Next-Battery secures strategic relationship with China-based Lvchi Automobile Technology

Green Car Congress

Next-Battery , a start-up developing high energy-density Li-ion battery technology, has secured a strategic relationship with Lvchi Automobile Technology (Shanghai) Co Ltd. Engineering application development is carried out by Lvchi’s Shanghai engineering research institute in collaboration with Wuxi Research branch and Beijing Future Institute.

2018 214

Teijin and AEV Robotics to co-develop lightweight automotive solutions for future transportation

Green Car Congress

Teijin and AEV will use the first two years of this initiative to develop elemental technologies for future vehicles. The agreement is to create lightweight components and solutions for next-generation transportation to realize new forms for transportations in an aging society. In addition, the role of automobiles is evolving under the concept of mobility as a service (MaaS), which views transportation as a total service.

2019 163

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Larry Burns: Holistic approach required to achieve transformational change of transportation and the automobile; the power of “And”

Green Car Congress

Larry Burns, former head of GM R&D and strategic planning and currently Professor of Engineering Practice and the University of Michigan and Director, Sustainable Mobility at the Earth Institute, Columbia University, used his presentation at the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit (EIS) in Washington to call for a holistic approach to the transformational change required for the transportation sector in general and the automobile in particular.

2012 190

Study finds automobile tires are a potential source of carcinogenic dibenzopyrenes to the environment

Green Car Congress

A new study by researchers from Stockholm University concludes that automobile tires may be a potential previously unknown source of carcinogenic dibenzopyrenes—a type of high molecular weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)—to the environment. Automobile tire rubber in general consists of approximately 40?60%

2012 285

Former Sec’y Transportation LaHood outlines his view of future transportation systems in US, calls for 10-cent boost in gasoline tax

Green Car Congress

In a recent talk at the Mobility Lab event “People First: the Future of Transportation in America,” former US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood suggested that in the next 25 years, America’s highway system will be replaced in large part by a crisscrossing network of passenger rail lines; that the automobile will be replaced by autonomous vehicles; and that alternative modes of transportation such as biking and walking will be more prevalent.

2013 190

SAE New Energy Vehicle Forum: China’s focus on NEVs may have profound impact on future of transportation

Green Car Congress

These include the increasingly problematic pollution and haze in cities; China’s projected increased reliance on imported oil; the need for rationalized multimodal transportation systems in ever more congested and space-limited cities; the growing dominance of the China auto market; and the desire to have China become the leader in the next generation of automotive technology, vehicles and mobility systems. China wants to lead a revolution in transportation, not follow.

2013 232

NYU Researchers Pave the Way for Future Shared Mobility

Cars That Think

In order for shared mobility to realize its aim of reducing pollution, there are a number of urban transportation elements that need to be taken into account, including car sharing services and micromobility offerings, such as e-bikes and scooters.

Fiat calls for your future transport ideas

Green Cars News

Fiat is calling on motoring enthusiasts to share their ideas for the future of sustainable transport as part of the ‘Our Future Mobility’ project created by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA). The Italian carmaker is organising a virtual roundtable to invite everyone interes[.].


Audi testing autonomous driverless transport systems at Ingolstadt plant

Green Car Congress

Earlier this month, Audi began testing driverless transport systems (DTS) at its Ingolstadt plant. Audi says it is the first automobile manufacturer to implement such a DTS-based goods-to-person concept. Autonomous goods conveyance is another pioneering development towards the factory of the future. Driverless transport systems drive under the shelves, lift them up and transport them automatically to a central picking station.

2015 183

Transportation sector stakeholders launch Veloz in California to accelerate adoption of EVs

Green Car Congress

In California, public and private stakeholders in the transportation sector launched a new organization— Veloz —to accelerate the adoption of EVs. Veloz members include: Automakers, including GM, BMW Group, Honda, Nissan, Kia, Subaru, Daimler, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Ford. We believe the future is electric and plan to introduce several new EVs globally over the next few years.

2018 188

Volkswagen Group’s new Future Tracks program targeting digitalization era in auto industry; “James 2025”

Green Car Congress

At the Geneva Motor Show and now at the IT trade fair CeBIT in Hanover, Germany, Volkswagen Group executive management has begun to outline its “Future Tracks” program which will address, among other things, what Chairman of the Board of Management Prof. At the Geneva show, Winterkorn introduced the Future Tracks program by saying : Over the next few years, our industry will face one of the greatest upheavals since the invention of the automobile.

2014 188

BMW will commission 400 i3 EVs in Copenhagen for DriveNow; collaboration with Arriva for public transport

Green Car Congress

The all-electric car sharing fleet here will also interconnect with public transport via a collaboration with Arriva. The BMW i3 is the first automobile offering integrated “intermodal routing”—the incorporation of public transport services into the navigation system’s route guidance in the car. Here in Copenhagen we are now already witnessing mobility of the future.

