GAC Group begins construction of $6.5B industrial park for electric and intelligent vehicles

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China-based automobile manufacturer Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC Group), the parent company of GAC Motor, has begun construction of a large industrial park for electric and intelligent vehicles as part of its efforts to boost its electric vehicle business. Located in Guangzhou’s Panyu district in China’s southern Guangdong province, the industrial park has a planned area of 5 square kilometers. China Electric (Battery) Manufacturing

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Volkswagen furthers commitment to China

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With the Chinese automobile market continuing to expand at a rapid rate Volkswagen has decided to expand its investment programme for the country by a further €1.6billion. The German manufacturer had already decided to invest €4.4billion in the country as it attempts to reinforce its position as one of the leaders in this key sales market. [.].

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Volkswagen Group’s new Future Tracks program targeting digitalization era in auto industry; “James 2025”

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Dieter Kempf, President of BITKOM, the IT industry Association, Winterkorn declared that the increasingly intensive networking of cars with their surroundings and automatic driving would be the key topics for the intelligent mobility of the future. At the Geneva show, Winterkorn introduced the Future Tracks program by saying : Over the next few years, our industry will face one of the greatest upheavals since the invention of the automobile.

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European EAGLE project to develop gasoline engine with 50% peak efficiency; Renault to manufacture prototype

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This new concept will help the European automobile industry to reach the next objective of 50g CO 2 /km emissions and to stay within legislation on particle and nitrogen oxide emissions on hybrid vehicles. In addition to the evaluation and simulation phases performed by the universities and the material and technology suppliers, the final assessment of the EAGLE concept will be conducted on a prototype engine manufactured by Renault.

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Series production of next-generation Acura NSX hybrid supercar begins in April at new Performance Manufacturing Center

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Acura’s Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) will begin series production of the next-generation Acura NSX hybrid supercar ( earlier post ) in late April, with customer deliveries to commence thereafter. With trial production underway and serial production starting in April, Acura is revealing additional details of the innovative manufacturing processes at the PMC and Anna Engine Plant. Hybrids Manufacturing Materials

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China publishes plan to boost fuel-efficient and new energy vehicles and domestic auto industry; targeting 500K PHEVs and EVs in 2015, rising to 2M by 2020

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China’s State Council has published a plan to develop the domestic energy-saving and new energy vehicle industry, which includes battery-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. Natural gas and other alternative fuel vehicle technology is basically mature, the government said, and is headed toward initial industrialization. 2012 Chinese Auto Industry Development Report. Developing the industrial system.

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12th Five-Year Plan for Chinas auto industry to make new-energy vehicles priority

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The 12 th Five-year Plan for China’s auto industry reportedly will make developing new-energy vehicles the top priority. China is targeting annual new-energy automobile sales of 1 million units by 2015, according to the China Association for Automobile Manufacturers. The first draft of the 12 th Five-year Plan for China's automobile industry has already been formulated and the formal plan is scheduled to be released at the end of 2010.

Two largest US automotive trade associations merge: Alliance for Automotive Innovation

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Global Automakers and The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers—the two largest automotive industry trade associations in the US—merged to form a new association leveraging the expansive history of both organizations while creating a single, unified industry voice. The organization will be the acknowledged automotive industry resource and will focus its advocacy work on creating a safe and transformative path for the industry’s growth.

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Study of Sustainable Value in Automobile Manufacturing Finds Mixed Performance for Most OEMs, BMW and Toyota as the Clear Leaders

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Sustainable Value Margin—the ratio of Sustainable Value to sales—for each of the evaluated manufacturers. A survey of the sustainability performance of 17 of the world’s leading automakers has found a mixed pattern when it comes to the sustainability performance of most of the car manufacturers. The BMW Group and Toyota are consistent industry leaders, creating extremely positive Sustainable Value over the entire review period—i.e.,

Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors and LG Chem launch global competition to invest in EV and battery start-ups

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With the automobile industry’s increased focus on development of more eco-friendly vehicles, specifically EVs, the demand for high-performance, high-efficiency batteries is greater than ever before. Start-ups that have working prototypes and are building technologies in EV charging and fleet management, power electronics and components, personalization services and battery management, systems, materials, recycling and manufacturing are strongly encouraged to participate.

2020 65

CATL starts construction of Li-ion factory in Germany; 14 GWh by 2022

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CATL has developed partnerships with a number of European companies in the automobile industry including BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler, Volvo, and Bosch. Germany is home to a strong automotive industry and several of CATL’s key customers. We believe that the combination of Germany’s industrial tradition and CATL’s tradition of innovative battery technology will greatly accelerate the electrification of the automotive industry in Europe.

