Study of Sustainable Value in Automobile Manufacturing Finds Mixed Performance for Most OEMs, BMW and Toyota as the Clear Leaders

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The BMW Group and Toyota are consistent industry leaders, creating extremely positive Sustainable Value over the entire review period—i.e., Findings of the report include: Toyota and the BMW Group are industry leaders. In other words, the authors note, these companies use these resources more efficiently than their industry peers. Economic crisis, energy crisis, climate crisis and recent global developments have affected the automobile industry like few other sectors.

Audi opens power-to-gas facility in Werlte/Emsland; e-gas from water, green electricity and CO2

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Audi has opened its e-gas plant in Werlte, making it the first automobile manufacturer to develop a chain of sustainable energy carriers. Water and oxygen are the only by-products. Audi notes that its e-gas project transcends the needs of the automobile industry and shows how large amounts of green electricity can be stored efficiently and independently of location by transforming it into methane gas and storing it in the natural gas network. Audi’s e-gas plant.

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CATL-SC officially launches operation of phase 1 of $4.7B Yibin traction battery production project

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The rich water resources in Yibin can also satisfy the company’s carbon-emission reduction requirements in manufacturing, eventually helping to achieve carbon-neutrality throughout the life cycle of traction batteries.

Toshiba launches 20Ah-HP SCiB rechargeable Li-ion battery; high energy and high power

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For example, depending on the customer's system, water cooling can be simplified to forced air cooling, and forced air cooling simplified to natural cooling. Toshiba expects to see the new cell deployed in automobiles, industrial equipment, and storage battery systems.

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Honda develops new paint technology that shortens painting process; to be introduced at Yorii Plant in July 2013

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Paint)” process, a highly-functional painting technology that eliminates a middle coating process from a commonly used 4-coat/3-bake auto body painting process to realize a 3-coat/2-bake water-based painting process. This material used for the color base coat makes it possible to use any exterior paint color, which is an automobile industry first for a 3-coat/2-bake process, according to Honda research. Honda Motor Co.,

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Green Hydrogen Cars: How They are Different?

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Fuel cells, like stem cells in medical science, are a new technology in the automobile industry. To put it another way, instead of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen with electricity, these two components are joined to make water and electricity The electricity is then utilized to power the car’s drive train, leaving just water as a waste product. The hydrogen and oxygen in water are separated using an electrical current in this process.

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Volkswagen Group to invest more than €9.8 billion in China by 2015; efficient products and production

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The seven new plants will set new standards for sustainable automobile production. The new paint shops which are planned alone will use 70% less energy and 90% less water as a result of the introduction of highly innovative dry paint mist separation processes. Foshan features the first membrane bioreactor in the Chinese automobile industry; 100% of treated wastewater is reused as industrial water.

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Top 5 Truck Companies in the World With the Potential to Revolutionise the Logistics Sector

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We don’t have to stress the point that, the automobile industry is going all-electric. Now they are to take over the skies and waters with futuristic electric planes and yachts being developed.

LichtBlick begins installing home combined heat and power plants powered by VW 2.0L EcoBlue gas engine

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The heat which is generated will be stored and will be available for local space heating and hot water supplies. Partnership with LichtBlick is in line with our component strategy, which is to develop future-oriented business areas closely related to the automobile industry. Energy supplier LichtBlick has installed its first home power plants for residential and commercial customers in Hamburg, Germany.

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Moore’s Not Enough: ?4 New Laws of Computing

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Nevertheless, this law as well as Moore’s Law remain a centerpiece in both the IT industry and academic computer science research. More than 200 such games have since been developed for the VCS—helping to spawn the sprawling, US$170 billion global video games industry today.

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“Energiewende” in a tank; Audi e-fuels targeting carbon-neutral driving with synthetic fuels from renewables, H2O and CO2; Swiss policy test case

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solar and wind), water and CO 2 to produce liquid or gaseous fuels with a very low carbon intensity. to the realization of the renewable energy + water + CO 2 formula. In June 2013, Audi commissioned a power-to-gas facility in the north German town of Werlte, thus becoming the first automobile manufacturer to develop a chain of sustainable energy sources. The pilot plant is also demonstrating that industrialization of liquid Audi e‑fuels is also possible.

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Series production of next-generation Acura NSX hybrid supercar begins in April at new Performance Manufacturing Center

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The multi-material space frame is created with 100% robotic Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding, an automobile industry first. The first application of ablation casting in the automotive industry is utilized for the creation of six nodes with the NSX space frame, serving as rigid suspension and powertrain mounting points and as critical elements of the vehicle’s crash structure.

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DOE awards $25M to improve natural gas operations

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The automobile industry deploys low-cost MPE sensors today to measure tailpipe emissions. This project will develop low-cost, widely deployable methane detection sensors that will allow industry to reduce costs associated with natural gas pipeline monitoring. Methane Mitigator: Development of a Scalable Vent Mitigation Strategy to Simultaneously Reduce Methane Emissions and Fuel Consumption from the Compression Industry. The US.

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ColognE-Mobil 2-Year EV Field Trial to Launch in January; 25 Ford BEVs

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Dr. Renatus Widmann / Dr. Thorsten Mietzel, Urban Water and Waste Management. Dr. Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer, general business and automotive industry I; Prof. Dr. Heike Proff, Business Administration and automobile industry II.

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Acura provides more technical detail on NSX sports hybrid AWD powertrain, body

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Instead, engineers have applied an innovative new technology called “ablation” casting, an all-new material application and a world-first in the automobile industry. During the bending process the part is cooled and tempered (quenched) using water jets. The design and construction of the A-pillars in the new NSX represent the world’s first application of a three-dimensionally formed, ultra-high-strength steel system to be used in this manner within the automotive industry.

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Japanese carmakers still ‘most sustainable’

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A focus on tailpipe CO2 emissions has distracted away from the impact of car production, suggests Professor Frank Figge who co-authored the ‘Sustainable Value in Automobile Manufacturing’ study. Professor Figge from Queen’s University Management School said: “Economic crisis, energy crisis, climate crisis and recent global developments have affected the automobile industry like few other sectors.

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GM Says Chevrolet Volt Won't 'Pay the Rent' | Autopia from

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The federal government cant hand out money to a company thats telling them that itll lose money on a $40, 000 automobile that more than half the populace couldnt afford if the economy was in good shape! The big deal was that the oil industry saw real competition and persuaded GM to abandon the project and crush them all like cans. JUST TRYING TO MILK and Suck as much from the fall of the Auto industry as possible. Wired Home Subscribe Sections Cars 2.0

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