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“Energiewende” in a tank; Audi e-fuels targeting carbon-neutral driving with synthetic fuels from renewables, H2O and CO2; Swiss policy test case

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solar and wind), water and CO 2 to produce liquid or gaseous fuels with a very low carbon intensity. to the realization of the renewable energy + water + CO 2 formula. In June 2013, Audi commissioned a power-to-gas facility in the north German town of Werlte, thus becoming the first automobile manufacturer to develop a chain of sustainable energy sources. The pilot plant is also demonstrating that industrialization of liquid Audi e‑fuels is also possible.

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Green Hydrogen Cars: How They are Different?

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Fuel cells, like stem cells in medical science, are a new technology in the automobile industry. To put it another way, instead of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen with electricity, these two components are joined to make water and electricity The electricity is then utilized to power the car’s drive train, leaving just water as a waste product. The hydrogen and oxygen in water are separated using an electrical current in this process.

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GM Says Chevrolet Volt Won't 'Pay the Rent' | Autopia from

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Theyre not trying to send men to the moon, theyre building an ELECTRIC CAR that uses a petrol motor they already make charging batteries supplied by LG all bolted into a vehicle platform they also already have in production. The federal government cant hand out money to a company thats telling them that itll lose money on a $40, 000 automobile that more than half the populace couldnt afford if the economy was in good shape! Wired Home Subscribe Sections Cars 2.0

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