Volkswagen and Amazon Web Services to develop Industrial Cloud; open industry platform

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen and Amazon Web Services (AWS) will develop the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud together. In the future, the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud will combine the data of all machines, plants and systems from all 122 facilities of the Volkswagen Group. By leveraging Amazon Web Services technology and services, Volkswagen is creating its Industrial Cloud as an open industry platform which other partners from industry, logistics and sales may use in the future.

2019 170

Foxconn partnering with Thailand’s PTT to build EVs; MIH open EV platform

Green Car Congress

The platform, comprising hardware and software services, will be available to all automobile players in Thailand looking to accelerate their production and sales of EVs in Thailand and elsewhere in the ASEAN region. Automobile players in Thailand that wish to assemble electric vehicles will be able to access the entire value chain of services offered by a newly formed JV being set up as part of this project.


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Is China making U.S. irrelevant to the future of automobiles?

Green Car Reports

The first automobile was invented in Germany in 1885 by Karl Benz, but it was the U.S. that led the building of the global 20th-century automobile industry. Through the turn of the current century, the U.S. new-vehicle market was the world's largest, and General Motors was for decades the world's largest car company. Neither of those is still the. China government plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) regulation new energy vehicles

2017 108

In Europe, industry and environmentalists call for binding targets for infrastructure for zero-emission trucks

Green Car Congress

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) and Transport & Environment (T&E) made this call to the European Commission in a joint letter. The common industry/NGO request comes ahead of the expected review of Europe’s Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive (AFID) this year. Our industry is fully committed to the Green Deal and therefore carbon-neutral road freight transport by 2050 at the latest.

Europe 260

Borgward to build manufacturing facility in Bremen; all-electric-drive Borgward BX7 first model; Industry 4.0

Green Car Congress

Borgward Group AG, the reincarnation of the German automaker that ceased operations in 1961 ( earlier post ), will be returning to Bremen and building a production facility there. From the start, Borgward’s Bremen plant will base the technological aspects of its manufacturing system, processes, and equipment on the Industry 4.0 In the first step, the company will build an assembly hall with around 10,000 square meters of floor space.

2016 191

ZF and start-up Levant Power partnering on first fully active, regenerative suspension for automobiles

Green Car Congress

to build the first fully active suspension system with energy recovery function. founded in 2009 out of MIT ( earlier post ), is an emerging technology company headquartered working to develop the first fully active, regenerative suspension for the automotive, trucking, mass transit, and defense industries. The first fully active and regenerative suspension is based on a pioneering electrohydraulic functional unit fitted to the exterior of the damper. Photo: ZF. Click to enlarge.

2013 255

Dürr building smart paint shop for JAC plant for electric vehicles in China

Green Car Congress

Dürr is building a fully automatic paint shop for a Anhui Jianghuai Automobile (JAC) plant in China. Industry 4.0” Electric (Battery) Industry 4.0 The plant is designed to handle 100,000 units per year, will commence operation in June 2018, and will produce battery-electric cars on behalf of a local electric car manufacturer.

2018 163

MECA: industry could exceed relaxed US efficiency standards as it has to meet tighter standards elsewhere

Green Car Congress

year-over-year increase in fuel efficiency and reduction in GHG emissions standards, which will result in projected overall industry averages of 40.4 We believe the industry could exceed the relaxed US efficiency standards as it must meet tighter standards in Europe, China, Japan, Korea and India. MECA member companies represent more than 70,000 of the nearly 300,000 North American jobs building the technologies that improve the fuel economy and reduce emissions of today’s vehicles.

2020 161

Toray and Daimler to Jointly Develop CFRP Automobile Parts for Mercedes-Benz Models

Green Car Congress

Toray Industries, Inc. has signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with Daimler AG to develop automobile parts made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP). The two companies plan to promote the joint development of diverse CFRP automobile components by utilizing High Cycle Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), a CFRP molding process technology developed by Toray.

2010 185

NextEV to build $463M plant in Nanjing; motors and modules

Green Car Congress

NextEV and the Nanjing Municipal Government signed a strategic partnership agreement to build a 3 billion RMB (US$463 million) plant facility for the development and production of high-performance motors and electronic modules in the Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone. Chinese enterprises need to cooperate to develop complementary synergies in win-win relationships in order for China’s electric automotive industry to be globally competitive.