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Mazda continues supporting algae biofuels research

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Mazda continues to be involved in joint research projects and studies as part of an ongoing industry-academia-government collaboration to promote the wide-spread adoption of biofuels from microalgae growth. In 2018, Mazda joined the Hiroshima “Your Green Fuel” Project, a demonstration project for next-generation biofuels jointly run by the Hiroshima Council for the Promotion of Collaboration between Government, Academia and the Automobile Industry and Euglena Co.,

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European Auto Manufacturers Agree on First Phase of Specifications to Connect Plug-ins to the Grid

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The European automobile manufacturers have agreed to a first phase of joint specifications to connect electrically chargeable vehicles to the electricity grid in a safe and user-friendly way. Harmonized rules for phase 2 will apply for new vehicle types starting 2017, so to provide the industry with enough lead time to implement these new solutions in their vehicle development programs and to make necessary adaptation in the infrastructure.

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Renault and Brilliance sign strategic cooperation agreement with Liaoning province, China; 3 new electric LCVs in 2 years

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a joint venture to manufacture and sell light commercial vehicles (LCV), signed a Strategic Cooperation agreement with Chinese officials from Liaoning Province to further accelerate growth of LCVs in China. is headquartered and has manufacturing operations in the Dadong District of Shenyang and is producing in three key segments—MPVs, medium vans and heavy vans and will soon add electric LCV models to its range. China Electric (Battery) Vehicle Manufacturers

2018 75

Thomson Reuters analysis finds automotive new propulsion technology patent activities surge 6-fold in 5 years

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An analysis of the global automobile industry’s recent patent activity by the Intellectual Property & Science business of Thomson Reuters has found a massive commitment from carmakers and their suppliers to new propulsion technology. Patent data from 2009 through July 2014 show that activity in propulsion technology grew from fewer than 2,000 patents to nearly 12,000: more than any other technology area in the automotive industry.

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Volkswagen Group and SAIC to produce EVs and PHEVs in China

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The largest investment program in the Chinese automobile industry to date is to be funded from the cash flow of the joint ventures Shanghai Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen. China Electric (Battery) Plug-ins Vehicle Manufacturers

2015 103

Balqon to build electric buses in China with SAIG

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California-based Balqon Corporation, a developer of heavy-duty electric vehicles, drive systems and lithium battery storage devices ( earlier post ), has entered into a Joint Development Agreement with China-based Sichuan Automobile Industry Co., Ltd (SAIG) to manufacture inner-city electric buses. Sichuan Automobile Industry Co.

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Motor vehicle taxation brings in €440.4B for governments in major European markets

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New data shows that motor vehicles generate more than €440 billion in taxation per year for national governments in the major EU markets plus the UK, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) reports. This just goes to show the sheer scale of the importance of the automobile industry to Europe.

2020 78

European carmakers welcome CARS21 recommendations

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A new CARS21 report has outlined methods to strengthen the automobile industry across Europe with a firm emphasis on establishing a streamlined regulatory framework and reducing fuel consumption and emissions (see CARS21 report). President of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, Sergio [.]. Green cars Latest news CARS21 European Automobile Manufacturers Association green cars Sergio Marchionne

Volkswagen extends cooperation with China joint venture partner FAW Group for 25 more years; enhanced R&D on alt drive systems

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The Volkswagen Group is one of the most successful companies in the Chinese automobile industry. Vehicle production includes engines and components manufactured locally by the Group and its partners. China Vehicle Manufacturers After 20 years of cooperation, the Volkswagen Group and its Chinese joint venture partner First Automotive Works (FAW) are extending their present partnership for a further 25 years—i.e., until the year 2041.

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GM’s Volt Program = $700m

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litre engine-generators; $43m for a plant in Brownstown Township outside Detroit that will manufacture battery packs; $37m for a camshaft and connecting rod plant in Bay City, north of Flint; and $27m for GM’s Tech Center in suburban Warren, a Detroit suburb, location of Volt’s battery laboratory.&#. The state has the highest US unemployment rate at 15.2%, largely a result of the depressed automobile industry that has resulted in thousands of layoffs in the past 18 months.

