non-responsive if the proposed technology is high cost; requires substantial infrastructure investments or industry standardization to be commercially viable; and/or cannot accept high power recharge pulses from regenerative breaking or has other characteristics that prohibit market penetration. All fuel consumption testing must be conducted according to engine industry norms.

2015 202

Audi opens power-to-gas facility in Werlte/Emsland; e-gas from water, green electricity and CO2

Green Car Congress

Audi has opened its e-gas plant in Werlte, making it the first automobile manufacturer to develop a chain of sustainable energy carriers. The waste heat given off during methanation is used as process energy in the adjacent biogas plant, significantly increasing overall efficiency. Audi’s e-gas plant. Click to enlarge. Earlier post.). The Audi e-gas plant, which can convert 6MW of input power, utilizes renewable electricity for electrolysis to produce oxygen and hydrogen.

2013 246

Johnson Controls does not believe it is the source of lead pollution in Pudong incident

Green Car Congress

Johnson Controls is the market leader and global benchmark in health and safety performance in this industry. The lead emission average at our Shanghai facility is about 1/7 of Chinese national standard; furthermore, our lead discharge through waste water treatment facility average is about 1/10 of Chinese national standard.

2011 188

Mercedes-AMG HPP awarded Dewar Trophy for PU106A Hybrid F1 Power Unit

Green Car Congress

The UK’s Royal Automobile Club (RAC) has awarded the prestigious Dewar Trophy , presented for outstanding technical achievement in the automotive industry, to. In other words, of the energy available in a gallon of gasoline, a third is lost as waste heat, another third disappears out of the exhaust with only the remaining third available for useful work. In the Dewar Trophy’s 108-year history there have only been 43 recipients, and only four from the Formula One industry.

2014 228