2016 163

China Changan Automobile Group and PSA Peugeot Citroën Sign Contract for JV in China

Green Car Congress

China South Industries Group Corporation, Changan Automobile Group’s main shareholder, and PSA Peugeot Citroën have signed a contract to create an equally owned joint venture to produce and market light commercial vehicles and passenger cars in China. It will operate two production lines, through the renovation of an existing line and the building of a new line.

2010 161

Balqon to build electric buses in China with SAIG

Green Car Congress

California-based Balqon Corporation, a developer of heavy-duty electric vehicles, drive systems and lithium battery storage devices ( earlier post ), has entered into a Joint Development Agreement with China-based Sichuan Automobile Industry Co., Sichuan Automobile Industry Co.

2013 248

LIBCOIN-BHEL consortium in discussions to build Indian Government’s first Li-ion Gigafactory; to scale up to 30 GWh

Green Car Congress

Magnis Energy Technologies Limited announced that the Government of India, Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises advises that Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) and LIBCOIN (20% owned by Magnis) are in discussions to build India’s first Li-ion battery gigafactory. The interest this project is generating especially in the Indian automobile sector is very exciting.

2019 184

Fuji Heavy Industries to change company name to Subaru Corporation

Green Car Congress

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., Since then, the Company has expanded its businesses ranging from aerospace and industrial products segments to its primary business of Subaru automobiles which began with the introduction of the Subaru 360 minicar in 1958. To this end, the Company is focusing on two initiatives: enhancing the Subaru brand and building a strong business structure.

2016 150

Volkswagen to build 12,000 charging points in its parking lots in Germany; 10% of its parking spaces

Green Car Congress

The German Press Agency dpa reported that Volkswagen plans to build 12,000 charging points for electric vehicles in the next few years at its company parking lots in Germany—10% of the company’s 120,000 parking spaces for employees. Although Winterkorn reportedly said that it is not the business model of the automobile industry to build charging stations, VW wants to set an example, as e-mobility in Germany has not really budged.

2015 258

DiDi partners with SoftBank in Japan for platform services for taxi industry, launches open new energy car-sharing platform

Green Car Congress

have established a partnership to provide platform services for the taxi industry. The partnership will utilize DiDi’s advanced AI technologies to build ride-hailing platforms to enhance efficiency for both taxi operators and drivers. DiDi and SoftBank aim to build an open and inclusive platform that will be available to all of Japan’s taxi operators. DiDi is also working closely with taxi companies to help them build intelligent IT and driver management systems.

2018 174

5G mobile network goes live at all BMW Brilliance Automotive production sites in China

Green Car Congress

BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) has become the first automobile manufacturer to enable full 5G wireless coverage at all its plants. With this development, BBA becomes the first automobile manufacturer to use 5G technology in automotive development and production. Effective application of 5G technology in these areas has the potential to transform automobile production and boost productivity. Industry 4.0

2019 231

Mitsubishi Rayon acquires majority of carbon fiber reinforced plastics company Wethje; targeting auto industry

Green Car Congress

MRC) recently executed a share sales and purchase agreement by which it will acquire 51% of Wethje Holding GmbH , a German company engaged in manufacturing of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) parts for automobile applications, from Wethje parent Cross Industries AG. MRC aims to strengthen and expand the carbon fiber intermediate materials business for automobile applications in Europe. Mitsubishi Rayon Co.

In-wheel electric drive company Protean receives $84M in funding; to build production plant in China

Green Car Congress

They will be joined by the New Times Group, a Liyang-based industrial group. The city of Liyang is partnering to provide prototype manufacturing support, with favorable industrial policy. GSR is honored to lead this round of investment in a disruptive technology that we believe has great promise for the Chinese automotive market and potentially building a global EV platform. This marks Protean Electric’s entry into China, the world's largest automobile market.

2012 244

Volkswagen Group and FAW to build 2 new vehicle plants in China; “Our most important market”

Green Car Congress

The Volkswagen Group, together with its partner FAW, will build two new vehicle plants in Qingdao and Tianjin, with an estimated investment of €2 billion (US$2.7 Volkswagen has been active on the Chinese market for 30 years and is one of the Western pioneers of the automobile industry in the country. billion). China has become our largest and most important market.

2014 185

Top electric vehicles battery manufacturers in India

Electric Vehicles India

The Prismatic batteries offer alternative energy for automobiles and other forms of e-mobility which can solve environmental concerns and becomes an important role in driving the e-mobility ecosystem. Exide Industries Ltd. Top electric vehicles battery manufacturers in India.

India 87

How to Keep the Automotive Chip Shortage From Happening Again

Cars That Think

O’Donnell made this observation as part of a discussion involving executives from the auto and chip industries. He explained that the industry thought it had been covering itself against risks by using multiple suppliers.