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“Energiewende” in a tank; Audi e-fuels targeting carbon-neutral driving with synthetic fuels from renewables, H2O and CO2; Swiss policy test case

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In June 2013, Audi commissioned a power-to-gas facility in the north German town of Werlte, thus becoming the first automobile manufacturer to develop a chain of sustainable energy sources. The pilot plant is also demonstrating that industrialization of liquid Audi e‑fuels is also possible. Audi is the exclusive partner in the automotive industry. sunfire acquired staxera, a developer and manufacturer of SOFC high-temperature fuel cells sited in Dresden in 2011.)

2015 91

Russian researchers find simple, efficient way to strengthen aluminum-based composite materials

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Or they manufactured composite materials by labor-intensive powder metallurgy methods (sintering of powders), or liquid-phase technologies of kneading nanoparticles in the melt. — According to the scientists, the proposed material can be used primarily in aeronautics and automobile industry, as well as for the design of modern robotics, including copters, where reducing the weight of the drone is critical.

2019 88

European consortium launches 4-year, $80M L3Pilot research project to test Level 3, 4 autonomous driving in 11 countries

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Thirteen European automobile manufacturers, suppliers, research institutes and universities, and small and mid-sized companies will operate 100 vehicles with 1,000 drivers under real conditions and in a wide range of applications. The strong integration of the entire European automobile industry and the scientific support by experts in the areas of mobility and automated vehicles will drive this initiative forward and make it successful.

2017 81

Nidec to form electric traction motor JV with a subsidiary of Guangzhou Automobile Group

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Leading motor manufacturer Nidec Corporation will form a joint venture with GAC Components Co., a member of China-based Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., to manufacture automotive traction motors. GAC Components is a subsidiary of major Chinese car manufacturer Guangzhou Automobile Group with the sixth-largest market share in the increasingly environmentally strict China. GAC Components mainly manufactures automobile interior parts, electric components, etc.

2019 65

Johnson Controls begins production of batteries for Start-Stop vehicles in China

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Johnson Controls is expanding its manufacturing operations in China by beginning production of advanced lead-acid batteries for Start-Stop vehicles to help automakers meet increasingly strict fuel economy and emission regulations. In addition, the company debuted its 12V Lithium-ion battery for Advanced Start-Stop vehicles at the 16 th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition going on this week.

2015 76

Volkswagen Group to Invest 4B by 2011 to Expand Activities in China

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Currently, models manufactured by the Volkswagen Group in China include the Volkswagen Polo, Lavida, Santana, Santana Vista, Passat New Lingyu, Touran, Golf, New Bora, Jetta, Sagitar and Magotan, as well as the Škoda Fabia, Octavia and Superb and the Audi A4L and A6L. The monetary and fiscal measures taken by the government have provided positive impetus for the Chinese automobile industry. Tags: China Market Background Vehicle Manufacturers

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Acura provides more technical detail on NSX sports hybrid AWD powertrain, body

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Instead, engineers have applied an innovative new technology called “ablation” casting, an all-new material application and a world-first in the automobile industry. The design and construction of the A-pillars in the new NSX represent the world’s first application of a three-dimensionally formed, ultra-high-strength steel system to be used in this manner within the automotive industry. Engines Hybrids Manufacturing Materials

2015 83

Kandi Vehicles signs LOI with China Aviation Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. to promote 20,000 EVs in Hangzhou

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a China-based manufacturer and developer of battery electric vehicles (EVs) and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Zhejiang Kandi Vehicles Co., CALB), a subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) to promote 20,000 pure electrical vehicles in Hangzhou. Kandi Technologies Corp.,

2012 93

Infineon and Hella develop new compact, lower-cost 24 GHz blind spot radar sensor

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Semiconductor manufacturer Infineon Technologies, together with the German automotive supplier Hella, has developed innovative radio-frequency components for a 24 GHz radar sensor which reliably monitors the blind spot in the car’s rear section (Blind Spot Detection). The HELLA Group is among the top 50 of the automotive suppliers around the world and one of the largest German industrial enterprises with a preliminary sales result of around €5.3

2015 87

Toyota to launch two new plug-in hybrid models in China; Corolla and Levin

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On the eve of the 2016 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition, Toyota announced that it will launch plug-in hybrid versions of the Corolla and Levin—two mass-market models, both of which have conventional hybrid variants—in China during 2018. Levin Hybrid (left) and Corolla Hybrid (right) introduced at the 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition in 2015. Later, the establishment of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (China) Co.,

2016 60

Volkswagen Group Research and KUKA partner to develop robot-supported services for autonomous and electric vehicles

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One of the aims of the research collaboration is to develop robot-based innovations for all-electric and autonomous automobiles. The driver simply has to position the electrically powered automobile in a designated parking space. KUKA AG is one of the biggest providers of intelligent automation solutions and is the world’s leading manufacturer of production plants in the automobile industry.