2015 188

Audi organizes all rail transport in Germany to be CO2-free; DBeco plus

Green Car Congress

As of now, all rail transport for Audi AG in Germany is CO 2 -free. Audi has been using environmentally friendly “DBeco plus” rail transport for its cars since 2010. The “green trains” have been transporting cars to Emden from the Audi plant in Neckarsulm since 2012. Until now, almost 1,600,000 automobiles have been transported and 63,000 tons of CO 2 emissions have been avoided.

2017 150

Big Science tools for clean transportation: neutron scattering at ORNL

Green Car Congress

This begins an occasional series on “big science” tools hosted at US national laboratories that are being applied to support the development of technology innovations for clean transportation. National Transportation Research Center (NTRC). The origin of such anomalous behavior is the competition between the transport of lithium and oxygen and the accompanying electrochemical kinetics. Images of Li-air cathode produced by neutron-computed tomography. Source: ORNL.

2013 260

GM Unveils EN-V Concepts for Future Urban Mobility

Green Car Congress

The three EN-V models unveiled in Shanghai represent three different characteristics that emphasize the nature of future transportation: Jiao (Pride), Miao (Magic) and Xiao (Laugh). Shanghai is expected to become one of the epicenters for the establishment of personal mobility solutions for the future, according to GM. By comparison, today’s typical automobile weighs more than 1,500 kilograms and is three times as long. The Jiao EN-V model. Click to enlarge.

2010 230

NXP and partners launch European test drive to showcase the future of Communicating Cars

Green Car Congress

and industry partners Siemens, Honda, and Cohda Wireless have launched a “ Communicating Cars ” test drive along the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) Corridor across Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. TÜV Süd, Automobile clubs AvD and ANWB as supporters of V2X communications. All these use cases have the potential to make road transport much safer and smoother than it is today. Driver Assistance Systems Infrastructure Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Safety V2

2014 190

NSF director to highlight critical role of basic research in transportation technology at Washington Auto Show

Green Car Congress

Córdova, accompanied by an NSF-funded self-driving Cadillac SRX, will highlight the essential role federal, basic, research funding plays in current and future automobile-related innovations. This first MobilityTalks forum will allow world governments to exchange best practices related to emerging trends in transportation.

2017 150

NEVS and DiDi partner up for future mobility; EV optimized for DiDi services

Green Car Congress

NEVS AB and DiDi Chuxing, the world’s leading mobile transportation platform, have formed strategic partnership and finalized a number of steps towards an extensive cooperation. One of the common goals is to develop an electric vehicle, fully optimized for the mobility services that DiDi is offering, and also initiating a path towards a self-driving and on-demand mobility future. NEVS was founded in 2012 and acquired the main assets of the Saab Automobile bankruptcy estates.

2017 163

BMW Group and IBM collaborate on research on future driver assistance systems; IBM Watson IoT

Green Car Congress

IBM and BMW Group researchers are collaborating to explore the role of Watson cognitive computing in personalizing the driving experience and creating more intuitive driver support systems for cars of the future. Our insight shows that while the car will remain a fixture in personal transportation, the driving experience will change more over the next decade than at any other time of the automobile’s existence.

2016 195

Mercedes-Benz presents autonomous Future Truck 2025 research vehicle; “Highway Pilot”

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the Future Truck 2025 in Magdeburg, Germany. Daimler Trucks demonstrated the vehicle on a trip along a section of the A14 autobahn near the city of Magdeburg, in which the Future Truck drove itself under realistic driving conditions. Mercedes-Benz will unveil the complete study of the Future Truck 2025 at the International Commercial Vehicle Show (IAA) in September. The Future Truck 2025 with “Highway Pilot” is based on the Mercedes-Benz Actros 1845.

2014 232

GM sees connectivity, autonomy and transport-as-service fundamentally changing automotive industry

Green Car Congress

Three emerging and converging factors—connectivity, autonomy and transport-as-a-service—will fundamentally change the automotive industry over the next few decades, according to Mike Abelson, GM’s VP of Strategy and Global Portfolio Planning. Automakers make most of their money by selling vehicles to individuals for personal transportation. I would ask you to think about the economic efficiency of our transportation system.

2016 183

Pike Research forecasts $18B market in 2020 for advanced lead-acid batteries, 58% in transportation

Green Car Congress

Of the projected US$18-billion market in 2020, 58% of the sales will be from the transportation sector, historically one of the most of important industries for lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries, developed more than a century and one-half ago, have a long history of use in a large number of applications, including starter, lighting and ignition (SLI) in automobiles. Transportation: stop-start vehicles (SSVs).