Malta 82

Hyundai Motor to build 4th and 5th plants in China, bringing capacity to 1.65M units per year

Green Car Congress

Beijing Hyundai Motor Company (BHMC), a 50-50 joint venture between Hyundai Motor Company and Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., will begin building its fourth and fifth plants in China next year to respond to surging demands in the world’s largest automobile market. BHMC will build its fourth plant in Cangzhou, Hebei province, and its fifth plant in Chongqing.

2015 179

Toshiba and Gestamp partner to leverage IoT and AI for high-precision detection of weld seam quality

Green Car Congress

Gestamp is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of metal components for automobiles, with more than 100 factories in 22 countries. Gestamp is promoting a number of projects under the Industry 4.0 This initiative brings AE sensors typically used to test for damage in bridges and large buildings to the manufacturing process. AI Industry 4.0

2019 150

China publishes plan to boost fuel-efficient and new energy vehicles and domestic auto industry; targeting 500K PHEVs and EVs in 2015, rising to 2M by 2020

Green Car Congress

China’s State Council has published a plan to develop the domestic energy-saving and new energy vehicle industry, which includes battery-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. Natural gas and other alternative fuel vehicle technology is basically mature, the government said, and is headed toward initial industrialization. 2012 Chinese Auto Industry Development Report. Developing the industrial system.

2012 272

GM And University of Michigan Form GM/U-M Institute Of Automotive Research And Education; Focus On Fuel-Efficiency And Reinvention Of The Automobile

Green Car Congress

General Motors and the University of Michigan have formed the GM/U-M Institute of Automotive Research and Education, with a strategic focus on reinventing the automobile and developing the next generation of high-efficiency vehicles powered by diverse energy sources. The GM/U-M Institute’s activities include: GM/U-M Advanced Battery Coalition for Drivetrains (ABCD) : The ABCD is a partnership representing industry, academia and government dedicated to the electrification of the drivetrain.

2009 150

Industry report says steel can deliver weight savings to meet CAFE targets; aluminum growth in LDVs to peak around 2018

Green Car Congress

Steel can easily deliver the weight savings required to meet federally mandated fuel economy targets for most vehicles, according to a new 300-page analysis by the steel-industry information service World Steel Dynamics : “AutoBody Warfare: Aluminum Attack.” There is more potential for weight cuts in the body-in-white—the frame of the automobile excluding closures—because for most vehicles, the BIW weighs about 3.5 These vehicles are higher cost to build.

2014 191

Audi opens €1B San José Chiapa plant in Mexico; 1st on N.A. continent; Smart Factory

Green Car Congress

Audi is further expanding its worldwide production network with the opening of the company’s first automobile plant on the North American continent. Audi is the first premium automobile manufacturer with product facilities in Mexico. Mexico is a powerhouse for automobiles and automotive components. With this facility, we have established an important site for the export of our automobiles to customers all over the world. Industry 4.0

2016 191

Bill Ford outlines “Blueprint for Mobility”, calls for automotive and telecommunications industries to collaborate to address coming personal mobility crisis

Green Car Congress

In his keynote, Ford called for partnership between the automotive and telecommunications industries to create an inter-connected transportation network as part of the solution. Fortunately, working together is not something new to our industries. To begin with, we need to view the automobile as one element of a transportation ecosystem, and look for new ways to optimize the entire system.

Mercedes-Benz Cars invests €1B in new “Full-Flex” car plant in Hungary; Factory 56 applied to full plant

Green Car Congress

With an investment of one billion euros, we are building in Hungary the first ‘Full-Flex Plant’ in the global production network of Mercedes-Benz Cars. The plant is not only digitized consistently according to Industry 4.0, Characteristic for the automobile production of the future and thus also for the second plant at the Kecskemét site are modular building structures with a design that is both energy efficient and green, so environmentally friendly. Industry 4.0

2018 150

Waxman/Markey Bill Accelerates Infrastructure and Build-out for Plug-Ins, Calls for Harmonization of Motor Vehicle GHG Standards; 3% of Emissions Allowances for Cap-and-Trade Go to Auto Industry

Green Car Congress

In addition, the bill allocates 3% of the emissions allowances (under the cap-and-trade scheme defined in the bill) through 2017 and 1% from 2018 through 2025 be allocated for investments in electric vehicles and other advanced automobile technology and deployment. These applications may be jointly sponsored by electric utilities, automobile manufacturers, technology providers, car sharing companies or organizations, or 2 other persons or entities.