2017 60

New report released by UK House of Commons calls for advancing date for end of sale of conventional cars to before 2040

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Bring forward the date by which manufacturers must end the sale of conventional gasoline and diesel cars to before 2040 in line with more ambitious commitments from around the world. We expect the Government to then require manufacturers to end the sale of conventional petrol and diesel vehicles by this earlier date.

2018 65

13 Japanese automakers and energy companies join forces to support rollout of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in 2015

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As development of fuel-cell systems progresses, Japanese automakers are continuing drastically to reduce the cost of manufacturing such systems and are aiming to launch FCVs in the Japanese market—mainly in the country’s four largest cities—in 2015. The automobile industry hopes to popularize the use of FCVs after their initial introduction as a way of tackling energy and environmental issues.

2011 96

Toshiba to supply inverters for Fords HEVs and PHEVs from 2012

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Toshiba will support Ford with a new inverter production line at its plant in Mie Prefecture, Japan, which has experience in manufacturing for automotive applications. The new line will have a production capacity of 150,000 inverters a year and be ready to start supply in April 2012, following final adjustments to manufacturing equipment and final qualification by Ford.

2011 76

Fraunhofer ICT and University of Western Ontario collaborate on composites, focus on North American market

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German and Canadian researchers will work together on the process and material development of composite materials for the transportation, construction materials, and renewable energy sectors in the joint “Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Research @ Western,” a latest state-of-the-art equipped press centre in full industrial scale. Competence along the whole value chain from product engineering up to manufacturing of demonstrator parts.

2011 69

ZF introduces coPILOT system for next-gen ADAS powered by ZF ProAI and NVIDIA DRIVE; “Level 2+” system

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Just three months after ZF and NVIDIA announced that ZF ProAI is the first system to run NVIDIA’s DRIVE software, ZF coPILOT debuts at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. If desired, automotive manufacturers can add additional features and functions of their own or those developed by ZF. ZF announced ZF coPILOT, an intelligent advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) leading to enhanced safety and driving comfort opportunities.

2019 71

Johnson Controls to supply AGM batteries to Chery Jaguar Land Rover in China; introducing 48V micro hybrid system

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Separately, the company will debut to the China market its 48-volt Micro Hybrid battery demonstration module ( earlier post ) at the 15 th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2013). Johnson Controls has manufactured more than 18 million AGM batteries—initially launched in Europe—since 2001, and now produces more than 4.5

Asia Poised For Hybrid Electric Growth

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The Indian market has also experienced similar growth trends with local OEMs and industrial giants introducing inexpensive sedans and other utility vehicles. Booming economies like China and India require a large influx of petroleum products to support their industries and a rapidly mushrooming fleet of cars, trucks and other vehicles.

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BMW joining Formula E in Season 5

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BMW will join the FIA Formula E Championship as an official manufacturer in Season 5 (2018/19). Through our involvement in Formula E, we are addressing the development towards sustainable and emission-free mobility in the automobile industry and are also making a contribution to the brand’s progression to BMW iNEXT. The cars, equipped with a completely newly-developed BMW drivetrain, will be run by the Andretti Formula E team as BMW’s works entry in the series.

2017 60

Nidec to Acquire Emerson Electric Co. Motors & Controls Business

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Japan’s Nidec Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of motors for hard-disk drives, has entered into an asset and stock purchase agreement with Emerson Electric Co. In addition to its existing small precision motors used mainly in IT devices, Nidec has been working to expand its business in automobile, industrial and home appliance motors, utilizing its core technology in brushless DC motors.

2010 69

Keio University Spin-Off Forms Consortium to Develop New EV Prototype for Mass Market; Commercialization in 2013

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The consortium, which includes battery cell manufacturers, auto parts companies and trading firms, aims to develop and mass-produce electric cars using technology developed by SIM-Drive. SIM-Drive does not intend to manufacture vehicles; rather, it will transfer developed technology, and know-how to collaborative research companies. SIM-Drive’s vision is to support the automobile industry by producing components and SIM-Drive platforms for electric cars.

2010 79

EPA Report: data show automakers on track in meeting Greenhouse Gas Standards after first year

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On Friday, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a Manufacturers Performance Report that assesses the automobile industry’s progress toward meeting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards for cars and light trucks in the 2012 model year—the first year of the 14-year program. This industry-wide over-compliance means that consumers bought vehicles with lower greenhouse gas emissions than the 2012 model year standards required.

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