IEA: improving efficiency of road-freight transport critical to reduce oil-demand growth; three areas of focus

Green Car Congress

Improving the efficiency of road-freight transport is critical to reducing the growth in oil demand, carbon emissions and air pollution over the next decades, according to the International Energy Agency’s latest report, The Future of Trucks: Implications for energy and the environment. Although trucks are a major contributor to the growth in transport-fuel consumption and emissions, the sector receives far less attention and policy focus than passenger vehicles, the IEA noted.

2017 150

Proposed US Transportation Reauthorization Plan Links Greenhouse Gas Reductions to Transportation Planning

Green Car Congress

Among the proposals in the new US highway and transportation funding reauthorization bill, outlined by House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman James L. in a press conference last week, is the linkage of transportation planning with greenhouse gas emissions reductions. If enacted, this would transform the current transportation planning process in the US. The Surface Transportation Authorization Act of 2009.

2009 174

Death of engines overstated, fully electric world a 'comic book' fantasy: Japanese test company

Green Car Reports

Most analysts agree the future of the automobile will slowly but increasingly come to rely on battery power. Electric cars will slowly displace internal combustion engines, many researchers suggest, and peak demand for fossil fuels used in transportation could arrive as soon as the next decade. Diesels emissions Future Cars fossil fuels

2017 123

DOE TEF project finds US can eliminate petroleum and reduce GHG by more than 80% in transportation by 2050; less use, more biofuels, expansion of electricity and hydrogen

Green Car Congress

TEF project points to deep cuts in petroleum and emissions in the transportation sector by focusing on modes, fuels, and demand. The US Department of Energy (DOE) released findings from a new project—Transportation Energy Futures (TEF)—that concludes the United States has the potential to eliminate petroleum use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by more than 80% in the transportation sector by 2050. Transportation Energy Futures Project.

2013 280

U. Maryland and Redox Power partnering to commercialize low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells for distributed generation and transportation

Green Car Congress

However, solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) can oxidize any fuel, because the electrolyte transports an oxygen ion, Wachsman noted in a 2011 paper in Science exploring LT-SOFCs. At the cathode, oxygen is reduced and the resulting O 2– ions are transported through the electrolyte lattice to the anode where they react with gaseous fuel, yielding heat, H 2 O, and (in the case of hydrocarbon fuels) CO 2 , and releasing electrons to the external circuit.

2013 247

UC Davis, ITDP study suggests global shift to public transport, NMT and away from cars could save $100T through 2050 and cut GHGs

Green Car Congress

One of the more affordable ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions is to design cities to give people clean options for using public transportation, walking and cycling and to move away from car-centric development, according to a new report released by the University of California, Davis, and the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP). gigatons of carbon dioxide annually—a 40% reduction of urban passenger transport emissions—by 2050.

2014 232

Industry study finds lead-acid to remain most wide-spread automotive energy storage for foreseeable future; new chemistries continue to grow

Green Car Congress

The study, which provides a joint industry analysis of how different types of batteries are used in different automotive applications, concludes that lead-based batteries will by necessity remain the most wide-spread energy storage system in automotive applications for the foreseeable future. This is expected to be the situation for the foreseeable future, according to the report.

2014 253

DeCicco: Transportation GHG reduction policy should focus upstream on fuel supply rather than downstream on choice of fuels in vehicles

Green Car Congress

John DeCicco at the University of Michigan argues that to reduce transportation sector greenhouse gas emissions, the proper policy focus should be upstream in sectors that provide the fuel, rather than downstream on the choice of fuels in the automobile. Most studies identify AFVs as one of the “three legs of the stool” for transportation climate policy that, along with vehicle efficiency and travel demand reduction, are essential for reducing emissions.

2013 207

Potsdam/TUB/BMW report says cap-and-trade instrument for road transport fuels combined with vehicle efficiency metrics is the most promising policy approach to reduce transport GHG

Green Car Congress

Including road transport fuels in a cap-and-trade scheme, complemented by appropriate regulatory policies such as. tank-to-wheel-based fuel efficiency metrics, is the most promising policy option for future climate policy regulation of the road transport sector, according to a new study developed under the direction of Professor Ottmar Edenhofer of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). Automobile manufacturers have no influence on that.

2010 183

Update: Top 10 Electric Cars

Clean Fleet Report

Even thought Stellantis, the megacompany formed by the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and PSA of France, appeared to be slow on the shift to EVs, they’ve been playing a good game of catch-up. As part of these events we may be offered free transportation, lodging or meals.