2009 150

OLA Electric's huge scooter factory - India's own Gigafactory

Plug In India

Kamlesh Mallick & Raphae Halim Today we are very excited to talk to you about a HUGE disruption that is going to happen in the Indian automobile space. Mr Bhavish said this one giant mega building will house paint shops, weld shops, assembly, battery manufacturing etc.

India 52

DOE announces $70M for Innovation Institute on Smart Manufacturing; advanced sensors, controls, platforms, and modeling for manufacturing

Green Car Congress

Energy intensive industries, such as steelmaking, could see a 10 to 20 percent reduction in the cost of production, making products such as solar panels and chemical materials, such as plastics, as well as the cars and other products they go into, more affordable for American consumers ,” said Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. The benefits should be realized in manufacturing processes across all industries regardless of the type of processes used (e.g.

2015 205

Auto Alliance on Mid-Level Ethanol Blends: Build Out E85 Infrastructure First

Green Car Congress

That is a concern for the auto industry and we hope that is a concern for the DOE and EPA. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers represents 11 car and light truck manufacturers selling vehicles in the United States and serves as a leading advocacy group for the auto industry.

2009 150

Kia Motors signs MOU to build third plant in China; 70% increase in capacity and a push to maintain market share

Green Car Congress

Kia Motors Corporation plans to build a third manufacturing plant in China in order to meet increasing local demand and to maintain its positive sales momentum in the market. in 2007 (ranking 18 th in the industry) to 3.0% Strategic models developed especially for the Chinese market to reflect local needs and preferences will be built at the new plant, but the specific models have yet to be finalized as Kia continues to study the rapidly transforming Chinese automobile market.

2011 161

Air Liquide’s technology chosen for Daxing hydrogen station in Beijing, the world’s largest by refueling capacity

Green Car Congress

Accommodating a technology park, a test base and other function areas, this demonstration zone, open to the public, aims to build an innovation ecosystem that integrates research & development, test and production related to hydrogen energy. Air Liquide Houpu Hydrogen Equipment Co.,

CATL-SC officially launches operation of phase 1 of $4.7B Yibin traction battery production project

Green Car Congress

Yibin has a great foundation for building a transportation network, which will greatly improve the logistics efficiency and help to deliver traction batteries from the Yibin production base to the vehicle production lines in Chengdu or Chongqing within only three hours.

Desktop Metal qualifies 4140 low-alloy steel for high-volume additive manufacturing of end-use parts with the Production System

Green Car Congress

We are excited to be the first to qualify 4140 for metal binder jetting to enable this versatile material for the AM industry. This joint is used for power transfer between an electric power steering motor and the steering shaft in an automobile.

Toyota develops fuel cell system for maritime applications; first application on Energy Observer

Green Car Congress

Toyota’s fuel cell system, which was first introduced in the Toyota Mirai hydrogen-fuel-cell electric vehicle, has proved its value as a propulsion system for automobiles. It required a re-design of the system, followed by the build and installation of the compact fuel cell module.

2020 422

Toyota, 5 Chinese companies establish R&D JV for commercial vehicle fuel cell systems in China

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor and five Chinese OEMs—China FAW Corporation Limited (FAW); Dongfeng Motor Corporation (DFM); Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., GAC Group); Beijing Automotive Group Co., BAIC Group); and Beijing SinoHytec Co.,

2020 330

Eastman collaborating with USAMP and PADNOS on fully circular recycling study in automotive market

Green Car Congress

Eastman is collaborating with the United States Automotive Materials Partnership LLC ( USAMP ) and automotive recycler PADNOS for a concept feasibility study to demonstrate a closed-loop project to recycle automotive-industry mixed plastic waste in the automotive supply chain. When automobiles are at the end of their life, metals, tires, and glass account for 80%–90% of the materials that can be recycled through traditional mechanical recycling streams.

Market 161

It’ll take a supercharged national effort to get Canadians driving EVs

Plug N Drive

The automotive industry is going through a once-in-a-century transformation on the same scale as the transition from the horse and buggy to the gas-powered automobile. Many people questioned why they would switch from the familiar horse to a gas-powered automobile.

Hydrogen embrittlement in ferritic steels creates complications for clean energy storage, transportation

Green Car Congress

Hydrogen can cause brittleness in several metals including ferritic steel—high-chromium, magnetic stainless steels that have a low carbon content that are used in structural components of buildings, automobile gears and axles, and industrial equipment.

2020 336