US Department of Transportation proposes ‘distraction’ guidelines for automakers for in-vehicle electronic devices

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has proposed guidelines to encourage automobile manufacturers to limit the distraction risk for in-vehicle electronic devices. Graphical representation of some secondary task risk odds ratios. A risk odds ratio of 1.00 equates to the risks associated with baseline. driving. Risk odds ratios above 1.00 indicate increasing driving risks while risk odds. ratios below 1.00 indicate protective effects. Source: NHTSA. Click to enlarge.

2012 190

IBM releases fifth annual Next Five in Five list of near-term significant innovations; personalized routing for commuting/transportation makes the cut

Green Car Congress

Of the five, only one is directly transportation-related: Commuters will be able to quickly access personalized recommendations that help them avoid the congestion issues they routinely face and help them get where they need to go in the fastest time. Transportation agencies and city planners will be able to proactively design, manage and optimize transportation systems to more seamlessly handle ever-increasing traffic.

2010 190

TU Dresden study on external costs of automotive transportation in Europe calls for internalization of the high external costs; raising user prices to change behavior

Green Car Congress

Because “others” pay for large parts of the costs of transport, Europeans travel by car too much to enable an efficient situation, they concluded, noting that this also partly explains why there is a high level of congestion in parts of the EU. The discussion about greenhouse gas reductions in transport is primarily left to automobile technology experts. Average external costs from cars per 1,000 vkm by country. Click to enlarge.

2012 239

Audi at CeBIT in Hanover with new A3 to highlight Audi connect; future role of Car-to-X communication

Green Car Congress

There, under the “Audi connect” banner, it is presenting current and future solutions for mobile IT applications at the world’s biggest trade fair for information technology. LTE enables data rates of up to 150 MBit/s and considerably faster response times, and can also play an important role in future car-to-X communication, Audi notes. A special antenna is needed in addition to a receiver module on an automobile’s roof. Future driver assistance systems.

2012 209

Oxford University Study Finds Downscaling of Vehicle Size and Weight the Best Way to Reduce Transport GHG Emissions in the Short Term

Green Car Congress

An new study from the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at Oxford University suggests that best way to reduce transport greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the short term is a “drastic downscaling of both size and weight” of conventional gasoline and diesel cars. “The most significant impact that can be made in reducing CO 2 emissions from automobiles in the coming decades is reducing the average weight and engine size of vehicles.”

2010 204

Baidu to establish an intelligent EV company and form strategic partnership with Geely

Green Car Congress

Baidu will provide intelligent driving capabilities to power the passenger vehicles for the new venture, and Geely, which holds the distinction of best-selling Chinese automobile brand in past years under the Volvo and Geely brands, will contribute its expertise in automobile design and manufacturing. At Baidu, we have long believed in the future of intelligent driving and have over the past decade invested heavily in AI to build a portfolio of world-class self-driving services.

IEA technology and policy reports outline paths to halving fuel used for combustion-engined road transport in less than 40 years

Green Car Congress

The transport sector currently accounts for a fifth of global final energy consumption, and increased demand from this sector is expected to make up all future growth in oil use worldwide. Tackling road transport energy use is vital to enhancing energy security and reducing carbon dioxide emissions globally. IEA fuel economy readiness index status, 2010. Source: Policy package. Click to enlarge.

2012 207

Congressionally-created Commission Recommends Mileage Tax Instead of Fuel Tax for Transportation Infrastructure Financing

Green Car Congress

A bi-partisan Congressionally-created commission has recommended a shift from motor fuel taxes to direct fees charged to transportation infrastructure users—i.e., a federal mileage fee—as a way to reform financing of the US transportation infrastructure. The recommendation is part of the final report issued by the National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission, “ Paying Our Way: A New Framework for Transportation Finance ”.

Massachusetts Governor Proposes $0.19 Increase in State Fuel Tax to Support Transportation Projects

Green Car Congress

As part of a comprehensive reform plan to simplify the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ transportation system, Governor Deval Patrick is proposing a fuel tax increase of $0.19 Future increases in the state fuel tax would follow the Consumer Price Index. The Commonwealth’s transportation system faces an estimated $15 to $19 billion funding gap in the next 20 years to maintain the current network of roads, bridges and transit for safe, reliable service.

Foxconn partnering with Thailand’s PTT to build EVs; MIH open EV platform

Green Car Congress

The platform, comprising hardware and software services, will be available to all automobile players in Thailand looking to accelerate their production and sales of EVs in Thailand and elsewhere in the ASEAN region. Automobile players in Thailand that wish to assemble electric vehicles will be able to access the entire value chain of services offered by a newly formed JV being set up as part of this project.

Yanmar developing hydrogen fuel cell system for maritime applications

Green Car Congress

announced the development of a hydrogen fuel cell system for maritime applications based on fuel cell technology for automobiles, as part of efforts to offer environment-friendly powertrain solutions. Yanmar Holdings Co., and its subsidiary Yanmar Power Technology Co.,

2020 308